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Definition of: eternal

(i·tûrnəl) adjective
1. Having neither beginning nor end of existence; infinite in duration.
2. Having no end; everlasting.
3. Continued without interruption; perpetual.
4. Independent of time or its conditions, or of the things that are perishable; unchangeable; immutable.
5. Of or pertaining to eternity.
6. Appearing interminable; perpetual; incessant: often implying weariness or disgust: George and his eternal jokes.
noun One who or that which is everlasting: usually in the plural,
—the Eternal God.
[<OF <LL aeternalis <aeternus <aevum an age]
—e·ter′nal·ness, e·ter·nal·i·ty
(ē′tər·nalə·tē) noun
Synonyms (adj.): deathless, endless, eonian, everlasting, everliving, fadeless, immortal, imperishable, interminable, never–ending, never–failing, perennial, perpetual, timeless, unceasing, undying, unending, unfading, unfailing. Eternal strictly signifies without beginning or end; everlasting applies to that which may or may not have beginning, but can never cease; endless, without end, in its utmost reach, is not distinguishable from everlasting, but is constantly used in inferior senses, especially in mechanics, as in the phrases “an endless screw,” “an endless chain.” Everlasting, endless, and interminable are used in a limited sense of protracted, indefinite, but not infinite duration; as, the everlasting hills; endless debates; interminable quarrels. Immortal applies to that which now has life and is forever exempt from death. Timeless carries the fullest idea of eternal, as above and beyond time, and not to be measured by it. See IMMORTAL, INFINITE, PERPETUAL.

Most often used phrases:

eternal life
eternal flame
eternal sunshine
eternal love
eternal youth
eternal punishment
eternal return
eternal damnation
eternal light
eternal peace
eternal father
eternal salvation
eternal equinox
eternal recurrence
eternal rest

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