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Definition of: fish

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(fish) noun plural fish or (with reference to different species) fish·es
1. A vertebrate, cold–blooded craniate animal with permanent gills, belonging to the superclass Pisces in the phylum Chordata; adapted solely for aquatic life, it has a typically elongate, tapering body, usually covered with scales and provided with fins for locomotion. ♦ Collateral adjective: piscine.
2. Loosely, any animal habitually living in the water.
3. The flesh of a fish used as food.
4. Naut. a A strip used to strengthen or mend a spar, rail joint, etc., or to join parts. b An apparatus for weighing anchor; anchor tackle: also called fish tackle.
5. A person with fishlike characteristics, such as cold–bloodedness, stupidity, etc.
—to have other fish to fry
To have other business to do.
adjective Pertaining to, like, consisting of, or made from, fish: fish market, fish beam, fish glue; also, for fish: fish bowl, fish sauce.

1. To catch or try to catch fish in (a body of water).
2. To catch or try to catch (fish, eels, etc.).
3. To search for by dragging, diving, etc.
4. To grope for and bring out: usually with up or out.
5. Naut. a To repair or strengthen by strips fastened lengthwise: to fish a spar, b To bring the flukes of (an anchor) to the gunwale or rail.

6. To catch or try to catch fish.
7. To try to get something in an artful or indirect manner: usually with for: to fish for compliments.
—to fish or cut bait
To make a choice, as of joining or being left out of an enterprise.
—to fish out
To exhaust of fish.
[OE fisc]

(Anatomical features of a trout)
a Eye socket. b Brain case. c Dorsal fin. d Fin ray. e Adipose fin. f caudal fin. g Anal fin. h Anus. i Ventral fin (also called abdominal, thoracic, or jugular, according to its deviation from normal position). j Ribs. k Pectoral fin.

Definition of: Fish

Either of two star groups regarded as together composing the constellation Pisces. See CONSTELLATION.

Definition of: Fish

(fish), Hamilton,
1808–93, governor of New York; secretary of state under President Grant 1869–77.

Most often used phrases:

fish species
ray finned fish
bony fish
big fish
small fish
freshwater fish
fish market
aquarium fish
prehistoric fish
united states fish
game fish
fish found
fish hatchery
mardy fish
tropical fish

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