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Definition of: friendly

(frendlē) adjective ·li·er, ·li·est
1. Pertaining to or like a friend; befitting friendship; amicable.
2. Propitious; favorable.
—friend′li·ly, friend′ly
Synonyms: accessible, affable, affectionate, amicable, brotherly, companionable, complaisant, cordial, favorable, fond, genial, hearty, kind, kindly, loving, neighborly, sociable, social, tender, well–disposed. Friendly, as said of persons, signifies having the disposition of a friend; as said of acts, it signifies befitting or worthy of a friend. The adjective friendly does not reach the full significance of the nouns "friend" and "friendship"; one may be friendly to those who are not his friends, and to be in friendly relations often signifies little more than not to be hostile. Affable and accessible are distinctively used of public and eminent persons, who might, if disposed, hold themselves at a distance from others. Companionable and sociable refer to manner and behavior, cordial and genial express genuine kindliness of heart and warmth of feeling. We speak of a cordial greeting, a favorable reception, a neighborly call, a sociable visitor, an amicable settlement, a kind interest, a friendly regard, a hearty welcome. The Saxon friendly is stronger than the Latin amicable. Fond is commonly applied to an affection that becomes, or at least appears, excessive. Affectionate, devoted, and tender are almost always used in a high and good sense; as, an affectionate son; a devoted friend; “the tender mercy of our God,” Luke i 78. See AMICABLE, GOOD, PROPITIOUS. Compare FRIENDSHIP. Antonyms: adverse, alienated, antagonistic, bellicose, belligerent, cold, contentious, disaffected, distant, estranged, frigid, hostile, ill–disposed, indifferent, inimical, unfriendly, unkind, warlike.

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