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Definition of: glass

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(glas, gläs) noun
1. A hard, amorphous, brittle, usually transparent substance made by fusing one or more of the oxides of silicon, boron, or phosphorus with certain basic oxides, followed by rapid cooling to prevent crystallization. ♦ Collateral adjectives: hyaline, vitreous. Principal types are:
—borosilicate glass

A tough optical and thermal glass; Pyrex glass.
—bottle glass

A soda-lime-silica glass with a greenish color caused by iron impurities.
—crown glass

Hard optical sodium-silicate glass of low refraction.
—cut glass

Glass ornamented by cutting or grinding on a wheel of stone, iron, or wood into grooves, leaving prismatic or crystal-like elevations between them.
—flint glass

Soft optical lead-oxide glass of high refraction.
—ground glass

Glass having a smooth, semi-opaque surface that diffuses light.
—lime glass

Plate, window, and container glass; made of lime and soda.
—milk glass

Opaque milky glass containing cryolite.
—optical glass

High-quality glass specialized in refractive and dispersive powers for lenses.
—plate glass

Sheets of glass poured, rolled, and polished: used for mirrors and display windows.
—safety glass

Glass in two sheets enclosing a film of transparent adhesive plastic tightly pressed between them; laminated glass: often called shatterproof glass.
—stained glass

Glass colored by the addition of pigments in the form of metallic oxides: used decoratively, as for church windows.
—window glass

Ordinary blown glass, flattened from cylinder shapes.
—wire glass

Glass sheets reinforced with wire netting.
2. Any fused substance resembling glass.
3. Any article made of glass, as a window pane, a goblet or tumbler, a mirror, spectacles, etc.
4. A telescope; also, a barometer.
5. A glass devised for measuring time by the passage of sand or the like through an orifice. See HOURGLASS.
6. The contents of a glass or drinking vessel: He drank a glass of wine.
7. Glassware collectively.

1. To enclose with glass.
2. To reflect; mirror.
3. To give a glazed surface to.
adjective Made of, relating to, or like glass.
[OE glœs]
Glass may appear as a combining form in hyphemes and solidemes, or as the first element in two-word phrases; as in:

glass-greenglass wall
glass-hardglass window

Definition of: Glass

(glas, gläs), Carter,
1858–1946, U.S. statesman.

Most often used phrases:

philip glass
broken glass
glass house
glass windows
magnifying glass
glass bottles
glass company
glass menagerie
glass works
glass roof
glass bottle
art glass
glass ceiling
glass houses
glass window

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