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Tables of Weights and Measures

Linear Measure

1 inch2.54 centimeters
12 inches1 foot0.3048 meter
3 feet1 yard0.9144 meter
5½ yards1 rod (or pole or perch)5.029 meters
16½ feet
40 rods1 furlong201.17 meters
8 furlongs
1,760 yards1 (statute) mile1,609.3 meters
5,280 feet
3 miles1 (land) league4.83 kilometers

Square Measure

1 square inch6.452 square centimeters
144 square inches1 square foot929 square centimeters
9 square feet1 square yard0.8361 square meter
30¼ square yards1 square rod (or square pole or square perch)25.29 square meters
160 square rods or 4,840 square yards or 43,560 square feet1 acre0.4047 hectare
640 acres1 square mile259 hectares
2.59 square kilometers

Cubic Measure

1 cubic inch16.387 cubic centimeters
1,728 cubic inches1 cubic foot0.0283 cubic meter
27 cubic feet1 cubic yard (in units for cordwood, etc.)0.7646 cubic meter
16 cubic feet1 cord foot
8 cord feet1 cord3.625 cubic meters

Chain Measure (for Gunter's, or surveyor's, chain)

7.92 inches1 link20.12 centimeters
100 links1 chain20.12 meters
66 feet
10 chains1 furlong201.17 meters
80 chains1 mile (for engineer's chain)1,609.3 meters
1 foot1 link0.3048 meter
100 feet1 chain30.48 meters
52.8 chains1 mile1,609.3 meters

Surveyor's (Square) Measure

625 square links1 square pole25.29 square meters
16 square poles1 square chain404.7 square meters
10 square chains1 acre0.4047 hectare
640 acres1 square mile259 hectares
1 section2.59 square kilometers
36 square miles1 township9,324.0 hectares
93.24 square kilometers

Nautical Measure

6 feet1 fathom1.829 meters
100 fathoms1 cable's length (ordinary)1
10 cables’ lengths1 nautical mile1.852 kilometers2
6,076, 10333 feet
1 nautical mile1.1508 statute miles3
3 nautical miles1 marine league5.56 kilometers
3.45 statute miles
60 nautical miles1 degree of a great circle of the earth

Dry Measure

According to United States government standards, the following are the weights avoirdupois for single bushels of the specified grains: for wheat, 60 pounds; for barley, 48 pounds; for oats, 32 pounds; for rye, 56 pounds; for corn, 56 pounds. Some states have specifications varying from these.
1 pint33.60 cubic inches0.5505 liter
2 pints1 quart67.20 cubic inches1.1012 liters
8 quarts1 peck537.61 cubic inches8.8096 liters
4 pecks1 bushel2,150.42 cubic inches35.2383 liters
1 British dry quart1.032 U.S. dry quarts

Liquid Measure

The barrel in Great Britain equals 36 imperial gallons, in the United States, usually 31½ gallons.
1 gill4 fluid ounces (see next table)7.219 cubic inches0.1183 liter
4 gills1 pint28.875 cubic inches0.4732 liter
2 pints1 quart57.75 cubic inches0.9463 liter
4 quarts1 gallon231 cubic inches3.7853 liters
4 British imperial quarts1 imperial gallon277.42 cubic inches4.546 liters

Apothecaries’ Fluid Measure

See table immediately preceding for quart and gallon equivalents.
1In the U.S. Navy 120 fathoms or 720 feet equals 1 cable's length; In the British Navy, 608 feet equals 1 cable's length.
2By international agreement, 1954
3The length of a minute of longitude at the equator. Also called geographical, sea, or air mile, and, in Great Britain, Admiralty mile.
1 minim0.0038 cubic inch0.0616 milliliter
60 minims1 fluid dram0.2256 cubic inch3.6966 milliliters
8 fluid drams1 fluid ounce1.8047 cubic inches0.0296 liter
16 fluid ounces1 pint28.875 cubic inches0.4732 liter
1 British pint20 fluid ounces

Circular (or Angular) Measure

60 seconds (″)1 minute (′)
60 minutes1 degree (°)
90 degrees1 quadrant
1 right angle
4 quadrants1 circle
360 degrees

Avoirdupois Weight

1 grain0.0648 gram1
1 dram1.772 grams
27.34 grains
16 drams1 ounce28.3495 grams
437.5 grains
16 ounces1 pound2453.59 grams
7,000 grains
100 pounds1 hundredweight45.36 kilograms
2,000 pounds1 ton907.18 kilograms

Troy Weight

1 grain0.0648 gram1
3.086 grains1 carat200 milligrams
24 grains1 pennyweight1.5552 grams
20 pennyweights1 ounce31.1035 grams
480 grains
12 ounces1 pound373.24 grams
5,760 grains

Apothecaries’ Weight

1The grain is the same in all three tables of weight.
2ln Great Britain, 14 pounds (6.35 kilograms) equals 1 stone, 112 pounds (50.80 kilograms) equals 1 hundred-weight, and 2,240 pounds (1,016.05 kilograms) equal 1 long ton.
1 grain0.0648 gram1
20 grains1 scruple1.296 grams
3 scruples1 dram3.888 grams
8 drams1 ounce31.1035 grams
480 grains
12 ounces1 pound373.24 grams
5,760 grains

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