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Definition of: borough

(bûrō) noun
1. An incorporated village or town; a subdivision of a city, having a limited self-government; specifically, one of the five administrative divisions of New York, N.Y.
2. Brit. A municipal corporation, not a city, endowed by royal charter with certain privileges, a municipal borough; a town, whether corporate or not, entitled to representation in Parliament, a parliamentary borough.
3. Obs. Any town. ◆ Homophone: burrow. [OE burg, burh fort, town, ult. <Gmc. Related to BOURG, BURG.]

Most often used phrases:

london borough
borough council
metropolitan borough
county borough
royal borough
borough president
borough constituency
parliamentary borough
city borough
borough police
borough maps
borough alaska
borough status
borough population
borough corporation

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Statistical data

"borough" has the frequency of use of 0.0011% on city-data.com forum

"borough" has the frequency of use of 0.0033% on en.wikipedia.org.

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