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(hôrs) noun plural hors·es or horse
1. A large, solid–hoofed quadruped (Equus caballus) with coarse mane and tail: commonly, in the domestic state, employed as a beast of draught and burden and especially for riding upon. ♦ Collateral adjective: equine.
2. Any of various extinct mammals related to or supposed to be of the ancestral line of the horse, as the eohippus.
3. A male horse, especially when castrated; a gelding.
4. Cavalry: a regiment of horse.
5. A device used to support anything or suggesting the uses of a horse: usually used in combination: a clotheshorse.
6. Mining A mass of rock, similar to the wall rock, found in a vein of ore.
7. U.S. Slang A translation or other similar aid used by pupils in working out lessons; pony; crib.
8. A man: a friendly, joking, or opprobrious term.
9. U.S. Slang Horseplay; foolery.
10. Colloq. In chess, a knight.
11. In gymnastics, a wooden block on four legs used for vaulting and other exercises.
—a horse of another (or different) color
A completely different matter.
—to hold one's horses
To be patient; curb one's impetuosity; wait; take things easy.

—to horse

1. The bugle call summoning mounted troops to saddle and stand equipped at their horses’ heads.
2. A signal to mount.
v. horsed, hors·ing v.t.

1. To furnish with horses; mount.
2. To put on another's back or on a sawhorse for flogging.
3. To flog.
4. Aeron. To jerk violently at (the controls of an aircraft).
5. U.S. Slang To subject to pranks or horseplay.

6. To mount or ride on a horse.
7. U.S. Slang To engage in horseplay: usually with around.
adjective Coarse; large for its kind: horse chestnut, horselaugh
[OE hors]

Most often used phrases:

horse racing
white horse
light horse
horse artillery
crazy horse
horse riding
thoroughbred horse
horse show
black horse
horse drawn
horse brigade
wild horse
royal horse
horse breeding
horse trainer

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"horse" has the frequency of use of 0.006% on city-data.com forum

"horse" has the frequency of use of 0.0051% on en.wikipedia.org.

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