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Definition of: interest

(intər·ist, -trist) noun
1. Attention with a sense of concern; lively sympathy or curiosity; also, the power to excite or hold such attention.
2. That which is of advantage or profit; benefit; also, selfish or private advantage.
3. Payment for the use of money, or money so paid; an agreed or statutory compensation accruing to a creditor during the time that a loan or debt remains unpaid, reckoned usually as a yearly percentage of the sum owed.
4. Something added in making a return; something more than is due.
5. Proprietary right or share; part ownership; participation in profit: sometimes used in the plural.
6. The persons interested in some department of work or business.
7. Power to procure favorable regard; influence.
v.t. (also intə·rest)

1. To excite or hold the curiosity or attention of.
2. To cause to have a share or interest in; induce to participate.
3. Obs. To relate to; affect; concern. [<OF <L interest it is of concern or advantage; 3rd person sing. of interesse lie between, be important <inter- between + esse be] Synonyms (verb): amuse, attract, concern, engage, entertain, excite, hold, import, matter, occupy. Interest is used absolutely without a preposition, and with or without other qualification; import is now commonly used with a preposition and with some word or phrase indicating measure or estimate of value; as, It imports much to me. A matter may interest one financially or intellectually; in this sense the noun is commonly used; as, It is of interest to me. See AMUSE, CONCERN, ENTERTAIN. Antonyms: bore, disturb, fatigue, tire, weary, worry.

Most often used phrases:

public interest
love interest
special interest
interest rates
interest rate
scientific interest
great interest
expressed interest
interest groups
interest in re
keen interest
general interest
renewed interest
historical interest
interest group

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"interest" has the frequency of use of 0.0143% on en.wikipedia.org.

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