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Definition of: frieze

(frēz) noun Archit.
1. The middle division of an entablature. It may be flat and plain, as in the Roman Tuscan order; conventionally ornamented, as in the Greek Doric; or highly enriched with sculpture. For illustration see ENTABLATURE.
2. Any ornamented horizontal band or strip in a wall. ♦ Homophone: freeze. [<F frise <Med. L frisium,? ult. <L Phrygium (opus) Phrygian (work, ornament)]

Definition of: frieze

(frēz) noun
A coarse woolen cloth with shaggy nap, now made almost exclusively in Ireland.
v.t. friezed, friez·ing
Obs. To produce a nap on.
♦ Homophone: freeze. [<MF frise <friser curl]

Most often used phrases:

frieze art
parthenon frieze
frieze magazine
frieze group
plain frieze
frieze groups
frieze depicting
wide frieze
frieze decorated
decorative frieze
doric frieze
carved frieze
frieze showing
painted frieze
plaster frieze

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"frieze" has the frequency of use of 0.0002% on en.wikipedia.org.

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