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Definition of: march

(märch) noun
1. Movement together on foot and in time, as of soldiers; a stately, dignified walk.
2. A movement, as of soldiers, from one stopping place to another.
3. The distance thus passed over.
4. Onward progress: the march of events.
5. A piece of music suitable for regulating the movements of persons marching.

1. To move with measured, regular steps, as a soldier; proceed in step, as troops.
2. To walk in a solemn or dignified manner.
3. To proceed steadily; advance.

4. To cause to march. [<MF marche <marcher walk, orig. trample, ult. <LL marcus a hammer <L marculus]

Definition of: march

(märch) noun
1. A region or district lying along a boundary line; frontier.
2. plural The border regions of England and Wales, or of England and Scotland.
3. Scot. The boundary or boundary marks between lands or estates. See synonyms under BOUNDARY. [<OF marche <Gmc. Akin to MARK1, MARGIN.]

Definition of: March

The third month of the year, containing 31 days. [<AF marche, OF marz <L Martius (mensis) (month) of Mars <Mars the god Mars]

Definition of: March

A river in Czechoslovakia forming part of the boundary between Czechoslovakia and Austria and flowing 180 miles NW to the Danube: Czech Morava.

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"march" has the frequency of use of 0.0837% on en.wikipedia.org.

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