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This list of abbreviations and meanings is a selection of those commonly in use in printed works. There are many forms of abbreviations—capital letters or lower-case letters, periods or no periods, spaces between letters or no spaces, and so on. In this list abbreviations are given without periods. Most are given without spaces and the majority are in lower-case letters unless usage dictates otherwise.

Most of the words that the abbreviations represent are spelled here in lower-case letters, although they may appear elsewhere with initial capital letters. Abbreviations such as mt for mount usually begin with a capital letter when used with proper nouns—as in Mt Shasta.

In abbreviations of foreign words or phrases, such as those from French or Latin, the English meaning always appears first, followed by the word or phrase in the language of origin.


a abbreviation, about, acre, alto, ampere, are (measure), argent, assists (baseball), before (Lat. ante), year (Lat. anno)

A absolute (temperature), angstrom (unit), argon

AA Alcoholics Anonymous, antiaircraft, author's alteration

AAA American Automobile Association

AAAL American Academy of Arts and Letters

AAAS American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science

AAE American Association of Engineers

AAF Army Air Forces

A and M Agricultural and Mechanical (College)

Aar Aaron

AARP American Association of Retired Persons

AAU Amateur Athletic Union

ab able-bodied (seaman), (times) at bat

Ab alabamine

AB adapter booster, airborne, Bachelor of Arts (Lat. Artium Baccalaureus)

ABA American Bar Association, American Booksellers Association

a&b assault and battery

abbr, abbrev abbreviation

ABC the alphabet, American Broadcasting Company, Audit Bureau of Circulation, Australian Broadcasting Commission

ab ex from without (Lat. ab extra)

ab init from the beginning (Lat. ab initio)

abl ablative

ABM antiballistic missile

abp archbishop, arterial blood pressure

abr abridged, abridgment

abs absent, absolute (temperature), absolutely, abstract

abstr abstract, abstracted

ac before meals (Lat. ante cibum)

a/c account, account current, air conditioning

Ac actinium

AC after Christ, Air Corps, alternating current

acad academic, academy

acc acceptance, accompanied, account, accountant

acc, accus accusative

ACC Air Coordinating Committee

accel accelerando, accelerate

acct account, accountant

ack acknowledge, acknowledgment

ACLU American Civil Liberties Union

ACP American College of Physicians

acpt acceptance

ACS American Chemical Society

A/cs Pay accounts payable

A/cs Rec accounts receivable

act active

ACT American College Test

actg acting

ACTH adrenocorticotropic hormone

ad advertisement, before the day (Lat. ante diem)

AD year of our Lord (Lat. anno domini)

ADA American Dental Association, Americans for Democratic Action

adc aide-de-camp

ADC aid to families with dependent children

add addenda, addendum, addition, additional, address

ad fin at the end, to one end (Lat. ad finem)

ad inf to infinity (Lat. ad infinitum)

adj adjacent, adjective, adjourned, adjunct, adjustment

Adj, Adjt adjutant

ad lib to the amount desired (Lat. ad libitum)

adm administrative, administrator, admitted

Adm admiral, Admiralty

adv adverb, adverbial, advertisement

ad val according to value (Lat. ad valorem)

advt advertisement

ae, aet, aetat of age (Lat. aetatis)

AEA Actors’ Equity Association

AE and P ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary

AEC Atomic Energy Commission

AEF American Expeditionary Force

aeron aeronautics

af audio frequency

Af Africa, African

AF Air Force

AFAM, AF & AM Ancient Free and Accepted Masons

AFB Air Force Base

AFC American Football Conference, automatic frequency control

AFDC aid to families with dependent children

Afg, Afgh Afghanistan

AFL, AF of L American Federation of Labor

AFL-CIO American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations

AFM American Federation of Musicians

Afr Africa, African

AFT American Federation of Teachers

AFTRA American Federation of Television and Radio Artists

Ag August, silver (Lat. argentum)

AG adjutant general, attorney general, corporation (Ger. aktiengesellschaft)

agcy agency

agr, agri, agric agricultural, agriculture, agriculturist

agt agent, agreement

AHQ Army Headquarters

AI artificial intelligence, in the year of the discovery (Lat. anno inventionis)

AIDS acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome

AIM American Indian Movement

AK Alaska

aka also known as

AKC American Kennel Club

al other things (persons) (Lat. alia, alii)

Al aluminum

AL Alabama, aviation electronicsman

Ala Alabama

ALA American Library Association

Alas Alaska

Alb Albania, Albanian, Albany, Alberta

Alba Alberta

Ald, Aldm alderman

alg algebra

Alg Algeria, Algerian

ALP American Labor Party, Australian Labor Party

alt alteration, alternate, altitude, alto

Alta Alberta

alum aluminum

am ammeter, before noon (Lat. ante meridiem)

Am alabaminc, America, American, americium

AM air mail, amplitude modulation, in the year of the world (Lat. anno mundi), Master of Arts (Lat. Artium Magister)

AMA American Management Association, American Medical Association

Amb ambassador

AMDG to the greater glory of God (Lat. ad majorem Dei gloriam)

AME African Methodist Episcopal

Amer America, American

AMG Allied Military Government (of Occupied Territory)

Am Ind American Indian

amp ampere, amperage

amp-hr ampere-hour

amt amount

amu atomic mass unit

AMVETS American Veterans (of World War II and the Korean War)

an anonymous, before (Lat. ante)

anal analogous, analogy, analysis, analytic(al)

anat anatomical, anatomy

anc ancient, anciently

and moderately slow (It. andante)

And Andorra

Ang Anglican, Angola

Angl Anglican, Anglicized

anim animated (It. animato)

ann annals, annual, annuities, annuity, years (Lat. anni)

anon anonymous

ans answer, answered

ant antenna, antiquarian, antiquity, antonym

Ant Antarctic, Antarctica

anthrop, anthropol anthropological, anthropology

antilog antilogarithm

antiq antiquarian, antiquities

A/O account of

AOL absent over leave

ap apothecary

Ap apostle, April

AP Associated Press, antipersonnel

APB all points bulletin

apmt appointment

APO Army Post Office

Apoc Apocalypse, Apocrypha, Apocryphal

app apparatus, apparent, appended, appendix, apprentice

appar apparatus, apparent

approx approximate, approximately

Apr April

APR annual percentage rate

APS Army Postal Service

apt apartment

aq aqueous, water (Lat. aqua)

AQ Achievement Quotient

ar argent, aromatic, arrival, arrive, in the year of the reign (Lat. anno regni)

Ar argon, silver (Lat. argentum)

Ar, Arab Arabia, Arabian, Arabic

AR Arkansas

Aram Aramaic

ARC American Red Cross, AIDS-related complex

arch archaic, archaism, archery, archipelago, architect

Arch, Archbp archbishop

archaeol archaeology

Archd archdeacon, archduke

archeol archeology

archit architecture

archt architect

arg argent, silver (Lat. argentum)

Arg Argentina, Argyll

arith arithmetic, arithmetical

Ariz Arizona

Ark Arkansas

Arm Armenia, Armenian

ArM Master of Architecture (Lat. Architecturae Magister)

ARM adjustable-rate mortgage

arr arrange, arranged, arrangements, arrival, arrive, arrived

art article, artificial, artist

ARV American Revised (Standard) Version (of the Bible)

as, asym asymmetric

As arsenic

AS Anglo-Saxon, antisubmarine

ASA American Standards Association

asb asbestos

ASCAP American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers

ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ASE American Stock Exchange

ASEAN Association of South-East Asian Nations

asgd assigned

ASPCA American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

assd assigned

assn association

assoc associate, association

asst assistant

Assyr Assyria, Assyrian

astr, astron astronomer, astronomical, astronomy

astrol astrologer, astrological, astrology

ASVAB Armed Services Vocational Apptitude Battery

at atmosphere, atomic

At astatine

AT antitank

ATC Air Transport Command

athl athlete, athletic, athletics

Atl Atlantic

atm atmosphere, atmospheric

at no atomic number

ATS Army Transport Service, Auxiliary Territorial Service

att, attn, atten attention

att, atty attorney

Atty Gen attorney general

ATV all-terrain vehicle

at wt atomic weight

au angstrom unit

Au gold (Lat. aurum)

AUC from (the year of) the building of the city (of Rome) (Lat. ab urbe condita)

aud audible, audit, auditor

Aug August, Augustan, Augustus

Aus, Aust Austria

Aus, Austl Australia

AUS Army of the United States

auth authentic, author, authority, authorized

Auth Ver Authorized Version (of the Bible)

auto automatic, automotive

aux, auxil auxiliary

av according to value (Lat. ad valorem)

av, avdp avoirdupois

av, avg average

Av avenue

AV Authorized Version (of the Bible)

avc automatic volume control

Ave avenue

avg average

avn aviation

avoir avoirdupois

A/W actual weight, all water

AWL absent with leave

AWOL absent without leave

AWVS American Women's Volunteer Services

ax axiom, axis

az azimuth, azure

AZ Arizona


b bachelor, balboa (coin), base, base hit, baseman, bass, basso, bat, battery, bay, bench, bicuspid, bolívar (coin), boliviano (coin), book, born, brass, breadth, brother

B bacillus, Bible, bishop (chess), boron, British, brotherhood

B/- bag, bale

Ba barium

BA Bachelor of Arts (Lat. Baccalaureus Artium), British Academy

bach bachelor

bact, bacteriol bacteriological, bacteriologist, bacteriology

BAE Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering, Bachelor of Arts in Education

BAg, BAgr Bachelor of Agriculture

BAgSci Bachelor of Agricultural Science

bal balance, balancing

Balt Baltic

Bap, Bapt Baptist

bapt baptized

bar barometer, barometric, barrel, barrister

BAR Browning automatic rifle

BAr, BArch Bachelor of Architecture

barit baritone

Bart baronet

BAS, BASc Bachelor of Agricultural Science, Bachelor of Applied Science

BASIC Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

bat, batt battalion, battery

bb base(s) on balls

BBA, BBusAd Bachelor of Business Administration

BBB Better Business Bureau

BBC British Broadcasting Corporation

bbl barrel

BC Bachelor of Chemistry, Bachelor of Commerce, before Christ, British Columbia

BCD binary coded decimal

BCE Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, Bachelor of Civil Engineering, before Christian era

bch bunch

BCL Bachelor of Civil Law

BCP Book of Common Prayer

BCS Bachelor of Chemical Science

bd board, bond, bound, bundle

BD Bachelor of Divinity

B/D bank draft, bills discounted, brought down

bd ft board foot

bdg binding

bdl, bdle bundle

bds bundles, (bound in) boards

BDS Bachelor of Dental Surgery

Be beryllium

BE Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Engineering, Bank of England, Board of Education

B/E bills of exchange

BEE Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

bef before

BEF British Expeditionary Force(s)

Bel, Belg Belgian, Belgium

Beng Bengal, Bengali

B ès L Bachelor of Letters (Fr. Bachelier ès Lettres)

B ès S Bachelor of Sciences (Fr. Bachelier ès Sciences)

bet, betw between

bev billion electron volts

bf bold face

BF Bachelor of Finance, Bachelor of Forestry

B/F brought forward

BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts

bg bag

BG brigadier general

BHE Bureau of Higher Education

bhp brake horsepower

Bi bismuth

Bib Bible, Biblical

bibl biblical, bibliographical

bibliog bibliography

bicarb bicarbonate of soda

b i d twice a day (Lat. bis in die)

biochem biochemistry

biog biographer, biographical, biography

biol biological, biologist, biology

BIOS basic input-output system

BIS British Information Services

BJ Bachelor of Journalism

bk bank, block, book

Bk berkelium

bkg banking

bkkpg bookkeeping

bklr black letter

bkpt bankrupt

bks barracks, books

bkt basket, bracket

bl bale, barrel, black, blue

BL, BLL Bachelor of Laws

B/L bill of lading

BLA Bachelor of Liberal Arts

bld bold face

bldg, blg building

BLE Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

B Lit, B Litt Bachelor of Letters, Bachelor of Literature (Lat. Baccallaureus Litterarum)

blk black, block

bln balloon

bls bales, barrels

BLS Bachelor of Library Science, Bachelor of Library Service, Bureau of Labor Statistics

blvd boulevard

bm board measure

BM Bachelor of Medicine (Lat. Baccalaureus Medicinae), Bachelor of Music (Lat. Baccalaureus Musicae), Bureau of Mines

BME Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Bachelor of Mining Engineering

BMechE Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System

BMR basal metabolic rate

BMus Bachelor of Music

Bn battalion

BN bank note

BNA Basel Anatomical Nomenclature (Lat. Basle Nomina Anatomica), British North America Act

bo back order, body odor, box office, branch office, broker's order, buyer's option

BO Board of Ordnance

B/O brought over

Boh Bohemia, Bohemian

Bol Bolivia, Bolivian

bor borough

bot botanical, botanist, botany, bottle

BOT Board of Trade

bp below proof, birthplace, bishop, blood pressure, boiling point

BP Bachelor of Pharmacy

BP, BPh, BPhil Bachelor of Philosophy (Lat. Baccalaureus Philosophiae)

B/P bill of parcels, bills payable

BPd, BPe Bachelor of Pedagogy

BPE Bachelor of Physical Education

BPH Bachelor of Public Health

BPI Bureau of Public Inquiries

BPOE Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks

br branch, brand, bridge, brief, brig, bronze, brother

Br Breton, Britain, British, bromine

BR Bill of Rights

B/R bills receivable

Braz Brazil, Brazilian

Brazil Brazilian

BRCS British Red Cross Society

B Rec bills receivable

brev brevet, brevetted

Br Hond British Honduras

Brig brigade, brigadier

Brig Gen brigadier general

Brit Britain, Britannia, Britannica, British

bro brother

bros brothers

bs balance sheet

BS Bachelor of Surgery

B/S bags, bales, bill of sale

BS, BSc Bachelor of Science (Lat. Baccalaureus Scientiae)

BSA Bachelor of Scientific Agriculture, Bibliographical Society of America, Boy Scouts of America

BSEd Bachelor of Science in Education

bsh bushel

BSS, BSSc, BS in SS Bachelor of (Science in) Social Sciences

Bt baronet

BT, BTh Bachelor of Theology

BTU, Bthu, btu British thermal unit

Btry battery

bu bureau, bushel, bushels

buck buckram

bul, bull bulletin

Bulg Bulgaria, Bulgarian

BV Blessed Virgin (Lat. Beata Virgo), farewell (Lat. bene vale)

BVM Blessed Virgin Mary (Lat. Beata Virgo Maria)

bvt brevet, brevetted

bx box

Bz benzine


c about (Lat. circa), candle, capacity (electrical), carton, case, catcher (baseball), cathode, Celsius, cent, centigrade, centime, centimeter, chapter, chief, child, cost, cubic

C calends, capacity (electrical), cape, carbon, cathode, Catholic, Celtic, century, Chancellor, chapter, church, Congress, Conservative, constant, copyright, Court, current, Roman numeral for 100

ca about (Lat. circa), cathode, centiare, chief accountant, claim agent, commercial agent, consular agent, controller of accounts

Ca calcium

CA California, Catholic Action, Central America, chronological age, Coast Artillery, Confederate Army

C/A commercial account, credit account, current account

CAA Civil Aeronautics Administration

CAB Civil Aeronautics Board

CAD computer-aided design, computer-aided drafting

CAF cost and freight; cost, assurance, and freight

CAI computer-aided instruction

cal calendar, calends, caliber, calomel, small calorie

Cal caliber, large calorie

Cal, Calif California

Cam camouflage

CAM computer-aided manufacturing

can canon, canto

Can Canada, Canadian

Canad Canadian

canc cancel, cancellation, cancelled

cant canton, cantonment

Cant Canterbury, Canticles, Cantonese

Cantab Cambridge (Lat. Cantabrigia)

cap capital, capitalize, chapter (Lat. caput)

CAP Civil Air Patrol

caps capital letters

Capt Captain

car carat

CAR Civil Air Regulations

Card Cardinal

CARE Cooperative for American Remittances Everywhere

cat catalog, catcchism

CAT computerized axial tomography

cath cathedral

Cath Catholic

CATV community antenna television

cav cavalier, cavalry

CAVU ceiling and visibility unlimited

cb center of buoyancy, confined to barracks

Cb columbium, cumulonimbus

CB citizens band (radio), Construction Battalion, Bachelor of Surgery (Lat. Baccalaureus Chiurgiae)

CBC Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

CBD cash before delivery

CBOE Chicago Board Options Exchange

CBOT Chicago Board of Trade

CBS Columbia Broadcasting System

cc carbon copy, cash credit, cashier's check, chapters, chief clerk, circuit court, city council, city councilor, civil court, common councilman, company clerk, company commander, consular clerk, contra credit, copy, county clerk, county commissioner, county council, county court, cubic centimeter, current account (Fr. compte courant)

Cc cirrocumulus

CC cyanogen chloride (poison gas)

CCA Chief Clerk of the Admiralty, circuit court of appeals

CCC Civilian Conservation Corps; Commodity Credit Corporation

CCF Cooperative Commonwealth Federation (of Canada)

CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff

cd candela, cash discount, cord

Cd cadmium

CD certificate of deposit, civil defense, compact disc

C/D carried down

cd ft cord foot (feet)

CDR, Cdr commander

CDT central daylight time

Ce cerium

CE chemical engineer, chief engineer, Church of England, civil engineer, Council of Europe, Corps of Engineers

CEA Council of Economic Advisers

CEEB College Entrance Examination Board

Celt Celtic

cen, cent central, century

cent centered, centigrade, centimeter, one hundred (Lat. centum)

CERN European Council for Nuclear Research (Fr. Centre Européen des Recherches Nucléaires)

cert certificate, certify

certif certificate, certificated

cet par other things being equal (Lat. ceteris paribus)

Cey Ceylon

cf center field, center fielder, compare (Lat. confer)

Cf californium

CF cost and freight

C/F carried forward

CFI cost, freight, and insurance

cfm cubic feet per minute

CFR Code of Federal Regulations

cfs cubic feet per second

cg center of gravity, consul general

cg, cgm centigram

CG Coast Guard, commanding general

CGH Cape of Good Hope

cgs centimeter-gram-second

ch chain, champion, chargé d’affaires, check (chess), chestnut, chevronets, chief, child, children, chirurgeon, church, clearinghouse, courthouse, customhouse, of surgery (Lat. chiurgiae)

c-h, c-hr candle-hour

ch chaplain, chapter

Ch Chaldean, Chaldee, China, Chinese

CH Companion of Honor

Chanc chancelor, chancery

chap chaplain, chapter

char character, charter

ChB Bachelor of Surgery (Lat. Chiurgiae Baccalaureus)

ChE, CheE chemical engineer

chem chemical, chemist, chemistry

chg charge

chgd charged

Chin Chinese

ChJ chief justice

ChM Master of Surgery (Lat. Chiurgiae Magister)

chm checkmate

chm, chmn chairman

Chr Christ, Christian

chron, chronol chronological, chronology

Chron Chronicles

chs chapters

Ci cirrus

Cia company (Sp. Compania)

CIA Central Intelligence Agency

CIC Counter-intelligence Corps

CID Criminal Investigation Division (Brit.)

Cie company (Fr. compagnie)

CIF cost, insurance, and freight

C in C, CINC, Cinc commander in chief

CIP cataloging in publication

CIO Congress of Industrial Organizations

cir, circ about (Lat. circa, circiter, circum), circular, circulation, circumference

cit citation, cited, citizen

civ civil, civilian

CJ body of law (Lat. corpus juris), chief judge, chief justice

ck cask, check, cook

cl carload, carload lots, center line, centiliter, civil law, claim, class, classification, clause, clearance, clergyman, clerk, cloth, craft loss (insurance)

Cl chlorine

clar clarinet

class classic, classical, classification, classified, classify

cler clerical

climatol climatological, climatology

clin clinic, clinical

clk clerk, clock

clm column

CLU chartered life underwriter

cm church missionary, circular mil, common meter, corresponding member

cm centimeter

Cm curium

CM court martial, Master of Surgery (Lat. Chiurgiae Magister)

Cmdr commander

CMG Companion (of the Order) of St. Michael and St. George

cml commercial

CMTC Citizens’ Military Training Camp

Cn cumulonimbus

C/N circular note, credit note

CNN Cable News Network

CNO chief of naval operations

CNS central nervous system

c/o care of, carried over, cash order

Co cobalt, company, county

CO Colorado, commanding officer, conscientious objector

coad coadjutor

COBOL common business-oriented language

Cod codex

COD cash on delivery, collect on delivery

Codd codices

coef coefficient

C of C chamber of commerce

C of S chief of staff

cog, cogn cognate

col collected, collector, college, colonial, colony, color, colored, column

Col Colombia, colonel, Colorado, Colossians, Columbia

coll colleague, collect, collection, collective, collector, college, colloquial

collab collaborated, collaboration, collaborator

collat collateral

colloq colloquial, colloquialism, colloquially

Colo, Col Colorado

colog cologarithm

Coloss Colossians

com comedy, comic, comma, commentary, commerce, common, commonly, commune, communication, community

Com commission, commissioner, committee, commodore, communist

Com, Comdr commander, commodore

Com, Como commodore

comb combination

comdg commanding

Comdt Commandant

Com in Ch, Cominch Commander in Chief

coml commercial

comm commander, commentary, commerce, commercial, commissary, commission, committee, commonwealth, commutator

Como Commodore

comp companion, compare, compilation, compiled, complete, composition, compositor, compound, comprising

compar comparative

compt compartment, comptometer

Comr Commissioner

Com Ver Common Version (of the Bible)

con against (Lat. contra), concerto, conclusion, condense, conduct, connection, consols, consolidate, continued, wife (Lat. conjunx)

Con Conformist, Consul

conc concentrate, concentrated, concentration, concerning

Confed Confederate, Confederation

cong gallon (Lat. congius)

Cong Congregational, Congress, Congressional

conj conjugation, conjunction, conjunctive

Conn Connecticut

cons consecrated, conserve, consigned, consignment, consolidated, consonant, constable, constitution, constitutional, construction, consul, consulting

consol consolidated

const constable, constant, constitution

constr construction, construed

cont containing, contents, continent, continue, contract, contraction, contrary, control

Cont Continental

contd continued

contemp contemporary

contg containing

contin continued, let it be continued (Lat. continuetur)

contr contract, contralto, control

contrib contribution, contributor

CONUS Continental United States

coop, co-op cooperative

cop copper, copyright, copyrighted

Cop Copernican, Coptic

cor corner, cornet, coroner, corpus, correct, corrected, correction, correlative, correspondence, correspondent, corresponding, corrupt

Cor Corinthians

corol, coroll corollary

corp, corpn corporation

Corp Corporal

corr correct, corrected, correspond, correspondence, correspondent, corresponding, corrupt, corrupted, corruption

correl correlative

corresp correspondence

cos companies, cosine, counties

COS cash on shipment

cosec cosecant

cosh hyperbolic cosine

cot cotangent

coth hyperbolic cotangent

covers coversed sine

cp candlepower, chemically pure, compare, court of probate

CP Canadian Press, Cape Province, center of pressure, Chief Patriarch, command post, Common Prayer, Communist Party

CPA certified public accountant

cpd compound

CPH Certificate in Public Health

Cpl corporal

cpm characters per minute, cost per million, cycles per minute

CPO chief petty officer

CPR cardiopulmonary resuscitation

cps characters per second, cycles per second

cpt counterpoint

CQ charge of quarters

cr created, credit, creditor, crescendo, creek, crown

Cr chromium

CR carriage return, Costa Rica

craniol craniological, craniology

craniom craniometry

cres, cresc crescendo

crim con criminal conversation

crit critic, critical, criticism

CRLF carriage return and line feed

crs credits, creditors

CRT cathode-ray tube

cryst crystalline, crystallography, crystals

cs capital stock, civil service

Cs cesium, cirrostratus

CS Christian Science, Christian Scientist, Confederate States

C/S case

CSA Confederate States of America

csc cosecant

CSC Civil Service Commission, Conspicuous Service Cross

csch hyperbolic cosecant

CSigO chief signal officer

CSIRO Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (Australia)

CSO chief staff officer

CSS Commodity Stabilization Service

CST central standard time

ct cent, certificate, county, court

Ct Connecticut, Count

CT central time, communications technician, computed tomography, Connecticut

CTC Citizens’ Training Camp

ctg cartridge

ctn carton, cotangent

ctnh hyperbolic cotangent

ctr center

cts centimes, cents, certificates

cu cubic

Cu copper (Lat. cuprum), cumulus

cu cm cubic centimeter

cu ft cubic foot

cu in cubic inch

cur currency, current

cu yd cubic yard

cv, cvt convertible

CV Common Version (of the Bible)

cw continuous wave

CWO cash with order, chief warrant officer, commissioned warrant officer

CWS Chemical Warfare Service

cwt hundredweight (Lat. centum weight)

cy capacity, currency, cycles

cyc cyclopedia, cyclopedic

cyl cylinder

CYO Catholic Youth Organization

CZ Canal Zone


d date, daughter, day, dead, decree, degree, delete, democrat, democratic, deputy, diameter, died, director, dividend, dollar, door, dose, dyne, give (Lat. da), penny, pence (Lat. denarius, denarii)

D December, department, deuterium, Dutch, God (Lat. Deus), Lord (Lat. Dominus), Roman numeral for 500

da daughter, day

DA delayed action, dental apprentice, district attorney

DAB Dictionary of American Biography

DAE Dictionary of American English

DAH Dictionary of American History

Dak Dakota

Dan Daniel, Danish

Danl Daniel

DAR Daughters of the American Revolution

DARE Dictionary of American Regional English

dat dative

DAT Dental Apptitude Test

dau daughter

Dav David

DAV Disabled American Veterans

db daybook

db, dB decibel, decibels

DB Domesday Book

dba doing business as

DBE Dame (Commander of the Order) of the British Empire

dbh diameter at breast height (forestry)

DBib Douai Bible

dbl double

DC Dental Corps, direct current, Disarmament Commission, District of Columbia, Doctor of Chiropractic, from the beginning (Ital. da capo)

DCL Doctor of Canon Law, Doctor of Civil Law

DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal (Brit.)

DCS deputy clerk of sessions, Doctor of Christian Science, Doctor of Commercial Science

dd days after date, days’ date, delivered, demand draft

DD Department of Defense, developmentally disabled, Doctor of Divinity (Lat. Divinitatis Doctor)

DDS Doctor of Dental Science, Doctor of Dental Surgery

DDSc Doctor of Dental Science

DE Delaware, destroyer escort, Doctor of Engineering, Doctor of Entomology

deb, deben debenture

Deb Deborah

dec deceased, declaration, declension, declination, decrease, decrescendo

dec, decim decimeter

Dec December

decd deceased

decl declension

decoct decoction

decresc decrescendo

ded, dedic dedication

def defective, defendant, defense, deferred, defined, definite, definition

deg degree

del delegate, delete, deliver, he or she drew it (Lat. delineavit)

Del Delaware

deliq deliquescent

Dem Democrat, Democratic

demon demonstrative

Den Denmark

denom denomination

dent dental, dentist, dentistry

dep departs, departure, deposed, deposit, depot

dep, dept department, deponent, deputy

Dep dependency

der, deriv derivation, derivative, derive, derived

dermatol dermatological, dermatologist, dermatology

desc descendant

descr descriptive, description

D ès L Doctor of Letters (Fr. Docteur ès Lettres)

D ès S Doctor of Sciences (Fr. Docteur ès Sciences)

det detach, detachment, detail

Deu, Deut Deuteronomy

devel development

DF dean of the faculty, defender of the faith (Lat. Defensor Fidei), direction finding, Federal District (Port. Districto Federal; Sp. Distrito Federal)

DFC Distinguished Flying Cross

dg decigram

DG by the grace of God (Lat. Dei gratia)

dh deadhead, designated hitter (baseball), that is to say (Ger. das heisst)

DHQ division headquarters

di, dia diameter

Di didymium

diag, diagr diagram

dial dialect, dialectic, dialectical

diam diameter

dict dictation, dictator, dictionary

diet dietetics

diff difference, different, differential

dil dilute

dim dimension

dim, dimin diminuendo, diminutive

din dinar

dioc diocesan, diocese

dipl diplomat, diplomatic

dir director

dis distance, distant

disc discount, discover, discovered

disch discharged

diss dissertations

dist discount, distance, distant, distinguish, distinguished, district

Dist Atty district attorney

distr distribute, distributed, distribution, distributive, distributor

div divergence, diversion, divide, divided, dividend, divine, division, divisor, divorced

Div divinity

dk deck, dock

DK disbursing clerk

dkg dekagram

dkl dekaliter

dkm dekameter

dks dekastere

dl deciliter

D/L demand loan

D Lit, D Litt Doctor of Letters, Doctor of Literature (Lat. Doctor Litterarum)

dlr dealer

DLS Doctor of Library Science

dm decameter, decimeter

Dm Deutschmark

DM deputy master, draftsman

DMB defense mobilization board

DMD Doctor of Dental Medicine (Lat. Dentariae Medicinae Doctor)

D Mus Doctor of Music

DN our Lord (Lat. Dominus noster)

DNA deoxyribonucleic acid

DNB Dictionary of National Biography (Brit.)

do ditto

DO Doctor of Osteopathy

DOA dead on arrival

doc document

DOD Department of Defence

DOE Department of Education, Department of Energy

dol dolce, dollar

dols dollars

dom domestic, dominion

Dom Dominica, Dominican

Dor Dorian, Doric

DOS disk operating system

DOT Department of Transportation

dow dowager

doz dozen

DP data processing, degree of polymerization, diametrical pitch, displaced person

DPH Doctor of Public Health

DPHy Doctor of Public Hygiene

DPh, DPhil Doctor of Philosophy

dpt department, deponent

DPW Department of Public Works

dr debtor, dram

Dr doctor, drive

DR dead reckoning, deposit receipt

dram pers dramatis personae

ds daylight saving, days after sight, decistere, document signed, (repeat) from this sign (It. dal segno)

Ds dysprosium

DS, DSc Doctor of Science

DSC Distinguished Service Cross

DSIR Department of Scientific and Industrial Research

DSM Distinguished Service Medal

DSO Distinguished Service Order (Brit.), district staff officer

dsp died without issue (Lat. decessit sine prole)

DSRD Department of Scientific Research and Development

DST daylight saving time, Doctor of Sacred Theology

dt delerium tremens, double time

DT dental technician

DT, DTh, DTheol Doctor of Theology

dts delerium tremens

Du duke, Dutch

dup, dupl duplicate

Dv, DV God willing (Lat. Deo volente)

DV Douai Version (of the Bible)

DVM Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

DVMS Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery

D/W dock warrant

DWI driving while intoxicated, Dutch West Indies

DWS Department of Water Supply

dwt dead weight tons, penny-weight (Lat. denarius weight)

DX distance, distant

Dy dysprosium

dyn, dynam dynamics

dz dozen


e east, eastern, erg, error

E earl, Earth, east, eastern, English

ea each

e and o e errors and omissions excepted

Eb erbium

EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

EbN east by north

EbS east by south

EC Engineering Corps, Established Church, European Community

ECA Economic Cooperation Administration

ECAFE Economic Commission for Asia and the Far East

eccl, eccles ecclesiastical

Ecc, Eccl, Eccles Ecclesiastes

Ecclus Ecclesiasticus

ECE Economic Commission for Europe

ECG electrocardiogram

ECLA Economic Commission for Latin America

ECME Economic Commission for the Middle East

ecol ecological, ecology

econ economic, economics, economy

ECOSOC Economic and Social Council (of the United Nations)

ECSC European Coal and Steel Community

Ecua Ecuador, Ecuadorian

ed edited, edition, editor

EdB Bachelor of Education

EdD Doctor of Education

edit edited, edition, editor

EdM Master of Education

EDT eastern daylight time

educ education, educational

ee errors excepted

EE Early English, electrical engineer, electrical engineering, envoy extraordinary

EEC European Economic Community

EE&MP envoy extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary

EEG electroencephalogram

EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

EER energy efficiency rating

eff efficiency

efflor efflorescent

EFTA European Free Trade Association

EFTS electronic funds transfer system

eg for example (Lat. exempli gratia)

Eg Egypt, Egyptian

Egyptol Egyptology

EHF extremely high frequency

EHFA electric home and farm authority

EHV extra high voltage

EI, EInd East Indian, East Indies

EKG electrocardiogram

el elevated, elevation

ELD electroluminescent display

elec, elect electric, electrical, electrician

elem elementary, elements

elev elevation

ellipt elliptical

e long east longitude

elong elongation

Em, eman emanation (chemistry)

EM electrician's mate, engineer of mines, enlisted man

emb, embryol embryology

emf electromotive force

EMH educable mentally handicapped

Emp emperor, empire, empress

emph emphasis, emphatic

EMT emergency medical technician

emu electromagnetic units

emul emulsion

enc, encl enclosed, enclosure

ency, encyc, encycl encyclopedia

ENE east-northeast

eng engine, engineer, engineering, engraved, engraver, engraving

Eng England, English

EngD Doctor of Engineering

engin engineering

engr engineer, engraved, engraver, engraving

enl enlarged, enlisted

Ens ensign

ENT ear, nose, throat (physician)

entom, entomol entomological, entomology

env envelope

eo from office (Lat. ex officio)

EOM end of month

ep en passant (chess)

Ep, Epis, Epist Epistle, Epistles

EP extended play

EPA Environmental Protection Agency

Eph, Ephes Ephesians

Epis Episcopal

epil epilogue

EPU European Payments Union

eq equal, equalizer, equation, equator, equivalent

EQ educational quotient

equiv equivalent

er earned run

Er erbium

ER emergency room, King Edward (Lat. Eduardus Rex), Queen Elizabeth (Lat. Elizabeth Regina)

ERA earned run average, Educational Research Association, Emergency Relief Administration, Equal Rights Amendment

ERIC Educational Resources Information Center

ERISA Employee Retirement Income Security Act

ERP European Recovery Program

erron erroneous, erroneously

ERV English Revised Version (of the Bible)

Es einsteinium

ESA Economic Stabilization Administration

ESC Economic and Social Council (of the United Nations)

eschat eschatology

Esd Esdras

ESE east-southeast

Esk Eskimo

ESL English as a second language

ESOP employee stock option plan

esp especially

ESP extrasensory perception

espec especially

Esq, Esqr esquire

est estate, estimated, estuary

Est Estonia

EST eastern standard time

estab established

Esth Esther

esu electrostatic unit

ET electronics technician, extraterrestrial

eta estimated time of arrival

et al and others (Lat. et alii), and elsewhere (Lat. et alibi)

etc and so forth, and others (Lat. et ceteri, ceterae, or cetera)

eth ether, ethical, ethics

Eth Ethiopia, Ethiopian, Ethiopic

ethnog ethnographical, ethnography

ethnol ethnological, ethnology

ETO European Theater of Operations

et seq and the following, and what follows (Lat. et sequens, sequentes, or sequentia)

ety, etym, etymol etymological, etymology

Eu europium

euphem euphemism, euphemistic

Eur Europe, European

ev electron volt

EV English Version (of the Bible)

EVA extra-vehicular activity (in space)

evac evacuation

evan, evang evangelical, evangelist

Evang Evangelical

evap evaporation

ex examination, examine, examined, example, except, excepted, exception, exchange, excursion, executed, executive

Ex, Exod Exodus

exam examination, examined, examinee, examinor

exc excellent, except, excepted, exception, excursion

Exc excellency

exch exchange, exchequer

excl exclusive

excl, exclam exclamation

exec executive, executor

Ex-Im Export-Import Bank

ex int without interest

ex lib from the library (of) (Lat. ex libris)

ex off from office (Lat. ex officio)

exp expenses, expiration, expired, export, exportation, exported, exporter, express

exper experimental

expt experiment

exptl experimental

exr executor

ext extension, external, extinct, extra, extract

Ez, Ezr Ezra

Eze, Ezek Ezekiel


f activity coefficent, farad, farthing, fathom, feet, female, feminine, fine, fluid (ounce), folio, following, foot, formed, forte, foul, franc, frequency, from, function (of), let it be made (Lat. fiat), strong (Lat. forte)

f/ f number (photography)

F Fahrenheit, February, fellow, fluorine, France, French, Friday, son (Lat. filius)

fa fire alarm, freight agent

FA field artillery, fine arts, food administration

FAA Federal Aviation Administration

FAAAS Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

fac facsimile, factor, factory

FACD Fellow of the American College of Dentists

FACP Fellow of the American College of Physicians

FACS Fellow of the American College of Surgeons

FAF financial aid form

Fah, Fahr Fahrenheit

FAIA Fellow of the American Institute of Architects

fam familiar, family

FAM, F&AM Free and Accepted Masons

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization (of the United Nations)

fas free alongside ship

FASA Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America

fasc a bundle (Lat. fasiculus)

fath fathom

fb freight bill, fullback

FBA Fellow of the British Academy

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation

fbm feet board measure (board feet)

fc follow copy (printing)

Fc fractocumulus

FCA Farm Credit Administration

FCC Federal Communications Commission, Federal Council of Churches, first class certificate, Food Control Committee

FCDA Federal Civil Defense Administration

FCIC Federal Crop Insurance Corporation

fcp foolscap

FD defender of the faith (Lat. Fidei Defensor), fire department

FDA Food and Drug Administration, Food Distribution Administration

FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Fe iron (Lat. ferrum)

Feb, Febr February

FEB Fair Employment Board

fec he or she made it (Lat. fecit)

fed federal, federated, federation

fem female, feminine

FEPC Fair Employment Practices Commission

FERA Federal Emergency Relief Administration

feud feudal, feudalism

ff fixed focus, folios, following, fortissimo

ffa free foreign agent, free from alongside

FFA Future Farmers of America

FFS family financial statement

FFV First Families of Virginia

fg field goal

FGSA Fellow of the Geological Society of America

FHA Federal Housing Administration

FHLBB Federal Home Loan Bank Board

fhp friction horsepower

FICA Federal Insurance Contributions Act

fid fidelity, fiduciary

FIFO first in, first out

fig figuratively, figure

FIL Fellow of the Institute of Linguists

FILO first in, last out

fin finance, financial, finished

Fin Finland, Finnish

FIPS federal information processing standards

fl floor, florin, flower, fluid, flute

Fl Flanders, Flemish, fluorine

FL, Fla Florida

FLB Federal Land Bank

fl dr fluid dram

Flem Flemish

flex flexible

fl oz fluid ounce

fm fathom, from

Fm fcrmium

FM field manual, field marshal, frequency modulation

FMCS Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service

FmHA Farmers Home Administration

FNMA Federal National Mortgage Association (“Fannie Mae”)

FO field officer, Foreign Office

fob free on board

FOE Fraternal Order of Eagles

fol folio, following

foll following

FOP Fraternal Order of Police

for foreign, forestry, free on rails

fort fortification, fortified

FORTRAN formula translator

fp fireplug, fire policy, floating policy, foolscap, footpound, forte piano (Ital.), forward pass, freezing point, fully paid

FPC Federal Power Commission

FPHA Federal Public Housing Administration

fpm feet per minute

FPO fleet post office

fps feet per second, foot-pound-second (system)

fr fragment, franc, from, right-hand page (Lat. folio recto)

Fr brother (Lat. Frater), father, France, francium, French, Friday, wife (Ger. Frau)

FRB Federal Reserve Bank, Federal Reserve Board

FRC Federal Radio Commission, Federal Relief Commission

FRCP Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians

FRCS Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons

freq frequency, frequently, frequentitive

FRGS Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society

Fr Gui French Guiana

Fri Friday

Frl Miss (Ger. Fräulein)

FRS Federal Reserve System, Fellow of the Royal Society

FRSA Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts

frt freight

fs foot-second

Fs fractostratus

FS field service, fleet surgeon

FSA Farm Security Administration, Federal Security Agency

FSCC Federal Surplus Commodities Corporation

FSH follicle-stimulating hormone

FSLIC Federal Saving and Loan Insurance Corporation

FSP Food Stamp Program

FSR Field Service Regulations

ft feet, foot, fort, fortification, fortified

FT fire control technician

ft-c foot-candle

FTC Federal Trade Commission

FTE full-time equivalent

fth, fthm fathom

ft-l foot-lambert

ft-lb foot-pound

fur furlong

furl furlough

furn furnished, furniture

fut future

fv on the back of the page (Lat. folio verso)

FWA Federal Works Agency

fwd forward, front wheel drive

fwy freeway

FY fiscal year

FYI for your information

FZS Fellow of the Zoological Society


g conductance, gauge, gender, general, general intelligence, genitive, goal, goalie, goalkeeper, gold, gourde, grain, gram, grand, (specific) gravity, guide, guilder, guinea, gulf

G German, Germany, gram, (specific) gravity, gun

ga general average

Ga gallium, Georgia

GA Gamblers Anonymous, general agent, General Assembly, Georgia

Gael Gaelic

gal, gall gallon

Gal Galatians, Galen

galv galvanic, galvanism, galvanized

GAO General Accounting Office

GAR Grand Army of the Republic

GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

GAW guaranteed annual wage

gaz gazette, gazetteer

GB Great Britain

GBE (Knight or Dame) Grand (Cross) of the (Order of the) British Empire

GCA ground control approach (radar)

g-cal gram calorie

GCB (Knight) Grand Cross of the (Order of the) Bath

gcd greatest common divisor

gcf greatest common factor

GCI ground controlled interception (aircraft)

GCLH Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor

gcm greatest common measure

GCM general court martial

GCT Greenwich civil time

GCVO (Knight) Grand Cross of the (Royal) Victorian Order

Gd gadolinium

GD grand duchess, grand duchy, grand duke

gds goods

Ge germanium

geb born (Ger. geboren)

GED general equivalency diploma

gen gender, genera, general, generally, generator, generic, genitive, genus

Gen general, Genesis, Geneva, Genevan

geneal genealogical, genealogy

genit genitive

genl general

gent gentleman, gentlemen

geod geodesy, geodetic

geog geographer, geographic, geographical, geography

geol geologic, geological, geologist, geology

geom geometer, geometric, geometrical, geometry

ger gerund

Ger, Germ German, Germany

gest died (Ger. gestorben)

GFTU General Federation of Trade Unions

ggr great gross

GHA Greenwich hour angle

GHQ general headquarters

gi gastrointestinal, gill

GI general issue, government issue

Gib Gibralter

Gk Greek

gl glass, gloss

gld guilder

gloss glossary

gm gram

GM general manager, grand master, gunner's mate

Gmat Greenwich mean astronomical time

GmbH limited company (Ger. Gesell-schaft mit beschränkter Haftung)

Gmc Germanic

GMT Greenwich mean time

GNMA Government National Mortgage Association (“Ginnie Mae”)

GNP gross national product

GO general orders

GOP Grand Old Party (Republican Party)

Goth gothic, Gothic

gov, govt government

Gov governor

GP general practitioner, Graduate in Pharmacy, general paresis

GPA grade point average

gpm gallons per minute

GPO General Post Office, Government Printing Office

gps gallons per second

GQ general quarters

gr grade, grain, gram, grammar, great, gross, group

Gr Grecian, Greece, Greek

GR King George (Lat. Georgius Rex)

grad graduate, graduated

gram grammar, grammarian, grammatical

GrBr, GrBrit Great Britain

GRE graduate record examination

gro gross

gr wt gross weight

GS general secretary, general staff, German silver, Girl Scouts

GSA General Services Administration, Girst Scouts of America

GSC General Staff Corps

GSO general staff officer

gt gilt, great

gtc good till canceled

gtd guaranteed

gtt a drop (Lat. gutta)

gu genitourinary

guar guaranteed

Guat Guatemala, Guatemalan

Guin Guinea

gun gunnery

guttat by drops (Lat. guttatim)

gv gravimetric volume

gym gymnasium, gymnastics

gyn, gynecol gynecological, gynecology


h harbor, hard, hardness, heavy sea, height, hence, high, hit, horns (music), hour, hundred, husband

h, hy henry (electricity)

H hydrogen, intensity of magnetic field

ha hectare, this year (Lat. hoc anno)

Hab Habakkuk

hab corp have the body (Lat. habeas corpus)

Hag Haggai

Hal halogen

hb halfback

Hb hemoglobin

HBM his or her Britannic majesty

HC House of Commons

hcap, hcp handicap

hcf highest common factor

HCL high cost of living

hd hand, head

hdbk handbook

hdkf handkerchief

hdqrs headquarters

He helium

HE high explosive, his eminence, his or her excellency

Heb, Hebr Hebrew

her heraldic, heraldry

herp, herpetol herpetology

HEW (Department of) Health, Education, and Welfare

hex hexachord, hexagon, hexagonal

hf half

Hf hafnium

HF high frequency

hfbd half-bound (bookbinding)

hfmor half-morocco (bookbinding)

hg hectogram, heliogram

Hg mercury (Lat. hydrargyrum)

HG High German, his or her grace, Home Guard

hgt height

HH his or her highness, his holiness

hhd hogshead

HHFA Housing and Home Finance Agency

HHS (Department of) Health and Human Services

HI Hawaii

HIH his or her imperial highenss

HIM his or her imperial majesty

Hind Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan, Hindustani

hist histology, historian, historical, history

HJ here lies (Lat. hic jacet)

HJS here lies buried (Lat. hic jacet sepultus)

hkf handkerchief

hl hectoliter

HL House of Lords, mustard-lcwisite (poison gas)

HLBB Home Loan Bank Board

hm hectometer, in this month (Lat. hoc menses)

HM his or her majesty

HMO health maintenance organization

HMS his or her majesty's service (or ship or steamer)

HN nitrogen mustard gas

ho house

Ho holmium

HO head office, Home Office

HOLC Home Owners’ Loan Corporation

hon honorably, honorary

Hon honorable

Hond Honduras

hor horizon, horizontal

horol horology

hort, hortic horticultural, horticulture

Hos Hosea

hosp hospital

hp high pressure, horsepower

HP high power

hp-hr horsepower-hour

hq look for this (Lat. hoc quaere)

HQ headquarters

hr home run, hour

HR mister (Ger. Herr)

HR home rule, House of Representatives

HRE Holy Roman Empire

HRH his or her royal highness

HRIP here rest in peace (Lat. hic requiescat in pace)

hrs hours

HS here is buried (Lat. hic sepultus), here lies (Lat. hic situ), high school, Home Secretary (Brit.), in this sense (Lat. hoc sensu)

HSH his or her serene highness

HSM his or her serene majesty

ht at this time (Lat. hoc tempore), heat, height, in or under this title (Lat. hoc titulo)

Hts heights

HUD (Department of) Housing and Urban Development

Hun, Hung Hungarian, Hungary

HV high voltage

HVAC heating, ventilation, and air conditioning

hw high water

hwm high water mark

hwy highway

hyd, hydros hydrostatics

hydraul hydraulic, hydraulics

hyg hygiene, hygroscopic

hyp, hypoth hypotenuse, hypothesis, hypothetical


i incisor, interest, intransitive, island

I iodine, island or islands, isle or isles, Roman numeral for 1

Ia, IA Iowa

IADB Inter-American Defense Board

IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency (of the United Nations)

ib, ibid in the same place (Lat. ibidem)

IBEW International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers

IBRD International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

IBT International Brotherhood of Teamsters (Chauffeurs, Warehousemen, and Helpers of America)

ICA International Cooperation Administration

ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization (of the United Nations)

ICBM intercontinental ballistic missile

ICC Indian Claims Commission, Interstate Commerce Commission

Ice, Icel Iceland, Icelandic

ICES International Council for the Exploration of the Sea

ICFTU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions

icth icthyology

ICJ International Court of Justice (of the United Nations)

ICNAF International Commission for Northwest Atlantic Fisheries

ICU intensive care unit

icw interrupted continuous wave

id the same (Lat. idem)

ID Idaho, identification, infantry division, intelligence department, inside diameter

Ida Idaho

ie that is (Lat. id est)

IE Indo-European

IEP individualized education program

if intermediate frequency

IFCTU International Federation of Christian Trade Unions

IFF identification friend or foe (British radar device)

IFO identified flying object

IG amalgamation (Ger. Interessengemeinschaft), Indo-Germanic, inspector general

ign ignites, ignition, unknown (Lat. ignotus)

ihp indicated horsepower

IHS Jesus. Often taken to mean Jesus Savior of Mankind (Lat. Iesus hominum salvator) or in this sign (Lat. in hoc signo).

Il illinium

IL Illinois

ILA International Longshoremen's Association

ILGWU International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union

ill, illus, illust illustrate, illustrated, illustration, illustrator

Ill Illinois

illit illiterate

ILO International Labor Organization (of the United Nations)

ILS instrument landing system

IMCO Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization (of the United Nations)

IMF International Monetary Fund (of the United Nations)

imit imitation, imitative

immun immunology

imp imperative, imperfect, imperial, impersonal, import, important, imported, importer, imprimatur, improper

Imp emperor (Lat. imperator)

imper imperative

imperf imperfect, imperforate

impers impersonal

impf imperfect

imp gal imperial gallon

impv imperative

in inch

IN Indiana

inbd inboard, inbound

inc inclosure, including, inclusive, income, incorporated, increase

inch, incho inchoative

incl inclosure, including

incog incognito

incorp incorporated

incorr incorrect

incr increased, increasing

ind independence, independent, index, indicated, indicative, indigo, indirect, industrial

Ind India, Indian, Indiana, Indies

IND in the name of God (Lat. in nomine Dei)

indecl indeclinable

indef indefinite

inden, indent indention

indic indicating, indicative, indicator

individ individual

induc induction

ined unpublished

in ex at length (Lat. in extenso)

in f at the end (Lat. in fine)

inf below (Lat. infra), inferior, infinitive, information

Inf infantry

infin infinitive

infl influence, influenced

init initial, in the beginning (Lat, initio)

inj injection

in-lb inch-pound

in lim at the outset (on the threshold) (Lat. in limine)

in loc in its place (Lat. in loco)

in loc cit in the place cited (Lat. in loco citato)

inorg inorganic

INRI Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews (Lat. Iesus Nazarenus Rex ludaeorum)

ins inches, inspector, insular, insulated, insulation, insurance

INS International News Service

insc, inscr inscribe, inscribed, inscription

insep inseparable

insol insoluble

insp inspected, inspector

inst instant, instantaneous, instrument

Inst institute, institution

instr instruction, instructor, instrument

insur insurance

int intelligence, interest, interior, interjection, internal, interval, intransitive

intens insensitive

inter intermediate

interj interjection

internat international

interp interpreted, interpreter

Interpol International Police Organization

interrog interrogative

intr, intrans intransitive

in trans on the way (Lat. in transitu)

Int Rev Internal Revenue

introd introduction, introductory

inv invented, invention, inventor, invitation, invoice

invert invertebrate

invt inventory

Io ionium

IOBB Independent Order of B’nai B’rith

IOOF Independent Order of Odd Fellows

IOU I owe you

ip in passing (chess), innings pitched (baseball)

IPA International Phonetic Alphabet (association)

IPI International Press Institute

IPPC International Penal and Penitentiary Commission

IPR Institute of Pacific Relations

ips inches per second

iq the same as (Lat. idem quod)

IQ intelligence quotient

iqed what was to be proved (Lat. id quod erat demonstrandum)

Ir Ireland, iridium, Irish

IRA individual retirement account, Irish Republican Army

Iran Iranian, Iranic

IRBM intermediate range ballistic missile

Ire Ireland

IRO International Refugee Organization (of the United Nations)

irreg irregular, irregularly

IRS Internal Revenue Service

is island or islands, isle or isles

Is, Isa Isaiah

ISBN international standard book number

isl island, islands

iso isotropic

isom isometric

isoth isothermal

Isr Israel

ISSN international standard serial number

isth isthmus

it, ital italic, italics

It, Ital Italian, Italy

ITA Initial Teaching Alphabet

itin itinerant, itinerary

ITO International Trade Organization

ITU International Telecommunication Union, International Typographical Union

IU international unit

IWW Industrial Workers of the World


J joule (physics), judge, justice

ja joint account

Ja January

JA judge advocate

JAG judge advocate general

Jam Jamaica, Jamaican

Jan January

Jap Japan, Japanese

Jas James

JCAH Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals

JCD Doctor of Canon Law (Lat. Juris Canonici Doctor), Doctor of Civil Law (Lat. Juris Civilis Doctor)

JCS joint chiefs of staff

jct, jctn junction

JD Doctor of Laws (Lat. Jurum Doctor)

Je June

Jer Jeremiah

jg junior grade

Jl July

Jn John

Jon Jonah

Jos Joseph, Joshua, Josiah

jour journal, journalist, journeyman

JP jet propulsion, justice of the peace

jr junior

Ju Judges

JUD Doctor of Civil and Canon Law (Lat. Juris Utriusque Doctor)

Judg Judges

Jul July

jun junior

Jun June

junc, junct junction

JurD Doctor of Law (Lat. Juris Doctor)

jursp jurisprudence

jus, just justice

juv juvenile

jv junior varsity

jwlr jeweler

Jy July


k calends (Lat. kalendae), capacity, carat, constant, kilo, kilogram, king, king (chess), knot (naut.), kopeck (coin), koruna (coin), krone (coin)

K potassium (Lat. kalium), strikeout

ka kathode (cathode)

kal kalends (calends)

Kan, Kans, Kas Kansas

KB king's bench, king's bishop (chess), knight bachelor

KBP king's bishop's pawn (chess)

kc kilocycle

KC king's counsel, knight commander, Knights of Columbus

kcal kilocalorie

KCB Knight Commander of the (Order of the) Bath

KCVO Knight Commander of the (Royal) Victorian Order

Ken Kentucky

kg keg, kilogram

KG Knight of the (Order of the) Garter

KGB Commission of State Security (Russ. Komitet Godsudarvstvennoi Bezopasnost’i)

Ki Kings (book of the Bible)

kilo kilogram, kilometer

kilog kilogram

kilol kiloliter

kilom kilometer

kingd kingdom

KKK Ku Klux Klan

kl kiloliter

km kilometer

kn kronen (coin)

KN king's knight (chess)

KNP king's knight's pawn (chess)

ko knockout

K of C Knights of Columbus

K of Ρ Knights of Pythias

kop kopeck (coin)

KP king's pawn (chess), kitchen police, Knight (of the Order of St.) Patrick, Knight of Pythias

kr krona (coin), krone (coin)

Kr krypton

KR king's rook (chess)

KRP king's rook's pawn (chess)

KS Kansas

kt karat (carat), knight

KT Knights Templar

kv kilovolt

kva kilovolt-ampere

kvar reactive kilovolt-ampere

kw kilowatt

kwh kilowatt-hour

Ky, KY Kentucky


l book (Lat. liber), (games) lost, lake, land, lat, latitude, law, leaf, league, left, lempira, length, leu, lev, lex, line, link, lira, lire, lit, liter, low, place (Lat. locus)

L coefficient of inductance, Latin, length, lewisite, licentiate, Linnacus, longitude

La lanthanum, Louisiana

LA Legislative Assembly, Library Association, local agent, Los Angeles, Louisiana

lab laboratory

lam laminated

Lam Lamentations

LAM Master of Liberal Arts (Lat. Liberalium Artium Magister)

LAN local area network

lang language

laryngol laryngological, laryngology

lat latitude

Lat Latin, Latvia

Latv Latvia

lb pound (Lat. libra)

LB Bachelor of Letters (Lat. Litterarum Baccalaureus), local board

lb ap apothecary pound

lb av avoirdupois pound

LBO leveraged buyout

lbs pounds

lb t troy pound

lc in the place cited (Lat. loco citato), left center, lower case

l/c letter of credit

LC Library of Congress

LCD liquid crystal display, lowest common denominator

lcl less than carload lot

lcm least common multiple, lowest common multiple

ld lead (printing)

Ld lord

LD Low Dutch

ldg landing, leading, loading

LDiv Licentiate in Divinity

ld lmt load limit

ldry laundry

LDS Latter-day Saints, Latter Day Saints, Licentiate in Dental Surgery

le left end

lea league, leather, leave

led ledger

LED light-emitting diode

leg legal, legate, legato, legislation

legis legislation, legislative, legislature

LEM lunar excursion module

L ès S Licentiate in Sciences (Fr. Licencié ès Sciences)

Lev, Levit Leviticus

lex lexicon

lf left field, left fielder, left forward, lightface (printing), low frequency

lg left guard

LG Low German

lg, lge large

LGk Late Greek

lgth length

lh left halfback, left hand

LH luteinizing hormone

LHA local hour angle

LHD Doctor of Humanities (Lat. Litterarum Humaniorum Doctor)

Li lithium

LI lithographer, Long Island

lib book (Lat. liber), librarian, library

Lib Liberal, Liberia

Lieut lieutenant

LIFO last in, first out

LILO last in, last out

lin lineal, linear

ling linguistics

linim liniment

Linn Linnaeus, Linnean

lino linotype

liq liquid, liquor

li qts liquid quarts

lit liter, literal, literally, literary, literature

LitB, LittB Bachelor of Letters or Bachelor of Literature (Lat. Litterarum Baccalaureus)

LitD, LittD Doctor of Letters or Doctor of Literature (Lat. Litterarum Doctor)

lith, litho, lithog lithograph, lithography

Lith Lithuania, Lithuanian

Lk Luke

ll leaves, lines

LL Late Latin, Legal Latin, Low Latin, lower left

LLB Bachelor of Laws (Lat. Legum Baccalaureus)

LLD Doctor of Laws (Lat. Legum Doctor)

LLM Master of Laws (Lat. Legum Magister)

LM Legion of Merit, Licentiate in Medicine, Licentiate in Midwifery, lunar (excursion) module

LMT local mean time

ln lane

LNG liquefied natural gas

loc local, location

local localism

loc cit in the place cited (Lat. loco citato)

log logarithm

long longitude

loq he, she, or it speaks (Lat. loquitur)

lox liquid oxygen

lp large paper, long playing, long primer, low pressure

LPG liquified petroleum gas

LPS Lord Privy Seal

LR living room, long run, lower right

LS left side, library science, Licentiate in Surgery, place of the seal (Lat. locus sigilli), long shot

lsc in the place cited above (Lat. loco supra citato)

LSCA Library Services and Construction Act

LSD landing ship, dock; lysergic acid diethylamide

LSS lifesaving service

LST landing ship, tank

lt left tackle

lt long ton

Lt Lieutenant

LTA Lawn Tennis Association

ltd limited

ltn long ton

LTh Licentiate in Theology

Ltlnf light infantry

Ltjg lieutenant, junior grade

LTL less than truckload lot

LTS launch telemetry station, launch tracking system

Lu lutetium

lubric lubricate, lubrication

Luth Lutheran

Lux Luxemburg

lv leave, leaves

lw low water

Lw Lawrencium

lwl load waterline

lwm low water mark

LXX Septuagint

lyr lyric, lyrical


m majesty, male, manual, mark, married, masculine, mass, measure, medicine, medium, member, meridian, meter, mile, mill, minim, minute, month, moon, morning, mountain, noon (Lat. mendies)

M handful (Lat. manipulus), master, medieval, middle, monsieur, of medicine (Lat. medicinae), Roman numeral for 1,000

Ma masurium

MA machine accountant, Maritime Administration, Massachusetts, Master of Arts (Lat. Magister Artium), mental age, military academy

Mac, Macc Maccabees

MAC mean aerodynamic chord

Maced Macedonia, Macedonian

mach machine, machinery, machinist

Mad Madam

MADD Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Madm Madam

mag magazine, magnet, magnetism, magnitude

MAgr, MAgric Master of Agriculture

maj majority

Maj major

Mal Malachi, Malay, Malayan, Malta

malac malacology

Man manila (paper), Manitoba

Manch Manchukuo, Manchuria, Manchurian

manuf manufacture, manufactured, manufacturer, manufacturing

mar marine, maritime, married

Mar March

March marchioness

marg margarine, margin, marginal

Marq marquess, marquis

mas, masc masculine

MASH mobile Army surgical hospital

Mass Massachusetts

mat matinee, matins, maturity

MAT Master of Arts in Teaching, Miller Analogy Test

MATS Military Air Transport Service

math mathematical, mathematician, mathematics

matr, matric matriculate, matriculation

Matt Matthew

max maximum

Max Maximilian

MB Bachelor of Medicine (Lat. Medicinae Baccalaureus)

MBA Master of Business Administration

MBS Mutual Broadcasting System

mc megacycle, millicurie

MC Maritime Commission, master commandant, master of ceremonies, Medical Corps, member of Congress

MCAT Medical College Admission Test

MCh Master of Surgery (Lat. Magister Chiurgiae)

MCL Master of Civil Law

m/d memorandum of deposit, months’ date

Md Maryland, mendelevium

MD Doctor of Medicine (Lat. Medicinae Doctor), Maryland, medical department, mentally deficient, Middle Dutch

MDS Master of Dental Surgery

mdse merchandise

MDT Mountain Daylight Time

MDu Middle Dutch

me marbled edged (bookbinding)

Me Maine, methyl

ME Maine, mechanical engineer, Methodist Episcopal, Middle English, military engineer, mining engineer

meas measurable, measure

mech, mechan mechanical, mechanics, mechanism

med medical, medicine, medieval, medium

MEd Master of Education

MedGk Medieval Greek

Medit Mediterranean

MedL Medieval Latin

meg megabyte, megacycle, megohm

megs megabytes

mem member, memoir, memorandum, memorial

memo memorandum

mensur mensuration

mep mean effective pressure

mer meridian, meridional

merc mercantile, mercurial, mercury

Messrs messieurs

met metaphor, metaphysics, meteorological, metronome, metropolitan

metal, metall metallurgical, metallurgy

metaph metaphor, metaphorical, metaphysics

metath metathesis, metathetical

meteor, meteorol meteorological, meteorology

meth method, methylated

Meth Methodist

meton metonymy

metrol metrological, metrology

metrop metropolitan

mev million electron volts

Mex Mexican, Mexico

mf fairly loud (It. mezzoforte), millifarad

mf, mfd microfarad

MF medium frequency, Middle French

mfg manufacturing

MFlem Middle Flemish

mfr manufacture, manufacturer

mg milligram

Mg magnesium

MG military government

Mgr manager, monseigneur, monsignor

mgt management

mh millihenry

MH Medal of Honor

MHG Middle High German

mi mile

MI Michigan

Mic Micah

Mich Michigan

micro microcomputer

micros microscope, microscopic, microscopy

MICU mobile intensive care unit

mid middle, midshipman

MidDan Middle Danish

MidSw Middle Swedish

mil mileage, military, militia, million

milit military

mimeo mimeograph, mimeographed

min mineralogical, mineralogy, minim, minimum, mining, minor, minute

mineral mineralogy

Minn Minnesota

mip marine insurance policy, mean indicated pressure

MIPS million instructions per second

MIr Middle Irish

MIRV multiple independently targetable reentry vehicle

misc miscellaneous, miscellany

MISL Major Indoor Soccer League

Miss Mississippi

mkk mark, markka

Mk mark

mkd marked

MKS meter-kilogram-second (system)

mkt market

ml millileter

ML Medieval Latin, Middle Latin, molder

MLA member of the Legislative Assembly, Modern Language Association

MLD minimum lethal dose

MLG Middle Low German

Mlle Mademoiselle (Fr.)

Mlles Mesdemoiselles (Fr.)

MLS Master of Library Science

mm milimeter, thousands (Lat. millia), with the necessary changes (Lat. mutatis mutandis)

MM machinist's mate, messieurs (Fr.)

Mme Madame (Fr.)

Mmes Mesdames (Fr.)

mmf magnetomotive force

mmfd micromicrofarad

mn the name being changed (Lat. mutato nomine)

Μn manganese

MN Minnesota

mo month, monthly

Mo Missouri, molybdenum, Monday

MO mail order, medical officer, Missouri, money order

mod moderate, moderato, modern

ModGr Modern Greek

ModL Modern Latin

Moham Mohammedan

MOI Ministry of Information

mol molecular, molecule

mol wt molecular weight

mon monastery, monetary

Mon Monday, monsignor

Mong Mongolia, Mongolian

monocl monoclinic

monog, monogr monograph

Mons monsieur

Monsig monsignor

Mont Montana

mor morocco (bookbinding)

Mor Moroccan, Morocco

MOR middle of the road

morn morning

morph morpheme, morphological, morphology

mort mortuary

mos months

MOS military occupational specialty

mot motor, motorized

mp melting point, moderately soft (It. mezzo piano)

MP Member of Parliament, military police

MPd Master of Pedagogy

MPE Master of Physical Education

mpg miles per gallon

mph miles per hour

MPPDA Motion Picture Producers and Distributors of America (Inc.)

Mr Mister

MR machinery repairman, mentally retarded, motivational research

MRA Moral Re-Armament

MRI magentic resonance imaging

Mrs Mistress

ms manuscript, months after sight

MS Master of Science (Lat. Magister Scientiae), mine sweeper, Mississippi, multiple sclerosis, sacred to the memory of (Lat. memoriae sacrum)

MSA Mutual Security Agency

MSc Master of Science

msg message

MSG master sergeant, mono-sodium glutamate

Msgr monsignor

MSgt master sergeant

msl mean sea level

mss manuscripts

MST Mountain Standard Time

mt mean time, metric ton, motor transport, mount, mountain, mountain time

Mt Matthew

MT Montana

mtg meeting, mortgage

mtge mortgage

mtl material, mean tidal level

mtn mountain

MTO Mediterranean Theater of Operations

Mt Rev most reverend

mts mountains

MU musician

mun municipal, municipality

mus museum, music, musician

MusB Bachelor of Music (Lat. Musicae Baccalaureus)

MusD Doctor of Music (Lat. Musicae Doctor)

MusM Master of Music (Lat. Musicae Magister)

mut mutilated, mutual

mv millivolt, softly (It. mezzo voce)

Mv mendelevium

MVA Missouri Valley Authority

MVD Ministry of Internal Affairs (Rus. Ministerstvo Vnutrennikh Del)

MVP most valuable player

MW most worshipful, most worthy

MY May

mya myriare

mycol mycological, micology

myg myriagram

myl myrialiter

mym myriameter

myth, mythol mythological, mythology


n born (Lat. natus), name, net, neuter, neutron, new, nominative, noon, normal, note, noun, number, our (Lat. noster)

N knight (chess), nationalist, navy, nitrogen, Norse, north, northern, November

Na sodium (Lat. natrium)

NA national army, North America

NAACP National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

NAB New American Bible

NAD National Academy of Design

Nah Nahum

NAm North American

NAM National Association of Manufacturers

NAS National Academy of Sciences, naval air station

NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASCAR National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing

NASL North American Soccer League

nat national, native, natural, naturalist

nathist natural history

natl national

NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization

NATS National Air Transport Service

naut nautical

nav naval, navigable, navigation

navig nagivation, navigator

nb note well (Lat. nota bene)

Nb niobium

NB New Brunswick

NBA National Basketball Association, National Boxing Association

NBC National Broadcasting Company

NbE north by cast

NBS National Bureau of Standards

NbW north by west

nc nitrocellulose

NC no charge, no credit, North Carolina, nurse corps

NCAA National Collegiate Athletic Association

NCar North Carolina

NCE New Catholic Edition (of the Bible)

NCO noncommissioned officer

nd no date

Nd neodymium

ND, NDak North Dakota

Ne neon

NE Nebraska, New England, northeast, northeastern

NEA National Education Association

NEB New English Bible

Neb, Nebr Nebraska

nec not elsewhere classified

NEC National Electrical Code

NED New English Dictionary (Oxford English Dictionary)

neg negative, negatively

Neh Nehemiah

nei not elsewhere indicated

neol neologism

NEP New Economic Policy

nes not elsewhere specified, not elsewhere stated

Neth Netherlands

neur, neurol neurological, neurologic

neut neuter, neutral

Nev Nevada

Newf Newfoundland

NewTest New Testament

nf noun feminine

NF National Formulary, Newfoundland, no funds, Norman French

NFC National Football Conference

NFL National Football League

ng no good

NG national guard, New Guinea

NGk New Greek

NH New Hampshire

NHG New High German

nhp nominal horsepower

NHS National Health Service (Brit.)

Ni nickel

NI Northern Ireland

Nic, Nicar Nicaragua, Nicaraguan

Nig Nigeria, Nigerian

NIH National Institutes of Health

NIMH National Institute of Mental Health

NIRA National Industrial Recovery Act

NIre Northern Ireland

NJ New Jersey

NKVD People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs (Rus. Narodnyi Komissariat Vnutrennikh Del)

nl new line (printing), north latitude, not clear (Lat. non liquet), not far (Lat. non longe), not lawful (Lat. non licet)

NL New Latin

Nlat north latitude

NLRB National Labor Relations Board

nm nautical mile, noun masculine

NM, NMex New Mexico

NMR nuclear magnetic resonsance

NMSQT National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test

NMU National Maritime Union

NNE north-northeast

NNW north-northwest

no north, northern, number

No nobelium

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

nob for our part or on our part (Lat. nobis)

nol pros unwilling to prosecute (Lat. nolle prosequi)

nom nomenclature, nominal, nominative

nomin nominative

noncom noncommissioned (officer)

non cul not guilty (Lat. non culpabilis)

non dest notwithstanding (Lat. non destante)

non obs, non obst notwithstanding (Lat. non obstante)

non pros he or she does not prosecute (Lat. non prosequitur)

non seq it does not follow (Lat. non sequitur)

nor north, northern

Nor Norman, Norway, Norwegian

NORAD North American Air Defense Command

norm normal

Norw Norway, Norwegian

nos numbers

nov novelist

Nov November

NOW National Organization for Women, negotiable order of withdrawal

np net proceeds, new paragraph, no paging, no place (of publication)

Np neptunium

NP knight's pawn, neuropsychiatrist, no protest, notary public, unless before (Lat. nisi prius)

NPN nonprotein nitrogen

np or d no place or date

NPR National Public Radio

npt normal pressure and temperature

nr near

NRA National Recovery Administration, National Rifle Association

NRC National Research Council, Nuclear Regulatory Commission

ns near side (shipping), new series, new style, not specified

Ns nimbostratus

NS new style, Nova Scotia

NSC National Security Council

NSF National Science Foundation, not sufficient funds

NSPCA National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

NSPCC National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

NSW New South Wales

nt net

NT New Testament, Northern Territory (Australia)

ntp normal temperature and pressure

NTSB National Transportation Safety Board

nt wt net weight

num number, numeral

Num, Numb Numbers

numis numismatic, numismatics

ny nonvoting (stock)

NV Nevada

NW northwest, northwestern

NWT Northwest Territories (Canada)

NY New York

NYC New York City

NYSE New York Stock Exchange

NZ New Zealand


o octavo, off, ohm, old, only, order, pint (Lat. octavius)

o- ortho-

O ocean, October, Ohio, old, Ontario, Oregon, oxygen

OAPC Office of Alien Property Custodian

OAr Old Arabic

OAS Organization of American States

OAU Organization of African Unity

ob he or she died (Lat. obit), in passing (Lat. obiter), obstetrical, obstetrics

Ob, Obad Obadiah

obb obbligato

obdt obedient

OBE Officer of the (Order of the) British Empire

ob-gyn obstetrician gynecologist, obstetrics gynecology

obit obituary

obj object, objection, objective

obl oblique, oblong

obs obscure, observation, observatory, obsolete, obsolescence

obsol obsolescent

ob s p died without issue (Lat. obit sine prole)

obstet obstetrical, obstetrics

obt obedient

obv obverse

oc in the work cited (Lat. opere citato)

o/c old charter, overcharge

Oc ocean

OC office of censorship, officer commanding, original cover

OCAS Organization of Central American States

occ occasion, occasionally, occident, occidental

occult occultism

OCD Office of Civilian Defense

oceanog oceanography

OCR optical character reading, optical character recognition

OCS office of contract settlement, officer candidate school

oct octavo

Oct October

octupl octuplicate

od olive drab, on demand, outside diameter

OD Doctor of Optometry, officer of the day, Old Dutch, Ordnance Department, overdraft, overdrawn

ODan Old Danish

ODu Old Dutch

OE Old English

OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

OED Oxford English Dictionary

OEEC Organization for European Economic Cooperation

OEM original equipment manufacture

OES office of economic stabilization, Order of the Eastern Star

OF Old French

off offered, office, official, officinal

OFM Order of Friars Minor

OG officer of the guard, original gum (philately)

OH Ohio

OHG Old High German

OHMS on his or her majesty's service

OIAA office of inter-American affairs

OIC office of information and culture (of the State Department)

OIr Old Irish

OIT office of international trade

OK, Okla Oklahoma

OL Old Latin

Old Test Old Testament

oleo oleomargarine

OM Order of Merit (Brit.)

OMB Office of Management and Budget

ON Old Norse

ONI Office of Naval Intelligence

ONormFr Old Norman French

onomat onomatopoeia, onomatopoeic

ONR Office of Naval Research

Ont Ontario

OOD officer of the day, officer of the deck

op operation, opposite, out of print, overprint, overproof, work (Lat. opus), works (Lat. opera)

OP observation post, Order of Preachers

OPA office of price administration

op cit in the work cited (Lat. opere citato)

OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

OPer Old Persian

ophthal ophthalmology

opp oppose, opposed, opposite

opt optative, optical, optics

OR operating room, Oregon

orat oratorical, oratory

orch orchestra, orchestral

ord ordained, order, ordinal, ordinance, ordinary, ordnance

ordn ordnance

Ore, Oreg Oregon

org organic, organism, organized

orig origin, original, originally

Ork Orkney (Islands)

ornith, ornithol ornithological, ornithologist, ornithology

orth orthopedic, orthopedics

Orth orthodox

Os osmium

OS Old Saxon, old style, ordinary seaman

OSA Order of Saint Augustine

OSB Order of Saint Benedict

osc oscillating, oscillator

OSerb Old Serbian

OSF Order of Saint Francis

OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration

OSI Old Slavic

OSp Old Spanish

OSRD Office of Scientific Research and Development

OSS Office of Strategic Services

osteo osteopath, osteopathy

OT Old Testament, on truck, overtime

OTC Officer's Training Corps

otol otology

OTS Officer Training School

ott octave (It. ottava)

OW one-way

OWI Office of War Information

Oxon Oxford (Lat. Oxonia)

oz ounce

oz ap apothecary ounce

oz av avoirdupois ounce

ozs ounces

oz t troy ounce


p after (Lat. post), by (Lat. per), by weight (Lat. pondere), first (Lat. primus), for (Lat. pro), in part (Lat. partim), page, part, participle, past, penny, perch (measure), period, perishable, peseta, peso, pint, pipe, pitcher, pole (measure), population, post, power, pressure, softly (It. piano)

p- para- (chemistry)

Ρ bishop (Lat. pontifex), father (Fr. père, Lat. pater), parental, pastor, pawn (chess), pengö, people (Lat. populus), peso, phosphorus, piaster, pope (Lat. papa), president, pressure, priest, prince, prisoner, prompter (theater)

P- pursuit (military)

pa for the year (Lat. pro anno), paper, participial adjective, particular average (insurance), public address, yearly (Lat. per annum)

Pa Pennsylvania, protactinium

PA passenger agent, Pennsylvania, personal assistant, physician's assistant, power of attorney, press agent, private account, public address (system), purchasing agent

PABA para-aminobenzoic acid

Pac, Pacif Pacific

PAC Pan-American Congress, political action committee

p ae equal parts (Lat. partes aequales)

Pal Palestine

paleob paleobotany

paleog paleography

paleontol paleontology

palm palmistry

pam, pamph pamphlet

Pan Panama

p and h postage and handling

Ρ and L profit and loss

pap paper

par paragraph, parallel, parenthesis

Par, Para Paraguay

paren parenthesis

parens parentheses

parl parliamentary

part participle, particular

pass everywhere (Lat. passim), passage, passenger, passive

pat patent, patented, patrol, pattern

PAT point after touchdown

patd patented

path, pathol pathology

Pat Off Patent Office

pat pend patent pending

PAU Pan American Union

PAYE pay as you earn, pay as you enter

payt payment

PB Pharmacopoeia Britannica, prayer book

PBA Public Buildings Administration

PBS Public Broadcasting Service, Public Buildings Service

PBX private branch (telephone) exchange

pc after meals (Lat. post cibos), percent, percentage, piece, postcard, price

p/c petty cash, price current

PC personal computer, police constable, post commander, Privy Council, professional corporation

PCA Progressive Citizens of America

PCB polychlorinated biphenyl

Pcs preconscious

pet percent

pd by the day (Lat. per diem), paid, potential difference

Pd palladium

PD per diem, phenyl dichloride, police department, postal district

PdB Bachelor of Pedagogy (Lat. Pedagogiae Baccalaureus)

PdD Doctor of Pedagogy (Lat. Pedagogiae Doctor)

PdM Master of Pedagogy (Lat. Pedagogiae Magister)

PDT Pacific Daylight Time

p/e price-earnings ratio

PE petroleum engineer, presiding elder, printer's error, probable error, Protestant Episcopal

ped pedal, pedestal, pedestrian

PEI Prince Edward Island

pen peninsula, penitent, penitentiary

PEN (International Association of) Poets, Playwrights, Editors, Essayists, and Novelists

Penn, Penna Pennsylvania

penol penology

per period, person

per an, per ann by the year (Lat. per annum)

perd, perden dying away (It. perdendo)

perf perfect, perforated, performer

perh perhaps

perm permanent

perp perpendicular, perpetual

pers person, personal

Pers Persia, Persian

persp perspective

pert pertaining

Peru, Peruv Peruvian

pet petroleum

petn petition

petrog petrography

petrol petrology

pf louder (It. più forte), pfennig (coin), power factor

pg page

PFC private first class

pfd preferred

pfg pfennig (coin)

Pg Portugal, Portuguese

PG past grand (master), paying guest, postgraduate

PGA Professional Golfers’ Association

ph phrase

Ph phenyl

PH Purple Heart

phar, pharm pharmaceutical, pharmacist, pharmacy

PharB Bachelor of Pharmacy (Lat. Pharmaciae Baccalaureus)

PharD Doctor of Pharmacy (Lat. Pharmaciae Doctor)

PharM Master of Pharmacy (Lat. Pharmaciae Magister)

pharmacol pharmacology

PhB Bachelor of Philosophy (Lat. Philosophiae Baccalaureus)

PhC pharmaceutical chemist

PhD Doctor of Philosophy (Lat. Philosophiae Doctor)

phil philosopher, philosophical, philosophy

Phil Philippians, Philippines

Phila Philadelphia

philol philology

philos philosopher, philosophical, philosophy

phon phonetic, phonetics, phonology

phonet phonetic, phonetics

phot, photo, photog photograph, photographer, photographic, photography

photom photometrical, photometry

phr phrase

phren, phrenol phrenological, phrenology

PHS Public Health Service

phys physical, physician, physicist, physics

physiol physiological, physiology

Pi, pias piaster

pict pictorial, picture

pil pill (Lat. pilla)

pinx he or she painted (Lat. pinxit)

PIO public information officer

pizz plucked (music) (It. pizzicato)

pk pack, park, peak, peck

pkg package

pkt packet

PKU phenylketonuria

pl place, plate, plural

plat plateau, platform, platoon

plen plenipotentiary

plf, plff plaintiff

plu plural

plup, plupf pluperfect

plur plural, plurality

pm after death (Lat. post mortem), afternoon (Lat. post meridiem), postmortem

Pm promethium

PM pacific mail, past master, paymaster, police magistrate, postmaster, prime minister, provost marshall

pmk postmark

pmkd postmarked

pn promissory note

pneum pneumatic, pneumatics

png a person who is not acceptable (Lat. persona non grata)

PNG Papua New Guinea

pnxt he or she painted (Lat. pinxit)

po personnel officer, petty officer, postal order, post office, put-out

Po polonium

PO post office

POC port of call

pod pay on delivery

PoD Doctor of Podiatry

POD Post Office Department

POE port of embarkation, port of entry

poet poetic, poetical, poetry

pol, polit political, politics

Pol Poland, Polish

pol econ, polit econ political economy

pop popular, population

POP point of purchase

por pay on return

port portrait

Port Portugal, Portuguese

pos, posit position, positive

poss possession, possessive, possible, possibly

post postal

pot potential

POW prisoner of war

pp pages, parcel post, parish priest, past participle, postpaid, privately printed, very softly (It. pianissimo)

PP pellagra preventive (factor)

ppc to take leave (Fr. pour prendre congé)

ppd postpaid, prepaid

pph pamphlet

ppi policy proof of interest

PPI plan position indicator (radar)

ppl participle, past participle

ppm parts per million

ppp pianissimo

ppr present participle

pps additional postscript (Lat. post postscriptum), Parliamentary private secretary

ppv pay per view (television)

pq previous questions

PQ Province of Quebec

pr pair, pairs, paper, power, preferred, preposition, present, price, priest, prince, printing, pronoun

Pr praesodymium

PR proportional representation, public relations, Puerto Rico

preb prebend, prebendary

prec preceding

pred predicate, predication, predicative, prediction

pref preface, prefatory, preference, preferred, prefix

prelim preliminary

prem premium

prep preparation, preparatory, prepare, preposition

pres present, presidency, president, presumptive

Presb, Presbyt presbyter, Presbyterian

pret preterit

prev previous, previously

prim primary, primitive

prin principal, principally, principle

print printer, printing

priv private, privately, privative

prn whenever necessary (Lat. pro re nata)

pro professional

PRO Professional Review Organization, public relations officer

prob probable, probably, problem

proc proceedings, process, proclamation

prod produce, produced, product

prof professor

prog program, progress, progressive

prom promenade, promontory

pron pronoun, pronounced, pronunciation

pronom pronominal

prop proper, properly, property, proposition, proprietary, proprietor

propr proprietary, proprietor

pros prosody

Prot protectorate, Protestant

pro tem for the time being (Lat. pro tempore)

prov proverbial, providence, provident, province, provincial, provision, provost

Prov Proverbs

prox next (month) (Lat. proximo)

prs pairs

prtd printed

prtg printing

Prus, Pruss Prussia, Prussian

prv to return a call (Fr. pour rendre visite)

ps passenger steamer, permanent secretary, pieces, postscript, private secretary, prompt side (theater), pseudonym, public sale

Ps Psalms

PS police sergeant, Privy Seal, public school

PSAT Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test

pseud pseudonym

psf pounds per square foot

psi pounds per square inch

PSRO Professional Standards Review Organization

pss postscripts

PSS Psalms

PST Pacific Standard Time

psych, psychol psychological, psychologist, psychology

psychoanal psychoanalysis

pt for the time being (Lat. pro tempore), part, part time, payment, pint, point, port, post town, postal telegraph, preterit

Pt platinum

PT part time, physical training

pta peseta

PTA Parent-Teachers’ Association

ptbl portable

ptg printing

pts parts, payments, pints

PTSA Parent-Teacher-Student Association

pty proprietary

Pu plutonium

pub public, publication, published, publisher

publ publication, published, publisher

pulv pulverized

punct punctuation

pur, purch purchaser, purchasing

pv par value, post village, priest vicar

PVC polyvinyl chloride

Pvt private

PW prisoner of war

PWA Public Works Administration

PWP Parents Without Partners

pwr power

pwt pennyweight

PX post exchange

pymt payment


q quart, quarter, quarterly, quarto, query, question, queen

Q quarto, Quebec, queen (chess)

qb quarterback

QB Queen's Bench, queen's bishop (chess)

QBP queen's bishop's pawn (chess)

QC Quartermaster Corps, Queen's Counsel

qd as if he or she had said (Lat. quasi dixisset), as if one should say (Lat. quasi dicat), as if said (Lat. quasi dictum)

qe which is (Lat. quod est)

QED which was to be demonstrated (Lat. quod erat demonstrandum)

QEF which was to be done (Lat. quod erat faciendum)

QEI which was to be found out (Lat. quod erat inveniendum)

QID four times a day (Lat. quater in die)

ql as much as you please (Lat. quantum libet), quintal

Qld Queensland

qlty quality

QM quartermaster

QMC Quartermaster Corps

QMG quartermaster general

qn question

QN queen's knight (chess)

QNP queen's knight's pawn (chess)

QP queen's pawn (chess)

q pl, QP as much as you wish (Lat. quantum placeat)

Qq quartos

qqv which see (plural) (Lat. quos vide)

qr quarter, quarterly, quire

QR queen's rook (chess)

QRP queen's rook's pawn (chess)

qrs farthings (Lat. quadrantes), quarters, quires

qrtly quarterly

qs as much as suffices (Lat. quantum sufficit), quarter section

qt quantity, quart, quiet

qto quarto

qts quarts

qu quart, queen, query, question

quad quadrangle, quadrant, quadrat, quadrilateral, quadruple, quadruplet

quar, quart quarter, quarterly

Que Quebec

ques question

quin, quint quintuple, quintuplet

quor quorum

quot quotation, quoted

qv as much as you will (Lat. quantum vis), which see (Lat. quod vide)

qy query


r range, rare, received, recipe, residence, resides, retired, right, right-hand page (Lat. reeto), rises, river, road, rod, roentgen, royal, rubber, ruble, run

R commonwealth (Lat. res publica), gas constant (chemistry), king (Lat. rex), queen (Lat. regina), rabbi, radical (chemistry), radius, railroad, railway, ratio, Réaumur, rector, redactor, Republican, resistance (electrical), respond or response (ecclesiastical), ring (chemistry), rook (chess), ruble, rupee, take (Lat. recipe)

Ra radium

RA rear admiral, regular army, right ascension, Royal Academy

rad radical, radio, radius, root (Lat. radix)

RAF Royal Air Force

ral, rall gradually slower (It. rallentando)

RAM random-access memory

R&D research and development

RAR radio acoustic ranging

Rb rubidium

rbi run batted in

RC Red Cross, reserve corps, Roman Catholic

RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force

RCCh Roman Catholic Church

rcd received

RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police

RCP Royal College of Physicians

rcpt receipt

RCS Royal College of Surgeons

Rct recruit

rd reduce, rix-dollar, road, rod, round

Rd Radium, road

RD research and development, rural delivery

re right end

Re rhenium, rupee

RE real estate, Reformed Episcopal, right excellent, Royal Engineers

REA Rural Electrification Administration

react reactance (electricity)

rec receipt, received, recipe, record, recorded, recorder, recording

recd received

recip reciprocal, reciprocity

recit recitative

rec sec recording secretary

rect receipt, rectified, rector, rectory

red reduced, reduction

redisc rediscount

redup, redupl reduplicated, reduplication

ref referee, reference, referred, refining, reformation, reformed

Ref Ch Reformed Church

refl reflection, reflective, reflectively, reflex, reflexive

refrig refrigeration

reg regent, regiment, region, register, registered, registrar, registry, regular, regularly, regulation, regulator

Reg queen (Lat. regina)

regt regent, regiment

REIT real estate investment trust

rel relating, relative, relatively, released, religion, religious

rel pron relative pronoun

rem remittance

REM rapid eye movement

rep repair, repeat, report, reporter, representative, reprint, republic

Rep representative, republic, Republican

repr representing, reprinted

Repub Republican

req required, requisition

res research, reserve, residence, resides, residue, resigned, resistance, resistor, resolution

resp respective, respiration, respondent

rest restaurant

Resurr Resurrection

ret retain, retired, returned

retd retained, returned

retrog retrogressive

rev revenue, reverse, reversed, review, revise, revised, revision, revolution, revolving

Rev Revelation, reverend

Rev Ver Revised Version (of the Bible)

rf radio frequency, range finder, rapid fire, right field, right fielder, right forward

RFA Royal Field Artillery

RFC Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Royal Flying Corps

RFD rural free delivery

rg right guard

RGB red-blue-green television tube

rh relative humidity, right halfback, right hand

Rh Rhesus (blood factor), rhodium

RH Royal highness

rhap rhapsody

rhbdr rhombohedral

rhet rhetoric, rhetorical

rhin, rhinol rhinology

rhomb rhombic

rhp rated horsepower

RI king and emperor (Lat. rex et imperator), queen and empress (Lat. regina et imperatrix), Rhode Island

rip supplementary (music) (It. ripieno)

RIP may he, she, or they rest in peace (Lat. requiescat or requiescant in pace)

RISC reduced instruction set computer

rit slow (It. ritardando)

riv river

rkva reactive kilovolt-ampere

rm ream, room

Rm Reichsmark

rms reams, rooms, root mean square

Rn radon

RN Royal Navy

RNA ribonucleic acid

RNR Royal Naval Reserve

RNWMP Royal Northwest Mounted Police

ro recto, rood

ROK Republic of Korea

rom roman (type)

Rom Roman, Romance, Romania, Romanian, Romans

ROM read-only memory

ROP record of production, run of press

rot rotating, rotation

ROTC Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

roul roulette (philately)

roy royal

RP Reformed Presbyterian, Regius Professor

RPD Doctor of Political Science (Lat. Rerum Politicarum Doctor)

rpm revolutions per minute

RPO railway post office

rps revolutions per second

rpt report

rr very rarely (Lat. rarissime)

RR railroad, right reverend

RRB Railroad Retirement Board

rs reis, rupees

RS recording secretary, reformed spelling, revised statutes

RSFSR Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic

RSV Revised Standard Version (of the Bible)

rsvp please reply (Fr. répondez s’il vous plait)

RSVP Retired Seniors Volunteer Program

rt right, right tackle

Rt Hon right honorable

Rt Rev right reverend

Rts rights

Ru Ruth, ruthenium

rub ruble

Rus, Russ Russia, Russian

RV recreational vehicle, Revised Version (of the Bible)

rva reactive volt-ampere

RW right worshipful, right worthy

ry railway


s buried (Lat. sepultus), fellow (Lat. socius or sodalis), lies (Lat. situs), sacral, saint, school, scribe, second, secondary, section, see, semi-, senate, series, set, shilling (Lat. solidus), sign, signed, silver, singular, sire, socialist, society, solo, son, soprano, southern, steel, stem, stere, stock, substantive, sun, surplus

s- symmetrical (chemistry)

S knight (chess) (Ger. Springer), sabbath, Saturday, Saxon, seaman, Senate, September, signature, Signor, south, southern, sulfur, Sunday

Sa samarium, Samuel

SA corporation (Fr. société anonyme), Salvation Army, seaman apprentice, sex appeal, South Africa, South America, South Australia

Sab sabbath

SAC Strategic Air Command

SADD Students Against Driving Drunk

SAE Society of Automotive Engineers

SAfr South Africa, South African

SALT strategic arms limitation talks

SAm, SAmer South America, South American

SAM surface-to-air missile

Sans, Sansk Sanskrit

S ap apothecary's scruple

SAR Sons of the American Revolution

Sask Saskatchewan

sat saturated, saturation

Sat Saturday, Saturn

SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test

sav savings

sb stolen base, substantive

Sb antimony (Lat. stibium)

SB Bachelor of Science (Lat. Scientiae Baccalaureus)

SBA Small Business Administration

SbE south by east

SbW south by west

sc he or she carved or engraved it (Lat. sculpsit), namely (Lat. scilicet), salvage charges, scale, scene, science, screw, scruple (weight), sized and calendered, small capitals (printing), supercalendered

Sc scandium, stratocumulus

SC Security Council (of the United Nations), Signal Corps, South Carolina, Supreme Court

Scan, Scand Scandinavia, Scandinavian

s caps small capitals (printing)

ScB Bachelor of Science (Lat. Scientiae Baccalaureus)

ScD Doctor of Science (Lat. Scientiae Doctor)

sch school, schooner

sched schedule

schol scholar, scholastic

sci science, scientific

sci fa show cause (Lat. scire facias)

scil namely (Lat. scilicet)

ScM Master of Science (Lat. Scientiae Magister)

Scot Scotland, Scots, Scottish

scr scrip, script, scruple (weight)

Script scriptural, scriptures

sculpt he or she carved it (Lat. sculpsit), sculptor

sd indefinitely (without date) (Lat. sine die), standard deviation

SD Doctor of Science (Lat. Scientiae Doctor), South Dakota, steward

SDR special drawing rights

SDS Students for a Democratic Society

Se selenium

SE southeast, southeastern

SEATO Southest Asia Treaty Organization

sec according to (Lat. secundum), secant, second, secondary, secretary, section, sector

SEC Securities and Exchange Commission

sec-ft second-foot

sech hyperbolic secant

sec leg according to law (Lat. secundum legem)

sec reg according to rule (Lat. secundum regulam)

secs seconds, sections

sect section, sectional

secy secretary

seg segment

seismol seismology

sel selected, selection

Sem seminary, Semitic

sen senate, senator, senior

sent sentence

sep sepal, separate

Sep, Sept September, Septuagint

seq sequel

seq, seqq the following (Lat. sequens, sequentia)

ser serial, series, sermon

serv servant, service

sess session

sf, sforz with emphasis (It. sforzando, sforzato)

SFSR Soviet Federated Socialist Republic

sfz with emphasis (It. sforzando, sforzato)

sg senior grade, specific gravity

sgd signed

Sgt sergeant

sh share, sheet, shilling, shunt

SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces

Shak Shakespeare

SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers (Europe)

SHF super-high frequency

shipt, shpt shipment

shtg shortage

sh tn short ton

Si silicon

SI international system of weights and measures (Fr. Système International), Staten Island

Sib Siberia, Siberian

SIDS sudden infant death syndrome

sig signal, signature, signor, signore, signori

sigill seal (Lat. sigillum)

sim simile

sin sine

sing singular

sinh hyperbolic sine

SIPC Securities Investment Protection Corporation

sist sister

sj under consideration (Lat. sub judice)

SJ Society of Jesus (Lat. Societas Jesu)

SJD Doctor of Juridicial Science (Lat. Scientiae Juridicae Doctor)

sk sack

Skr, Skt Sanskrit

sl without place (Lat. sine loco)

slan without place, date, or name (Lat. sine loco, anno, vel nomine)

S lat south latitude

Slav Slavic, Slavonian

sld sailed, sealed

slp without lawful issue (Lat. sine legitima prole)

SLR single-lens reflex (camera)

sm small

Sm samarium

SM Master of Science (Lat. Scientiae Magister), sergeant major, state militia

sm c, sm caps small capitals

smorz dying away (It. smorzando)

smp without male issue (Lat. sine mascula prole)

SMSA standard metropolitan statistical area

sn without name (Lat. sine nomine)

Sn tin (Lat. stannum)

so seller's option, strike out

So south, southern

soc socialist, society

sociol sociologist, sociology

sol solicitor, soluble, solution

Sol Solomon

soln solution

Som Somalia

son sonata

sop soprano

SOP standard operating procedure

SOPA senior officer present a-float

sos, sost, sosten sustained (It. sostenuto)

sp single phase, single pole, special, species, specific, specimen, spelling, spirit, without issue (Lat. sine prole)

Sp Spain, Spaniard, Spanish

SP shore patrol, shore police

SPAS Fellow of the American Philosophical Society (Lat. Societatis Philosophiae Americanae Socius)

SPCA Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

SPCC Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children

spec special, specification, speculation

specif specifically

spg spring

sp gr specific gravity

sp ht specific heat

sph spherical

spp species (plural)

SPQR government and people of Rome (Lat. Senatus populusque Romanus)

SPR Society for Psychical Research

spt seaport

sq sequence, square, the following (Lat. sequentia)

Sq squadron, Square (street)

sq ft square foot

sq in square inch

sq mi square mile

sq rd square rod

sq yd square yard

sr steradian

Sr senior, señor, sir, sister, strontium

Sra señora

SRO standing room only

Srta señorita

ss namely (in law) (Lat. scilicet), shortstop

SS saints, Silver Star, steamship, storm troopers (Ger. Schutz-staffeln), Sunday school, written above (Lat. supra scriptum)

SSA Social Security Act (Administration)

SSB Social Security Board

SSE south-southeast

SSgt staff sergeant

SSR Soviet Socialist Republic

SSS Selective Service System

SST supersonic transport

SSW south-southwest

st short ton, stand, stanza, statute, stet, stitch, stone (weight), street, strophe

St saint, straight, strait, stratus, street

sta station, stationary, stator

Sta saint (Sp. Santa), station

stac, stacc staccato

stan stanchion

Staph staphylococcus

stat immediately (Lat. statim), static, stationary, statistics, statuary, statute

STB Bachelor of Sacred Theology (Lat. Sacrae Theologiae Baccalaureus)

stbd starboard

std standard

STD Doctor of Sacred Theology (Lat. Sacrae Theologiae Doctor), sexually transmitted disease

Ste saint (Fr. Sainte)

steno, stenog stenographer, stenography

ster, stg sterling

St Ex stock exchange

stge storage

stip stipend, stipendiary, stipulation

Stir Stirling, Stirlingshire

stk stock

STOL short take-off and landing

stor storage

stp stamped

STP standard temperature and pressure

str steamer, strait, string

Strep streptococcus

stud student

sub subaltern, submarine, subscription, substitute, suburb, suburban, understand (or supply) (Lat. subaudi)

subd subdivision

subj subject, subjective, subjunctive

subs subscription, subsidiary

subseq subsequent, subsequently

subst substantive, substitute

succ successor

suf, suff suffix

sug, sugg suggested, suggestion

Sun, Sund Sunday

sup above (Lat. supra), superfine, superior, superlative, supplement, supplementary, supply, supreme

super superfine, superintendent, superior, supernumerary

superl superlative

supp, suppl supplement, supplementary

supr supreme

supt superintendent

sur surcharged, surplus

surg surgeon, surgery, surgical

surr surrender, surrendered

surv survey, surveying, surveyor, surviving

susp suspended

sv sailing vessle, under this word (Lat. sub verbo)

SV Holy Virgin (Lat. Sancta Virgo)

SW southwest, southwestern

Sw Sweden, Swedish

SWA, SWAfr South-West Africa

SWAT special weapons and tactics (team)

Swe, Swed Sweden, Swedish

Swit, Switz, Swtz Switzerland

syl, syll syllable

sym symbol, symmetrical, symphony

syn synchronize, synonym, synonymous, synonymy

syr syrup (pharmacy)

Syr Syria, Syriac, Syrian

syst system, systematic


t in the time of (Lat. tempore), tare, target, teaspoon, telephone, temperature, tempo, tenor, tense (grammar), terminal, territory, time, tome, ton, town, township, transit, transitive, troy (weight), volume (Lat. tomus)

T tablespoon, tantalum, technician, temperature (absolute), tension (surface), testament, time, trinity, Tuesday, Turkish

Ta tantalum

tab table, tablet

TAC Tactical Air Command, Technical Assistance Committee

tal qual as they come (or average quality) (Lat. talis qualis)

tan tangent

tanh hyperbolic tangent

TAP Technical Assistance Program

tart tartaric

taut tautological, tautology

tb trial balance

Tb terbium

TB tubercule bacillus, tuberculosis

tba to be announced

tbs, tbsp tablespoon, tablespoonful

tc tierce

Tc technetium

TC Trusteeship Council (of the United Nations)

tchr teacher

td touchdown

TD tank destroyer, tradesman, traffic director, Treasury Department

tdn total digestible nutrients

Te tellurium

tech technical, technological, techonology

technol technology

TEFL teaching English as a foreign language

tel telegram, telegraph, telegraphic, telephone

telecom telecommunication

teleg telegram, telegraph, telegraphic, telegraphy

temp in the time of (Lat. tempore), temperature, temporary

ten hold (It. tenuto), tenement, tenor

Tenn Tennessee

terr terrace, territorial, territory

term terminal, termination, terminology

test testamentary, testator

Test testament

tetr, tetrag tetragonal

Teut Teuton, Teutonic

Tex Texas, Texan

tfr transfer

tg type genus

TGIF thank God it's Friday

tgt target

Th thorium

Th Thursday

ThB Bachelor of Theology (Lat. Theologiae Baccalaureus)

ThD Doctor of Theology (Lat. Theologiae Doctor)

Th-Em thoron (thorium emanation)

theol theologian, theological, theology

theor theorem

theos theosophical, theosophist, theosophy

therm thermometer

thermochem thermochemical, thermochemistry

thermodynam thermodynamics

Thess Thessalonians, Thessaly

THI temperature-humidity index

Thu, Thurs Thursday

Ti titanium

t i d three times daily (Lat. ter in die)

tinct tincture

tit title

Tit Titus

tk truck

TKO technical knock-out

Tl thallium

TL trade last

T/L time loan

TLC tender loving care

tm true mean

Tm thulium

TMH trainable mentally handicapped

tn ton, train

Tn thoron

TN Tennessee

tng training

TNT trinitrotoluene, trinitrotoluol

to turn over, turnover

tonn tonnage

top, topog topographical, topography

tp title page, township, troop

tpke turnpike

tpr temperature, pulse, respiration

tps townships

tr tare, tincture, trace, train, transitive, translated, translation, translator, transpose, treasurer, trust

Tr terbium, troop

trag tragedy, tragic

trans transactions, transfer, transferred, transitive, translated, translation, translator, transportation, transpose, transverse

transf transfer, transference, transferred

transl translated, translation

transp transparent, transportation

trav traveler, travels

treas treasurer, treasury

trf transfer, tuned radio frequency

trfd transferred

tricl triclinic (crystal)

trig trigonometric, trigonomy

trim trimetric (crystal)

triple triplicate

trit triturate

trl trail

trop tropic, tropical, tropics

ts tensile strength

TSgt technical sergeant

tsp teaspoon, teaspoonful

Tu thulium

Tu Tuesday

TU trade union, training unit

TUC Trades Union Congress (Brit.)

Tue, Tues Tuesday

Turk Turkey, Turkish

TV television, terminal velocity

TVA Tennessee Valley Authority

twp township

TX Texas

Ty territory

typ, typo, typog typographer, typographic, typographer

typo typographic error

typw typewriter, typewritten


u and (Ger. und), uncle, university, upper

U uranium

UAW United Automobile (Aircraft, and Agricultural Implement) Workers (of America)

uc upper case (printing)

UCMJ Uniform Code of Military Justice

UFO unidentified flying object

UHF ultra-high frequency

UJD Doctor of Civil and Canon Law (Lat. Utriusque Juris Doctor)

UK United Kingdom

Ukr Ukraine

ult ultimate, ultimately

ult, ulto last month (Lat. ultimo)

UMT universal military training

UMW United Mine Workers

UN United Nations

unabr unabridged

unb, unbd unbound (book-binding)

undsgd undersigned

undtkr undertaker

UNEDA United Nations Economic Development Administration

Unesco, UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization

ung ointment (Lat. unguentum)

UNICEF United Nations Children's Fund (originally United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund)

Unit Unitarian, Unitarianism

univ universal, universally, university

Univ Universalist

unl unlimited

unm unmarried

unof unofficial

unp unpaged

unpub unpublished

UNREF United Nations Refugee Emergency Fund

UNRRA United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration

UNRWA United Nations Relief and Works Agency

UNSCOB United Nations Special Committee on the Balkans

UP Union Pacific (railroad), United Press

UPC universal product code

UPI United Press International

UPS United Parcel Service

UPU Universal Postal Union (of the United Nations)

Ur uranium

urol urology

Uru Uruguay, Uruguayan

us as above (Lat. ut supra), in the place mentioned above (Lat. ubi supra)

US United States

USA United States Army, United States of America

USAF United States Air Force

USC&GS United States Coast and Geodetic Survey

USCG United States Coast Guard

USDA United States Department of Agriculture

USES United States Employment Service

USIA United States Information Agency

USM United States Mail, United States Marines, United States Mint

USMA United States Military Academy

USMC United States Marine Corps, United States Maritime Commission

USN United States Navy

USNA United States Naval Academy

USNG United States National Guard

USNR United States Naval Reserve

USO United Service Organizations

USOE United States Office of Education

USP United States patent, United States Pharmacopoeia

US Pharm United States Pharmacopoeia

USPHS United States Public Health Service

USPS United States Postal Service

USS United States Senate, United States Ship

USSCt United States Supreme Court

USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

usu usual, usually

usw and so forth (Ger. und so weiter)

USW United Steel Workers

ut universal time, utility

Ut, UT Utah

UTC universal time coordinate

ut dict as directed (Lat. ut dictum)

ut sup as above (Lat. ut supra)

UTWA United Textile Workers of America

ux wife (Lat. uxor)


v against (Lat. versus), of (Ger. von), see (Lat. vide), valve, ventral, verb, verse, version, versus, vicar, vice-, village, vision, vocative, voice, volt, voltage, volume, volunteer, von

V vanadium, vector, velocity, venerable, victory, viscount, volume

va active verb, verbal adjective, volt-ampere

Va Virginia

VA Veterans Administration, Vicar apostolic, vice admiral, (Order of) Victoria and Albert, Virginia

vac vacuum

val valentine, valuation, value

var reactive volt-ampere, variant, variation, variety, various

Vat Vatican

VAT value-added tax

v aux auxiliary verb

vb verb, verbal

vb n verbal noun

VC Veterinary Corps, vice chairman, vice chancellor, vice consul, Victoria Cross

vd vapor density, various dates

Vd vanadium

VD venereal disease

VDT video display terminal

VDU video display unit

veg vegetable, vegetation

vel vellum (bookbinding)

Ven venerable, Venice, Venus

Venez Venezuela, Venezualan

vent ventilating, ventilation, ventilator

ver verse, version

vers versed sine, versine

vert vertebra, vertebrate, vertical

ves vessel, vestry, vesicle, vesicular

vet veteran, veterinarian, veterinary

veter veterinary

VFD volunteer fire department

VFR visual flight rules

VFW Veterans of Foreign Wars (of the United States)

vg for example (Lat. verbi gratia)

VG vicar general

VHF very high frequency

vi see below (Lat. vide infra), intransitive verb

Vi virginium

VI Virgin Islands

vic vicar, vicarage

Vic, Vict Victoria, Victorian

vil village

v imp impersonal verb

VIP very important person

v irr irregular verb

vis visibility, visual

Vis, Visc, Visct viscount, viscountess

VISTA Volunteers in Service to America

viv lively (music) (Lat. vivace)

viz namely (Lat. videlicet)

VL Vulgar Latin

VLF very low frequency

vm voltmeter

VMD Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Lat. Veterinariae Medicinae Doctor)

vn, v neut neuter verb

vo verso

vocab vocabulary

vol volcano, volume, volunteer

volc volcanic, volcano

vols volumes

vox pop voice of the people (Lat. vox populi)

voy voyage

vp passive verb, various pagings, various places, voting pool (stocks)

VP vice president

vr reflexive verb

VR Queen Victoria (Lat. Victoria Regina)

V Rev very reverend

vs see above (Lat. vide supra), versus, vibration seconds (sound), volumetric solution

VS veterinary surgeon

VSS versions

vt transitive verb

Vt, VT Vermont

VTOL vertical take-off and landing

Vul, Vulg Vulgate

vulg vulgar, vulgarity

vv verses, vice versa, violins


w wanting, warden, warehousing, watt, week, weight, west, western, wide, width, wife, with, won, word, work

W tungsten (Ger. wolfram), Wales, Washington, watt, Wednesday, Welsh, west, western

WA Washington (state)

WAC Women's Army Corps

wae when actually employed

WAF Women in the Air Force

war warrant

WASP Women's Air Force Service Pilots

watt-hr watt-hour

WAVES Women Appointed for Voluntary Emergency Service

wb warehouse book, water ballast, westbound

W/B waybill

WbN west by north

WbS west by south

wc water closet, without charge

WCTU Women's Christian Temperance Union

Wed Wednesday

wf wrong font (printing)

WFlem West Flemish

WFTU World Federation of Trade Unions

WGmc, WGer West Germanic

wh, whr watt-hour

whf wharf

WHO World Health Organization (of the United Nations)

wi when issued (stocks), wrought iron

WI West Indies, West Indian, Wisconsin

WInd West Indies

Wis, Wisc Wisconsin

wk weak, week, work

wkly weekly

wks weeks, works

wl water line, wavelength

wldr welder

W long west longitude

wm wattmeter

wmk watermark

WMO World Meteorological Organization (of the United Nations)

WNW west-northwest

WO wait order, warrant officer

wp weather permitting, wire payment, word processing

WPA Work Projects Administration, Works Progress Administration

wpm words per minute

WRAC Women's Royal Army Corps

WRAF Women's Royal Air Force

WREN, WRNS Women's Royal Naval Service

wrnt warrant

WSW west-southwest

wt weight

WV, WVa West Virginia

WVS Women's Volunteer Service

WY, Wyo Wyoming


x symbol for an unknown quantity

X Christ, Christian, a ten-dollar bill, xenon

xc ex-coupon

xd unlisted (ex-directory), ex-dividend

Xe xenon

x-int ex-interest

Xmas Christmas

Xn Christian

Xnt Christianity

x ref cross-reference

x-rts ex-rights

Xtian Christian

Xty Christianity

xyl xylograph


y yard, year, younger, youngest

Y Young Men's Christian Association, Young Men's Hebrew Association, Young Women's Christian Association, Young Women's Hebrew Association, yttrium

Yb ytterbium

yd yard

yds yards

Yid Yiddish

YM, YMCA Young Men's Christian Association

YM, YMHA Young Men's Hebrew Association

YPSCE Young People's Society of Christian Endeavor

yr year, younger, your

yrs years, yours

YSL Young Socialists’ League

Yt yttrium

YT Yukon Territory

YW Young Women's Christian Association, Young Women's Hebrew Association

YWCA Young Women's Christian Association

YWHA Young Women's Hebrew Association


z zone

Z zenith distance, zone

Zec, Zech Zechariah

Zep, Zeph Zephaniah

Z/F zone of fire

Zn zinc

zool zoological, zoologist, zoology

ZPG zero population growth

Zr zirconium

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