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Definition of: fundamental

(fun′də·mentəl) adjective
1. Relating to or constituting a foundation; indispensable; basal.
2. Geol. Located at the bottom; constituting the lowest stratum or formation: fundamental rock.
3. Music Radical: applied to the lowest note of a chord, considered as being its foundation or root.
4. Physics Designating that component of a wave form or other periodic oscillation on which all harmonic frequencies are based. See synonyms under RADICAL.

1. Anything that serves as the foundation or basis of a system of belief, as a truth, law, or principle; a primary and necessary truth; an essential.
2. Music The note on which a chord is formed.
3. Physics That frequency on which a harmonic or group of harmonics is based.
·da·men′tal·ly adverb

Most often used phrases:

fundamental rights
fundamental principles
fundamental theorem
fundamental group
fundamental principle
fundamental problem
fundamental research
fundamental difference
fundamental concepts
fundamental human
fundamental frequency
fundamental change
fundamental part
fundamental freedoms
fundamental law

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"fundamental" has the frequency of use of 0.0023% on en.wikipedia.org.

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