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Definition of: effect

(i·fekt) noun
1. A result or product of some cause or agency; a consequence.
2. Practical efficiency.
3. The substance of a statement; gist.
4. Active operation; execution.
5. Fact or reality: following in.
6. plural Movable goods.
7. Useful work performed by a machine.
8. A mental state or attitude resulting from observation or external impression: the effect of a picture. See synonyms under ACT, CONSEQUENCE, END, OPERATION, PRODUCT.

1. To bring about; produce as a result; cause.
2. To achieve; accomplish. [<L effectus, pp. of efficere <ex- out + facere do, make]
Synonyms (verb): accomplish, achieve, close, complete, conclude, consummate, do, end, execute, finish, fulfil, perform, produce, realize. Effect, execute, consummate, and realize all signify to embody in fact what was before in thought. One may realize that which he has done nothing to bring about; he may realize the dreams of youth by inheriting a fortune; but he cannot effect his early designs except by doing the utmost that is necessary to make them fact. Effect includes all that is done to accomplish the intent; execute refers rather to the formal steps; consummate is limited quite sharply to the concluding act. Care must be taken to distinguish between effect and affect. An officer executes the law when he proceeds against its violators; a purchase is consummated when the money is paid and the property delivered. Execute refers more commonly to the commands of another, effect and consummate to one's own designs; as, The commander effected the capture of the fort, because his officers and men promptly executed his commands. See ACCOMPLISH, DO1, MAKE.

Most often used phrases:

mass effect
negative effect
significant effect
great effect
profound effect
positive effect
adverse effect
sound effect
desired effect
similar effect
net effect
dramatic effect
opposite effect
direct effect
placebo effect

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