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This section lists all of the more important political divisions and geographical features of the world, and all the urban localities in the United States and Canada having a population of 15,000 or more. The population figures given for places in the United States are from the census of 1990; those for Canada are from the census of 1976. All other population figures are from the latest available official censuses or official estimates, usually 1990. Maps of virtually all countries and of other important geographical features may be found in the main section of this dictionary at the appropriate alphabetic place of entry.

Postal ZIP codes are included for places in the United States. These were not, however, available in all cases. The asterisk (*) following some ZIP codes indicates that the city is further divided into postal zones and that the number given does not adequately identify a post office. In such cases further information is available from local postal authorities.

In the table below the authorized post office abbreviations of U.S. states are listed.

Alabama AL Kentucky KY Ohio OH
Alaska AK Louisiana LA Oklahoma OK
Arizona AZ Maine ME Oregon OR
Arkansas AR Maryland MD Pennsylvania PA
California CA Massachusetts MA Puerto Rico PR
Colorado CO Michigan MI Rhode Island RI
Connecticut CT Minnesota MN South Carolina SC
Delaware DE Mississippi MS South Dakota SD
District of Missouri MO Tennessee TN
Columbia DC Montana MT Texas TX
Florida FL Nebraska NE Utah UT
Georgia GA Nevada NV Vermont VT
Hawaii HI New Hampshire NH Virginia VA
Idaho ID New Jersey NJ Virgin Islands VI
Illinois IL New Mexico NM Washington WA
Indiana IN New York NY West Virginia WV
Iowa IA North Carolina NC Wisconsin WI
Kansas KS North Dakota ND Wyoming WY

The following abbreviations have been used throughout this section:

ab. about NW northwest(ern)
adm. administrative penin. Peninsula
betw. between pop. population
boro. borough poss. possession
cap(s). capital(s) prot. protectorate
CEN. central prov. province
co. county reg. region
col. colony s south(ern)
ctr. center SE southeast(ern)
dept. department sq. mi. square mile(s)
dist. district SW southwest(ern)
div. division terr. territory
E east(ern) twp. township
ft. feet uninc. unincorporated
isl(s). island(s) urb. urban
mi. mile(s) vill. village
mtn(s). mountain(s) w west(ern)
N north(ern)
NE northeaster(ern)

Aachen city, W Germany; pop. 242,971.

Aarhus co., E Denmark; 310 sq. mi.; pop. 534,000.

— city, E Aarhus co.; cap.; pop. 244,839.

Aberdeen co., NE Scotland; 1,972 sq. mi.; pop. 324,574.

— city, SE Aberdeen co.; cap.; pop. 209,189.

— city, NE South Dakota 57401*; pop. 24,927.

— city, W Washington 98520; pop. 16,565.

Abidjan city, SE Ivory Coast; cap.; pop. 1,100,000.

Abilene city, CEN. Texas 79604*; pop. 106,654.

Acapulco city, SW Mexico; pop. 421,100.

Accra city, S Ghana; cap.; pop. 633,880.

Achaea dept., N Peloponessus, Greece; 1,146 sq. mi.; pop. 229,000; cap. Patras.

Aconcagua extinct volcano, CEN. Argentina; 22,831 ft.

Acre city, NE Israel; pop. 37,900.

Addis Ababa city, CEN. Ethiopia; cap.; pop. 1,125,340.

Addison vill. NE Illinois 60101; pop. 32,058.

Adelaide city, SE South Australia; cap.; pop. 933,350.

Aden former British col.; now part of Yemen.

— city, Yemen; pop. 318,000.

Aden, Gulf of inlet of Arabian Sea betw. Yemen and Somalia.

Aden Protectorate former group of Arab tribal districts comprising a British protectorate; now part of Yemen.

Adirondack Mountains mtn. range, NE New York.

Adrian city, SE Michigan 49221; pop. 22,097.

Adriatic Sea inlet of the Mediterranean Sea, E of Italy.

Aegean Sea inlet of the Mediterranean Sea betw. Greece and Asia Minor.

Afghanistan republic, SW Asia; 251,825 sq. mi.; pop. 15,592,000; cap. Kabul.

Africa second largest continent, S of Europe and W of Asia; 11,710,000 sq. mi.

Affton uninc. place, NE Missouri 63123; pop. 21,106.

Agaña city, W Guam 96910; cap.; pop. 896.

Agawam town, W Massachusetts 01001; pop. 27,323.

Agra city, N India; site of Taj Mahal; pop. 591,917.

Aguadilla town, NW Puerto Rico 00603*; pop. 20,879.

Aguascalientes state, CEN. Mexico; 2,499 sq. mi.; pop. 430,000.

— city, CEN. Aguascalientes state; cap.; pop. 247,800.

Agulhas, Cape cape, S South Africa; southernmost point of Africa.

Ahmedabad city, W India; former cap. of Gujarat; pop. 1,585,544.

Aisne river, N France; 175 mi. long.

Ajaccio city, W Corsica; cap.; birthplace of Napoleon; pop. 41,000.

Akron city, NE Ohio 44309*; pop. 223,019.

Alabama state, SE United States; 51,705 sq. mi.; pop. 4,062,608; cap. Montgomery.

Alameda city, W California 94501*; pop. 76,459.

Alamogordo town, S New Mexico 88310; site of the first atom bomb test; pop. 27,596.

Alaska state of the United States, NW North America; 591,004 sq. mi.; pop. 551,947; cap. Juneau.

Alaska, Gulf of inlet of the Pacific on the S coast of Alaska.

Alaska Highway road joining Dawson Creek, British Columbia and Fairbanks, Alaska; 1,527 mi.

Alaska Peninsula promontory of SW Alaska; ab. 400 mi. long.

Alaska Range mtn. range, CEN. Alaska.

Albania Balkan republic S of Yugoslavia; 11,100 sq. mi.; pop. 3,262,000; cap. Tirana.

Albany city SW Georgia 31701*; pop. 78,122.

— city, E New York 12207*; cap.; pop. 101,082.

— city, W Oregon 97321; pop. 29,462.

Albemarle Sound inlet of the Atlantic, NE North Carolina.

Alberta prov., W Canada; 255,290 sq. mi.; pop. 1,838,037; cap. Edmonton.

Albert Lea city, S Minnesota 56007; pop. 18,310.

Albuquerque city, NW New Mexico 87101*; pop. 384,736.

Alcan Highway unofficial name of Alaska Highway.

Alderney island, N Channel Islands; 3 sq. mi.

Aleppo city, NE Syria; pop. 878,000.

Aleutian Islands isl. group, SW of Alaska Peninsula.

Alexandria N Egypt; summer cap., pop. 2,409,000.

— city, CEN. Louisiana 71301*; pop. 49,188.

— city, NE Virginia 22313*; pop. 111,183.

Algeria republic, NW Africa; 919,595 sq. mi.; pop. 23,039,000; cap. Algiers.

Algiers city, N Algeria; cap.; pop. 1,507,241.

Alhambra city, SW California 91802*; pop. 82,106.

Alicante prov., E Spain; 2,264 sq. mi.; pop. 920,000.

— city, E Alicante prov.; cap.; pop. 235,868.

Alice city, S Texas, 78332; pop. 19,788.

Aliquippa boro., W Pennsylvania 15001; pop. 13,374.

Allahabad city N India; pop. 490,622.

Allegheny Mountains mtn. range of Appalachian system; extends from Pennsylvania through Virginia.

Allegheny River river, W New York and Pennsylvania; 325 mi. long.

Allen Park vill., SE Michigan 48101; pop. 31,092.

Allentown city, E Pennsylvania 18101*; pop. 105,090.

Alliance city, NE Ohio 44601; pop. 23,376.

Alma city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 25,638.

Almaty city, SE Kazakstan; cap.; pop. 928,000.

Alps mtn. system, S Europe; extends from S coast of France to W coast of Slovenia.

Alsace reg. and former prov., NE France.

Alsace-Lorraine oft-disputed border reg., NE France; adjoins SW Germany.

Altadena uninc. place, SW California 91001; pop. 42,658.

Altai Mountains mtn. system, CEN. Asia.

Altamont uninc. place, S Oregon 97601; pop. 18,591.

Altamonte Springs city, CEN Florida 32715*; pop. 34,879.

Alton city, SW Illinois 62002; pop. 32,905.

Altoona city, CEN. Pennsylvania 16603*; pop. 51,881.

Altus city, SW Oklahoma 73521*; pop. 21,910.

Alum Rock uninc. place, SW California 95116; pop. 16,890.

Amarillo city, NW Texas 79105*; pop. 157,615.

Amazon river, N South America; 3,910 mi. long; carries the largest volume of water of all rivers.

America 1 The United States of America. 2 North and South America; the western Hemisphere.

American Samoa See Samoa.

Americus city, CEN. Georgia 31709; pop. 16,512.

Ames city, CEN. Iowa 50010*; pop. 47,198.

Amherst uninc. place, CEN. Massachusetts 01002*; pop. 17,824.

Amiens city, N France; pop. 131,476.

Amman city, CEN. Jordan; cap.; pop. 648,587.

Amoy isl. of China, Taiwan Strait.

— city, Amoy isl.; pop. 224,000.

Amritsar city, W Punjab, India; pop. 407,628.

Amsterdam city, W Netherlands; cap.; pop. 694,680.

— city, CEN. New York 12010; pop. 20,714.

Amur river, E Asia; 2,700 mi. long.

Anaheim city, SW California 92803*; pop. 266,406.

Anatolia penin. at W end of Asia; comprises most of Turkey.

Anchorage city, S Alaska 99510*; pop. 226,338.

Andalusia reg., S Spain.

Anderson city, CEN. Indiana 46011*; pop. 59,459.

— city, NW South Carolina 29621*; pop. 26,184.

Andes mtn. range, W South America; connects with the Rockies; more than 4,000 mi. long.

Andorra Co-principality betw. France and Spain; 181 sq. mi.; pop. 51,000.

— city, CEN. Andorra; cap.; pop. 2,000.

Andover town, NE Massachusetts 01810; pop. 29,152.

Angel Falls waterfall, SE Venezuela; more than 3,300 ft.

Angola republic, W Africa; 481,354; sq. mi.; pop. 10,002,000; cap. Luanda.

Anjou town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 36,596.

Ankara city, CEN. Turkey; cap.; pop. 2,553,209.

Annandale uninc. place, NE Virginia 22003*; pop. 50,975.

Annapolis city, CEN. Maryland 21401*; cap.; site of U.S. Naval Academy; pop. 33,187.

Ann Arbor city, SE Michigan 48106*; pop. 109,592.

Anniston city, NE Alabama 36201*; pop. 26,623.

Ansonia city, SW Connecticut 06401; pop. 18,403.

Antarctica continent surrounding the South Pole; 5,405,000 sq. mi. Also Antarctic Continent.

Antarctic Circle parallel of latitude at 66° 33′ S; the boundary of the South Frigid Zone.

Antarctic Ocean parts of Atlantic. Pacific, and Indian oceans bordering on Antarctica.

Antarctic Zone region enclosed by the Antarctic Circle.

Antigua and Barbuda monarchy, island group of the West Indies; 171 sq. mi.; pop. 80,600; cap. St. John's.

Antilles islands of the West Indies excluding the Bahamas; comprises Greater Antilles: Cuba, Hispaniola, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico; and Lesser Antilles: Trinidad, the Windward Islands, the Leeward Islands, and other small islands.

Antioch city, S Turkey; pop. 91,511.

— city, W California 94509; pop. 62,195.

Antwerp city, N Belgium; pop. 1,105,000.

Apennines mtn. range of Italy S of Po valley.

Appalachian Mountains mtn. range E North America.

Appleton city, E Wisconsin 54911*; pop. 65,695.

Aquitaine reg., SW France.

Arabia penin., SW Asia, betw. the Red Sea and Persian Gulf.

Arabian Gulf See Persian Gulf.

Arabian Sea part of the Indian Ocean betw. Arabia and India.

Arab Republic of Egypt See Egypt.

Aragon reg., NE Spain.

Aral Sea salt inland sea, SW Kazakstan and NW Uzbekistan.

Ararat, Mount mtn., E Turkey; 17,011 ft.; traditional landing place of Noah's ark.

Arcadia dept., CEN. Peloponnesus, Greece; 1,168 sq. mi.; pop. 112,000; cap. Tripolis.

— city, SW California 91006*; pop. 48,290.

Archangel city, NW Russia; pop. 387,000.

Arctic Circle parallel of latitude at 66° 33′ N; the boundary of the North Frigid Zone.

Arctic Ocean sea, N of Arctic Circle, surrounding North Pole.

Arden-Arcade uninc. place, CEN. California 95825; pop. 92,040.

Ardmore city, S Oklahoma 73401; pop. 23,079.

Arecibo town, N Puerto Rico 00612*; pop. 48,586.

Argentina republic, S South America; 1,073,399 sq. mi.; pop. 23,364,431; cap. Buenos Aires.

Argonne ridge, N France; site of battles in World Wars I and II.

Arizona state, SW United States; 114,000 sq. mi.; pop. 3,677,985; cap. Phoenix.

Arkansas state, CEN. United States; 53,187 sq. mi.; pop. 2,362,239; cap. Little Rock.

Arlington town, E Massachusetts 02174; pop. 44,630;

— city, N Texas 76010*; pop. 261,721.

— city, NE Virginia 22210*; pop. 170,936.

— urb. co., NE Virginia; site of Arlington National Cemetery, containing tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Arlington Heights vill., NE Illinois 60004*; pop. 75,460.

Armenia republic, SW Asia; 11,500 sq. mi.; pop. 3,074,000; cap. Yerevan.

Arnhem city, E Netherlands; pop. 127,846.

Aruba island member of the Netherlands, N of Venezuala; 75 sq. mi.; pop. 62,900; cap. Oranjestad.

Arvada town, CEN. Colorado 80001*; pop. 89,235.

Arvida city, CEN. Quebec, Canada; pop. 18,448.

Asbury Park city, E New Jersey 07712; pop. 16,799.

Ascension isl. poss. of Great Britain, South Atlantic; 34 sq. mi.; pop. 750.

Asheville city, W North Carolina 28801*; pop. 61,607.

Ashland city, NE Kentucky 41101; pop. 23,622.

— city, CEN. Ohio 44805; pop. 20,079.

Ashtabula city, NE Ohio 44004; pop. 21,633.

Asia, E part of Eurasian land mass; largest of the continents; 17,240,000 sq. mi.

Asia Minor penin. of extreme W Asia, comprising most of Turkey.

Aspen Hill uninc. place, NW Maryland 20906; pop. 44,494.

Astrakhan city, SE Russia; pop. 465,000.

Asunción city, SW Paraguay; cap.; pop. 607,706.

Aswan city, S Egypt; site of Aswan Dam, 1¼ mi. long; pop. 144, 377.

Athens city, SE Greece; cap.; pop. 2,885,737.

— city, CEN. Georgia, 30603*; pop. 45,734.

— city, SE Ohio 45701; pop. 21,265.

Atlanta city, CEN. Georgia 30301*; cap.; pop. 394,017.

Atlantic City city, SE New Jersey 08401*; pop. 37,986.

Atlantic Ocean ocean, extending from the Arctic to the Antarctic between the Americas and Europe and Africa.

Atlas Mountains mtn. range, NW Africa.

Attleboro city, SE Massachusetts 02703; pop. 38,383.

Auburn city, CEN. Alabama 36830*; pop. 33,830.

— city, SW Maine 04210; pop. 24,309.

— town, CEN. Massachusetts 01501; pop. 15,005.

— city, CEN. New York 13021; pop. 31,258.

— city, CEN. Washington, 98002*; pop. 33,102.

Auckland city, N North Island, New Zealand; pop. 775,000.

Augsburg city, S Germany; pop. 245,940.

Augusta city, E Georgia 30901*; pop, 44,639.

— city, S Maine 04330; cap.; pop. 21,325.

Aurora city, CEN. Colorado 80010*; pop. 222,103.

— city, NE Illinois 60507*; pop. 99,581.

Auschwitz, German name for Ošwiecim, city, SW Poland; site of Nazi extermination camp in World War II; pop. 44,200.

Austin city, SE Minnesota 55912; pop. 21,907.

— city, CEN. Texas 78710*; cap.; pop. 465,622.

Austintown uninc. place, NE Ohio 44515; pop. 32,371.

Australasia isls. of the South Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, and New Guinea.

Australia federal state, situated on an isl. continent in South Pacific; 2,966,200 sq. mi.; pop. 17,073,000; cap. Canberra.

Australia Capital Territory reg., SE Australia; 900 sq. mi.; contains Canberra, the capital; pop. 241,500.

Austria republic, CEN. Europe; 32,376 sq. mi.; pop. 7,623,000.

Austronesia isls. of the South Pacific, including Indonesia, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia.

Avignon city, SE France; pop. 90,786.

Avon river, CEN. England; 96 mi. long.

Azerbaijan prov., NW Iran: Eastern Azerbaijan: 25,908 sq. mi.; pop. 4,097,000; cap. Tabriz; Western Azerbaijan: 15,000 sq. mi.; pop. 1,915,000; cap. Orumiyeh.

Azerbaijan republic, W Asia; 33,400 sq. mi.; pop. 7,029,000; cap. Baku.

Azores three isl. groups of Portugal, E Atlantic; 922 sq mi.; pop. 335,000.

Azov, Sea of inlet of the Black Sea, S Russia and S Ukraine.

Azusa city, S California 91702; pop. 41,333.

Baden-Baden city, SW Germany; site of famous mineral springs; pop. 49,399.

Bad Lands arid plateau, South Dakota and Nebraska. also Bad-lands.

Baghdad city, CEN. Iraq; cap.; pop. 5,348,117.

Baguio city, Luzon, N Philippines; pop. 97,449.

Bahamas isl. republic SE of Florida; 5,382 sq. mi.; pop. 253,000; cap. Nassau.

Bahrain isl. monarchy, Persian Gulf near Saudi Arabia; 267 sq. mi.; pop. 503,000; cap. Manama.

Baikal freshwater lake, S Russia; 12,150 sq. mi.

Baker, Mount mtn., Cascade range, N Washington; 10,750 ft.

Bakersfield city, S California 93302*; pop. 105,611.

Baku city, SE Azerbaijan; cap.; pop. 1,800,000.

Balboa Heights adm. ctr. of Canal Zone, near Balboa; pop. 232.

Baldwin uninc. place, SE New York 11510; pop. 22,719.

— boro., SW Pennsylvania 15234; pop. 21,923.

Baldwin Park city, SW California 91706; pop. 69,330.

Balearic Islands isl. group, W Mediterranean; prov. of Spain; 1,936 sq. mi.; pop. 642,702; cap. Palma.

Bali isl. of Indonesia, E of Java; 2,243 sq. mi.

Balkan Mountains, mtn. range, Balkan penin.

Balkan Peninsula large penin. of SE Europe.

Balkan States countries of Balkan penin.: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Yugoslavia, and part of Turkey.

Baltic Sea inlet of the Atlantic in NW Europe.

Baltimore city, N Maryland 21233*; pop. 736,014.

Bamako city, CEN. Mali; cap.; pop. 646,163.

Banaras Hindu sacred city, NE India; pop. 553,000. Also Benares.

Bandar Seri Begawan city, N Brunei; cap.; pop. 37,000.

Bandung city, W Java, Indonesia; pop. 1,201,730.

Bangalore city, E Mysore, India; cap.; pop. 1,540,741.

Bangkok city, SW Thailand; cap.; pop. 3,133,834.

Bangladesh republic, S Asia; 55,598 sq. mi.; pop. 113,005,000; cap. Dacca.

Bangor city, CEN. Maine 04401; pop. 33,181.

Bangui city, SW Central African Republic; cap.; pop. 596,776.

Banjul city, W Gambia; cap.; pop. 45,600.

Barbados isl. monarchy, E Caribbean; 166 sq. mi.; pop. 267,000; cap. Bridgetown.

Barberton city, NE Ohio 44203; pop. 27,623.

Barcelona prov., NE Spain; 2,985 sq. mi.; pop. 3,975,000.

— city, S Barcelona prov.; cap.; pop. 1,902,713.

Barnstable town, SE Massachusetts 02630; pop. 30,898.

Barranquilla city, N Colombia; pop. 859,000.

Barrie city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 34,389.

Barrington town, E Rhode Island 02806; pop. 15,849.

Barrow, Point extreme N point of Alaska.

Barstow city, E California 92311; pop. 21,472.

Bartlesville city, NE Oklahoma 74003*; pop. 34,256.

Basel city, N Switzerland; pop. 180,900.

Bataan prov. S Luzon, Philippines; 517 sq. mi.; pop. 116,000; cap. Balanga; occupies Bataan Peninsula, scene of World War II surrender of U.S. forces to the Japanese.

Batavia city, W New York 14020; pop. 16,310.

Bath co. boro., SW England; pop. 83,900.

Bathurst town, NE New Brunswick, Canada; pop. 16,301.

— Banjul; the former name of.

Baton Rouge city, CEN. Louisiana 70821*; cap.; pop. 219,531.

Battle Creek city, S Michigan 49016*; pop. 53,540.

Bavaria state, SE Germany; 27,241 sq. mi.; pop. 10,870,968; cap. Munich.

Bayamon town, N Puerto Rico 00619; pop. 184,854.

Bay City city, CEN. Michigan 48706*; pop. 38,936.

Bayonne city, NE New Jersey 07002; pop. 61,144.

Baytown city, S Texas 77520*; pop. 63,850.

Bay Village city, NE Ohio 44140; pop. 17,000.

Beaconsfield town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 20,417.

Beaumont city, SE Texas 77701*; pop. 114,323.

Beaverton city, NW Oregon 97005*; pop. 53,310.

Beckley city, S West Virginia 25801*; pop. 18,296.

Bedford city, NE Ohio 44146; pop. 14,822.

Beijing. See Peking.

Beirut city, W Lebanon; cap.; pop. 200,000.

Belarus republic, E Europe; 80,155 sq. mi.; pop. 10,200,000; cap. Minsk.

Belém city, N Brazil; pop. 565,097.

Belfast co. boro., and port, SE N. Ireland; cap.; pop. 354,400.

Belgium monarchy, NW Europe: 11,783 sq. mi.; pop. 9,958,000; cap. Brussels.

Belgrade city E Yugoslavia; cap.; pop. 770,140.

Belize monarchy, NE Central America; 8,867 sq. mi.; pop. 189,000; cap. Belmopan.

Bell city, S California 90201; pop. 34,365.

Bellaire city, S Texas 77401; pop. 13,842.

Belle Glade city, SE Florida 33430; pop. 16,177.

Belleville city, SW Illinois 62220*; pop. 42,785.

— town, NE New Jersey 07109; pop. 34,213.

— city, SE Ontario, Canada; pop. 35,311.

Bellevue city, E Nebraska 68005; pop. 30,982.

— city, CEN. Washington 98009*; pop. 86,874.

Bellflower city, SW California 90706; pop. 61,815.

Bell Gardens city, SW California 90201; pop. 42,355.

Bellingham city, NW Washington 98225*; pop. 52,179.

Bellmawr boro., SW New Jersey 08031; pop. 12,603.

Bellmore uninc. place, SE New York 11710; pop. 16,438.

Bellwood vill., NE Illinois 60104; pop. 20,241.

Belmont city, CEN. California 94002; pop. 24,127.

— town, E Massachusetts 02178; pop. 24,720.

Beloit city, S Wisconsin 53511; pop. 35,573.

Bengal former prov., NE British India; divided (1947) into: East Bengal, now part of Bangladesh, and West Bengal, a state of India; 34,200 sq. mi.; pop. 49,788,000; cap. Calcutta.

Benghazi city, N Libya; pop. 170,000.

Benin republic, W Africa; 43,450 sq. mi.; pop. 4,741,000.

Benton city, CEN. Arkansas 72015; pop. 17,177.

Benton Harbor city, SW Michigan 49022; pop. 12,818.

Berea city, NE Ohio 44017; pop. 19,051.

Bergen city, SW Norway; pop. 209,000.

Bergenfield boro., NE New Jersey 07621; pop. 24,458.

Bering Sea part of the North Pacific betw. Alaska and Russia, joined to the Arctic by Bering Strait.

Berkeley city, W California 94701*; pop. 102,724.

— city, CEN. Missouri 63134; pop. 12,450.

Berkley city, SE Michigan 48072; pop. 16,960.

Berlin city, CEN. Germany; cap. prior to 1945 when divided into the British, French, Soviet, and US sectors. In 1949 the Soviet sector. East Berlin, was designated capital of East Germany. The remaining sectors formed West Berlin, associated with West Germany; when Germany was reunited in 1990. Berlin became the capital again in 1991; pop. 3,352,848.

— city, N New Hampshire 03570; pop. 11,824.

Bermuda isl. group, W Atlantic; British col.; 21 sq. mi.; pop. 59,330; cap. Hamilton.

Bern city, CEN. Switzerland; cap.; pop. 141,300. Also Berne.

Berwyn city, NE Illinois 60402; pop. 45,426.

Bessemer city, CEN. Alabama 35020*; pop. 33,497.

Bethany city, CEN. Oklahoma 73008; pop. 20,075.

Bethel Park boro., SW Pennsylvania 15102; pop. 33,823.

Bethesda uninc. area, W Maryland 20814*; pop. 62,936.

Bethlehem ancient town, W Jordan; birthplace of Jesus; pop. 25,000.

— city, E Pennsylvania 18016*; pop. 71,428.

Bettendorf city, CEN. Iowa 52722; pop. 28,132.

Beverly city, NE Massachusetts 01915; pop. 38,195.

Beverly Hills city, SW California. 90210*; pop. 31,971.

Bhutan monarchy, S Asia, between NE India and Tibet; 18,150 sq. mi.; pop. 1,442,000; cap. Thimphu.

Biddeford city, SW Maine 04005; pop. 20,710.

Big Spring city, W Texas 79720*; pop. 23,093.

Bikini atoll, Marshall Islands: 2 sq. mi.; site of US nuclear tests, July 1946.

Billerica town, NE Massachusetts 01821; pop. 37,609.

Billings city, CEN. Montana 59011*; pop. 81,151.

Biloxi city, SE Mississippi 39530*; pop. 46,319.

Binghamton city, CEN. New York 13902*; pop. 53,008.

Birkenhead co. boro., NW England; pop. 342,300.

Birmingham co. boro., CEN. England; pop. 1,033,900.

— city, CEN. Alabama 35203*; pop. 268,968.

— city, SE Michigan 48012*; pop. 19,997.

Biscay, Bay of inlet, of the Atlantic betw. W and SW France and N and NW Spain.

Bismarck city, CEN. North Dakota 58501*; cap.; pop. 49,256.

Bismarck Archipelago isl. group, Trust Territory of New Guinea; 19,200 sq. mi.

Bizerte city. N Tunisia; pop. 62,856.

Black Forest wooded mtn. reg., SW Germany.

Black Hills mtn. reg., SW South Dakota and NE Wyoming.

Black Sea inland sea betw. Europe and Asia, connects with the Aegean via the Bosporus, the Sea of Marmara, and the Dardanelles.

Blaine vili., E Minnesota 55433: pop. 38,975.

Bloomfield town, CEN. Connecticut 06002; pop. 19,483.

— city, NE New Jersey 07003; pop. 45,061.

Bloomington city, CEN. Illinois 61701; pop. 51,972.

— city, CEN. Indiana 47401*; pop. 60,633.

— city, E Minnesota 55420; pop. 86,335.

Bluefield city, S West Virginia 24701; pop. 12,756.

Blue Island city, NE Illinois 60406; pop. 21,203.

Blue Ridge Mountains, SW part of the Appalachians.

Blytheville city, NE Arkansas 72315*; pop. 22,906.

Boardman uninc. place, NE Ohio 44512; pop. 38,596.

Boca Raton city, SE Florida 33432*; pop. 61,492.

Bogalusa city, SE Louisiana 70427; pop. 14,280.

Bogotá city, CEN. Colombia; cap.; pop. 4,067,000.

Bohemia former prov., W Czech Republic.

Boise city, SW Idaho 83707*; cap.; pop. 102,160.

Bolivia republic, CEN. South America: 424,164 sq. mi.; pop. 7,332,000; caps. Sucre (judicial), La Paz (admin).

Bologna prov., CEN. Italy; 1,429 sq. mi.; pop. 925,113.

— city, cap. of Bologna prov.; pop. 422,204.

Bombay city, W India; pop. 5,970,575.

Bonn city, W Germany; was cap. of West Germany; pop. 286,184.

Bordeaux city, SW France; pop. 201,000.

Borneo (Kalimantan) isl., betw. Java and South China seas; comprising North Borneo, Sarawak, Brunei, and Indonesian Borneo; 286,969 sq. mi.

Bosnia and Herzegovina country of the Balkan Penin.; 19,741 sq. mi.; pop. 4,029,000; cap. Sarajevo.

Bosporus strait, betw. the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara.

Bossier City city, NW Louisiana 71111*; pop. 52,721.

Boston city, E Massachusetts 02205*; cap.; pop. 574,283.

Botany Bay inlet of the Pacific, S of Sydney, Australia.

Botswana republic, S Africa; 224,607 sq. mi.; pop. 1,295,000; cap. Gaborone.

Boucherville town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 25,530.

Boulder city, CEN. Colorado 80302*; pop. 83,312.

Boulder Dam the former name of Hoover Dam.

Bountiful city. CEN. Utah 84010; pop. 36,659.

Bowie city, CEN. Maryland 20715; pop. 37,589.

Bowling Green city, S Kentucky 42101*; pop. 40,641.

— city, NW Ohio 43402*; pop. 28,176.

Boynton Beach city, SE Florida 33435*; pop. 46,194.

Bozeman city, SW Montana 59715*; pop. 22,660.

Bradenton city, W Florida 33506*; pop. 43,779.

Braintree town, E Massachusetts 02184; pop. 33,836.

Brampton town, SE Ontario, Canada; pop. 103,459.

Brandon city, SW Manitoba, Canada; pop. 34,901.

Branford town, CEN. Connecticut 06405; pop. 27,603.

Brantford city, SE Ontario, Canada; pop. 66,950.

Brasilia city, CEN. Brazil; cap.; pop. 750,000.

Brazil republic, NE and CEN. South America; 3,286,500 sq. mi.; pop. 150,368,000; cap. Brasilia.

Brazzaville city, SE Congo; cap.; pop. 596,200.

Brea city, SW California 92621; pop. 32,873.

Breed's Hill hill, near Bunker Hill. See Bunker Hill.

Bremen state, NW Germany, 156 sq. mi.; pop. 695,115;

— city, cap. of Bremen state; pop. 556,128.

Bremerhaven city, part of Bremen state, NW Germany; pop. 138,987.

Bremerton city, W Washington 98310*; pop. 38,142.

Brenner Pass Alpine pass, Austrian–Italian border.

Brentwood uninc. place, SE New York 11717; pop. 45,218.

Breslau Wroclaw: German name of city in Poland.

Brest city, NW France; pop. 166,826.

— city, SW Belarus; pop. 186,000.

Bridgeport city, SW Connecticut 06601*; pop. 141,686.

Bridgeton town, E Missouri 63044; pop. 17,779.

— city, SW New Jersey 08302; pop. 18,942.

Brighton co. boro, and resort, SW England: pop. 166,000.

Brisbane city, SE Queensland, Australia; cap.; pop. 1,240,300.

Bristol co. boro., SW England; pop. 408,000.

— city, CEN. Connecticut 06010; pop. 60,640.

— urb. twp., SE Pennsylvania 19007; pop. 10,405.

— town, E Rhode Island 02809; pop. 21,625.

— city, NE Tennessee 37620*; pop. 23,421.

Bristol Channel inlet of the Atlantic betw. Wales and SW England.

Britain see Great Britain.

British Columbia prov., W Canada; 358,971 sq. mi.; pop. 2,466,608; cap. Victoria.

British Guiana former British col., NE South America. See Guyana.

British Virgin Islands British col., E Greater Antilles; 59 sq. mi.; pop. 10,484; cap. Road Town.

British West Indies See West Indies.

Brittany reg., W France; former prov.

Brno city. CEN. Czech Republic; pop. 372,793.

Brockton city, E Massachusetts 02403*; pop. 92,788.

Brockville town, SE Ontario, Canada; pop. 19,903.

Bronx borough. N New York City, New York 10400*; pop. 1,203,789. Also the Bronx.

Brookfield vill., NE Illinois 60513; pop. 18,876.

— city, SE Wisconsin 53005; pop. 35,184.

Brookline town, E Massachusetts 02146; pop. 54,718.

Brooklyn (Kings) borough, SE New York City. New York 11200*; pop. 2,300,664.

Brooklyn Center vill., SE Minnesota 55429; pop. 28,887.

Brooklyn Park vill., SE Minnesota 55007; pop. 56,381.

Brook Park vill., N Ohio 44142; pop. 22,865.

Brossard city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 37,641.

Browardale uninc. place, SE Florida 33311; pop. 6,257.

Brownsville uninc. place. NW Florida 33142; pop. 18,058.

— city, S Texas 78520*; pop. 98,962.

Brownwood city, CEN. Texas 76801*; pop. 18,387.

Brunei sultanate, NW Borneo; 2,226 sq. mi.; pop. 259,000; cap. Bandar Sari Begawan.

Brunswick city, NE Germany; pop. 261,669.

— city, SE Georgia 31520*; pop. 16,433.

— uninc. place, S Maine 04011; pop. 14,683.

— vill., N Ohio 44212; pop. 28,230.

Brussels city, CEN. Belgium; cap.; pop. 2,400,000.

Bryan city, CEN. Texas 77801*; pop. 55,002.

Bucharest city, S Romania; cap.; pop. 1,858,418.

Budapest city, CEN. Hungary; cap.; pop. 2,060,000.

Buena Park city, SW California 90622*; pop. 68,784.

Buenos Aires city, E Argentina; cap.; pop. 10,300,000.

Buffalo city, W New York 14240*; pop. 328,123.

Bulgaria republic, SE Europe; 42,855 sq. mi.; pop. 8,997,400; cap. Sofia.

Bull Run small stream, NE Virginia; site of Union defeats in the Civil War, 1861 and 1862.

Bunker Hill hill, Charlestown, Massachusetts, near which (on Breed's Hill) occurred the first organized engagement of the American Revolution, June 17, 1775.

Burbank city, SW California 91505*; pop. 93,643.

Burgundy reg., CEN. France.

Burkina Faso republic, W Africa; 105,869 sq. mi.; pop. 9,012,000; cap. Ouagadougou.

Burlingame city. CEN. California 94010*; pop. 26,801.

Burlington city, SE Iowa 52601*; pop. 27,208.

— town, NE Massachusetts 01803; pop. 23,302.

— city, CEN. North Carolina 27215*; pop. 39,498.

— city, NW Vermont 05401*; pop. 39,127.

— town, SE Ontario. Canada; pop. 104,314.

Burma See Myanmar.

Burma Road road betw. N Burma (Myanmar) and SW China; a World War II supply route.

Burnsville city, SE Minnesota 55337; pop. 51,288.

Burundi republic, CEN. Africa; formerly part of Ruanda-Urundi; 10,747 sq. mi.; pop. 5,451,000; cap. Bujumbura.

Butler city, W Pennsylvania 16001*; pop. 15,714.

Butte city, SW Montana 59701*; pop. 33,336.

Cádiz city, SW Spain; pop. 156,328.

Caguas town, CEN. Puerto Rico 00625*; pop. 87,218.

Cahokia vill. SW Illinois 62206; pop. 17,550.

Cairo city, NE Egypt; cap.; pop. 6,052,836.

Calais city, N France; pop. 78,820.

Calcutta city, NE India; pop. 3,148,746.

Calgary city, S Alberta, Canada; pop. 469,917.

Caticut an alternate name of Kozhikode.

California state, W United States; 158,706 sq. mi.; pop. 29,839,250; cap. Sacramento.

California, Gulf of inlet of the Pacific, W Mexico, betw. Lower California and the rest of Mexico.

Calumet City city, NE Illinois 60409; pop. 37,840.

Camarillo city, SW California 93010; pop. 52,303.

Cambodia (State of Kampuchia), republic, 70,238 sq. mi.; pop. 8,592,000; cap. Phnom Penh.

Cambridge city, SE England; site of Cambridge University; pop. 101,600.

— city, E Massachusetts 02138*; pop. 95,802.

Camden city, S Arkansas 71701; pop. 14,380.

— city, SW New Jersey 08101*; pop. 87,492.

Cameroon republic, W equatorial Africa; 179,714 sq. mi.; pop. 7,663,246; cap. Yaounde. Also Cameroun.

Campbell city, W California 95008; pop. 36,048.

Camp Springs uninc. place, SW Maryland 20748; pop. 16,392.

Canada independent member of the Commonwealth of Nations, N North America; 3,849,675 sq. mi.; pop. 22,992,604; cap. Ottawa.

Canal Zone US leased terr., CEN. Panama; extending five miles on either side of the Panama Canal.

Canary Islands isl. group of Spain near NW coast of Africa; 2,796 sq. mi.; pop. 1,410,655.

Canaveral, Cape, cape, E Florida 32920; pop. 8,014; site of the John F. Kennedy Space Center, a space research and missiles installation.

Canberra city, SE Australia; cap.; pop. 277,300.

Canea city, NW Crete; pop. 40,564. Also Khania.

Cannes city, SE France; pop. 70,527.

Canterbury co. boro., SE England; site of famous cathedral; pop. 34,512.

Canton city, S China; pop. 1,296,000.

— town, E Massachusetts 02021; pop. 18,503.

— city, NE Ohio 44701*; pop. 84,161.

Cap-de-la-Madeleine city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 31,126.

Cape Girardeau city, SE Missouri 63701; pop. 34,438.

Cape Town city, S South Africa; legislative cap.; pop. 776,617. Also Capetown.

Cape Verde republic in the CEN. Atlantic Ocean, W of Cape Verde; 1,557 sq. mi.; pop. 339,000; cap. Praia.

Capri isl. near the W coast of Italy; 4 sq. mi.

Caracas city, N Venezuela; cap.; pop. 1,658,500.

Carbondale city, S Illinois 62901; pop. 27,033.

Cardiff co. boro., SE Wales; pop. 282,000.

Caribbean Sea part of the Atlantic betw. the West Indies and Central and South America.

Carlisle boro., S Pennsylvania 17013; pop. 18,419.

Carlsbad city, SE New Mexico 88220; pop. 24,952.

Carlsbad Caverns National Park area, SE New Mexico; contains Carlsbad Caverns, a series of limestone caves.

Carmichael uninc. place, CEN. California 95608; pop. 48,702.

Carnegie boro., SW Pennsylvania 15106; pop. 9,278.

Carol City uninc place, SE Florida, 33055*; pop. 53,331.

Caroline Islands isl. group in the Pacific, E of the Philippines; 463 sq. mi.

Carpathian Mountains mtn. range, CEN. and E Europe.

Carpentersville vill., NE Illinois 60110; pop. 23,049.

Carrara city. CEN. Italy; site of white marble quarries; pop. 70,227.

Carson city, SW California 90744; pop. 40,443.

Carson City city, W Nevada 89701*; cap.; pop. 40,443.

Carteret boro., NE New Jersey 07009; pop. 19,025.

Casablanca city, NW Morocco; pop. 1,506,373.

Cascade Range mtn. range in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

Cashmere See Kashmir.

Casper city, CEN. Wyoming 82601; pop. 46,742.

Caspian Sea saltwater lake in CEN. Asia; 163,800 sq. mi.

Castile reg., N and CEN. Spain.

Castro Valley uninc. place, W California 94546; pop. 48,619.

Catalina Island an alternate name of Santa Catalina.

Catalonia reg. NE Spain.

Catania prov., E Sicily; 1,371 sq. mi.; pop. 1,029,515.

— city, Catania prov.; cap.; pop. 370,679.

Cataño town, N Puerto Rico 00638; pop. 26,318.

Catonsville uninc. place, CEN. Maryland 21228; pop. 35,233.

Catskill Mountains range of the Appalachians in SE New York.

Caucasus mtn. range betw. the Black and Caspian Seas.

— reg., W Asia, betw. the Black and Caspian Seas. Also Caucasia.

Cayey town, Cεν. Puerto Rico 00633; pop. 40,927.

Cedar Falls city, CEN. Iowa 50613; pop. 36,322.

Cedar Grove twp., NE New Jersey 07009; pop. 12,053.

Cedar Rapids city, E Iowa 52401; pop. 108,751.

Celebes the former name of Sulawesi.

Center Point uninc. place, CEN. Alabama 35215; pop. 23,317.

Central African Republic republic, CEN. Africa; 240,324 sq. mi.; pop. 2,875,000; cap. Bangui.

Central America S part of North America, betw. Mexico and Colombia.

Central Falls city, NE Rhode Island 02863; pop. 17,637.

Centralia city, S Illinois 62801*; pop. 14,274.

Central Islip uninc. place, SE New York 11722; pop. 26,028.

Cerritos city, S California 90701; pop. 53,020.

Ceylon See Sri Lanka.

Chad, Lake lake, CEN. Africa: 8,000 sq. mi.

Chad, Republic of republic, CEN. Africa; 495,752 sq. mi.; pop. 5,678,000; cap. N'Djamena.

Chambersburg boro., S Pennsylvania 17201; pop. 16,647.

Champaign city, CEN. Illinois 61820; pop. 63,502.

Champlain, Lake lake, betw. New York and Vermont, extending into Canada; 600 sq. mi.

Changchun city, NE China; pop. 1,309,000.

Channel Islands British isl. group, English Channel near Normandy; includes Jersey, Guernsey, Alderney, and Sark; 75 sq. mi.

Chapel Hill town, CEN. North Carolina 27514*; pop. 38,719.

Charlesbourg city, S Quebec. Canada; pop. 63,147.

Charleston city, E Illinois 61920; pop. 20,398.

— city, SE South Carolina 29401*; pop. 80,414.

— city, CEN. West Virginia 25301*; cap.; pop. 57,287.

Charlotte city, CEN. North Carolina 28202*; pop. 395,934.

Charlotte Amalie city, S St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00801*; cap.; pop. 12,220.

Charlottesville city, CEN. Virginia 22906*; pop. 40,341.

Charlottetown city, CEN. Prince Edward Island. Canada; cap.; pop. 17,063.

Chateauguay town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 36,329.

Chatham city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 38,685.

Chattanooga city, SE Tennessee 37401*; pop. 152,466.

Cheektowaga uninc. place, W New York 14225; pop. 84,387.

Chelmsford town, NE Massachusetts 01824; pop. 32,388.

Chelsea metropolitan boro., SW London, England; pop. 47,000.

— city, E Massachusetts 02150; pop. 25,431.

Cheltenham urb. twp., SE Pennsylvania 19012; pop. 35,509.

Cherbourg city, N France; pop. 32,536.

Chesapeake city, SE Virginia 23320*; pop. 151,976.

Chesapeake Bay inlet of the Atlantic in Virginia and Maryland.

Cheshire town, CEN. Connecticut 06410; pop. 25,684.

Chester co. boro., W Cheshire, England; cap.; pop. 61,370.

— city, SE Pennsylvania 19013*; pop. 41,856.

Cheviot Hills mtn. range, on the border betw. England and Scotland.

Cheyenne city, SE Wyoming 82001*; cap.; pop. 50,008.

Chicago city, NE Illinois 60607*; third largest city in the United States; pop. 2,783,726.

Chicago Heights city, NE Illinois 60411; pop. 33,072.

Chico city, CEN. California 95926*; pop. 40,079.

Chicopee city, SW Massachusetts 01021*; pop. 56,632.

Chicoutimi city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 57,737.

Chihuahua state, N Mexico; 94,830 sq. mi.; pop. 2,000,000.

Chihuahua city, Chihuahua state, Mexico; cap.; pop. 369,500.

Chile republic, W South America; 292,153 sq. mi.; pop. 13,173,000; cap. Santiago.

Chillicothe city, CEN. Ohio 45601; pop. 21,923.

Chillum uninc. place, SW Maryland 20783; pop. 31,309.

China, People's Republic of republic, E and CEN. Asia; 3,696,100 sq. mi.; pop. 1,133,683,000; cap. Peking (Beijing).

China, Republic of (Taiwan) republic on Taiwan and several smaller isls.; 13,900 sq. mi.; pop. 20,221,000; cap. Taipei.

China Sea part of the Pacific bordering on China. See East China Sea, South China Sea.

Chino city, SW California 91710; pop. 59,682.

Chula Vista city, SW California 92010*; pop. 135,163.

Chungking city, CEN. China; cap. during World War II; pop. 1,900,000.

Cicero city, NE Illinois 60650; pop. 67,436.

Cincinnati city, SW Ohio 45234*; pop. 364,040.

Circassia reg., NW Caucasus, Russia.

Citrus Heights uninc. place, NE California 95610; pop. 107,439.

Clairton city, SW Pennsylvania 15025; pop. 9,656.

Claremont city, SW California 91711*; pop. 32,503.

Clark twp., NE New Jersey 07066; pop. 14,629.

Clarksburg city, N West Virginia 26301*; pop. 18,059.

Clarksdale city, NW Mississippi 38614; pop. 19,717.

Clarksville city, N Tennessee 37041*; pop. 75,494.

Clawson city, SE Michigan 48017; pop. 13,874.

Clayton city, E Missouri 63105; pop. 13,874.

Clearwater city, W Florida 33515*; pop. 98,784.

Cleburne city, CEN. Texas 76031; pop. 22,205.

Cleveland city, N Ohio 44101*; pop. 505,616.

— city, SE Tennessee 37311*; pop. 30,354.

Cleveland Heights city, N Ohio 44118; pop. 54,052.

Clifton city, NE New Jersey 07015*; pop. 71,742.

Clinton city, E Iowa 52732; pop. 29,201.

Clovis city, E New Mexico 88101; pop. 30,954.

Cocoa city, E Florida 32922*; pop. 17,722.

Cod, Cape penin, SE Massachusetts.

Coeur d'Alene city, N Idaho 83814; pop. 24,563.

Coffeyville city, SE Kansas 67337; pop. 12,917.

Cohoes city, E New York 12047; pop. 16,825.

College Park city, W Georgia 30337; pop. 20,457.

— city, W Maryland 20740*; pop. 21,927.

College Station city, CEN. Texas 77840*; pop. 52,456.

Collingswood boro., W New Jersey 08108; pop. 15,289.

Collinsville city, SW Illinois 62234; pop. 22,446.

Cologne city, W Germany; pop. 976,136.

Colombia republic, NW South America; 440,831 sq. mi.; pop. 32,978,000; cap. Bogotá.

Colombo city, W Sri Lanka; cap.; pop. 609,000.

Colón city, Caribbean end of the Canal Zone; an enclave of Panama; pop. 73,600.

Colonial Heights city, CEN. Virginia. 23834; pop. 16,064.

Colorado state, CEN. United States; 104,091 sq. mi.; pop. 3,307,912; cap. Denver.

Colorado River river flowing through Colorado, Utah, Arizona, California, and Mexico to the Gulf of California; length ab. 1,400 mi.

Colorado Springs city, CEN. Colorado 80901*; site of U.S. Air Force Academy; pop. 281,140.

Colton city, S California, 92324; pop. 40,213.

Columbia city, CEN. Missouri 65201*; pop. 69,101.

— city, CEN. South Carolina 29201*; cap.; pop. 98,052.

— city. CEN. Tennessee 38401*; pop. 28,583.

Columbia Heights city, E Minnesota 55421; pop. 18,910.

Columbia River river, SW Canada and NW United States; 1,200 mi. long.

Columbus, city, W Georgia 31902*; pop. 179,278.

— city. CEN. Indiana 47201*; pop. 31,802.

— city, E Mississippi 39701*; pop. 23,799.

— city, E Nebraska 68601; pop. 19,480.

— city, CEN. Ohio 43216*; cap.; pop. 632,910.

Commerce City town. CEN. Colorado 80022; pop. 16,466.

Comoros isl. republic in the Indian Ocean, NW of Madagascar; 719 sq. mi.; pop. 463,000; cap. Moroni.

Compton city, SW California 90220*; pop. 90,454.

Conakry city, W Guinea; cap.; pop. 197,267.

Concord city, W California 94520*; pop. 111,348.

— town, NE Massachusetts 01742; pop. 17,076.

— uninc. place, NE Missouri 63128; pop. 19,859.

— city, CEN. New Hampshire 03301*; cap.; pop. 36,006.

— city, CEN. North Carolina 28025; pop. 27,347.

Congo, Republic of the republic, CEN. Africa; 132,047 sq. mi.; pop. 2,326,000; cap. Brazzaville.

Congo, Democratic Republic of the republic, CEN. Africa; 905,446 sq. mi.; pop. 34,138,000; cap. Kinshasa.

Congo River river, CEN. Africa; 2,720 mi. long.

Connecticut state, NE United States; 5,018 sq. mi.; pop. 3,295,669; cap. Hartford.

Connersville city, E Indiana 47331; pop. 15,550.

Continental Divide ridge of the Rockies separating west-flowing and east-flowing streams in North America.

Conway city, CEN. Arkansas 72032; pop. 26,481.

Coon Rapids vill., E Minnesota 55433; pop. 52,978.

Copenhagen city, E Denmark; cap.; pop. 1,343,916.

Copiague uninc. place, SE New York 11726; pop. 20,769.

Coral Gables city, SE Florida 33134; pop. 40,091.

Coral Sea part of the Pacific, E of Australia and New Guinea.

Cork co., SW Ireland; 2,880 sq. mi.; pop. 402,465.

— co. boro., CEN. Cork co.; cap.; pop. 138,267.

Corner Brook city, W Newfoundland, Canada; pop. 25,198.

Corning city, W New York 14830; pop. 11,938.

Cornwall city, SW Ontario, Canada; pop. 46,121.

Corona city, S California 91720; pop. 76,095.

Coronado city, S California 92118; pop. 26,540.

Corpus Christi city, S Texas 78408*; pop. 257,453.

Corsica isl., N Mediterranean; a dept. of France; 3,352. sq. mi.; pop. 244,600; cap. Ajaccio.

Corsicana city, CEN. Texas 75110; pop. 22,911.

Cortland city, CEN. New York 13045; pop. 19,801.

Corvallis city, W Oregon 97333*; pop. 44,757.

Costa Mesa city, SW California 92626*; pop. 96,357.

Costa Rica republic, Central America; 19,730 sq. mi.; pop. 3,015,000; cap. San José.

Côte d'Ivoire See Ivory Coast.

Côte-St.-Luc city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 25,721.

Council Bluffs city, SW Iowa 51501*; pop. 54,315.

Coventry city and co. boro., CEN. England; pop. 339,300.

— town, CEN. Rhode Island 02816; pop. 31,083.

Covina city, SW California 91722*; pop. 43,207.

Covington city, N Kentucky 41011*; pop. 43,264.

Cranford urb. twp., E New Jersey 07106. pop. 22,624.

Cranston city, E Rhode Island 02910; pop. 76,060.

Crestwood city, E Missouri 63126; pop. 11,234.

Crete isl., E Mediterranean; adm. div. of Greece; 3,219 sq. mi.; pop. 502,165.

Crimea penin., SE Ukraine.

Croatia country of the Balkan Penin.; 21,829 sq. mi.; pop. 4,648,000; cap. Zagreb.

Crowley city, S Louisiana 70526; pop. 13,983.

Crystal vill., SE Minnesota 55428; pop. 23,788.

Cuba isl. republic, Caribbean Sea; 42,804 sq. mi. (with the Isle of Pines); pop. 10,603,000; cap. Havana.

Cudahy city, SW California 90201; pop. 22,817.

— city, SE Wisconsin 53110; pop. 18,659.

Culver City city, SW California 90230*; pop. 38,793.

Cumberland city, NW Maryland 21502*; pop. 23,706.

Cumberland Gap passage through Cumberland Mountains, betw. Tennessee and Virginia.

Cumberland River river, Kentucky and Tennessee; flows to Ohio River.

Cupertino city, W California 95014; pop. 40,263.

Curaçao isl., W Netherlands Antilles; 171 sq. mi.; pop. 147,388; cap. Willemstad.

Cutler Ridge uninc. place, SE Florida 33157; pop. 21,268.

Cuyahoga Falls city, NE Ohio 44222*; pop. 48,950.

Cyclades isl. group, S Aegean; a dept. of Greece; 1,023 sq. mi.; pop. 86,000; cap. Hermoupolis.

Cypress city, SW California 90630; pop. 42,655.

Cyprus isl. republic, E Mediterranean; 2,276 sq. mi.; pop. 568,000; cap. Nicosia.

Czech Republic republic, CEN. Europe; 30,452 sq. mi.; pop. 10,302,215; cap. Prague.

Dacca city, CEN. Bangladesh; cap.; pop. 5,300,000.

Dachau town, SE Germany; site of a Nazi concentration camp; pop. 34,162.

Dakar city, W Senegal; cap.; pop. 1,382,000.

Dallas city, N Texas 75260*; pop. 1,006,877.

Dalmatia coastal reg. Croatia; 4,954 sq. mi. pop. 750,000; cap. Split.

Dalton city, NW Georgia 30720; pop. 21,761.

Daly City city, W California 94017*; pop. 92,311.

Damascus city, SW Syria; cap.; pop. 1,156,000.

Danbury city, SW Connecticut 06810*; pop. 65,585.

Danube river, CEN. and E Europe; 1,770 mi. long.

Danvers town, NE Massachusetts 01923; pop. 24,174.

Danville city, E Illinois 61832; pop. 33,828.

— city, S Virginia 24541*; pop. 53,056.

Danzig the former name of Gdańsk.

Dardanelles strait, NW Turkey; connects Sea of Marmara with the Aegean.

Darien town, SW Connecticut 06820; pop. 18,196.

Darien, Gulf of inlet of the Caribbean, E coast of Panama.

Dartmouth town, SE Massachusetts 02714; pop. 27,244.

— city, S Nova Scotia, Canada; pop. 65,341.

Davenport city, E Iowa 52802*; pop. 95,333.

Davis city, CEN. California 95616; pop. 46,209.

Dayton city, SW Ohio 45401*; pop. 182,044.

Daytona Beach city, E Florida 32015*; pop. 61,921.

Dead Sea large salt lake on Israel–Jordan border; 1,292 ft. below sea level.

Dearborn city, SE Michigan 48120*; pop. 89,286.

Dearborn Heights city, SE Michigan 48127; pop. 60,838.

Death Valley desert basin, SE California; maximum depth 280 ft. below sea level.

Decatur city, N Alabama 35601*; pop. 48,761.

— city, CEN. Georgia 30030*; pop. 17,336.

— city, CEN. Illinois 62521*; pop. 83,885.

Deccan Plateau triangular tableland covering most of the penin. of India.

Dedham town, E Massachusetts 02026; pop. 23,782.

Deerfield vill., NE Illinois 60015; pop. 17,327.

Deerfield Beach town, SE Florida 33441; pop. 46,325.

Deer Park uninc. place, SE New York 11729; pop. 28,840.

Defiance city, NW Ohio 43512; pop. 16,768.

De Kalb city, N Illinois 60115; pop. 34,925.

Delaware state, E United States; 2,044 sq. mi.; pop. 668,696; cap. Dover.

— city, CEN. Ohio 43015; pop. 20,030.

Delaware River river separating Pennsylvania and Delaware from New York and New Jersey; 315 mi. long.

Del City city, CEN. Oklahoma 73115; pop. 23,928.

Delhi terr., CEN. India; 573 sq. mi.; pop. 5,116,000; contains New Delhi.

— city; Delhi terr.; cap.; pop. 3,706,558.

Delray Beach city, SE Florida 33444; pop. 47,181.

Del Rio city, SW Texas 78840; pop. 30,705.

Denison city. N Texas 75020; pop. 21,505.

Denmark monarchy, NW Europe; 16,633 sq. mi.; pop. 5,139,000; cap. Copenhagen.

Denton city, N Texas 76201; pop. 66,270.

Denver city, CEN. Colorado 80202*; cap.; pop. 467,610.

Depew vill., W New York 14043; pop. 17,673.

Des Moines city, CEN. Iowa 50318*; cap.; pop. 193,187.

Des Plaines city, NE Illinois 60016*; pop. 53,223.

Detroit city, SE Michigan 48233*; pop. 1,027,974.

Devil's Island rocky isl. off the coast of French Guiana; formerly a penal colony.

District of Columbia federal dist., E United States; coextensive with Washington, the capital; pop. 606,900.

Dixon city. N Illinois 61021; pop. 15,144.

Djibouti republic, E Africa; 8,950 sq. mi.; pop. 530,000; cap. Djibouti.

Dnepropetrovsk city, SW Ukraine; pop. 1,083,000. Also Dniepropetrovsk.

Dnieper river, E Europe; 1,420 mi. long. Also Dnepr.

Dneister river, SW Ukraine; 876 mi. long. Also Dnestr.

Dodecanese isl. group, Aegean Sea; a dept. of Greece; 1,036 sq. mi.; pop. 120,000; cap. Rhodes.

Dolomite Alps E div. of the Alps, N Italy.

Dolton vill., NE Illinois 60419; pop. 23,930.

Dominican Republic republic, E Hispaniola; 18,704 sq. mi.; pop. 7,170,000; cap. Santo Domingo.

Don river, SW Russia; 1,222 mi. long.

Donets river, E Europe; 631 mi. long.

Dorval city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 19,131.

Dothan city, SE Alabama 36301*; 53,589.

Douai town, N France; pop. 45,239.

Dover municipal boro., SE England; pop. 34,160.

— city, CEN. Delaware 19901; cap.; pop. 27,630.

— city, SE New Hampshire 03820; pop. 25,042.

Dover, Strait of strait at the E end of the English Channel; 21 mi. wide.

Downers Grove vill., NE Illinois 60515; pop. 46,858.

Downey city, SW California 90241*; pop. 91,444.

Dracut town, NE Massachusetts 01826; pop. 25,594.

Drayton Plains city, SE Michigan 48020; pop. 18,000.

Dresden city, S Germany; pop. 514,508.

Drummondville city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 29,286.

Dublin city, E Ireland; cap.; pop. 544,586.

— city. CEN. Georgia 31021; pop. 16,312.

Dubuque city, E Iowa 52001*; pop. 57,546.

Duisburg city, W Germany; pop. 559,066.

Duluth city, NE Minnesota 55806*; pop. 85,493.

Dumont boro., NE New Jersey 07628; pop. 17,187.

Duncan city, S Oklahoma 73533; pop. 21,732.

Dundalk uninc. place, CEN. Maryland 21222; pop. 65,800.

Dundas town, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 19,179.

Dundee burgh, E Scotland; pop. 190,793.

Dunedin city, W Florida 33528; pop. 34,012.

Dunkerque town, N France; scene of evacuation of British forces in World War II, May–June 1940; pop. 83,163.

Dunkirk city, W New York 14048; pop. 13,989.

Dunmore boro., NE Pennsylvania 18512; pop. 15,403.

Durban city, SE South Africa; pop. 634,301.

Durham city, CEN. North Carolina 27701*; pop. 131,611.

Düsseldorf city, W Germany; pop. 594,770.

Dutch Guiana See Surinam.

Eagle Pass city, SW Texas 78852; pop. 20,651.

East Berlin See Berlin.

Eastchester uninc. place, SE New York 10709; pop. 18,537.

East Chicago city, NW Indiana 46312*; pop. 33,892.

East China Sea NE part of the China Sea.

East Cleveland city, NE Ohio 44112; pop. 33,096.

East Detroit city, SE Michigan 48021; pop. 35,283.

Easter Island isl. of Chile, South Pacific; known for stone monuments found there; 45 sq. mi.

East Germany See Germany.

East Hartford town, CEN. Connecticut 06108; pop. 50,452.

East Haven town, S Connecticut 06512; pop. 26,144.

East Indies 1 The isls. of the Malay Archipelago. 2 SE Asia. 3 Formerly, India. Also East India.

Eastlake city, NE Ohio 44094; pop. 21,161.

East Lansing city, CEN. Michigan 48823*; pop. 50,677.

East Liverpool city, E Ohio 43920; pop. 13,654.

East Los Angeles uninc. place, SW California 90022; pop. 126,379.

East Meadow uninc. place, SE New York 11554; pop. 36,909.

East Millcreek uninc. place, NE Utah 84101; pop. 21,184.

East Moline city, NW Illinois 61244; pop. 20,147.

Easton city, S Pennsylvania 18042; pop. 26,276.

East Orange city, NE New Jersey 07019*; pop. 73,552.

East Peoria city, CEN. Illinois 61611; pop. 21,378.

East Point city. CEN. Georgia 30044; pop. 34,402.

East Providence town, E Rhode Island 02914; pop. 50,380.

East Prussia former prov. of Prussia, NE Germany.

East Ridge town, SE Tennessee 37412; pop. 21,101.

East Saint Louis city, SW Illinois 62201*; pop. 40,944.

Eau Claire city, CEN. Wisconsin 54703*; pop. 56,856.

Ecuador republic, NW South America; 103,930 sq. mi.; pop. 10,782,000; cap. Quito.

Eden city, CEN. North Carolina 27288; pop. 15,238.

Edina city, SE Minnesota 55424; pop. 46,070.

Edinburg city, S Texas 78539; pop. 29,885.

Edinburgh city, E Scotland; cap.; pop. 420,169.

Edmond city, CEN. Oklahoma 73034; pop. 52,315.

Edmonds city, NW Washington 98020; pop. 30,744.

Edmonton city, CEN. Alberta, Canada; cap.; pop. 573,982.

Egypt republic, NE Africa; 385,229 sq. mi.; pop. 53,170,000; cap. Cairo: official name Arab Republic of Egypt.

Eire the Irish Gaelic name of Ireland.

Elba isl. betw. Italy and Corsica; sovereign under the exiled Napolean Bonaparte, 1814–15.

Elbe river, CEN. Europe; 725 mi. long.

Elbrus, Mount mtn., S Russia; 18,603 ft.

Elburz Mountains mtn. range N Iran.

El Cajon city, SW California 92020*; pop. 88,693.

El Centro city, S California 92243*; pop. 31,384.

El Cerrito city, W California 94530; pop. 4,490.

El Dorado city, S Arkansas 71730; pop. 23,146.

Elgin city, NE Illinois 60120; pop. 77,010.

Elizabeth city, NE New Jersey 07201*; pop. 110,002.

Elk Grove Village vill., NE Illinois 60007; pop. 33,429.

Elkhart city, N Indiana 46515*; pop. 43,627.

Ellis Island isl., upper New York Bay; former site of US immigration station, now a museum about immigration.

Elmhurst city, NE Illinois 60126; pop. 42,029.

Elmira city, S New York 14901*; pop. 33,724.

Elmont uninc. place, SE New York 11003; pop. 28,612.

El Monte city, SW California 91734*; pop. 106,209.

Elmwood Park vill., NE Illinois 60635; pop. 23,206.

El Paso city, W Texas 79940*; pop. 515,342.

El Salvador republic, W Central America; 8,124 sq. mi.; pop. 5,221,000; cap. San Salvador.

Elyria city, N Ohio 44035*; pop. 56,746.

Emporia city, CEN. Kansas 66801; pop. 25,512.

Enfield town, N Connecticut 06082; pop. 45,532.

England S part and largest political division of Great Britain; 50,363 sq. mi.; pop. 47,536,300; cap. London.

Englewood city, CEN. Colorado 80110; pop. 28,387.

— city, NE New Jersey 07631*; pop. 24,850.

English Channel strait, betw. England and France; 20–100 mi. wide.

Enid city, N Oklahoma 73701*; pop. 45,309.

Eniwetok atoll, Marshall Islands; U.S. nuclear weapons testing area.

Enterprise city, SE Alabama 36330*; pop. 20,123.

Epsom town, SE England; site of famous racecourse; pop. 72,000.

Equatorial Guinea republic, W Africa; 10,831 sq. mi.; pop. 350,000; cap. Malabo.

Erie city, NW Pennsylvania 16501*; pop. 108,718.

Erie, Lake southernmost of the Great Lakes; 9,940 sq. mi.

Erie Canal waterway betw. Albany and Buffalo, New York; integrated with New York State Barge Canal.

Eritrea country, E Africa; 48,263 sq. mi.; pop. 3,500,000; cap. Asmara.

Erivan see Yerevan.

Escondido city, SW California 92025*; pop. 108,635.

Essen city, W Germany; pop. 652,501.

Essex uninc. place, N Maryland 21221; pop. 40,872.

Estonia republic, E Europe; 17,400 sq. mi.; pop. 1,573,000; cap. Tallinn.

Ethiopia republic, E Africa; 423,517 sq. mi.; pop. 54,938,000; cap. Addis Ababa.

Etna, Mount volcano, E Sicily, Italy; 10,868 ft.

Euboea isl. of Greece in the Aegean; 1,457 sq. mi.

Euclid city, NE Ohio 44117; pop. 54,875.

Eugene city, W Oregon 97401*; pop. 112,669.

Euphrates river, SW Asia; 1,740 mi. long.

Eurasia large land mass comprising Europe and Asia.

Eureka city, NW California 95501*; pop. 27,025.

Europe continent comprising the W part of the Eurasian land mass; about 4,063,000 sq. mi.

Evanston city, NE Illinois 60204*; pop. 73,233.

Evansville city, SW Indiana 47708*; pop. 126,272.

Everest mtn., E Nepal; highest point of the earth's surface; 29,028 ft.

Everett city, E Massachusetts 02149; pop. 35,701.

— city, W Washington 98201*; pop. 69,961.

Everglades large swampy reg., S Florida.

Evergreen Park vill., NE Illinois 60642; pop. 20,874.

Exeter co. boro., CEN. Devonshire, England; cap; pop. 95,600.

Faeroe Islands isl. group of Denmark, North Atlantic; 540 sq. mi.; pop. 48,400; cap. Tórshavn.

Fairborn city, SW Ohio 45324; pop. 31,300.

Fairfax town, N Virginia 22030; pop. 19,622.

Fairfield city. CEN. California 94533; pop. 58,099.

— town, SW Connecticut 06430; pop. 53,418.

Fairhaven town, SE Massachusetts 02719; pop. 16,132.

Fair Lawn boro., NE New Jersey 07410; pop. 30,548.

Fairmont city, n West Virginia 26554*; pop. 20,210.

Fairview Park city, NE Ohio 44126; pop. 18,028.

Falkland Islands British col., South Atlantic; 4,618 sq. mi.; pop. 1,081; cap. Stanley.

Fall River city, SE Massachusetts 02722*; pop. 92,703.

Falls urb. twp., NE Pennsylvania 18615; pop. 36,083.

Falmouth town, E Massachusetts 02540; pop. 27,960.

Fargo city, SE North Dakota 58102*; pop. 74,111.

Faribault city, SE Minnesota 55021; pop. 17,085.

Farmers Branch city, N Texas 75234; pop. 24,250.

Farmington town, NW New Mexico 87401; pop. 33,997.

Fayetteville city, NW Arkansas 72701*; pop. 42,099.

— city, CEN. North Carolina 28302*; pop. 75,695.

Federal Republic of Germany See Germany.

Ferguson city, E Missouri 63135; pop. 22,286.

Ferndale city, SE Michigan 48220; pop. 25,084.

Fiji republic, South Pacific; comprises Fiji Islands (7,039 sq. mi.) and Rotuma (18 sq. mi.); pop. 740,000; cap. Suva.

Findlay city, CEN. Ohio 45840*; pop. 35,703.

Finland republic, N Europe; 130,559 sq. mi.; pop. 4,978,000; cap. Helsinki.

Finland, Gulf of part of the Baltic Sea betw. Finland and Russia.

Fitchburg city. N Massachusetts 01420*; pop. 41,194.

Flagstaff city, CEN. Arizona 86001*; pop. 45,857.

Flanders reg., N France and S Belgium.

Flint city, CEN. Michigan 48502*; pop. 140,761.

Floral Park vill., SE New York 11001*; pop. 15,947.

Florence city, CEN. Tuscany, Italy; cap.; pop. 417,487.

— city, NW Alabama 35630*; pop. 36,426.

— city, E South Carolina 29501; pop. 29,813.

Florence-Graham uninc. place, SW California 90001; pop. 48,662.

Florida state, SE United States; 58,664 sq. mi.; pop. 13,003,362; cap. Tallahassee.

Florida Keys isl. group sw of Florida.

Florissant city, E Missouri 63033*; pop. 51,206.

Fond du Lac town, N Wisconsin 54935; pop. 37,757.

Fontainebleau town, N France; site of a former royal residence; pop. 16,778.

Fontana city, CEN. California 92335; pop. 87,535.

Forest Park town, CEN. Georgia 30050; pop. 16,925.

— vill., NE Illinois 60130; pop. 14,918.

— city, SW Ohio 45405; pop. 18,609.

Forestville uninc. place, SW Maryland 20747; pop. 16,731.

Formosa a former name of Taiwan.

Fort Benning South uninc. place, W Georgia 31905; pop. 15,074.

Fort Collins city, N Colorado 80521*; pop. 87,758.

Fort Dodge city, CEN. Iowa 50501; pop. 25,894.

Forth, Firth of estuary of the Forth River; 51 mi. long.

Forth River river, SE Scotland; 65 mi. long.

Fort Knox military reservation. N Kentucky 40120*; site of the Federal gold bullion depository.

Fort-Lamy the former name of N'Djamena.

Fort Lauderdale city, SE Florida 33301*; pop. 149,377.

Fort Lee boro., NE New Jersey 07024; pop. 31,997.

Fort Myers city, SW Florida 33920*; pop. 45,206.

Fort Pierce city, E Florida 33454*; pop. 36,830.

Fort Smith city, W Arkansas 72901*; pop. 72,798.

Fort Thomas city, N Kentucky 41075; pop. 16,032.

Fort Walton Beach city, NW Florida 32548; pop. 21,471.

Fort Wayne city, NE Indiana 46802*; pop. 173,072.

Fort Worth city, N Texas 76101*; pop. 447,619.

Fostoria city, N Ohio 44830; pop. 14,983.

Fountain Valley city, SW California 92708; pop. 53,691.

Framingham town, E Massachusetts 01701; pop. 64,994.

France republic, W Europe; 210,026 sq. mi.; pop. 56,647,000; cap. Paris.

Frankfort city, CEN. Kentucky 40601; cap.; pop. 25,968.

Frankfurt am Main city, CEN. Germany; pop. 628,203.

Frankfurt an der Oder city, E Germany; pop. 77,175.

Franklin town, E Massachusetts 02038; pop. 22,095.

Franklin Park vill., NE Illinois 60131; pop. 18,485.

Franklin Square uninc. place, SE New York 11010; pop. 28,205.

Frederick city, NW Maryland 21701; pop. 40,148.

Fredericton city, CEN. New Brunswick, Canada; pop. 45,248.

Freeport city, NW Bahamas, on Grand Bahama Island; pop. 25,423.

— city, N Illinois 61032; pop. 25,840.

— vill., SE New York 11520; pop. 39,894.

Fremont city, N California 94536; pop. 173,339.

— city, E Nebraska 68025; pop. 23,680.

— city, N Ohio 43420; pop. 17,648.

French Guiana French overseas dept. NE South America; 33,399 sq. mi.; pop. 117,000; cap. Cayenne.

French Polynesia French overseas terr., South Pacific; comprises the Society, Marquesas, Gambier, and other islands; 1,550 sq. mi.; pop. 197,000; cap. Papeete.

French West Indies isls. comprising Guadaloupe and Martinique.

Fresno city. CEN. California 93706*; pop. 354,202.

Fridley city, E Minnesota 55421; pop. 28,335.

Friesland prov., N Netherlands; 1,295 sq. mi.; pop. 597,600; cap. Leeuwarden.

Frigid Zone See North Frigid Zone, South Frigid Zone.

Frisian Islands isl. group, North Sea near Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands.

Fuji extinct volcano, Honshu, Japan; 12,389 ft.

Fullerton city, SW California 92631*; pop. 114,144.

Fundy, Bay of inlet of the Atlantic betw. Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and NE Maine.

Fuzhou city, SE China; pop. 710,000.

Gabon republic, W equatorial Africa; 103,347 sq. mi.; pop. 1,171,000; cap. Libreville.

Gadsden city, NE Alabama 35901*; pop. 42,523.

Gainesville city, N Florida 32601*; pop. 84,770.

— city, CEN. Georgia 30501*; pop. 17,885.

Galápagos Islands isl. group of Ecuador, South Pacific.

Galesburg city, W Illinois 61401; pop. 33,530.

Galicia reg., SE Poland and NW Ukraine.

— reg., NW Spain.

Galilee reg., N Israel.

Galilee, Sea of freshwater lake; betw. NE Israel, SW Syria, and NW Jordan; 64 sq. mi.

Gallipoli Peninsula penin., NW Turkey.

Galveston city, SE Texas 77550*; pop. 59,070.

Gambia, Republic of the, republic, W Africa; 4,127 sq. mi.; pop. 860,000; cap. Banjul.

Ganges river, N India and Bangladesh, sacred to Hindus; 1,560 mi. long.

Gardena city, SW California 90247*; pop. 49,847.

Garden City city, SE Michigan 48135; pop. 31,846.

— vill., SE New York 11530; pop. 21,686.

Garden Grove city, SW California 92640*; pop. 143,050.

Gardner city, N Massachusetts 01440; pop. 20,125.

Garfield city, NE New Jersey 07026; pop. 26,727.

Garfield Heights city, NE Ohio 44125; pop. 31,739.

Garland city, N Texas 75040*; pop. 180,650.

Gary city, NW Indiana 46401*; pop. 116,646.

Gascony reg., SW France.

Gastonia city, SW North Carolina 28052*; pop. 54,732.

Gatineau town, SW Quebec, Canada; pop. 73,479.

Gaza city, sw Israel; the Gaza Strip, the surrounding area; pop. 356,261.

Gdańsk port city, N Poland: formerly, as Danzig, cap. of the territory of the Free City of Danzig; pop. 449,200.

Gdynia city, NW Poland; pop. 232,500.

Geneva city, SW Switzerland; pop. 389,000.

— city, CEN. New York 14456; pop. 14,143.

Geneva, Lake of lake, SW Switzerland; 224 sq. mi.

Genoa city, NW Italy; pop. 714,641.

Georgetown city, N Guyana; cap.; pop. 187,056.

Georgia state, SE United States: 58,910 sq. mi.; pop. 6,508,419.

Georgia republic, W Asia; 26,900 sq. mi.; pop. 5,171,000; cap. Tbilisi.

German Democratic Republic See Germany.

Germany republic, CEN. Europe; divided 1949–90, into the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany), cap. Bonn; and the German Democratic Republic (East Germany), cap. East Berlin. 137,820 sq. mi.; pop. 79,082,000; cap. Berlin.

Ghana republic W Africa; 92,098 sq. mi.; pop. 12,815,000; cap. Accra.

Ghent city, NW Belgium; pop. 241,695.

Gilbraltar British col. on the Rock of Gilbraltar; 2.25 sq. mi.; pop. 29,760.

Gilbraltar, Rock of penin., S Spain; dominates the Strait of Gibraltar.

Gilbraltar, Strait of strait, betw. Spain and Africa, W Mediterranean.

Gilbert Islands See Kiribati.

Glace Bay town, NE Nova Scotia, Canada; pop. 21,836.

Gladstone city, W Missouri 64118; pop. 26,243.

Glasgow burgh, SW Scotland; pop. 794,316.

Glastonbury city, CEN. Connecticut 06033; pop. 27,901.

Glen Burnie uninc. place, NE Maryland 21061; pop. 37,305.

Glen Cove city, SE New York 11542; pop. 24,149.

Glendale city, CEN. Arizona 85301*; pop. 148,134.

— city, SW California 91209*; pop. 180,038.

Glendora city, SW California 91740; pop. 47,828.

Glen Ellyn vill., NE Illinois 60137*; pop. 24,944.

Glens Falls city, E New York 12801; pop. 15,023.

Glenview vill., NE Illinois 60025; pop. 37,093.

Gloucester co. boro., CEN. Gloucestershire, England; cap.; pop. 91,300.

— city, NE Massachusetts 01930*; pop. 28,716.

Gloversville city, CEN. New York 12078; pop. 16,656.

Goa former Portuguese terr., W India; annexed by India in 1961; 1,394 sq. mi.; pop. 954,000; cap. New Goa.

Gobi Desert desert, CEN. Asia; 500,000 sq. mi.

Golden Gate strait betw. San Francisco Bay and the Pacific.

Golden Valley vill., SE Minnesota 55427; pop. 20,971.

Goldsboro city, CEN. North Carolina 27530; pop. 40,709.

Good Hope, Cape of promontory, SW South Africa.

Goshen city, N Indiana 46526; pop. 23,797.

Göteborg city, SW Sweden; pop. 434,699.

Gotland isl. of SE Sweden, Baltic Sea; 1,167 sq. mi.

Granada city, S Spain; pop. 229,108.

Granby city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 37,132.

Grand Banks submarine shoal, North Atlantic; near Newfoundland.

Grand Canyon gorge of the Colorado River, NW Arizona; ab. 250 mi. long.

Grand Forks uninc. place, E North Dakota 58201*; pop. 49,425.

Grand Island city, CEN. Nebraska 68801; pop. 39,386.

Grand Junction city, W Colorado: 81501*; pop. 29,034.

Grand' Mère city, CEN. Quebec, Canada; pop. 15,999.

Grand Prairie city, N Texas 75051*; pop. 99,616.

Grand Rapids city, W Michigan 49501*; pop. 189,126.

Grandview city, W Missouri 64030; pop. 24,967.

Granite City city, SW Illinois 62040; pop. 32,862.

Great Barrier Reef coral reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia.

Great Bend city, CEN. Kansas 67530; pop. 15,423.

Great Britain principal isl. of the United Kingdom; comprises England, Scotland, and Wales: 94,248 sq. mi.; pop. 56,518,000; cap. London.

Great Divide See Continental Divide.

Greater Antilles See Antilles.

Great Falls city, CEN. Montana 59401*; pop. 55,097.

Great Lakes chain of five lakes, CEN. North America; on Canada–United States border; comprises Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario, and Erie; total 94,710 sq. mi.

Great Plains plateau, W North America; E of the Rockies.

Great Russia CEN. and NW reg. of Russia.

Great Salt Lake salt lake, NW Utah; ab. 2,000 sq. mi.

Great Slave Lake lake, S Northwest Territories, Canada; 11,170 sq. mi.

Great Smoky Mountains mtn. range, North Carolina and Tennessee.

Greece republic, SE Europe; 50,949 sq. mi.; pop. 10,038,000; cap. Athens.

Greeley city, N Colorado 80631*; pop. 60,536.

Green Bay city, E Wisconsin 54305*; pop. 96,466.

Greenbelt city, CEN. Maryland 20770; pop. 21,096.

Greendale vill., SE Wisconsin 53129; pop. 15,128.

Greenfield uninc. place, NW Massachusetts 01301*; pop. 18,666.

— town, SE Wisconsin 53220; pop. 33,403.

Greenfield Park town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 18,430.

Greenland isl. territory of Denmark near NE North America; 840,000 sq. mi.; pop. 55,900.

Green Mountains mtn. range, CEN. Vermont.

Greensboro city, CEN. North Carolina 27420*; pop. 183,521.

Greensburg city, sw Pennsylvania 15601*; pop. 16,318.

Greenville city, W Mississippi 38701*; pop. 45,226.

— city, E North Carolina 27834*; pop. 44,972.

— city, NW South Carolina 29602*; pop. 58,282.

— city, NE Texas 75401; pop. 23,071.

Greenwich boro., SE London; former site of the Royal Observatory; location of prime meridian; pop. 218,000.

— town, sw Connecticut 06830*; pop. 58,441.

Greenwood city, CEN. Mississippi 38930; pop. 18,906.

— city, w South Carolina 29646*; pop. 20,807.

Grenada republic in the West Indies; 133 sq. mi.; pop. 101,000; cap. St. George's.

Gretna city, SE Louisiana 70053; pop. 17,208.

Griffin city, CEN. Georgia 30223; pop. 21,347.

Griffith town, NW Indiana 46319; pop. 17,916.

Grimsby town, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 15,567.

Grosse Pointe city, SE Michigan 48236; pop. 17,715.

Groves city, SE Texas 77619; pop. 16,513.

Guadalajara city, CEN. Mexico; pop. 1,813,100.

Guadalcanal isl., British Solomons; scene of an Allied invasion in World War II, 1943.

Guadeloupe French overseas dept., Lesser Antilles; 687 sq. mi.; pop. 380,000; cap. Basse-Terre.

Guam uninc. terr. of the United States, an isl. in the Marianas; 209 sq. mi. pop. 134,000; cap. Agaña.

Guantánamo city, SE Cuba, near, Guantánamo Bay; pop. 155,217.

Guatemala republic, N Central America; 42,042 sq. mi.; pop. 9,197,000.

City, CEN. Guatemala; cap.; pop. 1,057,210.

Guayama town, SE Puerto Rico 00654; pop. 21,044.

Guayaquil city, w Ecuador; pop. 1,022,010.

Guelph city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 67,538.

Guernica town, N Spain; object of a German bombing, 1937; pop. 11,704.

Guernsey one of the Channel Islands; 25 sq. mi.

Guiana coastal reg., NE South America. See British Guiana, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname.

Guinea republic, W Africa; 94,900 sq. mi.; pop. 5,429,000; cap. Conakry.

Guinea, Gulf of large bay of the Atlantic off W Africa.

Guinea-Bissau republic, W Africa; 13,948 sq. mi.; pop. 973,000; cap. Bissau.

Gulfport city, SE Mississippi 39501*; pop. 40,775.

Gulf Stream A warm ocean current flowing from the Gulf of Mexico northeastward toward Europe.

Guyana republic, NE South America, 83,044 sq. mi.; pop. 756,000; cap. Georgetown.

Haarlem city, W Netherlands; pop. 158,291.

Hackensack city, NE New Jersey 07602*; pop. 37,049.

Haddonfield city, SW New Jersey 08033; pop. 11,628.

Hagerstown city, W Maryland 21740; pop. 35,445.

Hague, The city, W Netherlands; seat of government; pop. 443,845. Also s'Gravenhage.

Haifa city, NW Israel; pop. 229,300.

Haiti republic, W Hispaniola; 10,579 sq. mi.; pop. 5,862,000; cap. Port-au-Prince.

Halifax city, S Nova Scotia; Canada; cap.; pop. 117,882.

Hallandale city, SE Florida 33009; pop. 30,996.

Halle city, sw Germany; pop. 232,543.

Haltom City vill., N Texas 76117; pop. 32,856.

Hamburg state and city. N Germany; 288 sq. mi.; pop. 1,653,043.

Hamden town, S Connecticut 06514; pop. 52,434.

Hamilton city, CEN. Bermuda; cap.; pop. 2,060.

— city, SW Ohio 45012*; pop. 61,368.

— city, s Ontario, Canada; pop. 312,003.

Hammond city, NW Indiana 46320*; pop. 84,236.

Hampton city, SE Virginia 23660*; pop. 133,793.

Hampton Roads channel, SE Virginia; connects several rivers with Chesapeake Bay; scene of the engagement of the “Monitor” and the “Merrimack,” 1862.

Hamtramck city, SE Michigan 48212; pop. 18,372.

Hanford city, CEN. California 93230*; pop. 30,897.

Hangzhou city, E China; pop. 933,000.

Hannibal city, NE Missouri 63401*; pop. 18,004.

Hannover city, CEN. Germany; pop. 535,834.

Hanoi city, CEN. Vietnam; cap; pop. 1,600,000.

Harare See Salisbury.

Harbin city, NE China; pop. 2,094,000.

Harlingen city, S Texas 78551*; pop. 48,735.

Harper Woods city, SE Michigan 48236; pop. 14,903.

Harrisburg city. CEN. Pennsylvania 17105*; cap; pop. 52,376.

Hartford city, CEN. Connecticut 06101*; cap.; pop. 139,739.

Harvey city, NE Illinois 60426; pop. 29,771.

Hastings city, S Nebraska 68901; pop. 22,837.

Hattiesburg city, SE Mississippi 39401*; pop. 41,882.

Havana city, W Cuba; cap.; pop. 1,961,674.

Haverford urb. twp., SE Pennsylvania 19083; pop. 52,371.

Haverhill city, NE Massachusetts 01831*; pop. 51,418.

Hawaii state of the United States, North Pacific; coextensive with the Hawaiian Islands; 6,471 sq. mi.; pop. 1,115,274; cap. Honolulu.

largest of the Hawaiian Islands; 4,020 sq. mi.

Hawthorne city, SW California 90250; pop. 71,349.

— boro., NE New Jersey 07007; pop. 17,084.

Hays city, CEN. Kansas 67601; pop. 17,767.

Hayward city, W California 94544*; pop. 111,498.

Hazel Park city, SE Michigan 48030; pop. 20,051.

Hazleton city, E Pennsylvania 18201; pop. 24,730.

Hebrides isl. group off W coast of Scotland, ab. 3,000 sq. mi.

Heidelberg city, SW Germany; pop. 128,773.

Hejaz div., W Saudi Arabia; 150,000 sq. mi.; pop. 1,754,000; cap. Mecca.

Helena city, CEN. Montana 59601*; cap.; pop. 24,569.

Helicon mtn. range, CEN. Greece.

Helsinki city, S Finland; cap.; pop. 490,693.

Hempstead vill., SE New York 11551*; pop. 49,453.

Henderson city, NW Kentucky 42420; pop. 25,945.

— city, S Nevada 89015*; pop. 69,942.

Hermosa Beach city, SW California 90254; pop. 18,219.

Herzegovina See Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Hesse state, W Germany; 8,152 sq. mi.; pop. 5,576,085; cap. Wiesbaden.

Hialeah city, SE Florida 33010*; site of a famous racetrack; pop. 188,004.

Hibbing vill., NE Minnesota 55746; pop. 18,046.

Hickory city, CEN. North Carolina 28601*; pop. 28,301.

Hicksville uninc. place, SE New York 11802*; pop. 40,174.

Highland town, NW Indiana 46322; pop. 23,696.

Highland Park city, NE Illinois 60035*; pop. 30,575.

— city, SE Michigan 48203; pop. 20,121.

High Point city, CEN. North Carolina 27260*; pop. 69,496.

Hillcrest Heights city, S Maryland; pop. 17,136.

Hillside urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07205; pop. 21,044.

Hilo city, E Hawaii island, Hawaii 96720; pop. 37,808.

Himalayas mtn. range. CEN. Asia.

Hindustan 1 loosely, the reg. of the Ganges where Hindi is spoken. 2 loosely, India.

Hingham town, E Massachusetts 02043; pop. 19,821.

Hinsdale vill., NE Illinois 60521*; pop. 16,029.

Hiroshima city, SW Honshu isl., Japan; devastated by the first atom bomb used in war, Aug. 6, 1945; pop. 899,394.

Hispaniola isl., West Indies; ab. 30,000 sq. mi.; divided into Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Hobart city, SE Tasmania, Australia; cap; pop. 170,200.

— city, NW Indiana 46342; pop. 21,822.

Hobbs city, SE New Mexico 88240; pop. 29,115.

Hoboken city, NE New Jersey 07030; pop. 33,397.

Ho Chi Minh City See Saigon.

Hoffman Estates city, NE Illinois 60172; pop. 46,561.

Hokkaido isl. of N Japan; ab. 29,000 sq. mi.

Holladay uninc. place, NW Utah 84117; pop. 22,189.

Holland See Netherlands.

— city, sw Michigan 49423*; pop. 30,745.

Hollywood area, NW Los Angeles, California; ctr. of US motion-picture industry.

— city, SE Florida 33022*; pop. 121,697.

Holyoke city, CEN. Massachusetts 01040*; pop. 43,704.

Homewood city, CEN. Alabama 35209; pop. 22,922.

— vill., NE Illinois 60430; pop. 19,278.

Honduras republic, NE Central America; 43,277 sq. mi.; pop. 4,674,000; cap. Tegucigalpa.

Hong Kong special administrative region, SE China; includes Hong Kong Island; 415 sq. mi.; pop. 5,841,000; cap. Victoria.

Honolulu city, SE Oahu. Hawaii 96815*; cap.; pop. 365,272.

Honshu isl. of GEN. Japan; 88,745 sq. mi.

Hood, Mount volcanic peak, Cascade Range, NW Oregon 11,245 ft.

Hoover Dam dam, Colorado River at the Arizona–Nevada border; 727 ft. high; 1,282 ft. long.

Hopewell city, SE Virginia 23860; pop. 23,101.

Hopkinsville city, SW Kentucky 42240; pop. 29,809.

Horn, Cape S extremity of South America.

Hot Springs city, CEN. Arkansas 71901; pop. 32,462.

Houma city, SE Louisiana 70360*; pop. 30,495.

Houston city, SE Texas 77013*; pop. 1,630,533.

Huber Heights city, SW Ohio 45424; pop. 38,696.

Hudson Center uninc. place, CEN. Massachusetts 01749; pop. 14,267.

Hudson Bay inland sea, N Canada; connected with the Atlantic by Hudson Strait; ab. 475,000 sq. mi.

Hudson River river, E New York; 306 mi. long.

Hull city, SW Quebec, Canada; pop. 61,039.

Hungary republic, CEN. Europe; 35,920 sq. mi.; pop. 10,437,000; cap. Budapest.

Huntington city, NE Indiana 46750; pop. 16,389.

— city, W West Virginia 25701*; pop. 54,844.

Huntington Beach city, SW California 92647*; pop. 181,519.

Huntington Park city, SW California 90255*; pop. 56,065.

Huntington Station uninc. place, SE New York 11746*; pop. 28,247.

Huntsville city, N Alabama 35804*; pop. 159,789.

— city, E Texas 77340*; pop. 27,925.

Huron, Lake one of the Great Lakes; betw. Michigan and Ontario; 23,010 sq. mi.

Hurst city, N Texas 76053; pop. 33,574.

Hutchinson city, CEN. Kansas 67501; pop. 39,308.

Hwang Ho river, N China; 2,900 mi. long.

Hyde Park public park, London, England.

Hyderabad city. CEN. India; pop. 1,607,396.

— city, SE Pakistan; pop. 600,796.

Iberia part of SW Europe containing Spain and Portugal.

Iceland isl. republic, North Atlantic; 39,699 sq. mi.; pop. 256,000; cap. Reykjavik.

Idaho state, NW United States; 83,564 sq. mi.; pop. 1,011,986; cap. Boise.

Idaho Falls city, SE Idaho 83402*; pop. 43,929.

Ijssel, Lake freshwater lake, CEN. Netherlands.

Illinois state, CEN. United States; 56,345 sq. mi.; pop. 11,466,682; cap. Springfield.

Imperial Beach city, SW California 92032; pop. 25,512.

Imperial Valley argricultural reg., SE California.

Independence city, W Missouri 64051*; pop. 112,301.

India republic, S Asia; 1,222,559 sq. mi.; pop. 853,373,000; cap. New Delhi.

Indiana state, CEN. United States; 36,185 sq. mi.; pop. 5,564,228; cap. Indianapolis.

— boro., CEN. Pennsylvania 15701; pop. 15,174.

Indianapolis city, CEN. Indiana 46206*; cap.; pop. 741,952.

Indian Ocean ocean betw. Africa, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica.

Indies See East Indies, West Indies.

Indochina 1 SE penin. of Asia. 2 Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam.

Indonesia republic, SE Asia; comprises over 100 isls. of the Malay Archipelago; 752,409 sq. mi.; pop. 180,763,000; cap. Jakarta.

Indus river, Tibet, Kashmir, and Pakistan; 1,800 mi. long.

Inglewood city, SW California 90306*; pop. 109,602.

Inkster vill. SE Michigan 48141; pop. 30,772.

Ionian Sea part of the Mediterranean betw. Greece and Sicily.

Iowa state, CEN. United States; 56,275 sq. mi.; pop. 2,787,424; cap. Des. Moines.

Iowa City city, E Iowa 52240*; pop. 59,738.

Iraklion city, N CEN. Crete; pop. 78,000. Also Candia, Heraklion.

Iran republic, SW Asia; ab. 636,372 sq. mi.; pop. 56,293,000; cap. Tehran.

Iraq republic, SW Asia; 169,975 sq. mi.; pop. 17,754,000; cap. Baghdad.

Ireland westernmost of the British Isles; 31,838 sq. mi.

— republic, S Ireland; 27,137 sq. mi.; pop. 3,614,000; cap. Dublin. See also Northern Ireland.

Irish Sea part of the Atlantic betw. Great Britain and Ireland.

Irkutsk city, S Russia; pop. 561,000.

Irondequoit uninc. place, W New York 14617; pop. 52,322.

Irrawaddy river, Tibet and Myanmar; 1,200 mi. long.

Irving city, N Texas 75061*; pop. 155,037.

Irvington town, NE New Jersey 07111; pop. 59,774.

Islamabad city, NE Pakistan; cap.; pop. 204,364.

Israel republic, E end of the Mediterranean; 7,992 sq. mi.; pop. 4,666,000; cap. Jerusalem.

Istanbul city, NE Turkey; pop. 6,748,435.

Italy republic, S Europe; 116,324 sq. mi.; pop. 57,512,000; cap. Rome.

Ithaca isl. of Greece, Ionian Sea; 36 sq. mi.

— city, CEN. New York 14850; pop. 29,541.

Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire) republic, W Africa; 123,847 sq. mi.; pop. 12,657,000; cap. Abidjan.

Izmir city, W Turkey; pop. 1,762,849. Also Smyrna.

Jackson city, S Michigan 49201*; pop. 37,446.

— city, CEN. Mississippi 39205*; cap.; pop. 196,637.

— city, W Tennessee 38301*; pop. 48,949.

Jacksonville city, CEN. Arkansas 72076*; pop. 29,101.

— city, NE Florida 32201*; pop. 672,971.

— city, CEN. Illinois 62650*; pop. 19,324.

— city, E North Carolina 28540*; pop. 30,013.

Jakarta city, NW Java; cap. of Indonesia; pop. 7,829,000.

Jamaica isl. monarchy of the Greater Antilles; 4,244 sq. mi.; pop. 2,391,000; cap. Kingston.

Jamestown town, NW St. Helena; cap.; pop. 1,516.

— city, SW New York 14701; pop. 34,681.

— city, CEN. North Dakota 58401; pop. 15,571.

— restored vill., E Virginia 23081; site of the first English settlement in the present limits of the United States, 1607.

Jammu and Kashmir state, N India; subject of a territorial dispute with Pakistan; 85,806 sq. mi.; pop. 5,120,000; caps. Sringar and Jammu.

Janesville city, S Wisconsin 53545*; pop. 52,133.

Japan constitutional monarchy; E Asia; situated on a chain of isls.; 145,862 sq. mi.; pop. 123,692,000; cap. Tokyo.

Japan, Sea of part of the Pacific betw. Japan and the Asian mainland.

Java isl. of Indonesia; SE of Sumatra; 48,842 sq. mi.

Jefferson uninc. place, NE Virginia 22042; pop. 25,782.

Jefferson City city, CEN. Missouri 65101*; cap.; pop. 35,481.

Jefferson uninc. place, SE Louisiana 70121; pop. 14,521.

Jeffersonville city, SE Indiana 47130*; pop. 21,220.

Jennings city, E Missouri 63136; pop. 15,905.

Jericho vill., W Jordan; on the site of the ancient city.

Jersey one of the Channel Islands; 45 sq. mi.

Jersey City city, NE New Jersey 07303*; pop. 228,537.

Jerusalem city, E Israel; cap., pop. 493,500.

Jidda city, W Saudi Arabia; pop. 561,104.

Johannesburg city, NE South Africa; cap.; pop. 632,369.

Johnson City vill., S New York 13790; pop. 16,890.

— city, NE Tennessee 37601; pop. 49,381.

Johnstown city, CEN. Pennsylvania 15901*; pop. 28,134.

Joliet city, NE Illinois 60431*; pop. 76,836.

Joliette city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 18,118.

Jonesboro city, NE Arkansas 72401; pop. 46,535.

Jonquière city, CEN. Quebec, Canada; pop. 60,691.

Joplin city, SW Missouri 64801*; pop. 40,961.

Jordan constitutional monarchy, W Asia; 34,443 sq. mi.; pop. 3,169,000; cap. Amman.

Jordan River river, CEN. Palestine; more than 200 mi. long.

Junction City city, CEN. Kansas 66441; pop. 20,604.

Juneau city, SE Alaska 99801; cap.; pop. 26,751.

Jungfrau mtn. peak, CEN. Switzerland; 13,653 ft.

Jura Mountains mtn. range, E France and W Switzerland.

Jutland penin., N Europe; comprises continental Denmark and part of Germany.

Kabul city, CEN. Afghanistan; cap.; pop. 1,424,400.

Kailua uninc. place, E Oahu, Hawaii 96734*; pop. 36,818.

Kalamazoo city, SW Michigan 49001*; pop. 80,277.

Kalimantan the Indonesian name of Borneo.

Kaliningrad city, extreme W Russia; pop. 361,000.

Kamchatka penin, E Russia, betw. The Bering and Okhotsk Seas.

Kampuchea, Roat (Cambodia) republic, SW Indochina peninsula, formerly Khmer Republic; 69,698 sq. mi.; pop. 8,592,000; cap. Phnom Penh.

Kaneohe uninc. place, E Oahu, Hawaii 96744; pop. 35,448.

Kankakee city, NE Illinois 60901; pop. 27,575.

Kannapolis uninc. place, CEN. North Carolina 28081; pop. 29,696.

Kansas state, CEN. United States; 82,277 sq. mi.; pop. 2,485,600; cap. Topeka.

Kansas City city, NE Kansas 66110*; pop. 149,767.

— city, W Missouri 64108*; pop. 435,146.

Karachi city, S Pakistan; former cap.; pop. 5,208,132.

Karelia autonomous republic, NW Russia; 66,560 sq. mi.; pop. 711,000; cap. Petrozavodsk.

Karnak vill., S Egypt; near the site of ancient Thebes.

Kashmir See Jammu and Kashmir.

Kathmandu city, CEN. Nepal; cap.; pop. 150,402.

Kauai one of the Hawaiian Islands; 551 sq. mi.

Kaunas city, CEN. Lithuania; pop. 377,000.

Kazakstan republic, CEN. Asia; 1,049,200 sq. mi.; pop. 15,654,000; cap. Alma-Ata.

Kazan city, NW Tatar Republic, E European Russia; cap.; pop. 1,002,000.

Kearney city, CEN. Nebraska 68847; pop. 24,396.

Kearns uninc. place, N Utah 84118; pop. 28,374.

Kearny town, NE New Jersey 07032; pop. 34,874.

Keene city, SW New Hampshire 03431; pop. 22,430.

Kelowna city, S British Columbia, Canada; pop. 51,955.

Kendall uninc. place, SE Florida 33156; pop. 87,271.

Kenmore vill., W New York 14217; pop. 17,180.

Kennedy, Cape the former name of Cape Canaveral.

Kenner city, SE Louisiana 70062; pop. 72,033.

Kennewick city, S Washington 99336; pop. 42,155.

Kenosha city, SE Wisconsin 53141*; pop. 80,352.

Kent city, NE Ohio 44240*; pop. 28,835.

— city, CEN. Washington 98031; pop. 37,960.

Kentucky state, CEN. United States; 40,409 sq. mi.; pop. 3,698,969; cap. Frankfort.

Kentucky River river, N Kentucky; 259 mi. long.

Kentwood city, SW Michigan 49508; pop. 37,826.

Kenya republic, E Africa; 224,961 sq. mi.; pop. 24,872,000; cap. Nairobi.

Kenya, Mount extinct volcano, CEN. Kenya; 17,058 ft.

Kettering city, SW Ohio 45429; pop. 60,569.

Key West southwesternmost of the Florida Keys.

— city, Key West Island, Florida 33040; pop. 24,832.

Kharkov city, NE Ukraine; pop. 1,464,000.

Khartoum city, CEN. Sudan; cap.; pop. 790,000.

Khmer Republic the former name of Cambodia.

Khyber Pass mtn. pass betw. Afghanistan and Pakistan; ab. 30 mi. long.

Kiel city, N Germany; pop. 250,750.

Kiel Canal ship canal betw. Kiel and the mouth of the Elbe; ab. 61 mi. long.

Kiev city, CEN. Ukraine; cap.; pop. 2,192,000.

Kilauea active crater, Mauna Loa volcano, Hawaii.

Kilimanjaro, Mount mtn., NE Tanzania; highest in Africa; 19,565 ft.

Killeen city, CEN. Texas 76540*; pop. 63,535.

Kimberley city, CEN. South Africa; pop. 105,258.

Kings borough Brooklyn, SE New York City, New York 11200*; pop. 2,300,664.

Kingsport city, NE Tennessee 37662*; pop. 36,365.

Kingston city, SE Jamaica; cap.; pop. 524,638.

— city, SE New York 12401; pop. 23,095.

— boro., CEN. Pennsylvania 18704; pop. 14,507.

— city, SE Ontario, Canada; pop. 56,032.

Kingsville city, S Texas 78363*; pop. 25,276.

Kinshasa city, W Democratic Republic of the Congo; cap.; pop. 3,562,122.

Kinston city, CEN. North Carolina 28501; pop. 25,295.

Kiribati, republic including 3 isl. groups SW Pacific, comprising the Gilbert, Line, Phoenix Islands, and Banaba Island; 328 sq. mi.; pop. 71,000; cap. Bairiki.

Kirkland city, CEN. Washington 98033; pop. 40,052.

Kirksville city, N Missouri 63501; pop. 17,152.

Kirkwood city, E Missouri 63122; pop. 27,291.

Kitchener city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 131,870.

Kitty Hawk vill., NE North Carolina; site of the first sustained airplane flight, by Wilbur and Orville Wright, 1903.

Klamath Falls city, S Oregon 97601*; pop. 17,737.

Klondike reg., NW Canada in the basin of the Klondike River.

Knoxville city, E Tennessee 37901*; pop. 165,121.

Kobe city, S Japan; pop. 1,367,392.

Kodiak Island isl., S Alaska; pop. 6,365.

Kokomo city, CEN. Indiana 46902*; pop. 44,962.

Kolonia city, cap. Micronesia; pop. 6,000.

Königsberg the former German name of Kaliningrad.

Korea penin., E Asia; 85,509 sq. mi.; divided into the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) single-party republic; 47,250 sq. mi.; pop. 22,937,000; cap. Pyongyang; and the Republic of Korea (South Korea) multiparty republic; 38,259 sq. mi.; pop. 42,793,000; cap. Seoul.

Korea Strait strait, betw. the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.

Kozhikode city, S India: pop. 333,979. Also Calicut.

Krakatoa isl. volcano betw. Sumatra and Java, Indonesia; site of most violent volcanic eruption of modern times, 1883.

Kraków city, S Poland; pop. 743,700.

Krasnodar city, SW Russia; pop. 620,000.

Krasnoyarsk city, CEN Russia; pop. 912,000.

Kuala Lumpur city, CEN. Malaysia; cap.; pop. 1,103,200.

Kunming city, SW China; pop. 1,085,100.

Kurdistan reg., NW Iran, NE Iraq, and SE Turkey; peopled largely by Kurds.

Kure city, SW Japan; pop. 234,550.

Kurile Island isl. group, SE Russia; 5,700 sq. mi.

Kuwait monarchy, NE Arabia; 6,880 sq. mi.; pop. 2,143,000.

— City, E Kuwait; cap.; pop. 44,224.

Kyoto city, SW Japan; pop. 1,470,564.

Kyrgyzstan republic, CEN Asia; 76,641 sq. mi.; pop. 4,291,000; cap. Bishkek.

Kyushu isl., S Japan; 16,247 sq. mi.; pop. 1,034,328.

Labrador terr., Newfoundland, Canada; ab. 110,000 sq. mi.; pop. 21,157.

— the penin. of North America betw. the St. Lawrence River and Hudson Bay.

La Canada-Flintridge uninc. place, SW California 91011; pop. 19,378.

Lachine city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 41,503.

Lackawanna city, W New York 14218; pop. 20,585.

La Crosse city, W Wisconsin 54601*; pop. 51,003.

Ladoga, Lake lake, NW Russia; 7,100 sq. mi.

Lafayette uninc. place, W California 94549; pop. 23,501.

— city, CEN. Indiana 47901*; pop. 43,764.

— city, S Louisiana 70509*; pop. 94,440.

Lagos city, SW Nigeria; cap.; pop. 1,274,000.

La Grange city, W Georgia 30240; pop. 25,597.

— vill., NE Illinois 60525; pop. 15,362.

La Habra city, SW California 90631*; pop. 51,266.

Lahore city, E Pakistan; pop. 2,952,689.

Lake Charles city, SW Louisiana 70601*; pop. 70,580.

Lake District reg., NW England; contains 15 lakes.

Lake Forest city, NE Illinois 60045; pop. 17,836.

Lakeland city, CEN. Florida 33082*; pop. 70,576.

Lakewood city, SW California 90714*; pop. 73,557.

— city, CEN. Colorado 80215; pop. 126,481.

— uninc. place, E New Jersey 08701; pop. 26,095.

— city, N Ohio 44107, pop. 59,718.

Lake Worth city, SE Florida 33460; pop. 28,564.

La Marque city, SE Texas 77568; pop. 14,120.

La Mesa city, SW California 92041*; pop. 52,931.

La Mirada city, SW California 90638; pop. 40,452.

Lancaster city, SW California 93534*; pop. 97,291.

— city, CEN. Ohio 43130; pop. 34,507.

— city, SE Pennsylvania 17604*; pop. 55,551.

Lanzhou city, NW China; pop. 1,151,700.

Lansdale boro., SE Pennsylvania 19446; pop. 16,362.

Lansdowne–Baltimore Highlands uninc. place, CEN. Maryland 21227; pop. 15,509.

Lansing vill., NE Illinois 60438; pop. 28,086.

— city, CEN. Michigan 48924*; cap.; pop. 127,321.

Laos republic, NW Indochina; 91,430 sq. mi.; pop. 4,024,000.

La Paz city, W Bolivia; admin, cap.; pop. 1,049,800.

Lapland reg., N Norway, Sweden, and Finland, and NW Russia; inhabited by Lapps.

La Plata city, E Argentina; pop. 454,884.

LaPorte city, NW Indiana 46350; pop. 21,507.

La Puente city, SW California 91747*; pop. 36,955.

Laramie city, SE Wyoming 82070; pop. 26,687.

Laredo city, S Texas 78040*; pop. 122,899.

Largo city, w Florida 33540*; pop. 65,674.

La Salle city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 76,713.

Las Cruces city, S New Mexico 88001*; pop. 62,126.

Las Vegas city, SE Nevada 89114*; pop. 258,295.

Latvia republic, E Europe; 24,900 sq. mi.; pop. 2,680,000; cap. Riga.

Laurel city, SE Mississippi 39440*; pop. 18,827.

Lurentian Mountains mtn. range, E Canada.

Lausanne city, W Switzerland; pop. 128,800.

Laval town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 284,164.

Lawndale city, SW California 90260; pop. 27,331.

Lawrence town, CEN. Indiana 46226; pop. 26,763.

— city, E Kansas 66044*; pop. 65,608.

— city, NE Massachusetts 08142*; pop. 70,207.

Lawton city, SW Oklahoma 73501*; pop. 80,561.

Leavenworth city, NE Kansas 66048; pop. 38,495.

Lebanon republic, SW Asia; 3,950 sq. mi.; pop. 2,965,000; cap. Beirut.

— city, SE Pennsylvania 17042; pop. 24,800.

Leeds city and co. boro., CEN. England; pop. 451,845.

Lee's Summit city, W Missouri 64063; pop. 46,418.

Leeward Islands N isl. group, Lesser Antilles.

Leghorn city, NW Italy; pop. 176,757. Also Livorno.

Le Havre city, N France; pop. 196,000.

Leicester co. boro., CEN. England; pop. 328,835.

Leiden city, W Netherlands; pop. 109,254.

Leipzig city, CEN. Germany; pop. 545,307.

Lemon Grove city, SW California 92045; pop. 23,984.

Leningrad See St. Petersburg.

Leominster city, CEN. Massachusetts 01453; pop. 38,145.

Leopoldville the former name of Kinshasa.

Lesbos isl. of Greece off NW Turkey; 623 sq. mi.

Lesotho independent member of the Commonwealth of Nations: enclave in E South Africa; 11,720 sq. mi.; pop. 1,760,000; cap. Maseru.

Lesser Antilles See Antilles.

Lethbridge city, S Alberta, Canada; pop. 46,752.

Lévis city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 17,819.

Levittown uninc. place, SE New York 11756; pop. 53,286.

Lewiston city, W Idaho 83501; pop. 28,082.

— city, SW Maine 04240; pop. 39,757.

Lexington city, CEN. Kentucky 40511*; pop. 204,165.

— town, NE Massachusetts 02173; pop. 28,974.

— city, CEN. North Carolina 27292; pop. 16,581.

Leyden See Leiden.

Leyte isl., E Philippines, 2,875 sq. mi.

Lhasa city, S Tibet, cap.; pop. 80,000.

Liberia republic, W Africa; 38,250 sq. mi.; pop. 2,595,000; cap. Monrovia.

Libreville city, W Gabon; cap.; pop. 352,000.

Libya socialist state, N Africa; 685,524 sq. mi.; pop. 4,206,000; cap. Tripoli.

Liechtenstein monarchy, CEN. Europe; 62 sq. mi.; pop. 28,000; cap. Vaduz.

Liège city, E Belgium pop. 196,825.

Lille city, N France; pop. 167,791.

Lilongwe city, CEN. Malawi; cap.; pop. 220,300.

Lima city, W Peru; cap.; pop. 5,659,200.

— city, W Ohio; 45802*; pop. 45,549.

Limerick co. boro., W Ireland; pop. 60,665.

Limoges city, CEN. France; pop. 133,000.

Lincoln city, CEN. Illinois 62656; pop. 15,418.

— city, SE Nebraska 68501*; cap.; pop. 191,972.

Lincoln Park city, SE Michigan 48146; pop. 41,832.

Linden city, NE New Jersey 36,701; pop. 37,836.

Lindenhurst vill., SE New York 11757; pop. 26,879.

Lisbon city, W Portugal; cap; pop. 829,600.

Lithuania republic, E Europe; 25,200 sq. mi.; pop. 3,690,000; cap. Vilnius.

Little Rock city, CEN. Arkansas 72201*; cap.; pop. 175,795.

Littleton town, CEN. Colorado 80120*; pop. 33,685.

Livermore city, W California 94550*; pop. 56,741.

Liverpool co. boro., W England; pop. 544,861.

Livingston urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07039; pop. 26,609.

Livonia city, SE Michigan 48150*; pop. 100,850.

Lockport city, NW New York 14094; pop. 24,426.

Lodi city, CEN. California 95240*; pop. 51,874.

— boro., NE New Jersey 07644; pop. 22,355.

Lódz city, CEN. Poland; pop. 851,500.

Logan city, N Utah 84321; pop. 32,764.

Logan, Mount peak, SW Yukon Territory. Canada; 19,850 ft.

Logansport city, CEN. Indiana 46947; pop. 17,731.

Loire river, SE France; 620 mi. long.

Lombard vill., NE Illinois 60148; pop. 39,408.

Lomé city, S Togo; cap.; pop. 366,476.

Lomita city, SW California 90717; pop. 19,382.

Lompoc city, SW California 93436*; pop. 37,649.

London city and co., SE England; cap.; 1 sq. mil.; pop. 5,000 (the city proper): 117 sq. mi.; pop. 3,195,000 (the co.): 610 sq. mi.; pop. 6,677,928 (Greater London).

— city, Ontario, Canada; pop. 240,392.

Long Beach city, SW California 90801*; pop. 429,433.

— city, SE New York 11561*; pop. 33,510.

Long Branch city, E. New Jersey 07740*; pop. 28,658.

Long Island isl., SE New York; 1,723 sq. mi.

Long Island Sound inlet of the Atlantic betw. Long Island and Connecticut.

Longmeadow town, S Massachusetts 01106; pop. 15,467.

Longmont city, N Colorado 80501; pop. 42,942.

Loungueuil city, SW Quebec, Canada; pop. 122,429.

Longview city, NE Texas 75601*; pop. 70,311.

— city, SW Washington 98632; pop. 31,499.

Lorain city, N Ohio 44052*; pop. 71,245.

Lorraine reg., E France.

Los Alamos uninc. place, CEN. New Mexico 87544; site of the development of the atom bomb; pop. 11,455.

Los Altos city, W California 94022; pop. 26,303.

Los Angeles city, SW California 90052*; pop. 3,485,398.

Los Gatos city, W California 95030*; pop. 27,357.

Louisiana state, S United States; 47,752 sq. mi.; pop. 4,238,216: cap. Baton Rouge.

Louisville city, N Kentucky 40201*; pop. 269,063.

Lourdes town, SW France; famous shrine; pop. 17,870.

Loveland city, N Colorado 80537; pop. 37,352.

Lowell city, NE Massachusetts 01853*; pop. 103,439.

Lower California penin., NW Mexico; betw. the Gulf of California and the Pacific. Also Baja California.

Lowlands areas of low elevation, E and S Scotland.

Luanda city, NW Angola; cap.; pop. 475,328.

Lubbock city, NW Texas 79408*; pop. 186,206.

Lübeck city, NE Germany; pop. 210,681.

Lucerne, Lake of lake, CEN. Switzerland; 44 sq. mi.

Lucknow city, CEN. Uttar Predesh, India; cap.; pop. 895,721.

Lüda city, NE China; pop. 1,185,000.

Ludlow town, S Massachusetts 01056; pop. 18,820.

Lufkin city, E Texas 75901*; pop. 30,206.

Lumberton city, S North Carolina 28358; pop. 18,601.

Lusaka city, CEN Zambia; cap.; pop. 870,030.

Lutherville-Timonium uninc. place, NE Maryland 21093; pop. 16,442.

Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of, monarchy; betw. Belgium. France, and Germany; 999 sq. mi.; pop. 379,000.

— city, CEN. Luxembourg; cap.; pop. 76,640. Also Luxemburg.

Luxor city, E Egypt; near the site of ancient Thebes; pop. 30,000.

Luzon isl., N Philippines; 40,420 sq. mi.

Lvov city, W Ukraine; pop. 790,000.

Lynbrook vill., SE New York 11563; pop. 19,208.

Lynchburg city, CEN. Virginia 24505*; pop. 66,049.

Lyndhurst urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07071; pop. 18,262.

— city, N Ohio 44124; pop. 15,982.

Lynn city, NE Massachusetts 01901*; pop. 81,245.

Lynnwood city, CEN. Washington 98036; pop. 28,695.

Lynwood city, SW California 90262*; pop. 61,945.

Lyon city, CEN. France; pop. 415,000.

Macao isl., Canton river delta, China.

— Portuguese special terr. comprising a penin. of Macao isl. and two small isls.; 6 sq. mi.; pop. 461,000.

— city; cap of Macao; pop. 461,000.

Macedonia reg., SE Europe; divided among Bulgaria, Greece, and Republic of Macedonia; 25,636 sq. mi.

— republic, Balkan Penin.; 9,928 sq. mi.; pop. 2,033,964; cap. Skopje.

Mackenzie river, NW Canada; 2,640 mi. long.

Mackinac, Straits of channel betw. Lakes Michigan and Huron; ab. 5 mi. wide and 40 mi. long.

Mackinac Island isl., Straits of Mackinac.

Macomb city, W Illinois 61455; pop. 19,952.

Macon city, CEN. Georgia 31201*; pop. 106,612.

Madagascar isl. republic. Indian Ocean off SE Africa; 226,662 sq. mi.; pop. 11,980,000; cap. Antananarivo: formerly called Malagasy Republic.

Madeira isl. group W of Morocco; an adm. dist. of Portugal; 306 sq. mi.: pop. 264,787; cap. Funchal.

Madera city, CEN. California 93637; pop. 29,281.

Madison boro., N New Jersey 07940; pop. 15,850.

— city, CEN. Wisconsin 53701*; cap.; pop. 191,262.

Madison Heights city, SE Michigan 48071; pop. 32,196.

Madisonville city, W Kentucky 42431; pop. 16,200.

Madras city, S India; pop. 3,276,622.

Madrid city, CEN. Spain; cap.; pop. 3,100,507.

Madura isl. of Indonesia E of Java; 1,762 sq. mi.

Magdeburg city, CEN. Germany; pop. 290,579.

Magellan, Strait of channel betw. the Atlantic and Pacific, separating the South American mainland from Tierra del Fuego.

Magnitogorsk city, S Russia; pop. 410,000.

Maine state, NE United States; 33,265 sq. mi.; pop. 1,233,223; cap. Augusta.

Main River river, CEN. Germany; 305 mi. long.

Majorca largest of the Balearic Islands; 1,405 sq. mi.

Malabar coastal reg., SW India. Also Malabar Coast.

Malacca city, W Malaysia; pop. 86,357.

Malacca, Strait of strait betw. Sumatra and the Malay Peninsula.

Málaga city, S Spain; pop. 566,330.

Malagasy Republic See Madagascar.

Malawi republic, SE Africa; 45,747 sq. mi.; pop. 8,831,000; cap. Lilongwe.

Malay Archipelago isl. group off SE Asia; includes isls. of Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Malay Peninsula S penin. of Asia; includes Malaya, Singapore, and part of Thailand.

Malaysia island monarchy includine Malaya, Sarawak, and Sabah (North Borneo); 127,581 sq. mi.; pop. 17,886,000; cap. Kuala Lumpur.

Malden city, NE Massachusetts 02148; pop. 53,884.

Maldives isl. republic, Indian Ocean S of India; 115 sq. mi.; pop. 214,000; cap. Male.

Mali republic, W Africa; 478,841 sq. mi.; pop. 8,151,000; cap. Bamako.

Mallorca the Spanish name of Majorca.

Malta republic, CEN. Mediterranean; comprises the islands of Malta, Gozo, Comino, and two islets; 122 sq. mi.; pop. 353,000; cap. Valletta.

Mamaroneck vill., SE New York 10543; pop. 17,325.

Man, Isle of one of the British Isles, CEN. Irish Sea; 227 sq. mi.; pop. 61,723; cap. Douglas.

Managua city, SW Nicaragua; cap.; pop. 552,900.

Managua, Lake lake, SW Nicaragua; 390 sq. mi.

Manchester co. boro. and city, SE Lancashire, England; pop. 448,604.

— town, N Connecticut 06040*; pop. 51,618.

— city, S New Hampshire 03101*; pop. 99,567.

Manchuria former div., NE China.

Mandalay city, CEN. Myanmar; pop. 533,000.

Manhattan city, NE Kansas 66502*; pop. 37,712.

— borough (New York), isl., New York City, New York 10001*; pop. 1,487,536.

Manhattan Beach city, SW California 90266; pop. 32,063.

Manila city, SW Luzon, Philippines; pop. 1,879,000.

Manitoba prov., CEN. Canada; 246,512 sq. mi.; pop. 1,021,506; cap. Winnipeg.

Manitoba, Lake lake, SW Manitoba; 1,817 sq. mi.

Manitowoc city, E Wisconsin 54220*; pop. 32,520.

Mankato city, S Minnesota 56001*; pop. 31,477.

Mansfield city, NE Connecticut 06250; pop. 21,103.

— city, CEN. Ohio 44901*; pop. 50,627.

Maple Heights city, NE Ohio 44137; pop. 27,089.

Maple Shade urb. twp., SW New Jersey 08052; pop. 19,211.

Maplewood vill., E Minnesota 55109; pop. 30,954.

— urb. twp. NE New Jersey 07040; pop. 21,756.

Maracaibo city, NW Venezuela; pop. 1,206,726.

Maracaibo, Lake lake, NW Venezuela; ab. 5,000 sq. mi.

Marblehead town, NE Massachusetts 01945*; pop. 19,971.

Marietta city, NW Georgia; 30060*; pop. 44,129.

— city, SE Ohio 45750; pop. 15,026.

Marion city, CEN. Indiana 46952*; pop. 32,618.

— city, E Iowa 52302; pop. 20,403.

— city, CEN Ohio 43302; pop. 34,075.

Markham vill., NE Illinois 60426; pop. 13,136.

Marlborough city, CEN. Massachusetts 01752; pop. 31,813.

Marmara, Sea of sea betw. Europe and Asia, connecting the Bosporus and the Dardanelles. Also Marmora.

Marne river, NE France; 325 mi. long.

Marquesas Islands isl. group, French Polynesia; 492 sq. mi.

Marquette city, NW Michigan 49855; pop. 21,977.

Marrakech city, SW Morocco; provincial cap.; pop. 1,455,000.

Marrero uninc. place; SW Louisiana 70072; pop. 36,671.

Marseille city, SE France; pop. 801,000. Also Marseilles.

Marshall city, NE Texas 75670*; pop. 23,682.

Marshall Islands isl. republic in the W Pacific; 66 sq. mi.; pop. 25,000; cap. Jaluit.

Marshalltown city, CEN. Iowa 50158; pop. 25,178.

Marshfield city, E Massachusetts 02050; pop. 21,531.

Marshfield city, CEN. Wisconsin 54449; pop. 19,291.

Martinez city, W California 94553*: pop. 31,808.

Martinique isl. Lesser Antilles; French overseas dept.; 421 sq. mi.; pop. 360,000; cap. Fort-de-France.

Martinsville city, S Virginia 24112*; pop. 16,162.

Maryland state, E United States; 10,460 sq. mi.; pop. 4,798,622; cap. Annapolis.

Mason City city, N Iowa 50401*; pop. 29,040.

Mason-Dixon Line boundary betw. Pennsylvania and Maryland, surveyed by Charles Mason and Jeremiah Dixon in 1763; regarded as the division line for the North and the South, United States.

Massachusetts state, NE United States; 8,284 sq. mi.; pop. 6,029,051; cap. Boston.

Massapequa uninc. place, SE New York; 11758*; pop. 22,018.

Massapequa Park vill., SE New York 11762; pop. 18,044.

Massillon city, NE Ohio 44646; pop. 31,007.

Matsu isl. of the Republic of China, Taiwan Strait; 4 sq. mi.

Matterhorn mtn. in the Alps on the Swiss-Italian border; 14,701 ft.

Mattoon city, CEN. Illinois 61938; pop. 18,441.

Maui isl. of the Hawaiian Islands; 728 sq. mi.

Maumee city, NW Ohio 43537; pop. 15,561.

Mauna Loa active volcano, CEN. Hawaii (isl.); 13,675 ft.

Mauritania, Islamic Republic of republic, W Africa; 397,700 sq. mi.; pop. 2,000,000; cap. Nouakchott.

Mauritius island monarchy in the Indian Ocean, 788 sq. mi., pop. 1,080,000; cap. Port Louis.

Mayagüez city, W Puerto Rico 00708; pop. 82,703.

Mayfield Heights city, N Ohio 44124; pop. 19,847.

Mayotte dependency of France, isl. in the Mozambique Channel, off Madagascar, 144 sq. mi.; pop. 82,300; cap. Dzaoudzi.

Maywood city, SW California 90270; pop. 27,850.

— vill., NE Illinois 60153*; pop. 27,139.

McAlester city. CEN. Oklahoma 74501*; pop. 16,370.

McAllen city, S Texas 78501*; pop. 84,021.

McKeesport city, SW Pennsylvania 15134*; pop. 26,016.

McKinley, Mount peak, CEN. Alaska, highest in North America; 20,300 ft.

McKinney city N Texas 75069; pop. 21,283.

McLean uninc. place, NE Virginia 22101; pop. 38,168.

Mead, Lake reservoir formed by Hoover Dam in the Colorado River, Arizona and Nevada; 246 sq. mi.

Meadville city, NW Pennsylvania 16335; pop. 14,318.

Mecca city, W Saudi Arabia; birthplace of Mohammed and holy city to which Muslims make pilgrimages; pop. 550,000.

Medford city, NE Massachusetts 02155; pop. 57,407.

— city, SW Oregon 97501*; pop. 49,951.

Medicine Hat city, SE Alberta, Canada; pop. 32,811.

Medina city, W Saudi Arabia; a Muslim holy city and site of Mohammed's tomb; pop. 90,000.

Mediterranean Sea sea betw. Europe, Asia, and Africa; 965,000 sq. mi.

Mekong river, SE Asia; 2,500 mi. long.

Melanesia isls. of the W Pacific S of the Equator; ab. 60,000 sq. mi.

Melbourne city, S Victoria, Australia; cap.; pop. 3,002,300.

— city, E Florida 32901*; pop. 59,646.

Melrose city, NE Massachusetts 02176; pop. 28,150.

Melrose Park vill., NE Illinois 60160*; pop. 20,859.

Memphis city, SW Tennessee 38101*; pop. 610,337.

— ancient city, cap. of Egypt during the Old Kingdom, S of the Nile Delta.

Menlo Park city, W California 94025*; pop. 28,040.

Menomonee Falls vill., SE Wisconsin 53051*; pop. 26,840.

Mentor city, NE Ohio 44060; pop. 47,358.

Merced city, CEN. California 95340*; pop. 56,216.

Mercerville-Hamilton Square uninc. place, CEN. New Jersey 08619*; pop. 26,873.

Meriden city, CEN. Connecticut 06450; pop. 59,479.

Meridian city, E Mississippi 39301*; pop. 41,036.

Merrick uninc. place, SE New York 11566; pop. 23,042.

Merrillville city, NW Indiana 46410; pop. 27,257.

Merritt Island uninc. place, CEN. Florida 32952; pop. 32,886.

Mesa city, CEN. Arizona 85201*; pop. 288,091.

Mesabi Range range of hills, NE Minnesota; site of iron ore deposits.

Mesquite city, N Texas 75149; pop. 101,484.

Messina city, NE Sicily; pop. 272,119.

Metairie city, SW Louisiana 70004*; pop. 149,428.

Methuen city, NE Massachusetts 01844; pop. 39,990.

Meuse river, W Europe; 580 mi. long.

Mexico republic S North America; 756,066 sq. mi., pop. 81,883,000.

City, CEN Mexico; cap.; pop. 8,236,960.

Mexico, Gulf of inlet of the Atlantic, among the United States, Mexico, and Cuba; 700,000 sq mi.

Miami city, SE Florida 33152*; pop. 358,548.

Miami Beach city SE Florida 33139; pop. 92,639.

Michigan state, N United States; 58,527 sq. mi.; pop. 9,328,784; cap. Lansing.

Michigan, Lake one of the Great Lakes; betw. Michigan and Wisconsin; 22,400 sq. mi.

Michigan City city, N Indiana 46360; pop. 33,822.

Micronesia, Federated States of, isl. republic of the W Pacific, N of the equator; 271 sq. mi.; pop. 108,000; cap. Kolonia.

Middle River uninc. place, N Maryland 21220; pop. 24,616.

Middletown city, CEN Connecticut; 06457; pop. 42,762.

— urb. twp., E New Jersey 07748; pop. 62,298.

— city, SE New York 10940; pop. 24,160.

— city, SW Ohio 45042; pop. 46,022.

— town, SE Rhode Island 02840; pop. 19,460.

Midi S reg. of France.

Midland city, CEN. Michigan 48640*; pop. 38,053.

— city, W Texas 79701*; pop. 89,443.

Midlands counties of CEN. England.

Midway Islands 2 isls. NW of Honolulu, under control of the U.S. Navy; 2 sq. mi.; scene of an important battle of World War II, June 1942.

Midwest City city, CEN. Oklahoma 73110; pop. 52,267.

Milan city, N Italy; pop. 1,464,127.

Milford city, SW Connecticut 06460; pop. 48,168.

— uninc. place, CEN. Massachusetts 01757; pop. 25,355.

Millbrae city, W California 94030; pop. 20,412.

Millburn urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07041; pop. 18,630.

Millington town, SW Tennessee 38053; pop. 17,866.

Millville city, S New Jersey 08332; pop. 25,992.

Milpitas city, W California 95035; pop. 50,686.

Milton town, E Massachusetts 02186; pop. 25,725.

Milwaukee city, SE Wisconsin 53203*; pop. 628,088.

Milwaukie city, NW Oregon 97222; pop. 18,692.

Mindanao isl. S Philippines; 36,537 sq. mi.

Mindoro isl., CEN. Philippines; 3,759 sq. mi.

Mineola vill., SE New York 11501*; pop. 18,994.

Minneapolis city, E Minnesota 55401*; pop. 368,383.

Minnesota state, N United States; 84,402 sq. mi.; pop. 4,387,029; cap. St. Paul.

Minnetonka vill., E Minnesota 55343; pop. 48,370.

Minorca one of the Balearic islands; 271 sq. mi.

Minot city, N North Dakota 58701*; pop. 34,544.

Minsk city, CEN. Belarus; cap.; pop. 1,612,000.

Miramar city, SE Florida 33023; pop. 40,663.

Mishawaka city, N Indiana 46544; pop. 42,608.

Mississippi state S United States; 47,689 sq. mi.; pop. 2,586,443; cap. Jackson.

Mississippi River river, CEN. United States; 2,350 mi. long.

Missoula city, W Montana 59801; pop. 33,351.

Missouri state, CEN. United States; 69,697 sq. mi.; pop. 5,137,804; cap. Jefferson City.

Missouri River river, CEN. United States; 2,470 mi. long.

Mobile city, SW Alabama 36601*; pop. 196,278.

Mobile Bay inlet of the Gulf of Mexico, SW Alabama.

Modesto city, CEN. California 95350*; pop. 164,730.

Mojave Desert arid reg. S California; ab. 15,000 sq. mi.

Moldova republic, E Europe; 13,000 sq. mi.; pop. 4,338,000; cap. Chişinău. Also Moldavia.

Moline city, NW Illinois 61265; pop. 43,202.

Molokai isl., CEN. Hawaiian Islands; 259 sq. mi.

Molucca Islands isl. group of Indonesia, betw. Sulawesi and New Guines; 33,315 sq. mi.

Monaco monarchy, SE France; 368 acres: pop. 29,000.

Moncton city, SE New Brunswick, Canada; pop. 55,934.

Mongolia republic (formerly Outer Mongolia). CEN Asia; 604,000 sq. mi.; pop. 2,116,000; cap. Ulan Bator.

— Inner Mongolia reg. N China, 454,600 sq. mi.; pop. 21,456,798; cap. Hohhot.

Monongahela River river, West Virginia and W Pennsylvania; 128 mi. long.

Monroe city, N Louisiana 71201*; pop. 54,909.

— city, SE Michigan 48161; pop. 22,902.

Monroeville boro., SW Pennsylvania 15145; pop. 29,169.

Monrovia city, E Liberia; cap.; pop. 421,000.

— city, SW California 91016; pop. 35,761.

Montana state, NW United States; 147,046 sq. mi.; pop. 803,655: cap. Helena.

Mont Blanc highest mountain of the Alps, on the French-Italian border; 15,781 ft.; site of tunnel, 7½ mi. long, connecting France and Italy.

Montclair city, SW California 91763; pop. 28,434.

— town, NE New Jersey 07042*; pop. 37,729.

Montebello city, SW California 90640; pop. 59,564.

Monte Carlo city, Monaco; pop. 10,000.

Montenegro constituent republic, S Yugoslavia; 5,333 sq. mi.; pop. 633,000; cap. Podgorića.

Monterey city, W California 93940*; pop. 31,954.

Monterey Park city, SW California 91754; pop. 60,738.

Monterrey city, NE Mexico; pop. 1,090,000.

Montevideo city, S Uruguay; cap.; pop. 1,311,976.

Montgomery city, CEN. Alabama 36104*; cap.; pop. 187,106.

Monticello estate and residence of Thomas Jefferson, near Charlottesville, Virginia.

Montmartre dist., N Paris; former artists' quarter.

Montpelier city, CEN. Vermont 05602*; cap.; pop. 8,247.

Montreal city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 1,080,546.

Montreal-Nord city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 97,250. Also Montreal-North.

Mont-Royal town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 20,514.

Mont Saint Michel isl. off NW France; site of an ancient fortress and abbey.

Montville city, SE Connecticut 06353; pop. 16,673.

Moorhead city, W Minnesota 56560; pop. 32,295.

Mooreland city, CEN. Oklahoma 73852; pop. 18,761.

Moose Jaw city, S Saskatchewan, Canada; pop. 32,581.

Moravia reg., E Czech Republic.

Morgan City city, S Louisiana 70380; pop. 14,531.

Morgantown city, N West Virginia 26505*; pop. 25,879.

Morocco monarchy, NW Africa; ab. 177,117 sq. mi.; pop. 25,113,000; cap. Rabat.

Morristown town, CEN. New Jersey 07960; pop. 16,189.

— city, NE Tennessee 37814*; pop. 21,385.

Morton Grove vill., NE Illinois 60053; pop. 22,408.

Moscow city, W Russia; cap.; pop. 8,967,000.

Moselle river, NE France, Luxembourg, and W Germany; 320 mi. long.

Moss Point city, SE Mississippi 39563; pop. 18,998.

Mosul city, N Iraq; pop. 293,100.

Mountain Brook city, CEN. Alabama 35223; pop. 18,810.

Mountain View city, W California 94042*; pop. 67,460.

Mount Clemens city, SE Michigan 48046*; pop. 18,405.

Mountlake Terrace city, CEN. Washington 98043; pop. 19,320.

Mount Lebanon uninc. urb. twp., SW Pennsylvania 15228; pop. 33,362.

Mount Pleasant city, CEN. Michigan 48858; pop. 23,285.

Mount Prospect vill., NE Illinois 60056*; pop. 53,170.

Mount Vernon home and burial place of George Washington, near Washington, D.C.

— city, S Illinois 62864; pop, 16,988.

— city, SE New York 10551*; pop. 67,153.

Mozambique republic SE Africa; 313,661 sq. mi.; pop. 15,696,000; cap. Maputo.

Muncie city, E Indiana 47302; pop. 71,035.

Mundelein vill., NE Illinois 60060; pop. 21,215.

Munich city, SE Germany; pop. 1,211,617.

Munster town, NW Indiana 46321; pop. 19,949.

Murfreesboro city, CEN. Tennessee; 37130*; pop. 44,922.

Murmansk city, NW Russia; pop. 432,000.

Murray city, CEN. Utah 84107; pop. 31,282.

Murray River river, SE Australia; 1,600 mi. long.

Muscat and Oman: the former name of Oman.

Muscatine city, E Iowa 52761; pop. 22,881.

Muskegon city, W Michigan 49440*; pop. 40,283.

Muskogee city, E Oklahoma 74401*; pop. 37,708.

Myanmar military govt., formerly Burma, SE Asia; 261,228 sq. mi.; pop. 41,675,000; cap. Yangôn (Rangoon).

Mysore city, S India; pop. 355,685.

Nacogdoches city E Texas 75961*; pop. 30,872.

Nagasaki city, NW Kyushu island, Japan; largely destroyed by a U.S. atomic bomb, Aug. 9, 1945; pop. 445,854.

Nagoya city, CEN. Honshu isl., Japan: pop. 2,149,517.

Nagpur city, CEN. India; pop. 1,219,461.

Nairobi city, SW Kenya; cap.; pop. 1,103,600.

Namibia republic, SW Africa; 317,818 sq. mi.; pop. 1,302,000; cap. Windhoek.

Nampa city, SW Idaho 83651; pop. 28,365.

Nanjing city, E China; cap. 1928N37; pop. 2,022,500.

Nantes city, W France; pop. 245,000.

Nantucket isl. off SE Massachusetts; 57 sq. mi.; pop. 6,012.

Napa city, W California 94558*; pop. 61,842.

Naperville city, NE Illinois 60540; pop. 85,351.

Naples city, SW Italy; pop. 1,202,582.

Narragansett Bay inlet of the Atlantic, SE Rhode Island.

Nashua city, S New Hampshire 03060; pop. 67,865.

Nashville city, CEN. Tennessee 37202*; cap.; pop. 488,374.

Nassau city, New Providence, Bahamas Islands; cap.; pop. 101,503.

Natchez city, SW Mississippi 39120*; pop. 19,460.

Natchitoches city, CEN. Louisiana 71457; pop. 16,609.

Natick town, NE Massachusetts 01760*; pop. 30,510.

National City city, SW California 92050; pop. 54,249.

Naugatuck town, CEN. Connecticut 06770; pop. 30,625.

Nauru Republic, isl. W-CENT. Pacific just south of Equator (Oceania); 8 sq. mi., pop. 9,000; cap. Yaren.

Navarre reg. and former kingdom. N Spain and SW France.

Nazareth town, N Israel; scene of Christ's childhood; pop. 40,400.

Nebraska state, CEN. United States; 77,355 sq. mi.; pop. 1,584,617; cap. Lincoln.

Nederland city, SE Texas 77627; pop. 16,192.

Needham town, NE Massachusetts 02192; pop. 27,557.

Neenah city, CEN. Wisconsin 54956; pop. 23,219.

Negev desert reg., S Israel; 4,700 sq. mi. Also Negeb.

Nejd prov., CEN. Saudi Arabia; ab. 450,000 sq. mi.; cap. Riyadh.

Nepal republic betw. Tibet and India; 56,827 sq. mi.; pop. 19,000,000; cap. Kathmandu.

Netherlands monarchy, NW Europe; 16,026 sq. mi.; pop. 14,472,000; cap. Amsterdam; seat of government, The Hague.

Netherlands Antilles 3 isls. N of Venezuela and 3 in the Leeward Islands group; 308 sq. mi.; pop. 196,000; cap. Willemstad.

Netherlands Guiana See Suriname.

Nevada state, W United States; 110,561 sq. mi.; pop. 1,206,152; cap. Carson city.

New Albany city, S Indiana 47150; pop. 36,322.

Newark city, W California 94560; pop. 37,861.

— city, NW Delaware 19715*; pop. 25,098.

— city, NE New Jersey 07102*; pop. 275,221.

— city, CEN. Ohio 43055*; pop. 44,389.

New Bedford city, SE Massachusetts 02741*; pop. 99,922.

New Berlin city, SE Wisconsin 53151; pop. 33,592.

New Braunfels city, CEN. Texas 78130*; pop. 27,334.

New Brighton vill., E Minnesota 55112; pop. 22,207.

New Britain city, CEN. Connecticut 06050*; pop. 75,491.

New Brunswick city, CEN. New Jersey 08901*; pop. 41,711.

— prov., SE Canada; 27,834 sq. mi.; pop. 718,400; cap. Fredericton.

Newburgh city, SE New York 12550*; pop. 26,454.

Newburyport city, NE Massachusetts 01950; pop. 16,317.

New Caledonia isl. E of Australia; comprising with adjacent isls. a French overseas terr.; 7,233 sq. mi.; pop. 168,000; cap. Nouméa.

New Canaan city, SW Connecticut 06840; pop. 17,864.

New Castle city, E Indiana 47362; pop. 17,753.

— city, W Pennsylvania 16101*; pop. 28,334.

Newcastle upon Tyne city, NE England; pop. 203,591. Also Newcastle, Newcastle on Tyne.

New City uninc. place, SE New York, 10956; pop. 33,673.

New Delhi city, Delhi terr., India; cap. of India; pop. 273,036.

New England NE section of the United States, including Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

Newfoundland prov., E Canada; comprising the island of Newfoundland (43,359 sq. mi.) and Labrador on the mainland; 143,510 sq. mi.; pop. 579,700; cap. St. John's.

New Georgia isl. group, British Solomon Islands; ab. 2,000 sq. mi.

New Guinea isl., N of Australia: 304,200 sq. mi. See Papua New Guinea, West New Guinea.

New Hampshire state, NE United States; 9,279 sq. mi.; pop. 1,113,915; cap. Concord.

New Haven city, S Connecticut 06510*; pop. 130,474.

New Hebride See Vanuatu.

New Hope city, SE Minnesota 55428; pop. 21,853.

New Iberia city, S Louisiana 70560*; pop. 31,828.

New Ireland volcanic isl. of the Bismarck Archipelago, S Pacific; 3,700 sq. mi.; pop. 70,800; part of Papua New Guinea.

Newington city, CEN. Connecticut 06111; pop. 29,208.

New Jersey state, E United States; 7,787 sq. mi.; pop. 7,748,634; cap. Trenton.

New Kensington city, W Pennsylvania 15068*; pop. 15,894.

New London city, SE Connecticut 06320; pop. 28,540.

Newmarket town S Ontario, Canada; pop. 24,795.

New Mexico state, SW United States; 121,593 sq. mi.; pop. 1,512,779; cap. Santa Fe.

New Milford boro., NE New Jersey 07646; pop. 15,990.

New Orleans city, SE Louisiana 70113*; pop. 496,938.

New Philadelphia city, CEN. Ohio 44663; pop. 15,698.

Newport city, N Kentucky 41071*; pop. 18,871.

— city, SE Rhode Island 02840*; pop. 28,227.

Newport Beach city, SW California 92660*; pop. 66,643.

Newport News city, SE Virginia 23607*; pop. 170,045.

New Rochelle city, SE New York 10802*; pop. 67,265.

New South Wales state, SE Australia; 309,500 sq. mi.; pop. 5,771,900; cap. Sydney.

Newton city, CEN. Iowa 50208; pop. 14,789.

— city, CEN. Kansas 67114; pop. 16,700.

— city, E Massachusetts 02158; pop. 85,585.

Newtown city, SW Connecticut 06470; pop. 20,779.

New Westminster city, SW British Columbia, Canada; pop. 36,393.

New York state, NE United States; 49,108 sq. mi.; pop. 18,044,505; cap. Albany.

City, SE New York 10001*; divided into the five boroughs of the Bronx, Kings (Brooklyn), New York (Manhattan), Queens, and Richmond (Staten Island); 365 sq. mi.; pop. 7,322,564.

— borough (Manhattan), CEN. New York City, New York 10001*; pop. 1,487,536.

New York State Barge Canal waterway system, New York; connects the Hudson River with Lakes Erie, Champlain, and Ontario, 525 mi. long.

New Zealand monarchy, comprising a group of isls. SE of Australia; 104,454 sq. mi.; pop. 3,389,000; cap. Wellington.

Niagara Falls city, W New York 14302*; pop. 61,840.

— city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 69,423.

Niagara River river betw. Ontario, Canada, and New York State, connecting Lakes Erie and Ontario; in its course occurs Niagara Falls, a cataract divided by Goat Island into the American Falls, ab. 167 ft. high and 1,000 ft. wide, and Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, ab. 160 ft. high and 2,500 ft. wide.

Nicaragua republic, Central America; 49,291 sq. mi.; pop. 3,871,000; cap. Managua.

Nicaragua, Lake lake, SW Nicaragua; 3,100 sq. mi.

Nice city, SE France; pop. 342,000.

Nicobar Islands isl. terr. of India; 19 isls. in the Bay of Bengal; 754 sq. mi.; pop. 22,000.

Nicosia city, CEN. Cyprus; cap.; pop. 166,900.

Niger river, W Africa; ab. 2,600 mi. long.

Niger, Republic of republic, CEN. Africa, 458,074 sq. mi.; pop. 7,800,000; cap. Niamey.

Nigeria, Federation of republic, W Africa; 356,669 sq. mi.; pop. 119,812,000; cap. Abuja.

Nile river, E Africa; 4,130 mi. long; the longest river in the world.

Niles vill., NE Illinois 60648; pop. 28,284.

— city, NE Ohio 44446; pop. 21,128.

Norfolk city, NE Nebraska 68701; pop. 21,476.

— city, SE Virginia 23501*; pop. 261,229.

Normal town, CEN. Illinois 61761; pop. 40,023.

Norman city, CEN. Oklahoma 73070*; pop. 80,071.

Normandy reg. and former prov., NW France.

Norridge vill., NE Illinois 60655*; pop. 14,459.

Norristown boro., SE Pennsylvania 19401*: pop. 30,749.

North Adams city, NW Massachusetts 01247*; pop. 16,797.

North America N continent of the Western Hemisphere; 9,410,000 sq. mi. (including adjacent islands).

Northampton city, W Massachusetts 01060*; pop. 29,289.

North Andover town, NE Massachusetts 01845; pop. 22,792.

North Arlington boro., NE New Jersey 07032; pop. 13,790.

North Attleborough town, E Massachusetts 02760*; pop. 16,178.

North Bay city, CEN. Ontario, Canada; pop. 51,639.

North Bergen urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07047; pop. 48,414.

North Borneo See Sabah.

Northbrook vill., NE Illinois 60062*; pop. 32,308.

North Cape promontory, N Norway.

North Carolina state, SE United States; 52,669 sq. mi.; pop. 6,657,630; cap. Raleigh.

North Chicago city, NE Illinois 60064; pop. 34,978.

North Dakota state, N United States; 70,702 sq. mi.; pop. 641,364; cap. Bismarck.

Northern Ireland part of the United Kingdom in N reg. of Ireland; 5,452 sq. mi.; pop. 1,578,100; cap. Belfast.

Northern Territory reg., N Australia; 519,800 sq. mi.; pop. 156,500; cap. Darwin.

Northglenn city, CEN. Colorado 80233; pop. 27,195.

North Haven city, S Connecticut 06473; pop. 22,249.

North Highlands uninc. place, CEN. California 95660; pop. 42,105.

North Island isl., N New Zealand; 44,281 sq. mi.

North Kingston town, S Rhode Island 02852; pop. 23,786.

North Korea See Korea.

North Las Vegas city, SE Nevada 89030; pop. 47,707.

North Little Rock city, CEN. Arkansas 72114*; pop. 61,741.

North Miami city, SE Florida 33161; pop. 49,998.

North Miami Beach city, SE Florida 33160; pop. 35,359.

North Olmsted city, N Ohio 44070; pop. 34,204.

North Plainfield boro., NE New Jersey 07060; pop. 18,820.

North Platte city, CEN. Nebraska 69101*; pop. 22,605.

North Pole N extremity of the earth's axis.

North Providence town, NE Rhode Island 02908; pop. 32,090.

North Richland Hills town, N Texas 76118; pop. 45,895.

North Sea part of the Atlantic betw. Great Britain and Europe.

North Tonawanda city, SW New York 14120; pop. 34,989.

North Vancouver city, SW British Columbia, Canada; pop. 31,934.

Northwest Territories adm. div., N Canada; 1,271,442 sq. mi.; pop. 42,609.

Northwest Territory reg. awarded to the United States by Britain in 1783, extending from the Great Lakes S to the Ohio River and from Pennsylvania W to the Mississippi.

Norton Shores city, SW Michigan 49441; pop. 21,755.

Norwalk city, SW California 90650; pop. 94,279.

— city, SW Connecticut 06856*; pop. 78,331.

Norway monarchy, N Europe; 125,050 sq. mi.; pop. 4,246,000; cap. Oslo.

Norwich co. boro., E England; pop. 119,300.

— city, SE Connecticut 06360; pop. 37,391.

Nottingham co. boro., CEN. England; pop. 278,600.

Nova Scotia prov., E Canada; 20,402 sq. mi.; pop. 828,571; cap. Halifax.

Novato city, W California 94947; pop. 47,585.

Novaya Zemlya two isls., Arctic Ocean, NE Russia; ab. 35,000 sq. mi.

Novosibirsk city, SW Asian Russia, ab. 1,700 mi. E of MOSCOW; pop. 1,436,000.

Nürnberg city, CEN. Germany; pop. 484,184.

Nutley town, NE New Jersey 07110; pop. 27,099.

Oahu isl., CEN. Hawaiian Islands; 589 sq. mi.

Oak Forest city, NE Illinois 60452; pop. 26,203.

Oakland city, W California 94615*; pop. 372,242.

Oakland Park city, SE Florida 33308; pop. 1,743.

Oak Lawn vill., NE Illinois 60454*; pop. 56,182.

Oak Park vill., NE Illinois 60301*; pop. 53,648.

— city, SE Michigan 48237; pop. 30,462.

Oak Ridge city, E Tennessee 37830*; pop. 27,310.

Oakville town, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 68,950.

Ocala city, CEN. Florida 32670; pop. 42,045.

Oceania isls. of Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia, and sometimes the Malay Archipelago and Australasia.

Oceanside city, SW California 92054*; pop. 128,398.

— uninc. place, SE New York 11572; pop. 32,423.

Oder river, CEN. Europe; 563 mi. long.

Odessa city, S Ukraine; pop. 1,115,000.

— city, W Texas 79760*; pop. 89,699.

Ogden city, N Utah 84401*; pop. 63,909.

Ohio state, CEN. United States; 41,330 sq. mi.; pop. 10,887,325; cap. Columbus.

Ohio River river, CEN. United States; 981 mi. long.

Oildale uninc. place, CEN. California 93308; pop. 26,553.

Okhotsk, Sea of inlet of the Pacific W of Kamchatka and the Kurile Islands.

Okinawa Japanese isl., largest of the Ryukyu Islands; 870 sq. mi.; pop. 1,161,000; cap. Naha.

Oklahoma state, CEN. United States; 69,956 sq. mi.; pop. 3,157,604; cap. Oklahoma City.

Oklahoma City city, CEN. Oklahoma 73100*; cap.; pop. 444,719.

Okmulgee city, CEN. Oklahoma 74447; pop. 13,441.

Okolona uninc. place, NW Kentucky 40219; pop. 18,902.

Olathe city, E Kansas 66061; pop. 63,352.

Old Bridge city, CEN. New Jersey 08857; pop. 22,151.

Olean city, SW New York 14760; pop. 16,946.

Olympia city, W Washington 98501*; cap.; pop. 33,840.

Olympus, Mount mtn., N Greece; regarded in Greek mythology as the home of the gods; 9,570 ft.

Omaha city, E Nebraska 68108; pop. 335,795.

Oman independent sultanate, SE Arabia; 120,000 sq. mi.; pop. 1,400,000; cap. Muscat.

Omsk city, S Russia; pop. 1,028,000.

Ontario city, SW California 91760*; pop. 133,179.

— prov., SE Canada; 344,090 sq. mi.; pop. 8,264,465; cap. Toronto.

Ontario, Lake easternmost of the Great Lakes; 7,540 sq. mi.

Opelika city, E Alabama 36801; pop. 22,122.

Opelousas city, CEN. Louisiana 70570; pop. 18,151.

Oporto city, W Portugal; pop. 335,700.

Opportunity uninc. place, E Washington 99214; pop. 22,326.

Orange former principality, now part of SE France.

— city, SW California 92667*; pop. 91,450.

— city, NE New Jersey 07050*; pop. 29,925.

— city, E Texas 77630*; pop. 19,381.

Orange River river, S Africa; 1,300 mi. long.

Oregon state, NW United States; 97,073 sq. mi.; pop. 2,853,733; cap. Salem.

— city, N Ohio 43616; pop. 18,334.

Orem city, CEN. Utah 84057; pop. 63,909.

Orillia town, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 24,412.

Orinoco river, Venezuela; ab. 1,700 mi. long.

Orkney Islands isl. group, N of Scotland, comprising Orkney, a co. of Scotland; 376 sq. mi.; pop. 18,134; cap. Kirkwall.

Orlando city, CEN. Florida 32802*; pop. 164,693.

Orléans city, CEN. France; pop. 106,246.

Osaka city, S Honshu, Japan; pop. 2,635,156.

Oshawa city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 107,023.

Oshkosh city, E Wisconsin 54901*; pop. 55,006.

Oslo city, SE Norway; cap.; pop. 457,819.

Ossa mtn., E Greece; 6,490 ft. See Pelion.

Ossining vill., SE New York 10562; pop. 22,582.

Ostend city, NW Belgium; pop. 70,125.

Oswego city, N New York 13126; pop. 19,195.

Otranto, Strait of strait betw. the Adriatic and Ionian seas; ab. 43 mi. wide.

Ottawa city, N Illinois 61350; pop. 17,451.

— city, SE Ontario, Canada; cap. of Canada; pop. 304,462.

Ottumwa city, SE Iowa 52501; pop. 24,488.

Ouagadougou city, CEN. Burkina Faso; cap.; pop. 441,500.

Outremont city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 27,089.

Overland city, E Missouri 63114; pop. 17,987.

Overland Park uninc. place, NE Kansas 66204; pop. 111,790.

Owatonna city, S Minnesota 55060; pop. 19,386.

Owensboro city, NW Kentucky 42301*; pop. 53,549.

Owen Sound city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 19,525.

Owosso city, CEN. Michigan 48867; pop. 16,322.

Oxford co. boro., CEN. England; pop. 119,909.

— city, SW Ohio 45056; pop. 18,937.

Oxnard city, SW California 93030*; pop. 142,216.

Ozark Mountains hilly uplands, SW Missouri, NW Arkansas, and NE Oklahoma.

Pacifica city, W California 94044; pop. 37,670.

Pacific Ocean ocean betw. the American continents and Asia and Australia; extending betw. the Arctic and Antarctic regions; ab. 70 million sq. mi.

Padua city, NE Italy; pop. 222,163.

Paducah city, W Kentucky 42001*; pop. 27,256.

Pago Pago town, SE Tutuila, American Samoa 96920; pop. 2,450.

Painesville city, NE Ohio 44077; pop. 15,699.

Pakistan republic, S Asia; 307,374 sq. mi.; pop. 122,666,000; cap. Islamabad.

Palatine vill., NE Illinois 60067; pop. 39,253.

Palau Islands isl. group, W Caroline Island; 188 sq. mi.

Palermo city, NW Sicily, Italy; cap.; pop. 731,483.

Palestine terr., E Mediterranean; 10,434 sq. mi.; divided (1947) by the United Nations into Israel and a terr. that became part of Jordan.

Palma city, W Majorca; cap. of the Balearic Islands, pop. 287,389.

Palm Springs city, S California 92263*; pop. 40,181.

Palo Alto city, W California 94303*; pop. 55,900.

Palomar, Mount mtn., S California; 6,126 ft.; site of Mount Palomar Observatory.

Pampa city, N Texas 79065; pop. 19,959.

Panama republic, Central America; 29,157 sq. mi. (excluding Canal Zone); pop. 2,418,000.

City, near the Pacific end of the Panama Canal; cap of Panama; pop. 411,500.

Panama, Isthmus of isthmus connecting North and South America.

Panama Canal ship canal connecting the Atlantic and the Pacific across Panama; completed (1914) by the United States on the leased Canal Zone; 40 mi. long.

Panama Canal Zone See Canal Zone.

Panama City city, NW Florida 32401*; pop. 34,378.

Panay isl., CEN. Philippines; 4,446 sq. mi.

Papal States region in CEN. and NE Italy over which the Roman Catholic Church formerly had temporal power.

Papua New Guinea independent monarchy in the Commonwealth of Nations, S Pacific, consisting of the E half of New Guinea; the isls. of the Bismarck Archipelago; Bougainville and Buka in the Solomon Isls.; and a number of smaller isls.; 178,704 sq. mi.; pop. 3,671,000; cap. Port Moresby.

Paradise uninc. place, SE Nevada 89109; pop. 84,818.

Paraguay republic, CEN. South America; 157,048 sq. mi.; pop. 4,279,000; cap. Asunción.

Paraguay River river, CEN. South America; ab. 1,300 mi. long.

Paramaribo city, N Surinam; cap.; pop. 175,000.

Paramount city, SW California 90723; pop. 47,669.

Paramus boro., NE New Jersey 07652; pop. 25,067.

Paraná river, CEN. South America; ab. 1,827 mi. long.

Paris city, N France; cap.; pop. 2,150,500.

— city, NE Texas 75460; pop. 24,699.

Parkersburg city, W West Virginia 26101*; pop. 33,862.

Park Forest vill., NE Illinois 60466; pop. 24,656.

Parkland uninc. place, CEN. Washington 98444; pop. 20,882.

Park Ridge city, NE Illinois 60068; pop. 36,175.

Parkville-Carney uninc. place N Maryland 21234; pop. 31,617.

Parma city, CEN. Italy; pop. 174,827.

— city, N Ohio 44129; pop. 87,876.

Parma Heights city, NE Ohio 44130; pop. 21,448.

Parnassus, Mount mtn., CEN. Greece; anciently regarded as sacred to Apollo and the Muses; 8,062 ft.

Parsippany-Troy Hills city, N New Jersey 07054; pop. 48,478.

Pasadena city, SW California 91109*; pop. 131,591.

— city, SE Texas 77501*; pop. 119,363.

Pascagoula city, SE Mississippi 39567; pop. 25,899.

Passaic city, NE New Jersey 07055*; pop. 58,041.

Patagonia reg. at the s tip of South America.

Paterson city, NE New Jersey 07510*; pop. 140,891.

Pawtucket city, NE Rhode Island 02860*; pop. 72,644.

Peabody city, NE Massachusetts 01960*; pop. 47,039.

Pearl City city, S Oahu, Hawaii 96782; pop. 30,993.

Pearl Harbor inlet, S Oahu, Hawaii; site of a U.S. naval base, bombed by Japanese, December 7, 1941.

Pearl River uninc. place, SE New York 10965; pop. 15,314.

Peekskill city, SE New York 10566; pop. 19,536.

Pekin city, CEN. Illinois 61554*; pop. 32,254.

Peking city, N China; cap.; pop. 9,540,000; Also Beijing.

Pelion mtn. range, SE Thessaly, Greece, In Greek mythology, the Titans attempted to reach heaven by piling Pelion on Ossa and both on Olympus.

Peloponnesus penin. betw. Aegean and Ionian Seas; one of the main divisions of S Greece; 8,603 sq. mi.; pop. 986,000.

Pembroke town, SE Ontario, Canada; pop. 14,927.

Pembroke Pines city, SE Florida 33023; pop. 65,452.

Penn Hills uninc. place; SW Pennsylvania 15235; pop. 51,430.

Pennine Alps SW div. of the Alps on the Swiss–Italian border.

Pennsauken urb. twp., W New Jersey 08110; pop. 34,733.

Pennsylvania state, E United States, 45,308 sp. mi.; pop. 11,924,710; cap. Harrisburg.

Pensacola city, NW Florida 32502*; pop. 58,165.

Penticton city, S British Columbia, Canada; pop. 21,344.

Peoria city, CEN. Illinois 61601*; pop. 113,504.

Persia the former name of Iran.

Persian Gulf inlet of the Arabian Sea betw. Iran and Arabia; also the Arabian Gulf.

Perth city, SW Western Australia; cap.; pop. 1,118,800.

Perth Amboy city, E New Jersey 08861*; pop. 41,067.

Peru republic, W South America; 496,225 sq. mi.; pop. 22,332,000; cap. Lima.

Petaluma city, W California 94952*; pop. 43,184.

Peterborough city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 59,683.

Petersburg city, SE Virginia 23803*; pop. 38,386.

Pharr city, S Texas 78577; pop. 32,921.

Phenix City city, E Alabama 36867; pop. 25,312.

Philadelphia city, SE Pennsylvania 19104*; pop. 1,585,577.

Philippines, Republic of the republic occupying the Philippine Islands, a Pacific archipelago SE of China; 115,800 sq. mi.; pop. 61,480,000; cap. Manila.

Phillipsburg city, W New Jersey 08865*; pop. 15,757.

Phnom Penh city, S CEN. Cambodia; cap.; pop. 564,000.

Phoenix city CEN. Arizona 85026*; cap.; pop. 983,403.

Picardy reg. and former prov., N France.

Pico Rivera city, SW California 90660; pop. 59,177.

Piedmont reg., E United States; extends from New Jersey to Alabama E of the Appalachians; ab. 80,000 sq. mi.

Pierre city, CEN. South Dakota 57501; cap.; pop. 12,906.

Pierrefonds town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 35,402.

Pike's Peak mtn., CEN. Colorado; 14,110 ft.

Pikesville uninc. place, CEN. Maryland 21208; pop. 24,815.

Pine Bluff city, CEN. Arkansas 71601*; pop. 57,140.

Pinellas Park city, W Florida 33565; pop. 43,426.

Piqua city, W Ohio 45356; pop. 20,612.

Piraeus city, S Greece; pop. 187,362.

Pisa city, NW Italy; noted for its leaning tower; pop. 102,908.

Pittsburg city, W California 94565; pop. 47,564.

— city, SE Kansas 66762; pop. 17,775.

Pittsburgh city, SW Pennsylvania 15200*; pop. 369,879.

Pittsfield city, W Massachusetts 01201; pop. 48,622.

Placentia city, SW California 92670; pop. 41,259.

Plainfield city, NE New Jersey 07061*; pop. 46,567.

Plainview uninc. place, SE New York 11803; pop. 26,207.

— city, NW Texas 79072*; pop. 21,700.

Plainville city, CEN. Connecticut 06062; pop. 17,392.

Plano city, CEN. Texas 75074*; pop. 128,713.

Plantation city, NE Florida 33314; pop. 1,885.

Plant City city W Florida 33566; pop. 22,754.

Platte River river, S Nebraska; 310 mi. long.

Plattsburgh city, NE New York 12901; pop. 21,255.

Pleasant Hill uninc. place, W California 94523; pop. 31,585.

Pleasanton city, W California 94566; pop. 50,553.

Pleasure Ridge Park uninc. place, N Kentucky 40258; pop. 25,131.

Plum boro., SW Pennsylvania 15239; pop. 25,609.

Plymouth co. boro. and port, SW England; pop. 255,500.

Plymouth town, E Massachusetts 02360*; site of the first settlement in New England; pop. 45,608.

— vill., E Minnesota 55427; pop. 50,889.

Plymouth Colony colony of the shore of Massachusetts Bay founded by the Pilgrim Fathers in 1620.

Plymouth Rock rock at Plymouth, Massachusetts, on which the Pilgrim Fathers are said to have landed in 1620.

Pocatello city, Idaho 83201*; pop. 46,080.

Pointe-aux-Trembles city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 55,618.

Pointe-Claire city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 25,917.

Point Pleasant boro., E New Jersey 08742; pop. 18,177.

Poland republic, CEN. Europe; 120,727 sq. mi.; pop. 38,064,000; cap. Warsaw.

Polynesia isls. of Oceania, CEN. and SE Pacific; E of Melanesia and Micronesia.

Pomerania former province of Prussia, N Germany; now divided between Germany and Poland.

Pomona city, SW California 91766*; pop. 131,723.

Pompano Beach city, SE Florida 33060*; pop. 72,411.

Pompeii ancient city, S Italy; buried in the eruption of Mount Vesuvius, A.D. 79, now excavated.

Ponca City city N Oklahoma 74601*; pop. 26,359.

Ponce city, S Puerto Rico 00731; pop. 161,260.

Pontiac city, SE Michigan 48053*; pop. 71,166.

Poona city, W India; pop. 356,105.

Poplar Bluff city, SE Missouri 63901; pop. 16,996.

Popocatepetl dormant volcano, CEN. Mexico; 17,887 ft.

Po River river, N Italy; 405 mi. long.

Portage town, NW Indiana 46368; pop. 29,060.

— city, SW Michigan 49081; pop. 41,042.

Port Angeles city, NW Washington 98362; pop. 17,710.

Port Arthur city, SE Texas 77640*; pop. 58,724.

Port-au-Prince city, S Haiti; cap.; pop. 514,438.

Port Chester vill., SE New York 10573*; pop. 24,728.

Port Colborne town, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 20,536.

Port Huron city, E Michigan 48060*; pop. 33,694.

Portland city, SW Maine 04101*; pop. 64,358.

— city, NW Oregon 97208*; pop. 437,319.

Port-of-Spain city, NW Trinidad; cap. of Trinidad and Tobago; pop. 58,300. Also Port of Spain.

Porto-Novo city, SE Benin; cap.; pop. 104,000.

Port Said city, NE Egypt; at the Mediterranean end of the Suez Canal; pop. 400,000.

Portsmouth co. boro., S England; site of the chief British naval station; pop. 191,000.

— city, SE New Hampshire 03801*; pop. 25,925.

— city, S Ohio 45662; pop. 22,676.

— city, SE Virginia 23705*; pop. 103,907.

Portugal republic, SW Europe; 35,672 sq. mi.; pop. 10,388,000; cap. Lisbon.

Potomac River river through Maryland. West Virginia, and Virginia; 287 mi. long.

Potsdam city, CEN. Germany; scene of meeting of Allied leaders, 1945; pop. 126,262.

Pottstown boro., SE Pennsylvania 19464; pop. 21,831.

Pottsville city, CEN. Pennsylvania 17901; pop. 18,195.

Poughkeepsie city, SE New York 12601*; pop. 28,844.

Poznan city, W Poland; pop. 586,600.

Prague city, N Czech Republic; cap.; pop. 1,213,792.

Prairie Village city, NE Kansas 66208; pop. 23,186.

Pretoria city, CEN. South Africa; adm. cap.; pop. 443,059.

Prichard city, SW Alabama 36610; pop. 34,311.

Prince Albert city, CEN. Saskatchewan, Canada; pop. 28,631.

Prince Edward Island prov., NE Canada; 2,185 sq. mi.; pop. 118,229; cap. Charlottestown.

Prince George city. CEN. British Columbia, Canada; pop. 59,929.

Prince Rupert city, W British Columbia, Canada; pop. 14,754.

Provence reg. and former prov., SE France.

Providence city, NE Rhode Island 02904*; cap.; pop. 160,728.

Provo city, CEN. Utah 84601; pop. 86,835.

Prussia former state, N Germany; dissolved 1947.

Pueblo city, CEN. Colorado 81003*; pop. 98,640.

Puerto Rico isl., Greater Antilles; a Commonwealth of the United States 3,515 sq. mi.; pop. 3,187,570; cap. San Juan.

Puget Sound inlet of the Pacific, NW Washington.

Pullman city, SE Washington 99163*; pop. 23,478.

Punjab reg., NW India and E Pakistan.

P'yongyang city, W North Korea; cap.; pop. 2,000,000.

Pyrenees mtn. chain betw. France and Spain.

Qatar monarchy, E Arabia, W coast of the Persian Gulf; 4,400 sq. mi.; pop. 444,000; cap. Doha.

Quebec prov., E Canada; 523,859 sq. mi.; pop. 6,572,300.

— city, S Quebec prov., cap.; pop. 164,580.

Queens borough, E New York City, New York 11300*; pop. 1,951,598.

Queensland state, NE Australia; 666,900 sq. mi.; pop. 2,505,100; cap. Brisbane.

Quemoy Islands 2 isls. of the Republic of China in Taiwan Strait; 54 sq. mi.

Quezon City city, CEN. Philippines; cap.; pop. 1,587,140.

Quincy city, W Illinois 62301*; pop. 39,681.

— city, E Massachusetts 02169; pop. 84,985.

Quito city, CEN. Ecuador; cap.; pop. 1,233,865.

Rabat city, N Morocco; cap.; pop. 518,616.

Racine city, SE Wisconsin 53401*; pop. 84,298.

Rahway city, NE New Jersey 07065*; pop. 25,325.

Rainier, Mount extinct volcano. Cascade Range, SW Washington; 14,408 ft.

Raleigh city, CEN. North Carolina 27611*; cap.; pop. 207,951.

Rancho Cordova uninc. place, CEN. California 95670; pop. 48,731.

Randallstown uninc. place, NE Maryland 21133; pop. 26,277.

Randolph town, E Massachusetts 02368; pop. 30,093.

Rangoon (Yangôn) city, S Myanmar; cap.; pop. 2,500,000.

Rantoul vill., CEN. Illinois 61866; pop. 17,212.

Rapid City city, SW South Dakota 57701*; pop. 54,523.

Ravenna city, N Italy, famous for its art treasures and architecture; pop. 136,306.

Rawalpindi city, N Pakistan; pop. 794,843.

Raytown city, W Missouri 64133; pop. 30,601.

Reading town, NE Massachusetts 01867; pop. 22,539.

— city, SE Pennsylvania 19603*; pop. 78,380.

Recife city, NE Brazil; pop. 1,184,215.

Red Deer city, CEN. Alberta. Canada; pop. 32,184.

Redding city, N California 96001*; pop. 66,462.

Redlands city, SW California 92373*; pop. 60,394.

Redondo Beach city, SW California 90277*; pop. 57,102.

Red River river in Texas, Arkansas, and Louisiana; ab. 1,300 mi. long.

— river in N United States and S Canada; 540 mi. long.

Red Sea sea betw. Egypt and Arabia; 1,450 mi. long; ab. 170,000 sq. mi.

Redwood City city, W California 94064*; pop. 66,072.

Regina city, S Saskatchewan, Canada; cap.; pop. 149,593.

Reims city, NE France; site of a famous cathedral; pop. 181,000.

Reno city, W Nevada 89501*; pop. 133,850.

Renton city, CEN. Washington 98055; pop. 41,688.

Repentigny town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 26,698.

Réunion French overseas dept.; isl. E of Madagascar; 970 sq. mi.; pop. 600,000; cap. Saint-Denis.

Revere city, E Massachusetts 02151; pop. 42,786.

Reykjavik city, SW Iceland; cap.; pop. 96,708.

Rheims an alternate name of Reims.

Rhine river, CEN. Europe; 810 mi. long.

Rhode Island state, NE United States; 1,212 sq. mi.; pop. 1,005,984; cap. Providence.

Rhodes isl. of the Dodecanese groups; 545 sq. mi.

Rhodesia See Zimbabwe.

Rhône river, Switzerland and SE France; 504 mi. long. Also Rhone.

Rialto city, S California 92376; pop. 72,388.

Richardson city, N Texas 75080*; pop. 74,840.

Richfield vill., E Minnesota 55423; pop. 35,710.

Richland city, S Washington 99352; pop. 32,315.

Richmond borough (Staten Island), SW New York City, New York 10300*; pop. 378,977.

— city, W California 94802*; pop. 87,425.

— city, E Indiana 47374; pop. 38,705.

— city, CEN. Kentucky 40475; pop. 21,155.

— city, CEN. Virginia 23232*; cap.; cap. of the Confederacy 1861–65; pop. 203,056.

Richmond Hill town, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 34,716.

Ridgewood urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07451*; pop. 24,142.

Rif mtn. range, N Morocco. Also Riff.

Riga city, CEN. Latvia; cap.; pop. 915,000.

Rijeka city, NW Croatia; pop. 132,933.

Rimouski town, E Quebec, Canada; pop. 27,897.

Rio de Janeiro city, SE Brazil; former cap.; pop. 5,603,388. Also Rio.

Rio de la Plata estuary of the Paraná and Uruguay rivers betw. Argentina and Uruguay; 170 mi. long.

Rio Grande river betw. Texas and Mexico; 1,890 mi. long.

Riverside city, SW California 92502*; pop. 226,505.

Riviera coastal strip on the Mediterranean from Hyeres, France to La Spezia, Italy.

Riviera Beach town, SE Florida 33404; pop. 27,639.

Roanoke city, W Virginia 24001*; pop. 96,370.

Roanoke Island isl. off North Carolina; 12 mi. long, 3 mi. wide.

Rochester city, SE Minnesota 55901; pop. 70,745.

— city, SE New Hampshire 03867; pop. 26,630.

— city, W New York 14603*; pop. 231,636.

Rockford city, N Illinois 61125*; pop. 139,426.

Rock Hill city, N South Carolina 29730*; pop. 41,643.

Rock Island city, NW Illinois 61201*; pop. 40,552.

Rockland town, E Massachusetts 02370; pop. 16,123.

Rockville city, CEN. Maryland 20850*; pop. 44,835.

Rockville Centre vill., SE New York 11570*; pop. 24,727.

Rocky Mount city, CEN. North Carolina 27801*; pop. 48,997.

Rocky Mountains mtn. system, W North America; extends from the Arctic to Mexico.

Rocky River city, N Ohio 44116; pop. 20,410.

Rolling Meadows city, NE Illinois 60008; pop. 22,591.

Romania republic, SE Europe; 91,700 sq. mi.; pop. 22,810,035; cap. Bucharest.

Rome city, W Italy; cap.; site of the Vatican City; cap. of the former Roman republic, the Roman Empire, and the States of the Church; pop. 2,816,474.

— city, NW Georgia 30161*; pop. 30,362.

— city, CEN. New York 13440*; pop. 44,350.

Rosario city, CEN. Argentina; pop. 810,000.

Rosedale uninc. place, NW Maryland 21237; pop. 18,703.

Roselle boro., NE New Jersey 07203 pop. 20,314.

Rosemead city, SW California 91770; pop. 51,638.

Roseville city, CEN. California 95678; pop. 44,685.

— city SE Michigan 48066; pop. 51,412.

— vill., SE Minnesota 55113; pop. 33,485.

Rostov-on-Don city, SW Russia; pop. 934,000.

Roswell city, SE New Mexico 88201*; pop. 44,654.

Rotterdam city, W Netherlands; pop. 1,576,232.

Rouen city, N France; site of a famous cathedral; scene of the burning of Joan of Arc; pop. 114,927.

Roumania an alternate form of Romania.

Rouyn city, W Quebec, Canada; pop. 17,678.

Royal Oak city, SE Michigan 48068*; pop. 65,410.

Rugby municipal boro., CEN. England; site of a boys' school; pop. 60,380.

Ruhr river, W Germany; 142 mi. long.

— reg. S of the Ruhr, an industrial and coal-mining district. 1,770 sq. mi.

Rumania an alternate form of Romania.

Russia federal republic, E Europe and N Asia; 6,592,800 sq. mi.; pop. 147,400,000; cap. Moscow.

Ruston city, N Louisiana 71270*; pop. 20,027.

Rutherford boro., NE New Jersey 07070*; pop. 17,790.

Rutland city, CEN. Vermont 05701; pop. 18,230.

Rwanda republic, CEN. Africa; 10,169 sq. mi.; pop. 7,232,000; cap. Kigali.

Rye city, SE New York, 10580; pop. 14,936.

Ryukyu Islands isl. group betw. Kyushu and Taiwan; 870 sq. mi.; pop. 1,161,000; chief isl. Okinawa; adm. by Japan.

Saar river, NE France and Germany; 152 mi. long.

Saar, The state, W Germany; 993 sq. mi.; pop. 1,051,000; cap. Saarbrücken.

Sabah part of Malaysia in N Borneo; 28,460 sq. mi.; pop. 1,176,400; cap. Kota Kinabalu.

Sacramento city, CEN. California; 95813*; cap.; pop. 369,365.

Sacramento River river, CEN. California; 382 mi. long.

Saginaw city, CEN. Michigan 48605*; pop. 69,512.

Sahara desert area, N Africa; ab. 3 million sq. mi. Also Sahara Desert.

Saigon city, S Vietnam; formerly cap. of South Vietnam; pop. 3,169,135; now called Ho Chi Minh City.

Saipan one of the Mariana isls.; 47 sq. mi.; captured from Japan by U.S. forces in World War II, 1944.

Saint, Sainte See entries beginning ST., STE.

Sakhalin isl. SE Russia; 29,700 sq. mi.; pop. 649,000; adm. ctr. Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Salem city, NE Massachusetts 01970*; pop. 38,091.

— city, SE New Hampshire 03079; pop. 25,746.

— city, NW Oregon 97301*; cap.; pop. 107,786.

— town, CEN. Virginia 24153; pop. 23,756.

Salerno city, SW Italy; scene of a battle in World War II betw. Germans and Allied landing forces, 1943; pop. 153,091.

Salina city, CEN Kansas 67401*; pop. 42,303.

Salinas city, W California 93901*; pop. 108,777.

Salisbury city, SE Maryland 21801; pop. 20,592.

— city, CEN. North Carolina 28144; pop. 23,087.

— city, N Zimbabwe; cap.; pop. 633,000: Now called Harare.

Salonika city, NE Greece; pop. 345,799.

Salt Lake City city, CEN. Utah 84101*; cap.; pop. 159,936.

Salvador city, E Brazil; pop. 1,506,602.

— See El Salvador.

Salzburg city, W Austria; birthplace of Mozart; pop. 139,000.

Samar one of the Visayan isls., Philippines; 5,050 sq. mi.

Samarkand city, E Uzbekistan; pop. 481,000.

Samoa isl. group, SW Pacific; 1,173 sq. mi.; divided into American (or Eastern) Samoa, an uninc. terr. of the United States; 76 sq. mi.; pop. 27,159; cap. Pago Pago; and Western Samoa, an independent monarchy: 1,093 sq. mi.; pop. 165,000; cap. Apia.

Samos isl. of Greece, E Aegean; 184 sq. mi.

Samothrace isl. of Greece, NE Aegean; 71 sq. mi.

San Angelo city, CEN. Texas 76902*; pop. 84,474.

San Antonio city, CEN. Texas 78284*; site of the Alamo; pop. 935,933.

San Benito city, S Texas 78586; pop. 20,125.

San Bernardino city, SW California 92403*; pop. 164,164.

San Bruno city, W California 94066; pop. 38,961.

San Carlos city, W California 94070; pop. 26,167.

San Clemente city, S California 92672; pop. 41,100.

San Diego city, SW California 92109*; pop. 1,110,549.

San Dimas city, SW California 91773; pop. 32,397.

Sandusky city, N Ohio 44870*; pop. 29,764.

San Fernando city, SW California 91340*; pop. 22,580.

Sanford city, CEN. Florida 32771; pop. 32,387.

— city, SW Maine 04073; pop. 10,296.

San Francisco city, W California 94101*; pop. 723,959.

San Francisco Bay inlet of the Pacific, W California.

San Gabriel city, SW California 91776*; pop. 37,120.

San Joaquin River river, CEN. California; 317 mi. long.

San José city, CEN. Costa Rica; cap.; pop. 239,800.

San Jose city, W California 95101*; pop. 782,248.

San Juan city, NE Puerto Rico 00936*; cap.; pop. 431,227.

San Leandro city, W California 94577*; pop. 68,223.

San Lorenzo uninc. place, W California 94580; pop. 19,987.

San Luis Obispo city, W California 93401*; pop. 41,958.

San Marcos city, CEN. Texas 78666; pop. 28,743.

San Marino republic, an enclave in NE Italy; 24 sq. mi.; pop. 23,000.

— city, San Marino; cap.; pop. 2,343.

San Mateo city, W California 94402*; pop. 85,486.

San Pablo city, W California 94806; pop. 25,158.

San Rafael city, W California 94901*; pop. 48,404.

San Salvador city, S El Salvador; cap.; pop. 459,902.

— isl. CEN. Bahamas; site of Columbus' first landing in the western hemisphere, 1492.

Santa Ana city, SW California 92711*; pop. 293,742.

Santa Barbara city, SW California 93102*; pop. 85,571.

Santa Catalina isl. off SW California; 70 sq. mi.

Santa Clara city, W California 95050*; pop. 93,613.

Santa Cruz city, W California 95060*; pop. 49,040.

Santa Fe city, N New Mexico 87501*; cap.; pop. 55,859.

Santa Fe Trail trade route, important from 1821–80, betw. Independence, Missouri, and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Santa Maria city, SW California 93454*; pop. 61,284.

Santa Monica city, SW California 90406*; pop. 86,905.

Santa Paula city, SW California 93060; pop. 25,062.

Santa Rosa city, W California 95402*; pop. 113,313.

Santee uninc. place, SW California 92071; pop. 52,902.

Santiago city, CEN. Chile; cap.; pop. 5,133,700. Also Santiago de Chile.

Santo Domingo city, S Dominican Republic; cap.; pop. 1,600,000.

São Paulo city, SE Brazil; pop. 10,063,000.

São Tomé and Principe republic, isls. off W Africa; 366 sq. mi.; pop. 121,000; cap. São Tomé.

São Tomé city; cap. São Tomé isl.; 34,997.

Sapulpa city, CEN. Oklahoma 74066; pop. 18,074.

Sarajevo city, SE Bosnia-Herzegovina; cap.; scene of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, June 28, 1914; pop. 415,631.

Sarasota city SW Florida 33578*; pop. 50,961.

Saratoga city, W California 95070; pop. 28,061.

Saratoga Springs city, CEN. New York 12866; pop. 25,001.

Sarawak part of Malaysia on NW Borneo; 48,050 sq. mi.; pop. 1,591,100; cap. Kuching.

Sardinia isl., CEN. Mediterranean; with adjacent isls. a reg. of Italy; 9,301 sq. mi.; pop. 1,617,215; cap. Cagliari.

Sarnia city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 55,576.

Saskatchewan prov., CEN. Canada; 251,866 sq. mi.; pop. 1,000,300; cap. Regina.

Saskatoon city, CEN. Saskatchewan, Canada; pop. 177,641.

Saudi Arabia monarchy, N and CEN. Arabia; 805,000 sq. mi.; pop. 14,131,000; cap. Riyadh.

Saugus town, NE Massachusetts 01906; pop. 25,549.

Sault Ste. Marie city, CEN. Ontario, Canada; pop. 81,044.

Sault Sainte Marie Canals 3 canals that circumvent the rapids in the St. Marys River betw. Lakes Superior and Huron.

Savannah city, E Georgia 31401*; pop. 137,560.

Saxony reg. and former duchy, electorate, kingdom, and prov., CEN. Germany.

Sayreville boro., E New Jersey 08872; pop. 34,986.

Scandinavia reg. NW Europe; includes Sweden, Norway, and Denmark and sometimes Finland, Iceland, and the Faeroe Islands.

Scapa Flow sea basin and British naval base in the Orkney Islands, Scotland; 50 sq. mi.

Scarsdale town, SE New York 10583; pop. 16,987.

Schaumburg city, NE Illinois 60172; pop. 68,586.

Scheldt river, N France, Belgium and the Netherlands; 270 mi. long.

Schenectady city, E New York 12301*; pop. 65,566.

Schleswig-Holstein state, NE Germany; 6,069 sq. mi.; pop. 2,614,000; cap. Kiel.

Schuylkill River river, SE Pennsylvania; 130 mi. long.

Scituate city, NE Massachusetts 02066; pop. 16,786.

Scotch Plains urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07076; pop. 21,160.

Scotland a political div. and the N part of Great Britain; a separate kingdom until 1707; 30,418 sq. mi.; pop. 5,094,000; cap. Edinburgh.

Scottsdale city, CEN. Arizona 85251*; pop. 130,069.

Scranton city, NE Pennsylvania 18503*; pop. 81,805.

Seaford uninc. place, SE New York 11783; pop. 15,597.

Seal Beach city, SW California 90740; pop. 25,098.

Seaside city, W California 93955; pop. 38,901.

Seattle city, CEN. Washington 98109*; pop. 516,259.

Sebastopol See Sevastopol.

Security unic. place, CEN. Colorado 80911; pop. 18,768.

Sedalia city, CEN. Missouri 65301*; pop. 19,800.

Seguin city, CEN. Texas 78155; pop. 18,853.

Seine river, NE France; 482 mi. long.

Selma city, CEN. Alabama 36701*; pop. 23,755.

Semarang city, N Java, Indonesia; pop. 646,590.

Senegal river, NW Africa; ab. 1,000 mi. long.

Senegal, Republic of republic, NW Africa; 75,955 sq. mi.; pop. 7,277,000; cap. Dakar.

Seoul city, NW South Korea; cap.; pop. 8,114,000.

Sept-Iles city, E Quebec, Canada; pop. 30,617.

Serbia constituent republic, Yugoslavia; 34,116 sq. mi.; pop. 9,791,475; cap. Belgrade.

Sevastopol city, S Crimea, Ukraine; pop. 308,000.

Severn river, N Wales and W England: 210 mi. long.

Severna Park city, NE Maryland 21146; pop. 25,879.

Seville city, SW Spain; pop. 655,435.

Sèvres city, N France; pop. 21,149.

Seychelles isl. republic off E Africa; 175 sq. mi.; pop. 68,700; cap. Victoria.

Shaker Heights city, N Ohio 44120; pop. 30,831.

Shanghai city, E China; pop. 7,228,600.

Shannon river, CEN. Ireland; 224 mi. long.

Sharon city, W Pennsylvania 16146; pop. 17,493.

Shasta, Mount extinct volcano, Cascade Range, N California; 14,162 ft.

Shawinigan city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 24,921.

Shawnee city, NE Kansas 66203*; pop. 29,653.

— city, CEN. Oklahoma 74801*; pop. 26,017.

Sheboygan city, E Wisconsin 53081; pop. 49,676.

Sheffield co. boro., CEN. England; pop. 544,200.

Shelby city, SW North Carolina 28150; pop. 14,669.

Shelton city, SW Connecticut 06484; pop. 35,418.

Shenandoah river, N Virginia and NE West Virginia; 170 mi. long.

Shenyang city, NE China; pop. 3,700,000; formerly called Mukden.

Sherbrooke city, S Quebec. Canada; pop. 76,804.

Sherman city, N Texas 75090; pop. 31,601.

Shetland Islands isl. group NE of the Orkney Islands, comprising Shetland, a co. of Scotland; 551 mi.; pop. 17,000; cap. Lerwick.

Shikoku isl., SW Japan; 7,248 sq. mi.

Shiloh national military park, SW Tennessee; scene of a Union victory in the Civil War, 1862; 6 sq. mi.

Shively city, N Kentucky 40216; pop. 15,535.

Shreveport city, NW Louisiana 71102*; pop. 198,525.

Shrewsbury city, CEN. Massachusetts 01545; pop. 24,146.

Siam the former name of Thailand.

Siam, Gulf of part of the South China Sea betw. the Malay Peninsula and Indochina.

Siberia reg., E Russia; ab. 5 million sq. mi.

Sicily isl. of Italy, CEN. Mediterranean; comprises with neighboring islands a reg. of 9,926 sq. mi.; pop. 5,006,684; cap. Palermo.

Sidney city, W Ohio 45365; pop. 18,710.

Sierra Leone republic, W Africa; 27,699 sq. mi.; pop. 4,151,000; cap. Freetown.

Sierra Nevada mtn. range, E California.

Silesia reg., CEN. Europe; divided betw. Czech Republic and Poland.

Silver Spring uninc. place, W Maryland 20907*; pop. 76,046.

Simi Valley city, SW California 93065; pop. 100,217.

Simla city, N India; pop. 55,368.

Simsbury city, CEN. Connecticut 06070; pop. 22,023.

Sinai penin., E Egypt, betw. the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

Singapore isl. republic off the tip of the Malay Peninsula; 239 sq. mi.; pop. 2,718,000.

— city, S Singapore; cap.; pop. 2,390,800.

Sinkiang-Uigur Autonomous Region div. w China; 635,900 sq. mi.; pop. ab. 15,155,000; cap. Urumchi (Tihwa). Also formerly Sinkiang.

Sioux City city, W Iowa 51101*; pop. 80,505.

Sioux Falls city, SE South Dakota 57101*; pop. 100,814.

Skokie vill., NE Illinois 60076*; pop. 59,432.

Slidell town, SE Louisiana 70458; pop. 24,124.

Slovakia republic, CEN. Europe; 18,934 sq. mi.; pop. 5,310,154; cap. Bratislava.

Slovenia republic, Balkan Penin.; 7,819 sq. mi.; pop. 1,962,606; cap. Ljubljana.

Smyrna town, CEN. Georgia 30080; pop. 30,981.

an alternate name of Izmir, Turkey.

Society Islands isl. group, French Polynesia; ab. 650 sq. mi.

Sofia city, W Bulgaria; cap.; pop. 1,047,920.

Solomon Islands isl. monarchy, SW Pacific; ab. 10,954 sq. mi.; pop. 319,000; cap. Honiara.

Somalia republic, E Africa; 246,000 sq. mi.; pop. 7,555,000; cap. Mogadishu. Also Somali Democratic Republic.

Somerset town, SE Massachusetts 02725; pop. 17,665.

Somerville city, E Massachusetts 02143, pop. 76,210.

Somme river, N France; 150 mi. long.

Soo Canals informal name of Sault Sainte Marie Canals.

Sorel city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 19,666.

South Africa, Republic of republic, S Africa; 433,680 sq. mi.; pop. 30,797,000; seat of government Pretoria; seat of legislature Cape Town.

South America S continent of the Western Hemisphere; ab. 6,860,000 sq. mi.

Southampton co. boro., S England; pop. 207,800.

South Australia state, S Australia; 379,900 sq. mi.; pop. 1,425,000; cap. Adelaide.

South Bend city, N Indiana 46624*; pop. 105,511.

Southbridge uninc. place S Massachusetts 01550*; pop. 17,816.

South Carolina state, SE United States; 31,113 sq. mi.; pop. 3,505,707; cap. Columbia.

South Charleston city, CEN. West Virginia 25303; pop. 13,645.

South China Sea part of the Pacific betw. SE Asia and the Malay Archipelago.

South Dakota state, CEN. United States; 77,116 sq. mi.; pop. 699,999; cap. Pierre.

Southern Yemen See Yemen.

South Euclid city, NE Ohio 44121; pop. 23,866.

Southfield city, SE Michigan 48075*; pop. 75,728.

Southgate city, SE Michigan 48198; pop. 30,771.

South Gate city, SW California 90280; pop. 86,284.

South Hadley town, CEN. Massachusetts 01075; pop. 16,685.

South Holland vill, SE Illinois 60473; pop. 22,105.

Southington city, CEN. Connecticut 06489; pop. 38,518.

South Island one of the two main isls. of New Zealand; 58,093 sq. mi.

South Korea See Korea.

South Milwaukee city SE Wisconsin 53172; pop. 20,958.

South Orange vill., NE New Jersey 07079; pop. 16,390.

South Pasadena city, sw California 91030; pop. 23,936.

South Plainfield boro., NE New Jersey 07080; pop. 20,489.

South Pole S extremity of the earth's axis.

South Portland city, SW Maine 04106; pop. 23,163.

South St. Paul city, E Minnesota 55075; pop. 20,197.

South San Francisco city. W California 94080*; pop. 54,312.

South Sea Islands isls. of the South Pacific.

South Seas waters of the Southern Hemisphere, esp. the South Pacific Ocean.

South-West Africa formerly mandated terr., SW Africa; administered by the Republic of South Africa; now Namibia.

South Windsor city, CEN. Connecticut 06074; pop. 22,090.

Soviet Union an alternate name of Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1922–91).

Spain monarchy, SW Europe; 194,885 sq. mi.; pop. 39,618,000; cap. Madrid.

Spanish America parts of the W hemisphere where Spanish is the predominant language.

Spanish Lake uninc. place, NE Missouri 63138; pop. 20,322.

Sparks city, W Nevada 89431; pop. 53,367.

Sparta city-state of ancient Greece, famous for its military power: sometimes called Lacedaemon.

Spartanburg city, NW South Carolina 29301*; pop. 43,467.

Spitsbergen See Svalbard.

Spokane city E Washington 99210*; pop. 177,196.

Springdale city, NW Arkansas 72764; pop. 29,941.

Springfield city, CEN. Illinois 62703*; cap.; pop. 105,227.

— city, SW Massachusetts 01101*; pop. 156,983.

— city, SW Missouri 63801*; pop. 140,494.

— city, CEN. Ohio 45501*; pop. 70,487.

— city, W Oregon 97477; pop. 44,683.

— uninc. place, SE Pennsylvania 19063; pop. 24,160.

Spring Valley vill., SE New York 10977; pop. 21,802.

Sri Lanka isl. republic S of India, formerly called Ceylon; 25,332 sq. mi.; pop. 16,109,000; cap. Colombo.

Stalingrad the former name of Volgograd.

Stamford city, SW Connecticut 06904*; pop. 108,056.

St. Ann city, E Missouri 63074; pop. 14,489.

Stanton city, SW California 90680; pop. 30,491.

State College boro., CEN. Pennsylvania 16801*; pop. 38,923.

Staten Island isl., SE New York City, at the entrance to New York Harbor.

— Richmond borough, SW New York City, New York 10300*; pop. 378,977.

Statesville city, CEN North Carolina 28677; pop. 17,567.

Staunton city, CEN. Virginia 24401; pop. 24,461.

St.-Bruno-de-Montarville town, CEN. Quebec, Canada; pop. 21,272.

St. Catharines city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 123,351.

St. Charles city, E Missouri 63301*; pop. 54,555.

St. Clair, Lake lake betw. S Ontario and SE Michigan; 460 sq. mi.

St. Clair Shores vill., SE Michigan 48083*; pop. 68,107.

St. Cloud city, CEN. Minnesota 56301*; pop. 48,812.

St. Croix one of the Virgin Islands of the United States; 82 sq. mi.

Ste.-Foy city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 71,237.

Sterling city, NW Illinois 61081; pop. 15,132.

Sterling Heights city, SE Michigan 48078*; pop. 117,810.

Ste.-Thérèse city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 17,479.

Stettin the German name for Szczecin.

Steubenville city, E Ohio 43952; pop. 22,125.

Stevens Point city, CEN. Wisconsin 54481; pop. 23,006.

St. Helena isl., South Atlantic; British colony with Ascension Island and the Tristan da Cunha group as dependencies; 133 sq. mi.; pop. 5,147; cap. Jamestown; site of Napoleon's exile, 1815 to 21.

St. Hubert town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 49,706.

St. Hyacinthe city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 37,500.

Stillwater city, CEN. Oklahoma 74074*; pop. 36,676.

St. Jean city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 34,363.

St. Jérôme city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 25,175.

St. John one of the Virgin Islands of the United States; 19 sq. mi.

— city, S New Brunswick, Canada; pop. 85,976.

St. John's city, SE Newfoundland, Canada; cap.; pop. 86,576.

St. Joseph city, NW Missouri 64501*; pop. 71,852.

St. Kitts and Nevis monarchy isls. in the Lesser Antilles; 104 sq. mi.; pop. 44,100; cap. Basseterre.

St. Lambert city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 20,318.

St. Laurent city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 64,404.

St. Lawrence, Gulf of inlet of the Atlantic E Canada.

St. Lawrence River river, SE Canada; the outlet of the Great Lakes system; 1,900 mi. long.

St. Lawrence Seaway system of ship canals extending 114 miles along the St. Lawrence River from Montreal to Lake Ontario.

St. Leonard city, CEN. Quebec, Canada; pop. 78,452.

St. Louis city, E Missouri 63155*; pop. 396,685.

St. Louis Park vill., E Minnesota 55426; pop. 43,787.

Stockholm city, SE Sweden; cap.; pop. 1,629,631.

Stockton city, CEN. California 95204*; pop. 210,943.

Stoneham town, NE Massachusetts 02180; pop. 22,203.

Stonington city, NE Connecticut 06378; pop. 16,919.

Stoughton town, E Massachusetts 02072; pop. 26,777.

Stow vill., CEN. Ohio 44224; pop. 27,702.

St. Paul city, SE Minnesota 55101*; cap.; pop. 272,235.

St. Petersburg city, W Florida 33730*; pop. 893,629.

— city, NW Russia; pop. 5,020,000; called Leningrad, 1924–91.

Strasbourg city, NE France; pop. 253,834.

Stratford town, SE Connecticut 06497; pop. 49,389.

— city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 25,657.

Stratford-on-Avon town, CEN. England; birthplace and burial place of Shakespeare; pop. 20,080.

Streamwood city, NE Illinois 60103; pop. 30,987.

Strongsville vill., N Ohio 44136; pop. 35,308.

St. Thomas one of the Virgin Islands of the United States; 28 sq. mi.; pop. 16,201.

— city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 27,206.

Stuttgart city, SW Germany; pop. 581,989.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines monarchy isls. in the Windward Islands; 150 sq. mi.; pop. 115,000; cap. Kingstown.

Sucre city, CEN. Bolivia; judicial cap.; pop. 105,800.

Sudan reg., N Africa S of the Sahara.

Sudan, Republic of the republic, NE Africa; 966,757 sq. mi.; pop. 28,311,000; cap. Khartoum.

Sudbury city, CEN. Ontario, Canada; pop. 97,604.

Sudetenland border dists., W Czech Republic.

Suez city, NE Egypt; pop. 204,000.

Suez, Gulf of inlet of the Red Sea, NE Egypt.

Suez, Isthmus of strip of land joining Asia and Africa, betw. the Gulf of Suez and the Mediterranean.

Suez Canal ship canal across the Isthmus of Suez; 107 mi.

Suitland-Silver Hills uninc. place, CEN. Maryland 20023; pop. 35,111.

Sulawesi isl. of Indonesia, E of Borneo; 73,057 sq. mi.; pop. 11,341,000.

Sulu Archipelago isl. group, SW Philippines; 1,086 sq. mi.

Sumatra isl. of Indonesia S of the Malay Peninsula; 208,948 sq. mi.; pop. 22,934,000.

Summit city, NE New Jersey 07901; pop. 19,757.

Sumter city, CEN. South Carolina 29150*; pop. 41,943.

Sunnyvale city, W California 94086*; pop. 117,229.

Superior city, NW Wisconsin 54880*; pop. 27,134.

Superior, Lake largest of the Great Lakes; 31,820 sq. mi.

Surabaya city, NE Java, Indonesia; pop. 2,027,913.

Suriname republic, former Dutch colony NE coast of S. America; 63,251 sq. mi.; pop. 411,000; cap. Paramaribo.

Susquehanna river, New York, Pennsylvania, and Maryland; 444 mi. long.

Suwannee River river, Georgia and Florida; 250 mi. long.

Svalbard isl. group of Norway, Arctic Ocean; 23,958 sq. mi.: sometimes called Spitsbergen.

Swaziland republic, SE Africa; 6,704 sq. mi.; pop. 770,000; caps. Mbabane (admin.) and Lobamba (legislat.).

Sweden monarchy, NW Europe; 173,732 sq. mi.; pop. 8,529,000; cap. Stockholm.

Sweetwater Creek city, NW Florida 33601; pop. 13,909.

Swift Current city, SW Saskatchewan, Canada; pop. 14,264.

Switzerland federal state, CEN. Europe; 15,943 sq. mi.; pop. 6,756,000; cap. Bern.

Sydney city, NE Nova Scotia, Canada; pop. 30,645.

— city, E New South Wales, Australia; cap.; pop. 3,596,000.

Syracuse city, CEN. New York 13201*; pop. 163,860.

Syria republic, SW Asia; 71,498 sq. mi.; pop. 12,116,000; cap. Damascus.

Szczecin city, NW Poland; pop. 409,500. German name Stettin.

Tabriz city, NW Iran; pop. 971,482.

Tacoma city, W Washington 98402*; pop. 176,664.

Tahiti isl., Society group; 402 sq. mi.; pop. 85,000.

Tahoe, Lake lake E California and W Nevada; ab. 195 sq. mi.

Taipei city, N Taiwan; cap.; pop. 2,681,857.

Taiwan isl. off SE China; comprises with the Pescadores, the Republic of China; 13,900 sq. mi.; pop. 20,221,000; cap. Taipei; formerly called Formosa.

Tajikistan republic, CEN. Asia; 55,251 sq. mi.; pop. 5,112,000; cap. Dushanbe.

Takoma Park city W Maryland 20912; pop. 16,700.

Talledaga city, CEN. Alabama 35160; pop. 18,175.

Tallahassee city, N Florida 32303*; cap.; pop. 124,773.

Tallinn city, N Estonia; cap.; pop. 482,000.

Tallmadge city, NE Ohio 44278; pop. 14,870.

Tampa city, W Florida 33602*; pop. 280,015.

Tampico city, E Mexico; pop. 240,000.

Tanganyika, Lake lake, CEN. Africa; 12,700 sq. mi.

Tangier city, N Morocco; pop. 187,894.

Tanzania republic, E Africa, includes Tanganyika and Zanzibar; 364,217 sq. mi.; pop. 24,403,000; cap. Dar es Salaam.

Taranto city, SE Italy; pop. 247,681.

Tashkent city, E Uzbekistan; cap.; pop. 2,073,000.

Tasmania isl., SE Australia; comprises a state; 26,200 sq. mi.; pop. 437,300; cap. Hobart.

Taunton city, SE Massachusetts 02780*; pop. 49,832.

Taylor city, SE Michigan 48180; pop. 70,811.

Tbilisi city, SE Georgia; cap.; pop. 1,260,000.

Teaneck urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07666; pop. 37,825.

Tegucigalpa city, CEN. Honduras; cap.; pop. 551,606.

Tehran city, CEN. Iran; cap.; pop. 6,042,584.

Tel Aviv city, W Israel; includes Jaffa; pop. 317,800.

Tempe city, CEN. Arizona 85282*; pop. 141,865.

Temple CEN. Texas 76501; pop. 46,109.

Tennessee state, CEN. United States; 42,144 sq. mi.; pop. 4,896,641; cap. Nashville.

Tennessee River river, flowing through E Tennessee, N Alabama, W Tennessee, and SW Kentucky; 652 mi. long.

Terre Haute city, W Indiana 47808*; pop. 57,483.

Tewksbury city, NE Massachusetts 01876; pop. 27,266.

Texarkana city, SW Arkansas at the Arkansas-Texas line 75501; pop. 22,631.

— city, NE Texas; adjacent to and integrated with Texarkana, Arkansas 75501*; pop. 31,656.

Texas state S United States; 266,807 sq. mi.; pop. 17,059,805; cap. Austin.

Texas City city, SE Texas 77590*; pop. 40,822.

Thailand monarchy, SE Asia; 198,115 sq. mi.; pop. 56,217,000; cap. Bangkok: formerly called Siam.

Thames river, S England; 209 mi. long.

Thessaly div., CEN. Greece; 5,399 sq. mi.

Thetford Mines city S Quebec, Canada; pop. 20,784.

Thomasville city, S Georgia 31792; pop. 17,457.

Thorold town, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 14,944.

Thousand Islands group of ab. 1,500 isls. in the St. Lawrence River.

Thousand Oaks city, SE California 91360*; pop. 104,352

Thrace reg., E Balkan Peninsula.

Thunder Bay city, W Ontario, Canada; pop. 111,476.

Tiber river, CEN. Italy; 245 mi. long.

Tibet adm. div., W China; 471,700 sq. mi.; pop. 1,930,000; cap. Lhasa; formerly independent.

Tientsin city, NE China; pop. 4,300,000.

Tierra del Fuego isl. group, S South America, included in Chile and Argentina; 7,996 sq. mi. (Argentina), 19,480 sq. mi. (Chile).

Tiffin city, CEN. Ohio 44883; pop. 18,604.

Tigris river, SW Asia, ab. 1,150 mi. long.

Tijuana city, NW Lower California, Mexico; pop. 535,000.

Timbuktu town, CEN. Mali; pop. 11,900.

Timmins town, CEN. Ontario, Canada; pop. 44,747.

Timonium-Lutherville uninc. place, CEN. Maryland 21093; pop. 17,845.

Timor isl., SE Malay Archipelago; 11,965 sq. mi.; pop. 1,356,000; W Timor has been part of Indonesia since 1949.

Tirana city, CEN. Albania; cap.; pop. 238,100.

Tirol See Tyrol.

Titicaca, Lake lake betw. SE Peru and W Bolivia; 3,200 sq. mi.; elevation 12,500 ft.

Titusville city, E Florida 32870; pop. 39,394.

Tobago See Trinidad and Tobago.

Togo republic, W Africa; 21,925 sq. mi.; pop. 3,764,000; cap. Lomé.

Tokyo city, E Japan; cap.; pop. 8,278,116.

Toledo city, CEN. Spain; pop. 56,414.

— city, NW Ohio 43601*; pop. 332,943.

Tomsk city, S Russia; pop. 502,000.

Tonawanda city, W New York 14150*; pop. 17,284.

Tonga monarchy; isl. group, SE of Fiji; 301 sq. mi.; pop. 96,300; cap. Nuku'alofa.

Topeka city, NE Kansas 66603*; cap.; pop. 119,883.

Toronto city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 633,318.

Torrance city, SW California 90510*; pop. 133,107.

Torrington city, SW Connecticut 06790*; pop. 33,687.

Toulon city, S France; pop. 168,000.

Toulouse city, S France; pop. 359,000.

Towson uninc. place, CEN. Maryland 21204; pop. 49,445.

Trafalgar, Cape headland, SW Spain; scene of a naval victory of Nelson over the French and Spanish, 1805.

Transcaucasia reg., part of Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan; betw. the Caucasus mountains and Iran and Turkey.

Transvaal reg. NE South Africa; 101,352 sq. mi.

Traverse City city, NW Michigan 49684; pop. 15,155.

Trenton city, SE Michigan 48183; pop. 20,586.

— city, W New Jersey 08608*; cap.; pop. 88,675.

Trieste city, NE Italy; pop. 235,014.

Trinidad and Tobago isl. republic off N Venezuela; comprises isls. of Trinidad; 1,864 sq. mi., and Tobago; 116 sq. mi.; pop. 1,233,000; cap. Port-of-Spain.

Tripoli city, NW Lebanon; pop. 500,000.

— city, NW Libya; cap.; pop. 591,062.

Trois-Rivieres city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 52,518.

Troy city, SE Michigan 48084; pop. 72,884.

— city, E New York 12180*; pop. 54,269.

— city, w Ohio 45373; pop. 19,478.

Trumbull city, SE Connecticut 06611; pop. 32,016.

Tucson city, SE Arizona 85726*; pop. 405,390.

Tulare city, CEN. California 93274; pop. 33,249.

Tullahoma city, CEN. Tennessee 37388; pop. 16,761.

Tulsa city, NE Oklahoma 74101*; pop. 367,302.

Tunis city, NE Tunisia; cap.; pop. 596,654.

Tunisia republic, N Africa; 59,664 sq. mi.; pop. 8,182,000; cap. Tunis.

Tupelo city, NE Mississippi 38801*; pop. 30,685.

Turin city, NW Italy; pop. 1,160,162.

Turkestan reg., CEN. Asia; extends from the Caspian Sea to the Gobi Desert.

Turkey republic, SW Asia; 300,948 sq. mi.; pop. 56,941,000; cap. Ankara. See Anatolia.

Turkmenistan republic, CEN. Asia; 188,500 sq. mi.; pop. 3,534,000; cap. Ashkhabad.

Tuscaloosa city, CEN. Alabama 35403*; pop. 77,759.

Tustin city, SW California 92680; pop. 50,689.

Tutuila chief isl., American Samoa; 53 sq. mi.

Tuvalu isl. country, SW Pacific, comprising nine coral atolls; about 10 sq. mi.; pop. 9,043; cap. Funafuti.

Twin Falls city, S Idaho 83301*; pop. 27,591.

Tyler city, E Texas 75702*; pop. 75,450.

Tyrol reg., W Austria and N Italy.

Ubangi river, CEN. Africa; 1,400 mi. long.

Uganda military republic, CEN. Africa; 93,100 sq. mi.; pop. 16,928,000; cap. Kampala.

Ukraine republic, E Europe; 233,100 sq. mi.; pop. 51,707.000; cap. Kiev.

Ulan Bator city, CEN. Mongolia; cap.; pop. 548,400.

Ulster former prov., N Ireland, of which the N part became Northern Ireland, 1925.

— prov., N Republic of Ireland; comprises the part of Ulster that remained after 1925; 3,093 sq. mi.; pop. 230,159.

Union urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07083*; pop. 50,024.

Union City city, NE New Jersey 07087; pop. 58,012.

Uniondale uninc. place, SE New York 11553; pop. 20,328.

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics federal union of 15 constituent republics occupying most of N Eurasia; 1922–91.

United Arab Emirates monarchy, E Arabia, composed of 7 emirates (formerly Trucial States); 30,000 sq. mi.; pop. 1,903,000; cap. Abu Dhabi.

United Arab Republic the former name of Egypt.

United Kingdom constitutional monarchy comprising Great Britain (England, Scotland, and Wales), Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands; 94,248 sq. mi.; pop. 57,384,000; cap. London: officially United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

United States of America federal republic, including 50 states (49 in North America, and Hawaii, an archipelago in the Pacific Ocean), and the District of Columbia (3,679,192 sq. mi.; pop. 248,709,873), and the Canal Zone, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands of the United States, American Samoa, and Guam, Wake, and other Pacific isls.; cap. Washington, coextensive with the District of Columbia.

University City city, E Missouri 63130; pop. 40,087.

University Heights city, N Ohio 44118; pop. 14,790.

University Park city, N Texas 76308; pop. 22,259.

Upland city, SW California 91786; pop. 63,374.

Upper Arlington city, CEN. Ohio 43221; pop. 34,128.

Upper Darby uninc. place, SE Pennsylvania 19082; pop. 84,054.

Upper Volta the former name of Burkina Faso.

Ural Mountains mtn. system in Russia, extending from the Arctic Ocean to Kazakstan.

Ural River river S Russia and W Kazakstan; 1,574 mi. long.

Urbana city, E Illinois 61801*; pop. 36,344.

Uruguay republic, SE South America; 68,037 sq. mi.; pop. 3,033,000; cap. Montevideo.

Uruguay River river, SE South America; 1,000 mi. long.

Utah state, CEN. United States; 84,899 sq. mi.; pop. 1,727,784; cap. Salt Lake City.

Utica city, CEN. New York 13503*; pop. 68,637.

Utrecht city, CEN. Netherlands; pop. 230,634.

Uzbekistan republic, CEN. Asia; 172,700 sq. mi.; pop. 19,905,000; cap. Tashkent.

Vacaville city, CEN. California 95688; pop. 71,479.

Val-d'Or town, W Quebec, Canada; pop. 19,915.

Valdosta city, S Georgia 31603*; pop. 39,806.

Valencia city, E Spain; pop. 732,491.

Vallejo city, W California 94590*; pop. 109,199.

Valleyfield city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 29,716. Also Salaberry de Valleyfield.

Valley Forge locality, SE Pennsylvania, scene of Washington's winter encampment 1777–78.

Valley Station uninc. place, N Kentucky 40272; pop. 22,840.

Valley Stream vill., SE New York 11580*; pop. 33,946.

Valparaiso city, CEN. Chile; pop. 288,294.

— city, NW Indiana 46383; pop. 24,414.

Vancouver city, SW Washington 98660*; pop. 46,380.

— city, SW British Columbia, Canada; pop. 431,137.

Vancouver Island isl., off SW British Columbia, Canada; 12,408 sq. mi.

Vanuatu republic, isl. group member of the Commonwealth, SW Pacific, formerly New Hebrides; 4,707 sq. mi.; pop. 147,000; cap. Vila.

Vatican City sovereign papal state within Rome; includes the Vatican and St. Peter's Church; established June 10, 1929; 108,7 acres; pop. 1,000.

Venezuela republic, N South America; 352,144 sq. mi.; pop. 19,735,000; cap. Caracas.

Venice city, NE Italy; pop. 324,294.

Venice, Gulf of N part of the Adriatic.

Ventura city, S California 93002*; pop. 92,575.

Veracruz state, SE Mexico; 27,683 sq. mi.; pop. 6,171,000; cap. Jalapa; largest city Veracruz.

Verde, Cape westernmost point of Africa; a penin.; ab. 20 mi. long.

Verdun town, NE France; scene of several battles of World War I; pop. 23,621.

— city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 68,013.

Vermont state, NE United States; 9,279 sq. mi.; pop. 564,964; cap. Montpelier.

Vernon city, NE Connecticut 06060; pop. 29,841.

Verona city, NE Italy; pop. 258,724.

Versailles city, N France; site of the palace of Louis XIV; scene of the signing of a treaty (1919) betw. the Allies and Germany after World War I; pop. 94,145.

Vesuvius active volcano, W Italy; 3,891 ft.

Vichy city. CEN. France; provisional cap. during German occupation, World War II; pop. 32,117.

Vicksburg city, W Mississippi 39180; pop. 20,908; besieged and taken by the Union Army in the Civil War, 1863.

Victoria state, SE Australia; 87,900 sq. mi.; pop. 4,321,500; cap. Melbourne.

— city, SW British Columbia; cap.; pop. 62,551.

— city, S Texas 77901*; pop. 55,076.

Victoria, Lake lake betw. Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya; 26,828 sq. mi. Also Victoria Nyanza.

Victoria Falls cataract on the Zambesi River betw. Zambia and Zimbabwe; 343 ft. high; over a mile wide.

Victoriaville town, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 21,825.

Vienna city, NE Austria; cap.; pop. 1,482,825.

— town, NE Virginia 22180; pop. 14,852.

Vientiane city, CEN. Laos; adm cap.; pop. 377,409.

Vietnam republic, SW Indochina; 127,246 sq. mi.; pop. 66,128,000; cap. Hanoi; from 1954 to 1976 divided into North Vietnam and South Vietnam, with caps. at Hanoi and Saigon, respectively.

Villa Park vill., NE Illinois 60181; pop. 22,253.

Vilnius city, SE Lithuania; cap.; pop. 582,000. Also Vilna, Vilnyus.

Vincennes city, SW Indiana 47591; pop. 19,859.

Vineland boro., S New Jersey 08360; pop. 54,780.

Virginia state, E United States; 40,767 sq. mi.; pop. 6,216,568; cap. Richmond.

Virginia Beach city, SE Virginia 23458*; pop. 393,069.

Virgin Islands isl. group, West Indies E of Puerto Rico. See British Virgin Islands.

Virgin Islands of the United States uninc. terr., Virgin Islands; 136 sq. mi.; pop. 107,000; cap. Charlotte Amalie.

Visalia city, CEN. California 93279*; pop. 75,636.

Visayan Islands isl. group, CEN. Philippines; 23,621 sq. mi.

Vista city, SW California 92083; pop. 71,872.

Vistula river, CEN. and N Poland; 678 mi. long.

Vladivostok city, SE Russia; pop. 558,000.

Volga river, W Russia; 2,290 mi. long.

Volgograd city, W Russia; scene of a Russian victory over German forces in World War II, Sept. 1942 to Jan. 1943; pop. 999,000: from 1925–61 Stalingrad.

Volta river, E Ghana; 800 mi. long.

Vosges Mountains mtn., chain, E France.

Wabash river, W Ohio and Indiana; 475 mi. long.

Waco city, CEN. Texas 76701*; pop. 103,590.

Wade-Hampton uninc. place, NW South Carolina 29607; pop. 20,014.

Wahiawa city, CEN. Oahu, Hawaii 96786; pop. 17,386.

Waikiki beach on Honolulu harbor, SE Oahu, Hawaii.

Waipio city, Oahu, Hawaii 96786; pop. 11,812.

Wakefield town, E Massachusetts 01880*; pop. 24,825.

Wake Island coral atoll in the North Pacific; 4 sq. mi.; site of a U.S. naval and air base.

Wales penin., SW Britain; a principality of England; 8,019 sq. mi.; pop. 2,857,000.

Walla Walla city, SE Washington 99362; pop. 26,478.

Wallingford town, CEN. Connecticut 06492; pop. 40,822.

Walnut Creek city, W California 94596*; pop. 60,569.

Walpole town, E Massachusetts 02081; pop. 20,212.

Waltham city, E Massachusetts 02154; pop. 57,878.

Wantagh uninc. place, SE New York 11793; pop. 18,567.

Warminster uninc. place, SE Pennsylvania 18974; pop. 35,543.

Warner Robins city, CEN. Georgia 31093*; pop. 43,726.

Warren city, SE Michigan 48089*; pop. 144,864.

— city, NE Ohio 44481*; pop. 50,793.

Warrensville Heights vill., N Ohio 44122; pop. 15,745.

Warrington uninc. place, NW Florida 32507; pop. 16,040.

Warsaw city, CEN. Poland; cap.; pop. 1,651,200.

Warwick city, CEN. Rhode Island 02887*; pop. 85,427.

Washington state, NW United States; 68,139 sq. mi.; pop. 4,887,941; cap. Olympia.

— city, E United States; coextensive with the District of Columbia 20013*; pop. 606,900.

— city, SW Pennsylvania 15301; pop. 15,864.

Waterbury city, W Connecticut 06701*; pop. 108,961.

Waterford city, NE Connecticut 06385; pop. 17,930.

Waterloo vill., CEN. Belgium; scene of Napoleon's final defeat, June 18, 1815; pop. 24,536.

— city, CEN. Iowa 50701*; pop. 66,467.

— city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 46,623.

Watertown city, SW Connecticut 06795; pop. 20,456.

— town, E Massachusetts 02172; pop. 33,284.

— city, N New York 13601; pop. 29,429.

— city, SE Wisconsin 53094; pop. 19,142.

Waterville city, CEN. Maine 04901*; pop. 17,173.

Waukegan city, NE Illinois 60085*; pop. 69,392.

Waukesha city, SE Wisconsin 53186*; pop. 56,958.

Wausau city, CEN. Wisconsin 54401*; pop. 37,060.

Wauwatosa city, SE Wisconsin 53213; pop. 49,366.

Waycross city, SE Georgia 31501; pop. 16,410.

Wayne vill., SE Michigan 48184; pop. 19,899.

— urb. twp., N New Jersey 07470*; pop. 47,025.

Waynesboro city, CEN. Virginia 22980; pop. 18,549.

Webster Groves city, E Missouri 63119; pop. 22,987.

Weimar city, SW Germany; pop. 62,803.

Weirton city, NW West Virginia 26062; pop. 22,124.

Welland city, S Ontario. Canada; pop. 45,047.

Welland Canal waterway betw. Lakes Erie and Ontario.

Wellesley town, E Massachusetts 02181; pop. 26,615.

Wellington city, CEN. New Zealand; cap.; pop. 135,400.

Wenatchee city, CEN. Washington 98801; pop. 21,756.

Weslaco city, S Texas 78596; pop. 21,877.

West Allis city, SE Wisconsin 53214; pop. 63,221.

West Bend city, SE Wisconsin 53095; pop. 23,916.

West Berlin See Berlin.

Westchester vill., NE Illinois 60153; pop. 17,701.

West Chester boro., SE Pennsylvania 19380; pop. 18,041.

West Covina city, SW California 91793*; pop. 96,086.

West Des Moines city, CEN. Iowa 50265; pop. 31,702.

Westerly city, SW Rhode Island 02891; pop. 21,605.

Western Australia state, W Australia; 975,100 sq. mi.; pop. 1.549,700; cap. Perth.

Western Sahara area on the W coast of Africa, claimed by Mauritania and Morocco; 102,703 sq. mi.; pop. 152,000.

Western Samoa See Samoa.

Westfield city, SW Massachusetts 01085; pop. 38,372.

— town, E New Jersey 07091*; pop. 28,870.

West Germany See Germany.

West Hartford town, CEN. Connecticut 06107; pop. 60,110.

West Haven town, S Connecticut 06516; pop. 54,021.

West Hollywood city, SW California 90069; pop. 36,118.

West Indies series of isl. groups separating the North Atlantic from the Caribbean, including Cuba, Jamaica. Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Leeward and Windward Islands.

West Indies, the group of British cols. in the Caribbean, including the Leeward Islands (Antigua, St. Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla, Montserrat, and the British Virgin Islands) and the Windward Islands (St. Vincent, St. Lucia and Dominica).

West Lafayette city, CEN. Indiana 47906; pop. 25,907.

Westlake city, N Ohio 44145; pop. 27,018.

Westland city, SE Michigan 48185; pop. 84,724.

West Memphis city, E Arkansas 72301; pop. 28,259.

West Mifflin boro., SW Pennsylvania 15122; pop. 23,644.

Westminster city and metropolitan boro., London, England; site of the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace; pop. 85,000.

— city, SW California 92863; pop. 78,118.

— city, CEN. Colorado 80030; pop. 74,625.

Westmont city, SE California 90047; pop. 31,044.

Westmount city, S Quebec, Canada; pop. 22,153.

West Orange town, NE New Jersey 07052; pop. 39,103.

West Palm Beach city, SE Florida 33401*; pop. 67,643.

West Pensacola uninc. place, SW Florida 32505; pop. 22,107.

West Point U.S. military reservation, SE New York 10996; seat of the U.S. Military Academy.

Westport city, SW Connecticut 06880; pop. 24,410.

West Saint Paul city, E Minnesota 55118; pop. 19,248.

West Seneca uninc. place, W New York 14224: pop. 47,866.

West Springfield town, S Massachusetts 01089; pop. 27,537.

West Virginia state, E United States; 24,231 sq. mi.; pop. 1,801,625; cap. Charleston.

West Warwick town, CEN. Rhode Island 02893; pop. 29,268.

Wethersfield town, CEN. Connecticut 06109; pop. 25,651.

Weymouth town, E Massachusetts 02188; pop. 54,063.

Wheaton city, NE Illinois 60187*; pop. 51,464.

Wheaton Glenmont uninc. place, CEN. Maryland 20902; pop. 53,720.

Wheat Ridge uninc. place, CEN. Colorado 80033; pop. 29,419.

Wheeling city, NW West Virginia 26003*; pop. 34,882.

Whitby Whitby town, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 28,173.

White Bear Lake city, E Minnesota 55110; pop. 24,704.

Whitehall city, CEN. Ohio 43213; pop. 20,572.

— boro, SW Pennsylvania 18052; pop. 14,451.

White Mountains range of the Appalachians, CEN. New Hampshire.

White Plains city, SE New York 10602*; pop. 48,718.

Whitney, Mount peak, E California; 14,496 ft.

Whittier city, SW California 90605*; pop. 77,671.

Wichita city CEN. Kansas 67202*; pop. 304,011.

Wichita Falls city, N Texas 76307*; pop. 96,259.

Wickliffe city, NE Ohio 44092; pop. 14,558.

Wight, Isle of isl. off the S coast of England; 147 sq. mi.

Wilkes-Barre city, NE Pennsylvania 18701*; pop. 47,523.

Wilkinsburg boro., SW Pennsylvania 15221; pop. 21,080.

Williamsburg city, E Virginia 23185; capital of Virginia (1699–1779); restored to colonial condition; pop. 11,530.

Williamsport city, CEN. Pennsylvania 17701; pop. 31,933.

Willoughby city, NE Ohio 44094; pop. 20,510.

Willowick city, NE Ohio 44094; pop. 15,269.

Wilmette vill., NE Illinois 60091; pop. 26,690.

Wilmington city, N Delaware; 19899*; pop. 71,529.

— city, NE Massachusetts 01887; pop. 17,654.

— city, SE North Carolina 28401*; pop. 55,530.

Wilson town, CEN. North Carolina 27893; pop. 36,930.

Wilson, Mount peak, SW California; 5,710 ft; site of a famous observatory.

Wilson Dam power dam in the Tennessee River at Muscle Shoals, NW Alabama; 137 ft. high, 4,862 ft. long.

Wimbledon town and municipal boro., S England; scene of international tennis matches; pop. 20,000.

Winchester town, E Massachusetts 01890; pop. 20,267.

Windham city, NE Connecticut 06280; pop. 22,039.

Windhoek city, CEN. Namibia; cap.; pop. 114,000.

Windsor municipal boro., S England; site of Windsor Castle, a residence of the English sovereigns; pop. 29,660: officially New Windsor.

— city, SE Ontario, Canada; pop. 196,526.

Windward Islands isl. group, s Lesser Antilles.

Winnipeg city, SE Manitoba, Canada; cap.; pop. 560,874.

Winnipeg, Lake lake, S Manitoba, Canada; 9,398 sq. mi.

Winona city, SE Minnesota 55987*; pop. 25,399.

Winston-Salem city, CEN. North Carolina 27102*; pop. 143,485.

Winter Haven city, CEN. Florida 33880*; pop. 24,725.

Winter Park city, CEN. Florida 32708; pop. 22,242.

Winthrop town, E Massachusetts 02152; pop. 18,127.

Wisconsin state, N United States; 56,153 sq. mi.; pop. 4,906,745.

Wisconsin Rapids city, CEN. Wisconsin 54494; pop. 18,245.

Woburn city, E Massachusetts 01808*; pop. 35,943.

Woodbridge urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07095; pop. 90,074.

Woodbridge city, NE Virginia 22193; pop. 26,401.

Woodland city, CEN. California 95695*; pop. 39,802.

Woodmere uninc. place, SE New York 11598; pop. 15,578.

Woodstock city, S Ontario, Canada; pop. 26,779.

Woonsocket city, NE Rhode Island 02895; pop. 43,877.

Wooster city, CEN. Ohio 44691*; pop. 22,191.

Worcester city, CEN. Massachusetts 01613*; pop. 169,759.

Worms city, SW Germany; pop. 73,505.

Worthington city, CEN. Ohio 43085; pop. 14,869.

Wroclaw city, SW Poland; pop. 637,400: formerly called Breslau.

Wuhan collective name for the cities of Hankow, Hanyang, and Wuchang, CEN. China; pop. 4,250,000.

Wuppertal city, W Germany; pop. 371,283.

Würzburg city, CEN. Germany; pop. 125,589.

Wyandotte city, SE Michigan 48192*; pop. 30,938.

Wyckoff urb. twp., NE New Jersey 07481; pop. 15,372.

Wyoming state, NW United States; 97,809 sq. mi.; pop. 455,975; cap. Cheyenne.

— city, W Michigan 49509; pop. 63,891.

Xenia city, CEN. Ohio 45385; pop. 24,664.

Yakima city, S Washington 98901*; pop. 54,827.

Yalta city, S Crimea; scene of a conference of Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin in February, 1945; pop. 81,000.

Yalu river forming part of the boundary betw. NE China and North Korea; 500 mi. long.

Yangôn See Rangoon.

Yangtze river flowing from Tibet to the East China Sea; 3,600 mi. long.

Yellow River an alternate name of Hwang Ho.

Yellow Sea inlet of the Pacific betw. Korean penin. and China; 400 mi. long, 400 mi. wide.

Yellowstone Falls 2 waterfalls of the Yellowstone River in Yellowstone National Park: Upper Yellowstone Falls, 109 ft.; Lower Yellowstone Falls, 308 ft.

Yellowstone National Park largest and oldest of the US national parks, largely in NW Wyomins; 3,458 sq. mi.; established 1872.

Yellowstone River river, NW Wyoming, SE Montana, and NW North Dakota; 671 mi. long.

Yemen, Republic of, republic, SW Arabia, formed by the joining of the former People's Democratic Republic of Yemen (South Yemen) and The Yemen Arab Republic (North Yemen) on May 22, 1990; 531,869 sq. mi.; pop. 11,546,000; cap. San'a.

Yerevan city, W Armenia; cap.; pop. 1,199,000.

Yokohama city, CEN. Honshu, Japan; pop. 2,773,322.

Yonkers city, SE New York 10701*; pop. 188,082.

York co. boro., CEN. Yorkshire, England; cap.; pop. 126,377.

— city, S Pennsylvania 17405*; pop. 42,192.

Yosemite Valley gorge in Yosemite National Park (1,183 sq. mi., established 1890), CEN. California; 7 mi. long, 1 mi. wide; traversed by the Merced River that forms Yosemite Falls: Upper Fall, 1,430 ft.; Lower Fall, 320 ft.; with intermediate cascades, 2,425 ft.

Youngstown city, NE Ohio 44501*; pop. 95,732.

Ypres town, NW Belgium; site of three major battles of World War I, 1914, 1915, 1917; pop. 21,000.

Ypsilanti city, SE Michigan 48197; pop. 24,846.

Yucaipa uninc. place, SW California 92399; pop. 32,824.

Yucatán penin., SE Mexico and NE Central America; 70,000 sq. mi.

Yugoslavia republic, SE Europe; 39,448 sq. mi.; pop. 10,406,742; cap. Belgrade.

Yukon terr., NW Canada; 186,661 sq. mi.; pop. 26,000; cap.Whitehorse.

Yukon River river, NW Canada and CEN. Alaska; 1,770 mi. long.

Yuma city, SW Arizona 85364; pop. 54,923.

Zagreb city, CEN. Croatia; cap.; pop. 703,799.

Zaire See Congo, Democratic Republic of the.

Zambezi river, S Africa; 1,700 mi. long.

Zambia republic, CEN. Africa; 290,586 sq. mi.; pop. 8,456,000; cap. Lusaka.

Zanesville city, CEN. Ohio 43701*; pop. 26,778.

Zanzibar reg. of Tanzania off the coast of E Africa; comprises isls. of Zanzibar (640 sq. mi.) and Pemba (380 sq. mi.); pop. 354,000.

— city, W Zanzibar; cap.; pop. 110,506.

Zealand isl. of Denmark betw. the Kattegat and the Baltic Sea; 2,709 sq. mi.

Zimbabwe republic, S Africa; 150,873 sq. mi.; pop. 9,369,000; cap. Harare.

Zion city, NE Illinois 60099; pop. 19,755.

Zululand reg. S South Africa; formerly a native monarchy; 10,362 sq. mi.; pop. 570,000.

Zurich city, NE Switzerland; pop. 345,159.

Zuyder Zee former shallow inlet of the North Sea, NW Netherlands; drainage projects have reclaimed much of the land and formed Lake Ijssel. Also Zuider Zee.

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