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Definition of: cover

(kuvər) v.t.
1. To place something over or upon so as to protect or conceal.
2. To provide with a cover or covering; clothe; enwrap.
3. To hide or keep from view; conceal, as actions, facts, or crimes: often with up.
4. To provide shelter or protection for, as from evil or danger.
5. To occupy the surface of; overlay; serve as a cover or covering for.
6. To allow for or have provision for; treat of; include.
7. To be sufficient to pay, defray, or offset, as a debt, expense, or loss.
8. To incubate or sit on, as eggs.
9. To copulate with (a female): said of animals.
10. To travel over; traverse.
11. To aim directly at, as with a firearm.
12. Mil. a To have under command or protection. b To provide protective fire for (another person, unit, etc.). c To march in a position behind or in front of (another man).
13. In journalism, to report the details of, as an event or meeting.
14. In sports, to hinder the activity of (an opponent); also, to protect an area or position, as one temporarily left or vacated by another player: The shortstop covered second base.
15. To provide the equivalent of; equal, as the wager of an opponent.
16. In card games, to play a higher card than (the one previously played).
17. Archaic To pardon; put out of remembrance: in Biblical use.
18. Rare To don, or replace, as a hat, cap, or the like.

19. To spread over so as to overlay or conceal something.
20. To put on a hat, cap, or the like.
21. In card games, to play a higher card than the one led.

1. That which is spread or fitted over or which encloses anything.
2. A veil or disguise; pretext.
3. A shelter or defense; protection.
4. A thicket or underbrush, etc., sheltering game.
5. A setting of a cloth and articles for eating a meal for one person.
6. An envelope that has been marked at such time or place as to be of interest to philatelists.
7. A cover charge.
—to break cover
To come out from a hiding place.
—under cover
Secret; concealed; secretly.
[<OF covrir <L cooperire <co- thoroughly + operire hide]

Most often used phrases:

album cover
cover art
dvd cover
cover creator
cover versions
cover version
original cover
book cover
front cover
cover illustration
cover artwork
cd cover
single cover
back cover
cover story

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"cover" has the frequency of use of 0.0172% on en.wikipedia.org.

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