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Definition of: aspect

(aspekt) noun
1. The look a person has; expression of countenance.
2. Appearance presented to the eye by something; look.
3. Appearance presented to the mind by circumstances, etc.; interpretation.
4. A looking or facing in a given direction.
5. The side or surface facing in a certain direction.
6. In astrology: a Any configuration of the planets. b The supposed resulting influence of this for good or evil.
7. Gram. A categorizing of the verb indicating, primarily, the nature of the action performed in regard to the passage of time, as in English he ran (perfective), he was running (imperfective or durative), and, in certain languages, the manner in which the action is performed, the intent of the subject, etc., as in Hebrew ’ākhal he eats, ’ikkēl he eats greedily. Aspect is shown in the various languages by means of auxiliaries, affixes, root changes, etc.
8. Obs. A look; glance. See synonyms under MANNER. [<L aspectus, pp. of aspicere look at < ad- at + specere look]

Most often used phrases:

important aspect
notable aspect
key aspect
unique aspect
significant aspect
interesting aspect
major aspect
specific aspect
social aspect
single aspect
tiger aspect
minor aspect
technical aspect
central aspect
tense aspect

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"aspect" has the frequency of use of 0.0022% on en.wikipedia.org.

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