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Definition of: friendship

(frendship) noun
1. Mutual regard cherished by kindred minds.
2. The state or fact of being friends. Synonyms: affection, amity, attachment, comity, consideration, devotion, esteem, favor, friendliness, love, regard. Friendship is a deep, quiet, enduring affection, founded upon mutual respect and esteem. Friendship is always mutual; one may have friendly feelings toward an enemy, but while there is hostility or coldness on one side there cannot be friendship between the two. Friendliness is a quality of friendly feeling, without the deep and settled attachment implied in the state of friendship. Comity is mutual, kindly courtesy, with care of each other's right, and amity a friendly feeling and relation not necessarily implying special friendliness; as, the comity of nations, or amity between neighboring countries. Affection may be purely natural; friendship is a growth. Friendship is more intellectual and less emotional than love; it is easier to give reasons for friendship than for love; friendship is more calm and quiet, love more fervent, often rising to intensest passion. Compare ACQUAINTANCE, ASSOCIATION, ATTACHMENT, LOVE. Antonyms: see synonyms for BATTLE, ENMITY, FEUD, HATRED.

Most often used phrases:

close friendship
lifelong friendship
strong friendship
friendship association
friendship society
friendship bridge
long friendship
personal friendship
friendship treaty
international friendship
deep friendship
intimate friendship
ting friendship
great friendship
good friendship

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"friendship" has the frequency of use of 0.0019% on en.wikipedia.org.

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