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Definition of: dirigible

(dirə·jə·bəl) adjective
1. That may be directed or controlled: a dirigible balloon.
2. Aeron. Designating an airship, the outer envelope of which is of elongated form, provided with a propelling system, cars, rudders, and stabilizing surfaces. The form of the envelope may be nonrigid, by the pressure of the contained gases assisted by the car–suspension system; rigid, by a framework contained within the envelope; or semirigid, by means of attachment to an exterior girder construction containing the cars.
noun An air-ship.
[<L dirigere DIRECT + -IBLE]
i·gi· bil′i·ty noun


Most often used phrases:

dirigible airship
dirigible balloon
first dirigible
navy dirigible
dirigible pilot
dirigible flight
german dirigible
army dirigible
dirigible hangar
dirigible number
dirigible balloons
dirigible design
french dirigible
american dirigible
successful dirigible

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