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Definition of: army

(ärmē) noun pl ar·mies
1. A large organized body of men armed for military service on land.
2. The largest organized autonomous unit of the U.S. land forces, consisting of a headquarters, a variable number of corps, and auxiliary troops and trains: also called field army.
3. Any large, united body: an army of ants.
4. A host.
—United States Army

1. The U.S. land military forces administered by the Department of the Army under the Department of Defense and including the Regular Army, the Army Reserve, and the National Guard of the United States.
2. Loosely, the Regular Army. [<OF armee <L armata. Doublet of ARMADA] Synonyms: armament, force, forces, host, legions, military, multitude, phalanx, soldiers, soldiery, troops. Host is used for any vast and orderly assemblage; as, the stars are called the heavenly host. Multitude expresses number without order or organization. Organization and unity rather than numbers are the essentials of an army. Legion and phalanx are applied by a kind of poetic license to modern forces; the plural legions is preferred to the singular. Any organized body of men by whom law is executed is a force.

Definition of: Army

(ärmē) noun
The total military land forces of a specified country, exclusive in some countries of the air forces: the British Army, the French Army, the American Army, etc.

Most often used phrases:

united states army
british army
us army
union army
army officer
army corps
german army
french army
liberation army
indian army
army group
japanese army
army air
regular army
continental army

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