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Definition of: hard

(härd) adjective
1. Solid and firm in substance and consistency; not easily receiving indentation or impression: opposed to soft.
2. Capable of endurance; hardy.
3. Difficult of accomplishment, management, or solution; troublesome: opposed to easy.
4. Obdurate or callous in character or demeanor; hard-hearted.
5. Harsh or cruel: He was too hard on her; hard words.
6. Shrewd and obstinate.
7. Oppressive; difficult to endure: a hard life; hard times.
8. Strict or exacting in terms: a hard bargain.
9. Vigorous; persistent; energetic: hard study; a hard worker.
10. Sound; trustworthy.
11. Esthetically harsh or unpleasant: a hard face.
12. Stormy; inclement; rigorous: a hard winter.
13. Indisputable; definite: hard facts.
14. Strictly factual: hard news.
15. In specie; metallic: said of money.
16. Containing certain mineral salts in solution which interfere with the cleansing action of soap: said of water.
17. Containing much alcohol; strong: said of liquor.
18. Addictive: said of drugs.
19. Agric. High in gluten content: said of wheat.
20. Denoting c or g when articulated as a stop, as in cod and god, rather than as a fricative or an affricate.

1. With great energy or force; vigorously: to work hard; to rain hard.
2. Intently; earnestly: to look hard for something.
3. Harshly or severely.
4. With effort or difficulty.
5. Securely; tightly: to hold on hard.
6. So as to become hard: It was frozen hard.
7. In close proximity; near: often with after, by, or upon. [OE heard] Synonyms (adjective): arduous, austere, bad, callous, compact, cruel, dense, difficult, distressing, exacting, firm, flinty, grievous, hardened, harsh, impenetrable, obdurate, oppressive, rigid, severe, solid, stern, stubborn, unfeeling, unforgiving, unrelenting, unyielding. See ARDUOUS, AUSTERE, BAD, COMPACT, DIFFICULT, FIRM, IMPENETRABLE, TROUBLESOME. Antonyms: easy, facile, fluid, genial, gentle, intelligible, kind, lenient, meek, mild, penetrable, soft, submissive, tender, yielding.

Most often used phrases:

hard rock
it s hard
hard work
hard drive
hard time
hard disk
worked hard
hard times
hard drives
work hard
die hard
working hard
hard working
hard copy
extremely hard

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Statistical data

"hard" has the frequency of use of 0.059% on city-data.com forum

"hard" has the frequency of use of 0.0099% on en.wikipedia.org.

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