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Definition of: amen

(ā′men′, ä-) interj.
So it is; so be it.

1. The word amen at the end of a prayer or hymn, meaning so be it.
2. Any expression of hearty assent or conviction.
3. A concluding act or word; termination.

1. To say amen to; express hearty concurrence in or approval of.
2. To say or write that last word of; make an end of.
adverb Obs. Verily; truly.
[<L <Gk. <Hebrew āmēn verily]

Definition of: Amen

Christ, the true and faithful witness. Rev. iii 14.

Definition of: Amen

In Egyptian mythology, the god of life and procreation, represented as having a ram's head; later identified with the sun-god, as the supreme deity, and called Amen-Ra (-rä). Also spelled Ammon, Amon.

Most often used phrases:

amen break
amen brother
word amen
respond amen
amen ra
dresden amen
forever amen
our lord amen
final amen
amen house
amen osa
van amen
nefer amen

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