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Definition of: avow

(ə·vou) v.t.
To declare openly, as facts; own or confess frankly; acknowledge: to avow oneself a conspirator. [<OF avouer <L advocare summon (< ad- to + vocare call) or LL ad-votare bind by oath <ad- to + votare freq. of vovere vow]
—a·vow′· a·ble·ness
Synonyms: acknowledge, admit, aver, avouch, confess, declare, own, proclaim, profess, protest, testify, witness. To avow is to declare boldly and openly, commonly as something one is ready to justify, maintain, or defend against challenge or opposition. A man acknowledges another's claim or his own promise; he admits an opponent's advantage or his own error; he declares either what he has seen or experienced or what he has received from another; he avers what he is sure of from his own knowledge or consciousness; he avows openly a belief or intention that he has silently held. Compare ACKNOWLEDGE, AFFIRM, ALLEGE, ASSERT, CONFESS STATE. Antonyms: contradict, deny, disavow, disclaim, disown, ignore, repudiate.

Most often used phrases:

publicly avow

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