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Definition of: fix

(fiks) v.t.
1. To make firm or secure; attach securely; fasten.
2. To set or direct (attention, gaze, etc.) steadily: He fixed his eyes on the door.
3. To look at steadily or piercingly: He fixed her with his eyes.
4. To attract and hold; get, as attention or regard.
5. To decide definitely; settle: The decision fixed his fate.
6. To decide or agree on; determine: We fixed a date for the next meeting.
7. To place firmly in the mind.
8. To lay, as blame or responsibility, on.
9. U.S. To repair.
10. To arrange or put in order; adjust, as clothing or the hair.
11. U.S. To make ready and cook (food or a meal).
12. U.S. Colloq. To arrange or influence the outcome, decision, etc., of (a race, game, jury, etc.) by bribery or collusion: to fix a race.
13. To prepare (specimens) for microscopic study.
14. Chem. To cause to form a non–volatile or solid compound.
15. Phot. To bathe (a film or plate) in chemicals which remove substances still sensitive to light, thus preventing fading.
16. To regulate or stabilize (wages, prices, etc.).

17. To become firm or fixed.
18. Colloq. To intend or prepare: I'm fixing to go.
—to fix on
To decide upon; choose.
—to fix up

1. To repair.
2. To arrange or put in order.
3. To supply the needs of.

1. Colloq. A position of embarrassment; dilemma.
2. Naut. A ship's position as decided by reference to certain fixed points on shore or to astronomical observations; location.
3. On a chart or map, the point of intersection of two or more bearings, which serve to establish the position of an aircraft on its course. [<Med. L fixare fasten <L fixus, pp. of figere fasten]
Synonyms (verb): See BIND, CONFIRM, SET, SETTLE. The best usage avoids such expressions as “Fix the furniture in the room,” “Fix the books on the shelves,” when the meaning is set or arrange them. We fix a statue on its pedestal, a stone in the wall. Fix in the sense of repair is a convenient American and British colloquialism, rooted in popular use. In the United States, to fix a thing is to do to or with it whatever is needed to make it answer its purpose; to fix a furnace is to put it in working order by whatever process.

Most often used phrases:

i ll fix
fix things
can t fix
quick fix
fix problems
don t fix
bytes fix
easy fix
also fix
doesn t fix
paul fix
me fix
fix double
won t fix
fix me

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"fix" has the frequency of use of 0.0029% on en.wikipedia.org.

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