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Definition of: abridgment

(ə·brijmənt) noun
1. The act of abridging; the state of being abridged.
2. Something that has been abridged; an epitome or abstract.
3. Obs. That which causes time to pass quickly. Also a·bridge′ment.
Synonyms: abbreviation, abstract, analysis, compend, compendium, conspectus, digest, epitome, outline, précis, summary, synopsis. An abridgment gives the most important portions of a work substantially as they stand. An outline or synopsis is a kind of sketch closely following the plan. An abstract, digest or précis is an independent statement of what a book or an article contains, the abstract closely following the main heads, the digest or précis giving the substance with careful consideration of all. An analysis draws out the chief thoughts or arguments, expressed or implied. An epitome, compend, or compendium is a condensed view of a subject, whether derived from a previous publication or not. See ABBREVIATION. Antonyms: amplification, expansion, paraphrase.

Most often used phrases:

unconstitutional abridgment
general abridgment
one volume abridgment
reproduction abridgment
abridgment condensation
english abridgment
new abridgment
abridgment des
rivers abridgment
chronological abridgment
abridgment entitled
eutropius abridgment
dugdale abridgment

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