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Definition of: dead

(ded) adjective
1. Having ceased to live; lifeless.
2. In a state or condition resembling death; temporarily disabled; lacking in vitality; numb; motionless.
3. Inanimate; inorganic.
4. Complete; utter; absolute; exact: a dead stop, a dead level.
5. Unfailing; certain; sure; complete or perfect: a dead shot.
6. Not productively employed; also, dull or slow: dead capital; also, ineffective; inoperative.
7. Without break or variation; flat; unvaried; a dead wall.
8. Dull; uninteresting; lusterless; unburnished.
9. Without elasticity or resilience; non–resonant: a dead floor.
10. Extinct; obsolete: a dead language.
11. Colloq. Exhausted; worn–out.
12. Deprived of civil life, as a life–prisoner.
13. Not fresh or invigorating; lifeless; unresponsive, insensible: usually with to.
14. In games, not to be counted: a dead ball.
15. Giving no light or heat: dead cinders.
16. Not imparting motion; spent; also, unsupported, unrelieved, as of strains or weights.
17. Muffled, as a sound.
18. Not transmitting an electric current.
19. Bringing death; deadly.
20. Past the active point of ferment; also, tasteless, as a beverage.
21. Not required for further use, as composed type, etc.
22. Lying so near the hole that the putt is a certainty: said of a golf ball.

1. The most lifeless or inactive period: the dead of night.
2. Dead persons collectively: with the.
adverb To the last degree; wholly; absolutely; exactly: dead right, dead straight.
[OE dēad]
Synonyms (adj.): deceased, defunct, departed, inanimate, lifeless. See LIFELESS. Antonyms: alive, animate, living.

Most often used phrases:

shot dead
dead external
found dead
grateful dead
dead link
dead end
dead body
dead man
living dead
dead links
presumed dead
dead man s
dead bodies
pronounced dead
dead people

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