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Definition of: fresh

(fresh) adjective
1. Newly made, obtained, received, etc.: fresh coffee; fresh footprints.
2. New; recent: fresh news.
3. Additional; further: fresh supplies.
4. Not salted, pickled, smoked, etc.
5. Not spoiled, stale, musty, etc.
6. Not faded, worn, etc.: fresh colors; fresh memories.
7. Not salt: fresh water.
8. Pure; refreshing: fresh air.
9. Appearing healthy or youthful.
10. Not fatigued; active.
11. Inexperienced; unsophisticated.
12. Meteorol. Moderately rapid and strong; specifically designating a breeze (No. 5) or a gale (No. 8) of the Beaufort scale.
13. Having a renewed supply of milk: said of a cow that has recently calved.

1. A freshet.
2. A pool or stream of fresh water.
3. A fresh water stream running into tidewater; also the adjoining lands. [OE fersc, infl. by OF freis, both ult. <Gmc.]
Synonyms (adj.): blooming, bright, cool, green, new, novel, recent, renewed, ruddy, undimmed, unfaded, unimpaired, unskilled, untarnished, untried, unworn, verdant, vigorous, young, youthful. See MODERN, NEW. Antonyms: blasé, decayed, dim, dull, exhausted, faded, jaded, moldy, musty.

Definition of: fresh

(fresh) adjective Slang
Forward; presumptuous. [<G frech impudent]

Most often used phrases:

fresh water
fresh air
fresh start
fresh rating
fresh prince
fresh fruit
fresh eyes
fresh produce
fresh meat
fresh food
fresh fish
fresh light
fresh new
fresh vegetables
fresh out of

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"fresh" has the frequency of use of 0.0028% on en.wikipedia.org.

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