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Definition of: feeling

(fēling) noun
1. The sense of touch or immediate contact, as aroused by stimulating receptors in the skin, muscles, or internal organs.
2. The fact or the power of perceiving the qualities of the objects arousing the sensations: the feeling of a glassy or metallic surface.
3. The collective state or general tone of consciousness due to more or less complex and obscure combinations of classes of sensations: a rested feeling, etc.
4. Any emotion as apart from the body; mental stirring; emotion; sentiment; presentiment: to express feelings of sympathy: The feeling of the meeting was hostile.
5. Sensitiveness, or the capacity to feel deeply; refined sensibility shown in tenderness or ready sympathy; by extension, sentimentality: a woman of feeling, to hurt one's feelings.
6. Psychol. The affective, emotional aspect of all mental life and its phenomena, as distinguished from the intellectual and voluntary, or active, aspects.
7. That quality by which expression is given to the emotions, and which should actuate a painter in the conception and execution of his design; sympathetic expression in art.

1. Possessed of warm sensibilities; sympathetic.
2. Marked by, or indicating deep sensibility or fervor and earnestness; hence, affecting.
Synonyms (noun): consciousness, emotion, impression, passion, pathos, sensation, sense, sensibility, sensitiveness, sentiment, tenderness. See IMPULSE, LOVE, SENSATION.

Most often used phrases:

gut feeling
i m feeling
general feeling
strong feeling
feeling guilty
good feeling
bad feeling
feeling good
gotta feeling
you re feeling
personal feeling
feeling betrayed
feeling bad
great feeling
left feeling

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"feeling" has the frequency of use of 0.0027% on en.wikipedia.org.

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