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Definition of: insoluble

(in·solyə·bəl) adjective
1. Not capable of being dissolved, as in a liquid; not soluble.
2. That cannot be explained or solved; insolvable.
3. Impossible to pay or discharge, as a debt or obligation. [<OF <L insolubilis]
u·bil′i·ty, in·sol′u·ble·ness noun

1. Tiger beetle, genus Cicindella.
2. Fiery hunter, Calosoma calidus.
3. Praying mantis nymph.
4. Ground beetle larva.
5. Syrphus or hover fly, genus Syrphus.
6. Tachina fly, genus Winthemia.
7. Praying mantis, Paratenodera sinensis.
8. Syrphus fly larva.
9. Ichneumon fly, genus Ephialtes.
10. Tachina fly, Alophora diversa.
11. Darning needle, Anax junius.
12. Dragon fly, Libellula semifasciata.
13. Scorpion fly, Panorpa rufescens.
14. Assassin fly, genus Erax.
15. Ichneumon fly, genus Amblyteles.
16. Big–headed fly, genus Pipunculus.
17. Bee fly, Villa alternata.
18. Spanish fly, Lytta vesicatoria.
19. Damsel fly, genus Agrion.
20. Dance fly, genus Empis.
21. Ladybird, Adalia bipunctata.
22. Digger wasp, genus Ammophila.
23. Ant lion, Hesperoleon abdominalis.
24. Ant lion larva and pit.
25. Lacewing, genus Chrysopa, with eggs.
26. Digger wasp, Bembidula quadrifasciatus.
27. Rove beetle, genus Staphylinus.
28. Assassin bug, Sinea diadema.
29. Mud dauber, genus Scleripheron.
30. Potter wasp, genus Eumenes.
31. Ground beetle, genus Pterosticus.
32. Caterpillar hunter, Calosoma scrutator.
33. Cicada killer, Sphecius speciosus.

Most often used phrases:

practically insoluble
water insoluble
insoluble fiber
insoluble problem
highly insoluble
insoluble salts
insoluble problems
insoluble compounds
insoluble residue
insoluble salt
insoluble solid
virtually insoluble
generally insoluble
apparently insoluble
insoluble iron

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Statistical data

"insoluble" has the frequency of use of 0.0001% on en.wikipedia.org.

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