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Definition of: front

(frunt) noun
1. The fore part or side of anything: opposed to back.
2. The position directly before a person or thing: the steps in front of the church.
3. A face of a building; usually the face on the entrance side.
4. The foremost ground occupied by an army; battle zone.
5. Land facing a road, body of water, etc.; frontage.
6. Brit. A promenade facing a beach.
7. In the theater, the audience part of the auditorium.
8. Archaic The forehead; by extension, the face.
9. Bearing or attitude in facing a problem, etc.: a bold front.
10. Bold assurance; effrontery.
11. Colloq. An outward semblance of wealth or position.
12. A person chosen for his prestige to serve as an official, usually titular, of an organization; a figurehead.
13. A person, group, or business serving as a cover for underhanded activities.
14. A coalition of diverse forces working for a common political or ideological aim: a labor front.
15. A dickey (def. 1); also, a large cravat.
16. In hotels, the bellhop first in line: generally used as a call to the desk.
17. Meteorol. The boundary, diffuse or sharp, which separates masses of cold air and warm air.
18. Phonet. The part of the tongue immediately behind the blade and directly below the hard palate.

1. Of or pertaining to the front; situated in front.
2. Considered from the front: a front view.
3. Phonet. Describing those vowels produced with the front of the tongue raised toward the hard palate, as (ē) in feed. See synonyms under ANTERIOR, FIRST.

1. To have the front opposite to or in the direction of; face.
2. To confront; meet face to face; defy.
3. To furnish with a front.
4. To serve as a front for.

5. To have the front or face turned in a specific direction. [<OF <L frons, frontis forehead]

Most often used phrases:

front page
front cover
eastern front
western front
liberation front
front door
front end
front row
national front
united front
popular front
front wheel
front man
front street
home front

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