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Definition of: net

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(net) noun
1. An open fabric, woven or tied with meshes, for the capture of fishes, birds, etc. ♦ Collateral adjective: reticular.
2. An openwork fabric, as lace.
3. Something constructed with meshes, as a tennis net.
4. In tennis and similar games, a returned ball which does not go over the net.
v.t. net·ted, net·ting

1. To catch in or as in a net; ensnare.
2. To make into a net.
3. To cover or enclose with a net.
4. In tennis, etc., to hit (the ball) into the net.

1. Manufactured or formed of netting, or resembling netting.
2. Captured or snared in a net. [OE]

Definition of: net

(net) adjective
1. Free from everything extraneous; obtained after deducting all expenses.
2. Not subject to any discount or deduction.
noun A net profit, amount, weight, etc.
v.t. net·ted, net·ting
To earn or yield as clear profit.
[<F. See NEAT.]

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