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Definition of: core

(kôr, kōr) noun
1. The central or innermost part of a thing.
2. The heart, as of an apple or pear, containing the seeds.
3. The most important part of anything; the pith of a subject.
4. A solid form placed in a mold, about which metal is poured, so as to be cast hollow.
5. Electr. a The insulated conducting wires of an electric cable. b The iron mass or bundle of iron rods, etc., around which the wire is coiled in an electromagnet or armature.
6. Engin. In submarine and geological investigations, a cylindrical mass of test material brought to the surface by a special hollow drill.
7. In fingerprint identification, the inner terminus or focal point which constitutes the approximate center of a pattern and is essential to its correct interpretation.
8. Anthropol. A type of Paleolithic stone implement consisting of a central mass of a rock, shaped for use in one of several standard forms, chiefly hand–axes.
v.t. cored, cor·ing
To remove the core of.
♦ Homophone: corps. [Origin uncertain]

Most often used phrases:

core members
core policies
core values
core group
core curriculum
downtown core
core business
intel core
core duo
core policy
core principles
urban core
core subjects
core area
core content

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"core" has the frequency of use of 0.0049% on en.wikipedia.org.

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