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Definition of: confirm

(kən·fûrm) v.t.
1. To assure by added proof; corroborate; verify; make certain.
2. To add firmness to; strengthen.
3. Law To ratify; sanction.
4. To establish in office.
5. To receive into the church by confirmation. [<OF confermer <L confirmare strengthen <com- thoroughly + firmus strong]
— con·firm′a·ble, con·firm′a·tive, con·firm·a·to·ry
(kən·fûrmə·tôr′ē, -tō′rē) adjective
— con·firm′er
Synonyms: assure, corroborate, establish, fix, prove, ratify, sanction, settle, strengthen, substantiate, sustain, uphold. Confirm means to add firmness or give stability to. Both confirm and corroborate presuppose something already existing to which the confirmation or corroboration is added. Testimony is corroborated by concurrent testimony or by circumstances; confirmed by established facts. That which is thoroughly proved is said to be established; so is that which is official and has adequate power behind it; as, the established government. The continents are fixed. A treaty is ratified; an appointment confirmed. An act is sanctioned by any person or authority that passes upon it approvingly. A statement is substantiated; a report confirmed; a controversy settled; the decision of a lower court sustained by a higher. Just government should be upheld. See RATIFY. Antonyms: abrogate, annul, cancel, destroy, overthrow, shake, shatter, unsettle, upset.

Most often used phrases:

confirm notability
can t confirm
sources confirm
also confirm
doesn t confirm
confirm it s
records confirm
confirm pd
helped confirm
results confirm
couldn t confirm
don t confirm
studies confirm
confirm free
confirm deny

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"confirm" has the frequency of use of 0.0016% on city-data.com forum

"confirm" has the frequency of use of 0.0014% on en.wikipedia.org.

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