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Definition of: garrulous

(garə·ləs, -yə-) adjective
Given to continual and tedious talking; habitually loquacious. [<L garrulus talkative]
Synonyms: chattering, loquacious, talkative, verbose. Garrulous signifies given to constant trivial talking. Chattering signifies uttering rapid, noisy, and unintelligible, or scarcely intelligible, sounds, whether articulate words or such as resemble them. The talkative person has a strong disposition to talk, with or without an abundance of words, or many ideas; the loquacious person has an abundant flow of language and much to say on any subject suggested; either may be lively and for a time entertaining; the garrulous person is tedious, repetitious, petty, and self-absorbed. Verbose is applied to utterances more formal than conversation, as to writings, or public addresses. Compare CIRCUMLOCUTION. Antonyms: laconic, reserved, reticent, silent, speechless, taciturn.

Most often used phrases:

garrulous nature
garrulous american
garrulous man
garrulous wife
garrulous profane
garrulous personality

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