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Definition of: great

(grāt) adjective
1. Very large; big; immense; vast.
2. Being much more numerous than the average: a great army.
3. Extending through a long time; prolonged.
4. Of very considerable degree; extreme: great foolishness.
5. Of large or the largest importance; mighty; foremost.
6. Having large mental, moral, or other endowments; eminent; excellent.
7. Colloq. Adept; skilled: He's great at carpentry.
8. Important; weighty; momentous.
9. Characterized by or showing elevation, as of feeling, act, or aspect; high-minded; magnanimous.
10. Archaic Large in or as in pregnancy; teeming; gravid.
11. More remote by a single generation than the relationship indicated by the word qualified: used in combination with a hyphen: great-uncle, great-grandson.
12. Colloq. Excellent: We had a great time.
13. Intimately acquainted: great friends. See synonyms under GRAND, LARGE, SERIOUS.

1. One who is or those who are powerful, noble, influential, or rich: usually with the.
2. plural Great go.
3. The mass, lump, or job; the whole: to do work by the great. ♦ Homophone: grate. [OE grēat]

Most often used phrases:

great deal
great depression
great success
great western
great number
great work
great american
great northern
great job
support great
great importance
great interest
great article
first great
great hall

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Statistical data

"great" has the frequency of use of 0.1534% on city-data.com forum

"great" has the frequency of use of 0.0289% on en.wikipedia.org.

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