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Definition of: doublet

(dublit) noun
1. One of a pair of like things; a pair or couple.
2. A short, close-fitting, outer garment, with or without sleeves, worn by men from the 15th to 17th centuries.
3. An imitation gem consisting of a real stone cemented to a piece of glass colored to simulate the imitated gem; also, a paste jewel mounted with a thin face of a genuine jewel.
4. Ling. One of a pair of words derived from the same original but entering a language through different routes, as regal and royal.
5. Usually plural A pair of dice that, when thrown, show on the upper surface the same number of spots: He threw doublets.
6. Optics A pair of lenses joined so as to eliminate the distortion caused by either lens used alone. [<OF, something folded, orig. dim. of DOUBLE]
(def. 2)

Most often used phrases:

achromatic doublet
doublet lens
higgs doublet
ovide doublet
satin doublet
arming doublet
regulation doublet
scarlet doublet
black doublet
isospin doublet
yellow doublet
earthquake doublet
doublet microtubules
kilt doublet
doublet peak

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