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Definition of: garnish

(gärnish) v.t.
1. To decorate, as with ornaments; embellish.
2. In cookery, to decorate (a dish) with flavorsome or colorful trimmings for the table.
3. Law To give warning to (someone) to answer to an action; garnishee.

1. Something placed around a dish for ornamentation or a relish.
2. Anything added as an ornament; embellishment.
3. Obs. In English jails, a fee collected from a new prisoner by the jailer. [<OF garniss-, stem of garnir prepare. Akin to WARN.] Synonyms (verb): adorn, beautify, deck, decorate, dress, embellish, furbish, ornament. See ADORN. Antonyms: blemish, deface, denude, disfigure, dismantle, spoil, strip.

Most often used phrases:

cocktail garnish
rear garnish
garnish station
garnish panel
garnish wages
onion garnish
simple garnish
center garnish
edible garnish
trunk garnish
garnish island
fried garnish
traditional garnish
garnish moldings
garnish food

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