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Definition of: freeze

(frēz) v. froze, fro·zen, freez·ing v.i.
1. To become converted from a fluid to a solid state by loss of heat; become ice.
2. To become stiff or hard with cold, as wet clothes.
3. To be very cold: It's freezing in here!
4. To become covered or obstructed with ice.
5. To adhere by freezing: It froze to the ground.
6. To be damaged or killed by freezing or frost.
7. To become motionless, as if frozen.
8. To be chilled or made motionless, as if by fear or other emotion.
9. To become formal or unyielding in manner.

10. To change into ice; cause to become frozen.
11. To make stiff or hard by freezing the moisture of.
12. To cover or obstruct with ice.
13. To damage or kill by freezing or frost.
14. To make or hold motionless or in position.
15. To chill or make motionless, as if by fear, awe, or other emotion; frighten; discourage.
16. To fix or stabilize (prices, stocks, wages, etc.) so as to prevent change, as by government order.
17. Med. To anesthetize: to freeze a tooth.
—to freeze to (or onto)

1. To keep close or cling to (a person).
2. To hold on to.
—to freeze out
U.S. Colloq. To exclude or drive away, as by unfriendliness or severe competition.

1. The act of freezing or the state of being frozen.
2. A spell of freezing weather.
3. The stabilizing or fixing of prices, labor, etc., in order to prevent profiteering, migration of workers, etc. ♦ Homophone: frieze. [OE frēosan]

Most often used phrases:

deep freeze
freeze frame
big freeze
freeze drying
freeze time
freeze dried
brain freeze
freeze range
freeze ray
wage freeze
freeze thaw
nuclear freeze
asset freeze
hiring freeze
tuition freeze

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Statistical data

"freeze" has the frequency of use of 0.0027% on city-data.com forum

"freeze" has the frequency of use of 0.0005% on en.wikipedia.org.

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