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Definition of: general

(jenər·əl) adjective
1. Pertaining to, including, or affecting all of the whole; not local or particular: a general election; a general anesthetic.
2. Common to or current among the majority; prevalent: the general opinion.
3. Extended in scope, meaning, or content; not restricted in application: a general principle.
4. Not limited to a special class; miscellaneous: a general cargo.
5. Not detailed or precise: a general idea.
6. Usual or customary: one's general habit.
7. Dealing with all branches of a business or pursuit; not specialized: a general store; a general practitioner.
8. Superior in rank: attorney general.

1. Mil. a In the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps, an officer ranking next above a lieutenant general, equivalent in rank to an admiral in the Navy. b Any general officer, as a brigadier general, lieutenant general, etc.: a shortened form. c In many foreign armies, an officer of superior grade, usually ranking just below a marshal or field marshal.
2. Eccl. The chief of a religious order.
3. A general statement, fact, or principle.
4. Archaic The people or the public.
—brigadier general
An officer in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps ranking next above a colonel and next below a major general.
—in general
For the most part; in the main.
—lieutenant general
An officer in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps ranking next above a major general and next below a general.
—major general
An officer in the U.S. Army, Air Force, or Marine Corps ranking next above a brigadier general and next below a lieutenant general.
[<OF <L generalis of a race or kind <genus, generis kind] Synonyms (adj.): common, commonplace, customary, everyday, familiar, frequent, habitual, normal, ordinary, popular, prevalent, public, universal, usual. Common signifies frequently occurring, not out of the regular course, not exceptional; hence, not above the average, not excellent or distinguished; inferior, or even low; it also signifies pertaining to or participated in by two or more persons or things; as, Sorrow is common to the race. General may signify pertaining equally to all of a class, race, etc., but often signifies pertaining to the greater number, but not necessarily to all. Universal applies to all without exception; general applies to all with possible or comparatively few exceptions; common applies to very many without deciding whether or not they are all. A common remark is one we often hear; a general experience is one that comes to the majority of people; a universal experience is one from which no human being is exempt. Compare COMMON, FREQUENT, HABITUAL, NORMAL, USUAL. Antonyms: exceptional, infrequent, odd, peculiar, queer, rare, singular, strange, uncommon, unfamiliar, unknown, unparalleled, unprecedented, unusual.
a. Brigadier general.
b. Major general.
c. Lieutenant general.
d. General.
e. General of the Army.

Most often used phrases:

general manager
general public
brigadier general
general hospital
general secretary
lieutenant general
general motors
general aviation
general wikipedia
general electric
director general
general relativity
meets general
general store
general information

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