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Definition of: current

(kûrənt) adjective
1. Circulating freely.
2. Generally accepted.
3. In actual progress, or belonging to the immediate present.
4. Math. Differing from point to point.
5. Rare Moving; running; flowing. See synonyms under AUTHENTIC.

1. A continuous onward movement, as of a stream; also, a fluid thus flowing.
2. That part of any body of water which has a more or less steady flow in a definite direction: an ocean current. See list of OCEAN CURRENTS below.
3. Electr. a A movement or flow of electricity passing through a conductor. b The rate at which it flows.
4. Any connected onward movement; course.
—alternating current
Electr. A current which periodically reverses its direction of flow, each complete cycle having the same value.
—direct current
Electr. A current flowing in one direction continuously, with negligible or zero changes in value.
—eddy current
Electr. A current produced in a solid conductor, such as the armature or polepiece of a dynamo or motor, which is wasted by conversion into heat: also called Foucault current. Homophone: currant.
[<OF curant, ppr. of corre <L currere run; infl. in form by L currens, -entis, ppr. of currere]


—Agulhas current

A southern branch of the Equatorial Current, which skirts the east coast of South Africa.
—Australia Current

A southern branch of the Equatorial Current, which flows south and east after passing along the eastern coast of Australia.
—Brazil Current

A southern branch of the Equatorial Current, flowing southward along the coast of Brazil.
—California Current

A broad, cold ocean current flowing southward along the Pacific coast of North America from about 50° N. to the mouth of the Gulf of California.
—Equatorial Current

A great drift of ocean waters north and south of the Equator, set in motion by the trade winds and having a general westerly direction except when diverted by coastal features.
—Guinea Current

An ocean current moving eastward along the upper coast of Guinea toward the Equatorial Current of the Atlantic.
—Japan Current

A warm ocean current flowing northeastwards across the Pacific from Japan to the southern coast of Alaska: also called Japan Stream, Kuroshiwo. Also Black Current.
—Kamchatka Current

The northern branch of the Japan Current, which flows northeast in the direction of the Aleutian Islands.
—Labrador Current

An ocean current originating in Davis Strait and flowing southward along the coasts of Labrador and Newfoundland. Also called Arctic Current.
—Peruvian Current

A cold ocean current flowing north and east along the shores of Chile and Peru. Also called Chilean Current, Humboldt Current.

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