What kind of questions can I ask on What Does That Mean?

If you’ve heard or seen something in English that you didn’t understand, or thought might mean something a different in the place or community where you found it, ask us. We’re here to help each other to find out.

Remember that questions should be relevant to this community (don’t ask us where to get a pizza) and please search to see if your question or a similar one has already been asked. You can search questions by their title or tags.

What kinds of questions should be avoided?

Please avoid asking questions that are not relevant to this community, too subjective, or too argumentative.

What should I avoid in my answers?

What Does That Mean? is a question and answer site — it is not a discussion group. Please avoid holding debates in your answers as they tend to dilute the essence of questions and answers.

Why are there nasty words and phrases here?

Some English idioms and slang terms are rude or offensive. Asking about and explaining them is allowed here, as long as it is done in a respectful way. Helping others to understand what phrases they might not want to repeat is a valuable contribution to our community.

What is a gravatar?

A Gravatar is a globally recognized avatar – your unique avatar image associated with your email address. It’s simply a picture that shows up next to your posts on the websites that support the gravatar protocol. If you don’t customize it, your default Gravatar is a square filled with a snowflake-like pattern. You can set your image at gravatar.com

Do  I have to register?

You have to register to create a question. Don’t worry, it’s really fast. If you just want to be helpful and post an answer, no registration is required. All questions and answers are moderated before posting.