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Definition of: mystery

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(mistər·ē) noun plural ·ter·ies
1. Something unknown or incomprehensible in its nature; an inexplicable phenomenon.
2. Secrecy or obscurity: an event wrapped in mystery.
3. A secret: the mysteries of freemasonry.
4. Any affair or event so concealed or unexplained as to excite awe or curiosity: a murder mystery.
5. A literary or dramatic piece relating such an affair.
6. Theol. A truth known only through faith or revelation and incomprehensible to the human reason.
7. Eccl. a A sacrament, especially the Eucharist. b plural The eucharistic elements.
8. plural In classical antiquity, certain religious rites to which only selected worshipers were admitted.
9. plural A cult practicing such rites.
10. A medieval dramatic performance based on Scriptural events or characters: also mystery play. [<L mysterium <Gk. mystērion secret worship, secret thing <mystēs an initiate into the mysteries <myein shut, shut the eyes]

Definition of: mystery

(mistər·ē) noun plural ·ter·ies Archaic
A trade; occupation. [<Med. L misterium <L ministerium service, office; infl. in form by L mysterium]

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