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Definition of: absurd

(ab·sûrd, -zûrd) adjective
Opposed to manifest reason or truth; irrational; preposterous; ridiculous.
noun a literary and philosophical term suggesting the illogicality or pointlessness of the human condition from an existential point of view.
[<F absurde <L absurdus out of tune, incongruous, senseless < ab- completely + surdus deaf]
— ab·surd′ly
— ab·surd′ness
Synonyms: anomalous, foolish, incorrect, irrational, ludicrous, mistaken, monstrous, non-sensical, paradoxical, preposterous, ridiculous, senseless, stupid, unreasonable, wild. That is absurd which is contrary to the first principles of reasoning; as, that a part should be greater than the whole is absurd. A paradoxical statement appears at first thought contradictory or absurd, while it may be really true. Anything is irrational when clearly contrary to sound reason, foolish when contrary to practical good sense, unreasonable when there seems a perverse bias or an intent to go wrong. Monstrous and preposterous refer to what is overwhelmingly absurd. The ridiculous or the nonsensical is worthy only to be laughed at. Compare INCONGRUOUS. Antonyms: consistent, demonstrable, established, incontestable, incontrovertible, indisputable, indubitable, logical, rational, reasonable, sagacious, sensible, sound, substantial, true, undeniable, unquestionable, wise.

Most often used phrases:

it s absurd
patently absurd
that s absurd
completely absurd
utterly absurd
absurd claim
simply absurd
delete absurd
absolutely absurd
bit absurd
totally absurd
absurd person
absurd claims
absurd nomination
absurd situations

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"absurd" has the frequency of use of 0.0006% on en.wikipedia.org.

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