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Definition of: enharmonic

(en′här·monik) Music adjective
1. Having intervals less than a half-step.
2. Pertaining to that perfectly true intonation which is violated on keyed instruments to avoid complexity: C-sharp and D-flat are not the same in the enharmonic scale, though they are on the pianoforte.
3. Relating to that Greek scale whose intervals were quartertones and major thirds: distinguished from the diatonic and chromatic tetrachords.

1. An enharmonic chord or note.
2. plural Music distinguished by enharmonic intervals. [<L enharmonicus <Gk. enharmonikos <en- in + harmonia HARMONY]
har·mon′i·cal adjective
har·mon′i·cal·ly adverb

Most often used phrases:

enharmonic equivalent
enharmonic equivalents
enharmonic genus
enharmonic notes
enharmonic scale
enharmonic equivalence
enharmonic keyboard
enharmonic spelling
enharmonic intervals
enharmonic key
enharmonic tetrachords
enharmonic genera
enharmonic tetrachord
enharmonic keyboards
enharmonic spellings

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