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Definition of: circumstance

(sûrkəm·stans) noun
1. Something existing or occurring incidentally to some other fact or event; a related or concomitant act or thing; an accessory detail.
2. An event, happening, or fact, especially if incidental or subordinate: a circumstance in English history.
3. plural The surrounding facts, means, influences, etc., especially as related to one's support and way of living.
4. Environment: He is the victim of circumstance; also, environment with reference to state or condition resulting from adventitious surroundings.
5. That which is unessential or of no account; detail; circumstantiality.
6. Archaic Formal show or display; ceremony; pomp.
—under no circumstances
Never; under no conditions.
—under the circumstances
Since such is the case; things being as they are or were.
v.t. ·stanced, ·stanc·ing

1. To place in or under limiting circumstances or conditions: chiefly in past participle.
2. Obs. To set forth circumstantially; relate with details. [<OF <L circumstantia <circumstare <circum- around + stare stand] Synonyms (noun): accompaniment, concomitant, detail, event, fact, feature, incident, item, occurrence, particular, point, position, situation. A circumstance is something existing or occurring in connection with or relation to some other fact or event, modifying or throwing light upon the principal matter without affecting its essential character; an accompaniment is something that unites with the principal matter, but is not necessary to it; as, the piano accompaniment to a song; a concomitant goes with a thing in natural connection, but in a subordinate capacity, or perhaps in contrast. A circumstance is not strictly, nor usually, an occasion, condition, effect, or result. Nor is the circumstance properly an incident. All the circumstances make up the situation. Compare ACCIDENT, CAUSE, EVENT.

Most often used phrases:

unusual circumstance
special circumstance
mitigating circumstance
extraordinary circumstance
exceptional circumstance
circumstance marches
specific circumstance
aggravating circumstance
rare circumstance
circumstance march
similar circumstance
unfortunate circumstance
extenuating circumstance
unique circumstance
extreme circumstance

Statistical data

"circumstance" has the frequency of use of 0.0007% on city-data.com forum

"circumstance" has the frequency of use of 0.0003% on en.wikipedia.org.

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