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Definition of: fill

(fil) v.t.
1. To make full; put as much in as possible.
2. To occupy to capacity; pack.
3. To abound in.
4. To stop up or plug: to fill a tooth.
5. To supply with what is necessary or ordered: to fill a prescription.
6. To occupy (an office or position).
7. To put someone into (an office or position): to fill the governorship with a good man.
8. To feed to fullness; to satisfy; glut.
9. Engin. To build up or make full, as an embankment or a ravine, by adding fill.
10. Naut. a To distend (a sail): said of the wind. b To trim (a yard) so the wind will distend the sail.

11. To become full. See synonyms under SATISFY.
—to fill in

1. To fill up, as an excavation.
2. To insert (something), as into a blank space.
3. To insert something into (a blank space).
4. Colloq. To be a substitute.
5. To fill in on.
—to fill in on
Colloq. To tell or bring (someone) up to date on additional details or facts.
—to fill out

1. To become fuller or more rounded.
2. To make complete, as a document.
—to fill the bill
Colloq. To do or be what is wanted or needed.

1. That which fills or is sufficient to fill; a full supply.
2. An embankment, especially a section of a road or railroad bed built up by filling in with stone, gravel, etc., over low ground.
3. The stone, gravel, etc., used to make such an embankment. [OE fyllan fill]

Most often used phrases:

fill me
fill vacancies
flip fill
fill gaps
username fill
also fill
fill material
fill space
completely fill
doesn t fill
fill remix
fill time
fill light
fill flash
fill factor

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Statistical data

"fill" has the frequency of use of 0.0075% on city-data.com forum

"fill" has the frequency of use of 0.0022% on en.wikipedia.org.

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