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Definition of: facultative

(fakəl·tā′tiv) adjective
1. Producing or imparting faculty or power; enabling; qualifying.
2. Endowing with authority or power, but allowing the use of it at option or contingently.
3. Empowering but not requiring one to perform some act; providing, as a law, for optional action: distinguished from obligative.
4. Biol. Having the power to exist in and become adapted to changed conditions, as aerobic bacteria, which may become anaerobic: distinguished from obligate.
5. Related or pertaining to a faculty or faculties.

Most often used phrases:

facultative anaerobic
facultative anaerobes
facultative anaerobe
facultative heterochromatin
facultative intracellular
facultative reinsurance
facultative aerobes
facultative parasite
facultative referendum
gram positive facultative
facultative adaptations
facultative lagoon
facultative lagoons
facultative dives
facultative biped

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