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Definition of: care

(kâr) v.i. cared, car·ing
1. To have or show regard, interest or concern as respecting some person, thing, or event.
2. To be wishful or inclined: Do you care to read this book?
3. To mind or be concerned; harbor an objection: used chiefly in negative or conditional expressions: I don't care if it rains.
—to care for

1. To protect or provide for; guard; watch over.
2. To be interested in or concerned for some person or thing; also, to feel affection for; hold in high regard or esteem.

1. A state of oppressive anxiety or concern; solicitude.
2. Responsible charge or oversight.
3. Watchful regard or attention; heed.
4. Any object of solicitude or guardianship.
5. Affliction; distress. [OE carian]
Synonyms (noun): anxiety, attention, caution, charge, circumspection, concern, direction, forethought, heed, management, oversight, perplexity, precaution, prudence, solicitude, trouble, vigilance, wariness, watchfulness, worry. Care inclines to the positive, caution to the negative; care is shown in doing, caution largely in not doing. Precaution is allied with care, prudence with caution; a man rides a dangerous horse with care; caution may keep him from mounting the horse; precaution looks to the saddle girths, bit, and bridle, and all that may make the rider secure. Circumspection is watchful observation and calculation, but without the timidity implied in caution. Concern denotes a serious interest, milder than anxiety; as, concern for the safety of a ship at sea. Heed implies attention without disquiet; it is now largely displaced by attention and care. Solicitude involves especially the element of personal concern for another not expressed in anxiety, and of hopefulness not implied in care. Watchfulness recognizes the possibility of danger, wariness the probability. A man who is not influenced by caution to keep out of danger may display great wariness in the midst of it. Care has also the sense of responsibility, with possible control, as expressed in charge, management, oversight; as, these children are under my care; send the money to me in care of the firm. Compare ALARM, ANXIETY, OVERSIGHT, PRUDENCE. Antonyms: carelessness, disregard, heedlessness, inattention, indifference, neglect, negligence, omission, oversight, recklessness, remissness, slight.

Definition of: CARE

A non-profit organization begun after World War II to send food and clothing parcels overseas to the needy. [<C(OOPERATIVE FOR) A(MERICAN) R(EMITTANCES) EVERYWHERE)]

Most often used phrases:

health care
don t care
medical care
taking care
primary care
intensive care
child care
takes care
care system
day care
care services
care unit
patient care
foster care
doesn t care

Statistical data

"care" has the frequency of use of 0.0694% on city-data.com forum

"care" has the frequency of use of 0.0105% on en.wikipedia.org.

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