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Definition of: aspirate

(aspə·rāt) v.t. ·rat·ed, ·rat·ing
1. Phonet. a To utter with a breathing or as if preceded by the letter h. b In the articulation of a stop consonant, to follow with an explosive release of breath, as (p), (t), and (k) when in initial position.
2. Med. To draw out, as gas or fluid, from a vessel or cavity.
noun (aspər·it)

1. Phonet. a The glottal fricative represented in English and many other languages by the letter h. b The sudden expulsion of breath in the release of a stop consonant before a vowel, as after the (p) in pat.
2. The rough breathing in Greek or the symbol (‘) indicating it.
3. Any consonant pronounced with a puff of breath.
adjective (aspər·it) Phonet. Uttered with an aspirate or strong h sound: also as′pi·rated.
[<L aspiratus, pp. of aspirare. See ASPIRE.]

Most often used phrases:

voiced aspirate
aspirate mutation
marrow aspirate
aspirate series
aspirate stops
needle aspirate
aspirate consonants
voiceless aspirate
aspirate blood
don t aspirate
aspirate non aspirate

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