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Definition of: know

(nō) v. knew, known, know·ing v.t.
1. To perceive or understand clearly or with certainty; apprehend as objectively true: to know the truth.
2. To have information or intelligence of: to know the enemy's plans.
3. To be acquainted with; have experience of or familiarity with: Do you know each other?
4. To recognize; identify; also, to distinguish between: to know peas from beans.
5. To have practical skill in or knowledge of: often with how: Do you know how to ski?
6. Archaic To have sexual intercourse with.

7. To have knowledge: often with of: Do you know of any better reason?
8. To be or become aware or cognizant.
noun The fact or condition of knowing; knowledge.
—in the know
Colloq. Having full, or more than usual, information.
[OE cnāwan]
adjective & noun
Synonyms (verb): apprehend, ascertain, cognize, comprehend, discern, discover, discriminate, distinguish, experience, learn, perceive, realize, recognize, understand. See LEARN. Compare synonyms for KNOWLEDGE. Antonyms: Compare synonyms for IGNORANT.

Most often used phrases:

don t know
me know
didn t know
doesn t know
know it s
us know
people know
dont know
know i m
also know
know me
know what s
know each other
wouldn t know
know you re

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"know" has the frequency of use of 0.0263% on en.wikipedia.org.

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