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Definition of: body

(bodē) noun plural bod·ies
1. The entire physical part of a man or other animal, living or dead.
2. A corpse, cadaver, or carcass.
3. The trunk, or main part, of an animal or person, distinguished from the limbs and head.
4. A person; an individual: somebody.
5. The principal part or mass of anything.
6. The main part of a legal document as distinguished from the recitals and other introductory parts.
7. The box of a vehicle.
8. A mass of matter: the celestial bodies.
9. Geom. A solid.
10. A collection of persons, things, facts, or the like, as one whole.
11. Opacity, density, or consistency; substance: a wine with body.
12. That part of a garment that covers the body; waist.
13. Matter, as opposed to spirit.
14. Printing The size or depth of type, as distinguished from its face or style.
15. Naut. The hull of a ship; also, a section of it when seen from different points: the fore body.
16. Aeron. The supporting frame of an airplane, where the planes are fixed, and on which are the mechanical apparatus, seats, etc.; fuselage.
v.t. bod·ied, bod·y·ing

1. To furnish with or as with a body.
2. To exhibit in bodily form; represent. [OE bodig] Synonyms (noun): ashes, carcass, clay, corpse, dust, form, frame, remains, system, trunk. Body denotes the entire physical structure, considered as a whole, of man or animal; form looks upon it as a thing of shape and outline, perhaps of beauty; frame regards it as supported by its bony framework; system views it as an assemblage of many related and harmonious organs. Body, form, frame, and system may be either dead or living; clay and dust are ordinarily used only of the dead. Corpse is the plain technical word for a dead body still retaining its unity; remains may be used after any lapse of time. Carcass applies only to the body of an animal, or of a human being regarded with contempt and loathing. Compare COMPANY, MASS. Antonyms: intellect, intelligence, mind, soul, spirit.

Most often used phrases:

governing body
student body
human body
main body
body parts
dead body
body weight
body mass
body temperature
new body
legislative body
entire body
body length
upper body
ge body

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